15 Signs Khloe Will Be The Best Kardashian Mom Yet And 5 That Make Us Wonder

Aah, the Kardashians. They rose from social nobodies to minor celebrities in a matter of years and are still going strong, standing as reality icons and fashion trendsetters. They provide hours of entertainment for many people in various forms and will continue to do so for some time.

On the surface, they are a group of beautiful people where the girls strongly outnumber the boys (even with the addition of in-laws) but digging deeper we found an intricate family with core values and a special bond with each other that many families sadly lack. Each Kardashian plays a role in the family, whether it's obvious or not, and brings their own individuality to the table. Kinda like how a pizza is divided into slices with a unique number of toppings but creates a lovely functional whole at the same time.

Within this family is mom Kris and her brood of children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloè , Rob, Kylie and Kendall. The unique qualities Khloè brings are a sense of humor, some common sense and a grounded perspective on the bizarre life of a reality TV star. While she is often overshadowed by Kim, fans love Khloè the most of all the sisters and were excited when she announced that she's having a baby after years of patiently waiting for one. These are the reasons why she'll rock motherhood.

20 She'll Be The Best: She's Waited Until She Was Ready

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One of the biggest ways in which Khloè is set apart from her sisters is that she is 33 years old and only just now having her very first baby. She's been waiting years for this opportunity and has longed for a baby steadily throughout everything she's been through. She came close with her marriage to Lamar Odom but the timing ultimately wasn't right.

When someone wants something so precious for so long, they will treasure every moment when their wish is fulfilled and they will give their all to that adorable little baby, going the extra mile to be a great parent and raise a great child. Khloè is no exception to this fact and her baby will be showered with love from the entire family but especially from mama Khloe.

19 She'll Be The Best: She's Enjoying Every Second Of Being Pregnant

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If we take a moment to scroll through Khloè 's Instagram feed, we will notice a very fashionable theme: her baby bump is prominently featured in her photos. Whether she's wearing pink or blue or black or white, her bump takes center stage as she lovingly caresses it and strikes a pose. This shows an undercurrent of intense but controlled excitement.

After all her years of waiting, she's finally pregnant and who knows if this is her only pregnancy? She's enjoying every second of it and loving her new curves that occasionally kick her in the ribs like all baby bumps are prone to doing eventually. When someone is this wrapped up in excitement and enjoyment of anticipating baby's arrival, we can almost guarantee the level will increase after baby comes and is physically there looking all adorable.

18 She'll Be The Best: She's Rocking Her Pregnancy

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Once the initial yuckiness of morning sickness and keeping such an important secret to oneself wears off, the real fun of pregnancy can begin and Khloè is rocking this stage in true Kardashian style. She takes lots of pregnancy pictures, talks about her excitement over meeting baby, stays active and is celebrating with her family as another new member prepares to join the growing ranks.

On top of that, she's being a savvy businesswoman and launched a line of maternity jeans in her own clothing company and models them herself, which is always a good sign when shopping for high-end designer fashion. We want something so comfortable and functional that the designer wears it herself and anyone who's ever been pregnant can tell us first-hand how important it is to find comfortable maternity clothes.

17 She'll Be The Best: Practice Makes Perfect

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Another very valid reason that Khloè will top out as the best Kardashian mom is that she has years of auntie experience tucked under her belt. She's been there for the births of her many nieces and nephews and has hours of babysitting time clocked in. She can handle children in a unique way and make their world a huge fun event while still keeping them safe and sound.

Good aunties like that are hard to come by and pretty soon Khloè will be able to take her auntie experience and apply it in a more direct loving fashion to mothering her very own tiny baby with promising results. Going into each new parenting stage with experience helps to take the fear and uncertainty out of it, so she'll probably rock the teenage years as well.

16 She'll Be The Best: She Has More Of A Sense Of Humor Than Her Sisters


Another vital parenting skill to have for sheer survival is a sense of humor. The funnier we can find a situation with our kids, the better we'll find ourselves handling it and them in the long run.

Khloè Kardashian definitely has a sense of humor. It might not always show up but if we watch closely, we can see her snickering at her family's antics and the general unreality of the situation she's found herself in via being a reality TV star.

Her nieces and nephews have proved she knows how to laugh and generate laughs which goes hand in hand with having a sense of humor. She'll be able to handle just about anything humorous and slightly humorous her own baby will throw at her. Everything is better with laughter and smiles.

15 She'll Be The Best: She Understands Kids

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Ask anyone who spends time with or has spent time with kids and they'll be able to tell us that kids are unique little things who can alternate between talking gibberish and amazingly mature insights in a matter of seconds. They'll probably also say that it's hard and easy to talk to kids, depending on the kids and their own personalities.

Some people are blessed with a special ability to fully get kids and be able to talk to them rather than at them. Khloè is one of those special people. The way kids respond to her is similar to how animals respond to certain people and is amazing to watch. When her nieces and nephews start fighting with their parents, they'll bring their sorrows to Khloè and so will her own baby.

14 She'll Be The Best: Her Instincts Kicking Are In

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Life is made up of instinctive decisions and parenting is one of the most instinctive adventures we can go on—beginning with simply having children to begin with. Often the call between a trip to the doctor and a dose of cold medicine at home is based on a parent's instinct. Mothers are often born with dormant instincts which awaken during pregnancy and stay strong for years, while fathers typically develop their parenting instincts after the birth of their baby.

Khloè has good instincts in general and plenty of practice with auntie instincts so her newly awakened mothering instincts already have a sharpened edge to them. They will come in very handy in the tricky early stages of sleep-deprived parenting when baby can only cry to express a want or need.

13 She'll Be The Best: She Gets Along With Everyone In The Family


With such a diverse mix of people such as sisters, step-sisters, half-sisters, one blood brother, step-brothers, brothers-in-law, a manager mom and a step-dad—plus all the extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces and nephews—negotiating family relations is tricky business and requires skill and finesse. Luckily for the Kardashians, Khloè has a handle on family relations and gets along well with most of the people she's related to.

Everyone likes her and values her in their own unique way. Having this skill will come in handy when she has a growing child of her own. She's seen this skill in action when she mediated between Kourtney and her boyfriend Rob during one of their many fights which can count for practice for future teenage fights with her baby.

12 She'll Be The Best: She's All Around More Grounded Than Other Kardashians

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Being a parent requires a blend of skills, experience, instincts and a certain level of alertness. The requirements for each age group grow and change with time but the central core requirements are the same.

One of these is a solid grounding, in reality, to provide a sense of security and solidarity to the growing child as they discover just how big and amazing and scary the world actually is.

Often there will be a grounded parent who keeps the family anchored to the ground while the more carefree parent floats on a tether with the excitable child, providing a parenting blend and balance suited for that family group. Khloe is the grounded one in her family and not just with her boyfriend and baby but also with her sisters and mother.

11 She'll Be The Best: She Has A Lot Of Core Values

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One of Khloè 's core values is her family. She values her mother and sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers and boyfriend. She purposefully sets time aside to spend with them as a group and as individuals. Since the birth of her two nieces this year, Khloè has been visiting Kim and Kylie frequently to get her baby fix and bond with the infant girls.

She's also moved to L.A. temporarily to be closer to her family as her pregnancy progresses and she gets closer to her due date. This all indicates where her values lie and family is at the top of her list. Adding a baby of her own to the tree will make Khloè blissfully happy and give her more reason to value the people she surrounds herself and infant with.

10 She'll Be The Best: She's Had Time To Learn From Her Sisters

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With a mom who has had six children of her own and sisters who've been there, done that with baby-making and child-rearing, Khloè has lots of examples of what to do and what not to do in almost any given situation. She knows which mistakes to avoid making because she's watched Kim or Kylie make those mistakes. She knows what to do in other situations because she's watched Kanye or Rob handle the same situations with their kids.

And she knows what to be prepared for from extensive conversations with her mom who managed to raise six kids to adulthood before becoming famous. Khloè will rely on these people and examples around her as she enters parenthood for the first time and she'll brave the transition better than her sisters before her because she's benefiting from their previous experience.

9 She'll Be The Best: She Has A Huge Support Group


Having such a large family provides an automatic support group in many ways, especially when the family is as close and loving as the Kardashians appear to be. There's nothing better than having a sister or three to talk to about our problems, worries, concerns, wishes, hopes and dreams. On top of that, Khloè has an advantage that most of us don't have: She has a supportive network of fans on her side.

Arguably the most popular of the Kardashian clan, Khloè has many fans who were overjoyed with her when she announced her pregnancy news and are cheering her along from their couches and keyboards in this important chapter in her life. The simple knowledge of this supportive backing is enough to lift anyone's spirit and encourage them.

8 She'll Be The Best: She's Fit And Active

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As every exhausted mother can tell us, one of the secrets of surviving parenthood is knowing how and when to take a step back and take care of ourselves for a time before stepping back in to care for our wild band of lunatics we decided to marry and give birth to. Having that knowledge and ability already in place and being practiced is a sign of good health and thoughtfulness.

One of Khloè 's hobbies is to work out. She's very health-conscious (but not in a starve herself way) and hits the gym often to stay fit and in shape. This habit has carried over into her pregnancy which has benefited her. Once she gives birth, this will continue to benefit her. She'll treasure her time at the gym knowing she's taking care of herself to better care for her baby.

7 She'll Be The Best: She's Gotten A Lot Of Advice From The Moms Around Her

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When people notice that gentle swelling of our abdomens as we draw closer to our due dates, they get all excited, handsy and administer what they think is helpful advice. Most of the time, this advice is unsolicited, unhelpful, outdated or very badly timed and gets rejected.

But some of us choose to seek out advice from a few trusted sources and Khloè has a selection of trusted sources in the form of her family. With plenty of kids at varying ages running around, if she has any kind of concern for any age group, she has someone she can turn to for tried and true advice that won't be outdated or useless and that's an amazing thing to have for a new parent. Applying it should then be fairly easy for her.

6 She'll Be The Best: Her Relationship With Rob Proves She Can Handle Anything

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Finally, one of the last but most important reasons that Khloè Kardashian will be the best Kardashian mom ever is that she is a loving person who gives her all to someone she's in love with and she'll be head over heels in love with her baby when she gives birth.

All the excitement, longing, dreaming and planning for the baby will come to a peak and overflow, showering that brand new little person with more love than they will ever know what to do with.

Khloe's relationship with her brother Rob has proved that she can handle anything and anyone. Rob is the blacksheep of the family and constantly is out of line, but Khloe loves him anyway and gives him constant care and attention.

5 She Won't Be The Best: One Bad Example


One primary way in which Khloè is set up for being a bad mom someday is the example she grew up with. The internet agrees that Kris Jenner isn't the best example of a mom, though a good manager. Growing up with this as one's example of how to mother one's own children can create some grey lines.

For instance, Khloè probably won't have her daughter wax till she's older and can decide for herself but she might encourage perfectly pretty nails or to be fit all the time. And visits to grandma's could become limited as Khloè develops her mom skills and begins to clash with Kris over a parenting decision. And if Khloè over-thinks it too much, she might hesitate too long or make the wrong choice out of a fear of becoming exactly like her own mother which many women suffer from.

4 She Won't: Having A Daughter In Hollywood Is Difficult


As all the fans know, Khloè is having a little girl. And as every modern mom knows, raising girls is not nearly as easy as people think—especially in this day and age when looks are everything. Khloè is a Kardashian and a modern woman with incredible beauty options available to her. She's very fit, fashionable and beautifully made up in layers of natural-looking makeup with a touch of glitter.

While this can be good in some ways, it can also spell doom for the teenage years or earlier when her little girl starts getting interested in makeup or begins to feel pressure from family, peers or media to fit in, be thin and look gorgeous all the time. Handling this future scenario will be a mom test for Khloe and one she might fail if we're keeping her body image history in mind.

3 She Won't: She Wasn't Happy When She Found Out She Was Having A Girl

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When Khloè first announced she was pregnant back in December 2017, she was obviously very excited and very hopeful for a boy. She seemed to have her heart set on it. So we can well imagine her shock and disappointment when it was revealed she's having a girl. Many moms deal with gender expectations when pregnant or dream of having one but not the other only to end up with the "wrong gender."

Khloè is firmly in that boat but recently seems to have come around to the idea of a girl. After all, her family has a lot of girl experience. But her family has a lot of girl experience and it's not all positive. She probably would've made a much better mom to an energetic boy who couldn't care less about his looks than to a sensitive girl.

2 She Won't: Some Explaining To Do

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Unlike her older sister Kim, Khloè doesn't have a lot in her past to be ashamed about or try to hide from her future kids. Unfortunately, though, she does have some things she'll have to explain to her baby someday—especially when the kid is old enough to load up old reruns of her mom's show and see what mommy was like before she became mommy.

Besides her arrest way back, here's an ex-husband, several boyfriends, potentially daddy who might not be in the picture by then, a DUI and some concerning body image issues just to start the list. How Khloè handles the questions and the reactions to these revelations will be another mom test and she has potential to fail—especially in the body image department and her intention of not letting her baby watch reality TV despite being a reality star.

1 She Won't: Overly Attached


Finally, Khloè has waited a very long time to have this baby and has wanted this baby for so long that she has probably built a whole future for the baby in her head. They'll do cute things together like have facials or wear matching outfits, etc.

But as Khloè's baby grows up and nears the rebellious teen years, Khloè will find herself in a pickle. She'll still have those dreams of what reality should look like while her kid will be developing completely different ideas for their own life and these visions will eventually clash.

Or Khloè will turn into a helicopter parent and smother her kid so much that she'll flee to the nearest understanding aunt for weeks at a time. Either way, this baby will be the apple of Khloè's eye.

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