15 Signs He's The One

Dating can be fun, but when you find the guy that can potentially be the one, you are on a whole other level. Finding that one special person to hang with and enjoy hanging with, is something most of us strive for, and when it happens, it’s incredible. We love hanging out with that one person, love doing anything and everything with them no matter how small or lame. Even having that person meet your family isn’t as bad as you once thought because you know how great he is, and know how your family will see it instantly. However, sometimes it’s not as easy to know when that specific person is the one you will be with forever. Sometimes there are questions that circle around in your head, making you wonder if what you’re feeling is true or whether it’s only infatuation that might pass. Here are 15 signs to help figure out whether he is the one.

15 He Loves You For Who You Are

You’ve dated plenty of guys in the past that totally like you but would prefer you if you were something you weren’t. You’re great in their eyes but what would make you even better is if you dressed a different way, or went to school for a different degree. Hell, even if you acted differently during a fight would make this guy like you more than he does. But since that’s not the case, and you are who you are, he still holds back or complains about who you aren’t. Yuck. No one wants a guy like that. So when you meet the one, you’ll know because he won’t think you need to change and definitely won’t tell you that you need to. He’s happy with who you are and that’s that. There’s no need to change anything about you because guess what? He loves each and every part of what makes you, you.

14 You Have Solid Communication

We know communication can be tough, especially in a relationship. No one likes to fight with their significant other or bring up uncomfortable topics to discuss, but it happens. No relationship is perfect, but when you have someone that communicates well with you, it seems like you might have an almost perfect relationship. Communication is key and when you can do it with your man, everything else sort of falls into place. If you have an issue with him and feel comfortable about telling him without him blowing up or shutting down, that’s essentials. If he can bring something up with you that is uncomfortable but needs to be said and you don’t blow up on him (well, not too much at least) that is also key. Bonus points if you two can talk about something, get over the hump and not go to bed angry. Now, that’s love.

13 He’s Actually Interested In Your Life

When you talk, he actually listens. Like really listens. He can repeat just about anything you said because he’s really taking it all on. If you are upset about something that happened during the day, he’s there to listen to it and offer help if need be. But the best part is that he’s not listening to offer advice, he’s simply listening to listen because he knows you need to vent in order to feel better. He genuinely cares about your day and asks about it. He continues to ask if you are bottled up and clearly bothered by something, too, since he wants you to open up with him and get out whatever it is that’s upsetting you. He doesn’t like to see you sad or hurt, but most of all he doesn’t want you to ever feel you don’t have a place to go and talk when you need to.

12 You’re Actually Interested In His Life

And the same thing goes for you. Instead of asking about his day and spacing out while he’s talking, you’re actually listening. His boss is a terrible person. Check. He’s this way because he gave someone else a promotion when your guy has been working so hard toward it. Check. He wants to quit. Check. He wants to save the world. Check. You got all that and then some because you are not silently doing your grocery list in your head while he is talking to you. No, instead you are giving your undivided attention to him because you really do care. You care about him and about what’s troubling him. You know he doesn’t just complain to complain but does it when he’s really bothered by something, and having him upset is something you never want to see. You both enjoy speaking to one another but even better, you both enjoy listening to one another as well.

11 You Both Don’t Do Drama

While other couples thrive off drama, you two do not. Drama is not part of your everyday routine, nor is it part of your relationship any day of the week. If the two of you have any issues with one another or are upset about something, you talk it out. No, you don’t fight until there is blood. No, you don’t talk bad behind their back to anyone who will listen. You just talk it out before it gets into anything bigger. While other couples have their fights last for days, some even weeks, you try your best to get it over with that day when the two of you get into an argument or a discussion. You won’t go out until things are resolved and you will not go to bed if they two of you are sleeping far away from each other. You take your love for one another easy, and there is no need for any drama to justify that.

10 He Understands Your Needs Without You Nagging Him

Some guys need to be nagged constantly to know what you want and need. And it’s exhausting on both ends. Guys don’t want to be nagged, and girls don’t want to have to nag. It’s a process that’s really not good for anyone. So when we have to do it, it sucks and sometimes doesn’t provide results we want at all. But not with this guy. This guy knows you so well by now that he offers what you need without you even asking or nagging. Instead, he comforts you when you need to be comforted, gives you the space you need when you need it, or asks you questions to get answers when he doesn’t know for sure how to act. He knows how important it is to show you how much he loves you because he does, in fact, love you. He’s not just with you for nothing. He cares and it’s important for him to show how much.

9 Your Family Loves Him

Remember those days when you were terrified to bring home that guy to meet your parents? You know the guy that had no job, no goals, no love for you. Yeah, that guy. No wonder you were nervous to invite him to your family’s house for the long weekend. Well, those days are long gone. With this guy, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Not only does he have a job, and goals, but he has a strong love for you and it’s very apparent to the outsider’s eye. Your parents love him because he genuinely loves you. No question. They can see it in the way he looks at you, the one he holds you hand, the way he talks about you when you’re not there - or when you are. Your family has no worries that this guy is the one because he doesn’t give them any reason to be worried. He’s himself without trying too hard to impress because he doesn’t have to. He’s just that great.

8 Your Friends Adore Him

And while the family can be hard to introduce a new guy to, so are your friends. They can be just as, if not, pickier than you parents. They want the absolute best for you and will not settle having a guy treat you anything but like a Queen. Gotta love those pals of yours. However, when it comes to this guy, you don’t have to worry about them grilling him about how much he cares about. They can already tell without even asking him anything. Just like with your parents, your friends can tell how much he likes you by the way he acts toward you and is caring to, not only you, but to your friends. He’s not a phony and he’s not trying too hard. He’s just him, cool, calm, collective, and that’s just awesome for your friends to see.

7 He Wants To Help You When Needed

When you need help, your guy is the one who will give it, but not like the other dudes in the past. Back in the day, you might have had a guy that offered his opinion or advice no matter what. You didn’t have to ask him what he thought because he was already telling you way before you were even finished venting about your situation. Instead of just listening to you, he’s tuning you out and telling you what you should have done. But not this new guy. He’s all about listening and waiting for you to express you need some help from him. If you do, he gives the best advice he possibly can give. He’s not quick about it either. He takes his time to figure it out so he gives you the best possible advice he can give. Your problems are important to not only you but to him as well.

6 You Both Have Similar Values

Instead of one person believing in monogamy and the other not, you are your guy both have the same feelings toward it. You both believe that if you are together, that you are not out looking or dating others. But it’s not just that. All of your values mesh with each others. You never have to worry about not having the same values because you both know you do. You are both happy to chat about your values and are even happier that you both have the same feelings toward them. Those days of not feeling on the same page as your partner are long gone because now, you two are completely balanced. You both live your lives together in harmony and without worry because you two are so in-sync. Both of you know how important education is, getting a good job, and living life to the fullest is, which makes you such a great team.

5 There Is A Strong Respect For Each Other

You never have to worry about him putting you down, telling you you’re not good enough or that your dreams will never come true. He never thinks of you lesser than him or considers you one of the guys when you’re all out hanging. He treats you like an equal, but still like a lady. He knows it’s important to show a women respect and that’s why he always makes an attempt to be a gentleman to you when the two of you are together. However, when you’re not together, you never have to worry about him disrespecting you by talking bad about you or hitting on other women. Instead, he’s always praising you and your accomplishments to anyone who will listen, like his friends, his family, his coworkers, or the woman giving out samples at the supermarket. And the same goes for you. Your respect for him is deep and you never talk to him in a degrading way or say something awful when he’s not present.

4 You Don’t Want To Be With Anyone Else

Sure, there are hot guys out there, and sure, you might fantasize now and then about being with them, but when it comes down to it, there’s no way you’re leaving your guy for one of those strangers. You love your man and are incredibly happy with him. The thought of not being with him forever makes you want to crawl into a ball under the covers and never come out. He’s that important to your life and you to his. So when you realistically think about being with someone else, it’s almost imaginable. There’s no way another man could come between you two, because even after all this time, you are still so madly in love with your man, that anyone else would just seem like an imposter. He’s there for you when you need him, he’s cool with your friends and family, and he loves you for you. Why would you ever want to leave that?

3 He’s Not Out Creeping

We’ve all been in those relationships before when we had to seriously worry about the guy creeping around behind your back. It’s not just our paranoia kicking in, but it’s our actual senses telling us this guy is up to no good. And then you find out that yes, your gut was, in fact, right. He’s been hooking up with tons of women when he should have been hanging out with you. But those days are gone - phew! - and your guy now is totally different. When he goes out with his friends, you aren’t constantly freaking out that he’s with another chick at the bar. You’re not even worrying about him flirting with another girl, because even if he did, you know he wasn’t taking her home. You two have a connection and he gets that as much as you do. And lucky for you, he’s not willing to mess that up.

2 You Both Are Happy Doing Anything & Everything Together

You guys could be out at a farmers market on an early Sunday morning or out late at a concert on Saturday night, and you’d still be having the best time of your life. No matter what the two of you do together, you have a great time doing it, and you can say the same thing for him. You both are always smiling, laughing, and having a great time. Why? Not because you are headbanging to your favorite 90s band or because you found the biggest heirloom tomatoes ever. It’s because you two are together. That’s all that matters. Remember back when you had to always plan something fun and exciting for that guy you were so-so about? Thankfully, you no longer have to worry about that. No need to exhaust yourself with your guy now. He’s cool with doing whatever, and so are you.

1 He’s The First Person You Call When You Have A Bad Day

The true test that he’s the one? Think about when you have a really bad day and you get home in your comfortable space and want to talk to someone. Who is it? If it’s your guy, then you know who is the one hands down. If he’s the one you want to talk to when your boss yelled at you and made you feel like an idiot or when your friend dropped you for a new friend and you’re left feeling awful about yourself, then this guy is a keeper. And if he’s really the one, he will pick up on the first couple rings, will never let it go to voicemail, and will always answer your text right away. Why? Because he cares. And he doesn’t want to see you feeling anything but happy. And if you need him to be there right away? He’s got that covered, too. Chances are if you told him you were upset, he was already getting in his car to come see you.

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