15 Signs He's Secretly A Terrible Person

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way for you to weed out the crappy guys and find out ASAP if he was a terrible person? It really sucks when you put so much time, energy, and effort into someone... only to find out a month later that they’re actually a poor excuse for a human being. We’ve all been there before. Their dazzling smile catches us by storm immediately and we’re convinced they’re the one. They tell us stories about their life that inspire us and captivates our attention and blinds us to the fact that he’s probably lying about 80% of what he’s saying so he can impress us. We get tricked! We get manipulated! We let these guys come into our lives looking like the perfect guy, like Mr. Right, but then we get the rug ripped out from under us and our hearts broken when we find out that he’s really a terrible person. We’ve all been there before and I’m pretty sure we can all conclude that we wish we‘d had some warning signs to ward us off before we got too emotionally involved. The truth is that some of us don’t like to see the truth hiding beneath his perfect smile and adorable dimples. We want to see the person that’s going to make all of our dreams come true. For this reason, we are blind to all the warning signs that point out just how bad of a person he is. These are 15 signs that he’s secretly a terrible person and you should steer clear.

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15 He Doesn’t Listen

There’s a big difference between listening and nodding your head in agreement with everything you say. While it may look like he’s engaged and listening, he might be in his own world and cursing you in his head for blabbing on and on. Lucky for you, you don't have to just accept this -- you can definitely figure out if he's truly listening to you or not. Just watch and observe him. Is he looking at you? Is he making intellectual comments along with what you’re saying that indicate he knows exactly what you’re saying? If he’s looking away and not really saying anything about what you’re telling him, he’s not listening to you. If you ask follow-up questions and he barely responds, he’s not listening. People who don’t listen don’t actually care about what you have to say and therefore don’t really care about you.

14 He Fakes Emotion

This is definitely a harder one to figure out... especially if he’s a master manipulator. So you definitely have to be on high alert around your new guy if you really want to find out if he’s secretly a terrible person. It’s hard to tell if he’s faking emotions because we want so badly for them to be real and so we accept that they are. But can you tell that he really is concerned about you -- can you see it in his eyes? Is he trying to help you fix your problems or is he just “listening” to them. A guy who is a good person would be there to help you solve any issue you’re facing and you would be able to tell that his emotions are sincere if his actions agree with them. If he only talks the talk and you see no support with his actions, his emotions are completely fake and he might secretly be a terrible person that you should avoid at all costs.

13 He Only Talks About Himself

When you’re first getting to know someone, it’s really hard to tell if they’re super conceited or if they want you to know who they are as a person. A guy who only talks about himself honestly doesn’t care about other people. It's not hard to find this out -- just watch how he reacts to the stories that you tell. If he’s spinning the topic right back to him every single time you tell him about something, then he’s most definitely a terrible, selfish person that doesn’t give a crap what you have to say. And really who wants to be with a person who has zero interest in anything they have to say or anything that isgoing on with them tht doesn't involve the other person. He also doesn't care about your personal life or experiences. The fact is, he's probably only listening so he can butt in and tell you that he's right, you're wrong, and his opinion is better. No thanks.

12 He “Jokingly” Insults People

Some people like to pick on others and make harmless little jokes that get a whole group laughing. These are usually little things that won’t harm a person’s self-esteem or worth. However, there are guys who insult people and try to pass it off as a joke but those men are truly bad people. They do this in order to make them look good in comparison so they get more friends, girls, etc. This is a rather obvious sign that he’s a bad person that is often overlooked by girls. We make excuses and say it’s “just his personality” and “he doesn’t mean anything by it." The truth is that we just don’t want to face the truth; that he’s a terrible person. Nobody should ever make jokes about someone else that tears them down. If it’s something they can joke about too, that’s great. But if you see the victim of the “joke” get visibly upset, then watch out.

11 He Complains About People

Chronic complainers are not only super annoying to be around but they’re also terrible people. We get that it's very healthy to vent sometimes and get thing off your chest that are bothering you. But, guys who are constantly gossiping and complaining about friends, coworkers, and even random people they encounter in their day-to-day lives are the types of guys you need to avoid. It’s a red flag that proves they’re from Terribleville because complaining brings other people down in order to make themselves look better. Their main end game here is to boost themselves up. The problem with this is that they’re bringing other people down in the process – something good people don’t do. You should always be on the lookout for their constant complaining and you’ll be able to tell if you’re dealing with a good guy or one of the sour apples. Don’t bite on his complaints and don’t be blinded by his chatter simply because he’s ridiculously adorable.

10 He Plays The Blame Game

Have you ever gone out with a guy who would have an excuse for literally everything? He didn’t call, so it was your fault for not reminding him or his phone was dead, or he was saving a baby kitten from the tragedies of a tree that was way too tall. A guy who plays the blame game is not an honest person to be around. He can’t take responsibility for his actions and therefore can never see fault in anything he does. This will make him act as though he has done nothing wrong, ever, even when he has hurt you or someone else in his life. He will constantly blame others or even you for the things going wrong in his life and it’ll turn him into a negative creature that you don't want to be around. Do yourself a favor and watch for this sign in order to avoid a terrible person.

9 He Acts Differently

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fakest of them all?! The guy you’re currently seeing, that’s who – if he acts like a different person around different people. He's the worst kind of person: a totally fake one. You want someone who is always true to who they really are, no matter who is around. A lot of times this can be hard to catch simply because you think that you’re still getting to know him so maybe you’re just seeing different sides of his personality. While this may be true, you should never get 10 different versions of him. He should always be the same with his moods changing every now and then. If you are surprised by the way he acts around certain people, it could be because he’s only catering to their personality in order for them to like him. Most of the time this is in order to gain something from them like a promotion, their wealth, etc.

8 He Needs Constant Attention

You’d think that girls are the ones who need the most attention but that’s just not true if you’re dealing with a terrible person. A guy that is a bad person is generally super selfish and that means he’s going to require your attention all the time. He wants to drag your eyes from anything else so you don’t realize just how corrupt he truly is. A guy like this will also be a huge drama queen in order to gain your attention when he knows he doesn’t have it. He’ll pick fights, over exaggerate things that have happened to him, and even try to make you feel guilty for not “noticing” how hurt he’s been about something. This is a form of manipulation that you can’t get stuck in. If you do, it might be hard to focus your attention elsewhere and uncover his terribleness.

7 He's Disrespectful

This is just a general characteristic of a crappy human being. People that don’t respect another person’s property are annoying and bad people. The fact that they can’t even think about another person and how they might feel if they ruined their belongings is proof enough that this type of person is terrible and can’t be trusted. This doesn’t have to be a big event like he accidentally ran over the neighbor’s mailbox and didn’t care enough to knock on their door and tell them. It can be as small as making a mess of your bathroom and not bothering to clean it up when he went home the next morning. Anything that normal people would apologize for and want to fix that he just doesn’t care about is an example of him disrespecting someone’s property. Be wary of this guy because if he can’t even respect your belongings, he's not going to respect you, and that's the truth.

6 He's Never Wrong

Sure, you might think he's cute and stubborn but nope. He's just the worst guy ever. Be super wary of people who think they're always right and never wrong.  Sure, some people are very set in their ways and have lots of strong opinions, but that's one thing -- thinking they're never wrong is something totally different. You want someone who will challenge you, but not someone who doesn't listen to what you have to say and shuts down every opinin you have. This kind of guy will always pick fights with you over just about anything and never be able to put themselves in your shoes in order to see your side of the situation. Guys like this tend to say stuff like  “my way or the highway"... and they actually totally mean every word. They don’t have any empathy and are the type of person to stick with the same mindset their entire lives while the rest of the world is changing and understanding new ideas.

5 He Lies A Ton

It doesn't matter if he doesn't lie to you directly -- if he's a liar, that's still awful. It can be hard to catch someone in a lie, especially if you don’t know them very well. But you can tell if they’re lying based on a few different giveaways they might not realize they’re unleashing. One way to tell if they’re lying is the consistency of their story. They might be telling you one thing and then you overhear them telling the “same” story to someone else but they just don’t add up. Another is if he can give you details about certain claims he makes. If he can’t, then he’s lying. Liars are terrible people because no one should go through life being dishonest about anything – no matter how small. If you actually want to get to know a new guy, being able to tell if he lies a lot will tell you everything you need to know.

4 He Doesn’t Have Close Friends

This should honestly be an automatic red flag. A good group of solid friends is very important to have. There is a reason why someone doesn't have their very own group of friends...and usually it isn't a good one. You think maybe he’s just independent or his  friends live far away. The reality is that maybe he doesn’t have any close friends because he’s a crappy person and they have all realized this before you. When a guy doesn’t have close friends you should be wary and wonder what it is they’ve done that have turned away so many people. He has to have had friends at some point in his life, right? If he’s someone who just prefers keeping people at arm’s length, that’s another issue. But the truth is that terrible people don’t have close relations because those who get close enough to discover the real them run the other way... and you should, too.

3 He Doesn’t Have A Romantic History

Girls are pros when it comes to digging up someone’s romantic past and we won't stop until we find what we're looking for. But what if we come up empty? What if this guy we’re starting to get to know doesn’t have a romantic history at all? He may even tell you that he’s never had a long-term girlfriend and if he says this, you should be very cautious. People who have never had a romantic history are people that others don’t want to be with. It could be a huge sign he’s a terrible person if no other girls have ever wanted to be with him. There is a reason why he’s been single forever and I’m betting it has something to do with the fact that he’s a crappy person. If they don’t have a good and genuine excuse for never being in a relationship, be aware they could be a terrible person.

2 He Exaggerates

He wants to make himself look better... because he wants others to look like total losers compared to him. Ugh. Over time, your b.s. meter will totally go off when someone tells you a story. You'll be able to tell if this guy is totally exaggerating and you won't give him the time of day after that. If someone feels the need to exaggerate to look cooler than others, you def don't want to get involved with someone like that. In reality, they’re probably not a very good person at all. Exaggerating is just another form of lying in order to hide the truth of who he is as a person. Nothing good comes from exaggerating because when we actually find out the truth we are more turned off than ever before. If the guy you’ve been talking to always has a story and that story is always ridiculously cool and almost impossible to believe, it’s probably because he’s exaggerating and lying about who he is.

1 Your Gut Says He’s A Bad Person

Human instinct is a super powerful thing. We’ve survived this long based on our instinct, so why do we ignore it when it counts the most? Us girls have been with tons of guys who gave us a weird feeling in our stomachs from the start. We always end up alone and saying, “I KNEW it,” and that’s because we did. Deep down we can tell if someone is a good person or if they’re a terrible person with an agenda that would hurt us. Listen to your gut when you first meet a guy and every day after that. Is it telling you that he’s just weird and mysterious or is it telling you to turn and run the other way? Your instincts are there to warn you when you’re about to face danger and that includes a guy that is secretly a terrible person. We need to be on high alert and learn to trust our own judgment.

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