15 Signs He's Just Not That Into You

If you fall for the wrong guy, he might send mixed signals by flirting with you, and even dating you, with no intention of committing to a serious relationship. That's why it's important to learn what to look out for while you're out on dates or getting frisky in the bedroom. After all, it's easy to misinterpret the way that someone feels when you're not sure what signs are considered red flags and what is considered normal behavior.

Even though men claim that women are confusing, their actions can be just as hard to understand as ours are. However, if you want to decipher his actions, you should pay attention to the way he treats you when you're alone together and the way he treats you when you're out in public together. If he treats you poorly in either situation, then he's probably not all that interested in you. Even if he is, then he's not the best boyfriend, which means you should say goodbye to him. If you're unsure if the guy you've been seeing is actually interested in starting a serious relationship with you, here are a few signs that make it clear he's just not that into you:

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15 He Won't Meet Your Family

If a man really liked you, then he'd be eager to show you off to all of his friends and family members. If you've known him for a while and he's still not making any introductions, then one of two things could be happening. Either he's not that interested in you, so he doesn't see a point in having you meet his family when you won't be together for long. Or, he's been seeing multiple women at once and doesn't want anyone to find out about his unfaithfulness. Bringing his family into the situation will only help him get caught.

14 He Tells You About The Girls He Likes

A man might mention how pretty a certain celebrity is in order to make you jealous. However, if he likes you, he's not going to check out every woman that passes by while you're sitting across the table from him. If he does, or if he tells you all about a cute girl that he works with, then the chances are that he doesn't like you all that much. After all, it's possible for men and women to just be friends. If he tells you about all of the ladies he wants to sleep with, then he doesn't view you as someone he would date--he views you as a friend and a potential wingman that could give him insight into the female mind.

13 He Never Uses Your Name

Pet names are cute once you've been in a relationship for a while. However, if the guy you've been seeing has only called you "babe" and "sweetie" on your first few dates, then he probably doesn't even remember your real name. If he did, then he would have no trouble using it. After all, if you want to get someone to like you better, then using their name should do the trick, because people like to be addressed personally. That's why little pet names can be a hint that he's been seeing multiple girls at once and doesn't want to get their names confused.

12 He Only Talks To You When He's Drunk

If a man always texts you when he's drunk, it means he's on your mind when his mind is in the gutter. While there's something sweet about knowing he thinks about you when he can barely function, you shouldn't treat it as a compliment. After all, if that's the only time that he's contacting you, then he's probably not all that interested in you. Most of us make poor decisions when we're drunk. He's probably getting in touch with you after a few drinks, because he thinks he can get away with treating you like an object he can sleep with. If you're not interested in a relationship that only involves sex, then don't answer the next time he calls.

11 He Won't Make Space For You At His House


It's normal for a man to freak out when you try to hang all of your clothes in his closet and litter his bathroom with your makeup products, because leaving certain items at his house is a big step in a relationship. However, if you've been seeing him for months, but he won't make space for something as tiny as a toothbrush, then he's not that into you. If he liked you, then he wouldn't mind having a few of your items around the house. They would remind him of you, which would be a wonderful thing if he was serious about your relationship.

10 He Doesn't Keep The Conversation Going

It takes two willing participants to create a successful relationship. If you're the only one doing the talking when you're out at dinner, then something is wrong. Even if he's shy, he should contribute equally to the conversation. If he doesn't even comment on the stories you're telling, he might not be paying attention to what you're saying at all. Of course, if he's the talker and spends the entire night chatting without once asking you about your day or hobbies, then he's not that interested in you, either. If he was, he'd be happy to hear all about your life.

9 He Introduces You As His Friend

If you've gone out with a man a few times, but he hasn't asked you to be his girlfriend, there's an easy way to see how he feels about you. You just have to wait until he introduces you to his friends, his coworkers, or anyone else in his life. If he refers to you as a friend, then that means that you're not on the same page. If he doesn't refer to you as anything at all, and only calls you by your name, then you should also be concerned. If he was a proud boyfriend, he'd tell everyone that you two were an item.

8 He Takes Forever To Return Texts

Everyone in this day and age has a cell phone, so it shouldn't take all that long to respond to a text message. Unless your man is at work or at an important event, it shouldn't take him an hour to respond to you when it only takes you a few minutes to respond to him, especially if you're talking about an important topic. If he doesn't treat your messages like priorities, then it suggests that you aren't all that important to him. Even if he was busy, he could take a few seconds out of his day to send you a message about why he'll be away.

7 He's Flaky

A flaky man is an unreliable man. If the guy you're seeing makes plans with you, but always cancels them at the last second, then you know you can't trust him. Even worse, his behavior suggests that you're his backup plan for when all of his other plans fall through. That means he might be seeing other women, or that he values his other friends more than he values your time. Likewise, if he disappears for days on end with no explanation, you should be concerned. Someone who truly cares about you wouldn't drop out of your life whenever it's convenient for him.

6  He Acts The Same Around His Other Friends


One of the best ways to tell if a man likes you is by looking at the way he treats you versus the way he treats his friends. After all, the flirty things that he says to you aren't as meaningful if he's just as flirty with all of his female friends. That's why it's important to pay attention to the way he treats the people around him. Make it a point to notice the way that he looks at other girls and how often he touches those other girls. If he treats you exactly how he treats them, then it means your connection isn't as strong as you thought it was.

5 He Won't Tell You What He Wants

Some men are afraid to talk about their emotions. However, if you've known a guy for a while, he should feel comfortable enough with you to tell you what he wants out of your relationship. If you ask him if he's ready for something serious, and he won't give you a simple straight answer, then it's a bad sign. If he wanted you to be his girlfriend, then he would admit it after you asked. If he's skating around the issue instead, then he's probably worried about upsetting you by letting you know that he's not that into you. Either that, or he wants to string you along for as long as he can, so he can continue sleeping with you.

4 He Won't Hang Out With You In Public

If you only see him at your house, or at his house, then he might just consider you a booty call. There's no reason for him to invite you out to the movies or to dinner if he only wants to see you so he can have sex with you. Even if he takes you out in public, you should be concerned if he refuses to hold your hand or kiss you in front of others. It's one thing to avoid PDA, but it's a completely different thing to avoid affection altogether. If he doesn't want anyone to see you two getting physical, then you might be his dirty little secret.

3 You Have A Bad Feeling About Him

You should learn to trust your gut when it comes to romance. If you have a strong feeling that something is wrong with the guy you've been seeing, then you should try to figure out where that emotion is coming from. If you can't decipher why you've been feeling so uneasy, then you shouldn't cut him out of your life without a concrete reason for doing so if he makes you happy. However, if you can list off reasons behind that bad feeling, you should say your goodbyes. Either way, you should keep your eyes open if you have a bad feeling in your gut about him.

2 His Body Language Shows He's Distant

You can learn a lot about someone by paying attention to their body language. When you're hanging out with that special someone, look at the way his body is positioned and the size of his pupils. If his torso is facing away from you, then it means he's focused on something else in the room. Likewise, if he's avoiding eye contact with you, it's a sign that he's not paying much attention to you. A person's pupils will constrict when they're bored or when they see something they don't like, so if they look smaller than usual, it's another sign that he's not interested in the conversation you're having.

1 He Won't Sleep With You

It's no secret that men love sex, which means something fishy is going on if he doesn't accept your sexual offers. If he refuses to sleep with you, then he might just be a good friend that doesn't want to ruin your current relationship. However, he might have a serious girlfriend that he never mentioned to you before. Either way, he doesn't want to take his flirting a step too far by actually having intercourse with you, because he doesn't see you in a romantic way at all. If he did, then he wouldn't hesitate to sleep with you.

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