15 Signs He's Head Over Heels In Love With You

Your guy pulls up to your apartment complex in a horse and carriage with three dozen roses in his hands. You enter the carriage and he pours you a glass of champagne, and proceeds to feed you chocolate covered strawberries as you ride through the city. He turns to you under the moonlight, looks deep into your eyes, and starts to spill his guts on just how much he loves you. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? That’s because it is. In real life, when a man expresses his love for a woman, it’s a lot more subtle. But just because your guy isn’t coming on heavy with the Rico Suave charm, it doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Love is expressed in various ways, but there are a few simple signs that will help you recognize just how much you mean to him. Stop wondering whether or not he’s truly in love with you, and keep reading to see the 15 signs that will confirm your guy is definitely head over heels.

15 He Remembers the Details


When a guy is in love with you, he will remember all of the tiny little details about your life. He will routinely bring up these deets during random conversations just to let you know that not only does he listen to you when you ramble on and on for hours, but he actually cares about what you have to say! Don’t be so shocked when he tells you he remembers the name of your pet turtle you won at the state fair back in 2002 (R.I.P. Michelangelo,) or that he knows your go-to shade in MAC Studio Fix powder is NC20. You shouldn’t have to wonder what his true feelings are at this point because’s it’s totally obvious that he’s in love with you! Just make sure you reciprocate by upping your interest level and also taking the time to ask him questions about his life, and taking note of events, names and places that are important to him.

14 He Loves to Surprise You

When a man is in love, he will go out of his way to surprise you. When we talk about surprises, we’re not talking about him jumping out of the hallway closet to scare you as you’re making your way to the restroom. We’re talking about “just because” gifts, surprise getaways, or something as simple as bringing you a dozen of your favorite donuts to your job. Even if it’s not your birthday or Valentine’s Day, he will go out of his way to do little things to show you just how much he cares. A man who wants to surprise you and see you smile will never ask for anything in return. Making you happy is his sole purpose! So the next time your guy shows up to your house with surprise tickets to see your favorite band perform, just know in your heart that he is so in love with you. You’ve got yourself a keeper!

13 He Loves to Cuddle

Let’s face it, most men absolutely hate cuddling. They start sweating buckets at just the thought of being wrapped up in on the couch in a figure 8 position with you for hours on end. At the beginning stages of a relationship, a guy will pretend he’s a major cuddler in hopes that wrapping you in his arms will be the because he thinks it’s the precursor to some bedroom action. But if you’ve been with your boo for awhile now, and he gladly cuddles with you without pitching a fit, he’s most likely in love with you. He may not completely enjoy having the buttons on your high-waist shorts dig into the sides of his thighs, and he secretly hopes you’ll show up to your next cuddling session sans makeup, but he will gladly pull you in and hold you close for as long as your little heart desires. He knows it makes you happy, and he secretly digs the closeness, too.

12 He Supports You

You’re always coming up with some crazy idea on how to make a million bucks so you can quit your day job forever. And no matter how wacky your dreams are, a guy who is in love with you will be supportive every step of the way. Sure, you’re only 5’2”, but he will be the first to encourage you to chase your dream of becoming a runway model. Or perhaps you’re the clumsiest person he knows, but he’ll never discourage you from applying for that waitress position at your favorite restaurant. He wants to see you succeed in all areas of your life, and he will gladly stand by your side to cheer you on. And even when your goals and dreams don’t go as planned, a man who is in love with you will wipe away your tears, and encourage you to get back out there in the real world and work your magic! He sees the potential in you, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before the whole world realizes just how awesome you are.

11 He's Affectionate

Lack of affection is a sure way to kill a relationship, and the guy who’s in love knows this. But you’ll never have to experience this problem because he just can’t keep his hands off of you. He has a need to be close to you, hug you, feel you, and caress you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a sexual way. Affection can also be shown when the two of you are just lounging on the couch catching up on the latest episode of Scandal, and he reaches over to hold your hand during the commercial break. Or while picking up your weekly groceries, he pulls you in for a quick smooch right there in the middle of the bread aisle. When a man is in love, being affectionate is a way for him to bond with you even further, and his love for you will grow and strengthen even more over time.

10 He Wants to Know About Your Day

If your guy really loves you, he will want to know about all the details of your boring day. He may not completely understand what your job as a project manager consists of, or he may be totally clueless when you try to explain the latest lecture in your Sociology class, but he will be all ears as you give him the breakdown and all the gritty details. Before falling in love, asking you how your day went was just a conversation starter, he probably didn’t really care that your co-worker jammed the printer for the 50th time. But now that he has fallen in love, he is genuinely curious about your day. He listens, he is engaging, and he provides feedback when needed. He thinks you’re the coolest person on Earth, and if he can’t be with you 24/7, then listening to the ups and downs of your day is the next best thing.

9 He's Always On-Call

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like you couldn’t depend on your boyfriend? It pretty much sucked, right? If you blew out a tire on the side of the road, he would be the last person you would want to call; and if you had a bad day, you knew he wouldn’t be able to provide you with the kind of emotional support you were seeking. That guy clearly wasn’t in love with you, so it’s good that you’ve moved on to someone who is always on-call and available. When a guy is in love, he will drop everything in the middle of the night just to rush to your home and kill a spider for you. He will take time off from work to accompany you to your wisdom teeth extraction surgery, and he will cancel on his bros if you’re in bed sick with the flu. You know that you can count on him, and he shows his love for you by being dependable and always be right there when you need him.

8 He'd Rather Give Than Receive

Guys know that they are in love when they are eager to give than to receive. Giving in a relationship comes in various forms. It can be something as simple as letting you have the last Oreo, filling up your gas tank so you don’t have to stop at the pump on your way to work, driving you to your next girls night out event just to make sure you make it there safely, or giving you a sensual massage after you get home from your weekly yoga class. When a guy gives, he’s doing all he can to make sure his girl is satisfied, and his desire to make her happy comes straight from the heart. But best of all, he doesn’t really need or want anything in return. As long as you express your appreciate and gratitude, and you give your love in return, your guy will be one happy camper.

7 He Thinks You’re Flawless

If you’ve ever dated a superficial guy who was so caught up on looks, you may have noticed that your physical appearance was of the utmost importance to him. He loved it when you wore six-inch heels to his Saturday baseball games, he would frown if you ever tried to step outside the house wearing sweatpants, and if you dared to go out without makeup he would mutter, “a little bit of lipstick wouldn’t hurt, would it?” But when a guy is in love, he can see past all of the superficial things, and he will fall in love with you just the way you are. When you wipe off your makeup after a long day at work, he can’t wait to tell you how flawless and naturally beautiful you are. He may even encourage you to go makeup-free to let your true beauty shine through. But no matter how you choose to dress, or how much makeup you choose to wear, one thing stays the same: your guy loves you no matter what, and he thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world!

6 The Look

Do you want to know the quickest way to find out how much your guy loves you? Go to a party and stand on opposite sides of the room. Lock eyes with him from afar, and when your eyes meet, they will speak to each other in a way that lets you know he’s completely in love with you! It’s not a look of lust or sexual passion, it’s a longingly look full of awe. He’s probably thinking in his head, “how did I get so lucky to be with her?” The look that a man gives a woman he’s in love with can’t really be described, but you will know it when it happens to you. You may get a shiver down your spine, butterflies fluttering in your stomach, and your heart will fill up with joy. “The Look” is powerful, and it’s rooted in his deep love for you.

5 He Brags About You

A man who is in love will not be able to stop himself from talking about you to anyone who will listen. But his conversations won’t be about how hot you look in your skinny jeans, or your toe-curling skills in the bedroom. A guy who’s in love will brag to all of his friends and family members about just how amazing you are from the inside out. He’ll be the first to make a “congratulations” Facebook post when you land a big promotion, he’ll brag to his friends about how knowledgable you are about sports, he’ll tell the lady at the flower shop about all of your selfless acts of kindness, and he’ll gush to his mom about how tasty your crockpot chili is. If he is keeping track of all of your positive traits, and sharing how amazing you are with everyone he knows, just realize that he’s really in love with you. You really can’t doing any wrong in his eyes because to him, you’re absolutely perfect.

4 He Asks for Your Advice

You probably have just a few people in your life whose opinion you value, right? Well, the same goes for your guy. He has a couple of go-to friends who offer up the best advice when he’s going through his daily struggles, but when he enters into a relationship with a woman that he loves, her opinion will trump all the others. If he’s considering asking his boss for a raise, he will ask you if you think now is the right time to broach the subject. If he’s unsure about which pair of loafers to wear with his new trousers, he will run it by you first; and when it comes time to plan his Mom’s surprise 50th birthday party, he will ask your opinion on the types of songs they should add to the playlist. No matter if it’s something big or small, he will run to you for advice because he truly values your opinion.

3 He Doesn't Make Big Decisions Without You

When you get married, it’s a given that you and your husband will consult with each other before making any big decisions. But if you’re just in a dating relationship, and your guy is running big decisions by you, take this as a sign that he’s completely in love. You may not notice that he’s seeking your approval at first, so you have to pay attention to the details. He may nonchalantly ask you what kind of vehicle he should purchase because he wants you to feel comfortable riding in the passenger seat. Or perhaps he asks you what city he should lease his next apartment in because he wants to make sure you’ll be okay with making the drive out to visit him. These are the signs that he loves you, he wants you to be in his life no matter what, and your input on life’s big decision is important to him.

2 You're His Priority

Similar to always being on-call for you, the man who is in love will always make you his top priority. When every weekend is reserved just for him to spend time with you, he takes off work on your birthday so you can spend the whole day together, and he routinely declines invitations to hit up bars and clubs with his single pals, just know that you and your feelings are at the top of his priority list. This doesn’t mean that he will smother you by always wanting to be in your presence, and of course, it’s normal and healthy for him to want to spend time with his friends. But you’re never just an option or a plan B for him, you’re his entire life! A man who is in love will want to spend his free time with you because being with you is what makes him truly happy.

1 He Spoils You

Do you have a friend who gets completely spoiled by her guy? You wonder what she’s doing to get him so whipped. Believe it or not, she doesn’t hold any secret powers, and chances are, she’s not doing anything at all to make her guy treat her like a princess. She just so happens to be with a guy who is completely in love with her. A man who loves his girl will do anything to make her happy. If you wake up in the morning and he already has breakfast and a cup of coffee waiting for you on the table, he’s in love with you. If he prepares a bubble bath for you without you even having to ask him, he’s head over heels. And if he if he picks you up from the airport after your girls trip with a dozen roses and an oversized teddy bear, he doesn’t want to live without you. This guy is in love with you, and spoiling you is something that comes naturally to him.

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