15 Signs He's Exactly What You've Been Looking For

It's definitely not easy being single, and the longer you're on your own, the more that becomes super obvious to you. You have to keep putting yourself out there and trying your best to meet people. Unfortunately, you don't always meet the right kind of guys. Okay, you never seem to. You go on super dull dates that are so boring you would rather do anything but sit there for another second (yes, even go to the dentist). You go on weird dates where you don't even know what to say afterward, that's how strange they are. You keep hoping that eventually, all those dates will pay off and your effort will lead you to meet the right person for you. When you do meet him, you will know, and you won't have to think twice about letting this new guy into your life. Here are 15 signs he's exactly what you've been looking for.

15 He's Not A Man Child

OMG is there an epidemic of grown men acting like babies or what?! It's amazing how many guys you meet who totally fit into the man child category. They're still living at home and still expect their mom to do everything for them, from cooking to cleaning to laundry. Yes, they're still living at home even though they have a full-time job that definitely brings in an income, and yes, you're super confused when you come across this kind of situation. These guys just don't seem to realize that they're old enough to be on their own and take care of themselves. What's even worse, though, is that they really don't even want to. They're super used to the status quo and they don't want to change. But the kind of guy that you're looking for? Yeah, he's not a man child at all. He's mature, he has his emotions in check, and he can discuss things like an adult. It's a huge sigh of relief for you.

14 He's Hilarious

You really want a funny guy. Pretty much everyone does, right? It's awesome when you finally meet someone who not only makes you laugh until you want to cry and your sides hurt but who seems to be in a perpetual good mood. If he's everything that you've been looking for, then he's got a real sense of humor and he knows how to use it. It's not that everything is a joke to him because he can still take things seriously. It's just that he knows that life is meant to be lived and that it's also way too short not to spend every second that you can laughing and being silly and having fun. When you meet a hilarious guy, you will know that this is the one, and more than that, this is exactly who you've been waiting for. He's the reason you've stayed single until now and why things never worked out with all those other (less funny) guys.

13 He's Kind-Hearted

It's hard to find a so-called nice guy these days because of how many people aren't as nice as they pretend to be. Sure, at first this kind of guy seems totally great. But then you realize that he's really a jerk and that he was just putting on his friendliness. So when you meet a guy that has a really kind heart and is honestly a nice person, then you breathe in because you are so relieved. And he is honestly exactly what you've been looking for. He has a ton of human decency and just really seems to have good morals and values, which is always super important. It's all well and good until you start fighting about political or societal issues, right? You can usually figure this kind of stuff out super early (like the first date) because people with really outrageous opinions and views tend to talk about that a lot. So once you know that someone is really kind and a good person, you will know with no doubt in your mind that he is who you are looking for.

12 He's Interesting

It's no big secret that first dates are super tough. You get ready, trying to stay hopeful and optimistic, and you try your best to be in a good mood. So when you finally go on a first date that's not boring at all and you realize that this new guy that you've met is super interesting, you know he's what you've been searching for. There's no way that he wouldn't be since no one wants to date a boring person. That's just a fact. You can never understand when you meet couples where the guy is super dull and can barely talk and seems to have absolutely no personality. What does that girl see in him?! It's like winning the lottery when you meet someone who fascinates you. You want to spend as much time with this guy as you can, you're always learning something new about him and you just want to know every single thing about him. It's like there will never be enough time to talk and hang out.

11 He's Got Goals

It's awesome when you meet a guy who has as many goals as you do. It's cool when a guy is future oriented and likes to think about making his life better and becoming a better person along the way, too. You already have gone out with so many guys who just seem to be super lazy and you're not sure that they want anything from this life. They have crappy jobs that they hate but they don't seem to want to find another position and they definitely don't do anything about how unhappy they are. They want to work out more but they never seem to be able to go to the gym. They just have no goals or dreams. When you meet a guy who has goals, whether they're about getting healthier or finding the job of his dreams or buying a condo someday, it's pretty attractive. It really takes a guy's hotness level up about a million levels, that's for sure.

10 He's A Dreamer

Dreams are different from goals, even though, of course, you have to write down some goals in order to make your dreams come true. Goals are more legit, realistic things -- like losing 5 pounds or learning to cook. Dreams are bigger and, honestly, more interesting to think about. If the guy that you've just met and are thinking about dating has dreams, then that means that he's pretty open-minded. He doesn't want to cut himself off from any opportunities that life has to offer, and he likes thinking big. He's a dreamer and if you are too, then this is the guy for you, no question about it. He's exactly the kind of person that you want to date and he's the guy that you've been waiting for. You two can dream together and make your lives exactly what you have ever wanted, from your personal life to your professional one.

9 He's A Family Guy

It's one thing when a guy is a mama's boy. That's super unattractive and pretty uncool. You don't want to be dating someone who is also super into their mom because hey, there's only room for one of you and in your experience, you will always lose. You also don't want to have to measure up to her because that's just weird. So this situation gets all kinds of creepy and fast. But when a guy is about family, then that means that he's close with his parents and siblings in a normal, really lovely way. He likes hanging out with them and birthdays, holidays and other celebrations are a big deal in his world. That's good news for you since you can become a part of his family, too, and you will totally get invited and be a part of everything, which will be really fun. It's also good news if you want to have kids someday and raise a family of your own since chances are, a family guy wants children sometime, too.

8 He's Career Oriented

It's hard to date someone who doesn't care about their career, especially when you are really career driven. You've worked super hard to get where you are today, and of course, the hard work never really ends since you have a great work ethic every day that you're at the office. When this describes you, it's super difficult to date a lazy guy who could care less about trying to have a real career. If the new guy in your world is career oriented, then that's amazing news for you. That means that he won't care if you have to work late sometimes or if you're working weekends every once in a while or if you're more stressed out than normal thanks to some work stuff. He also will be a really interesting guy to talk to since he'll always tell you what's going on at his office, what he's working on, what goals he's striving toward, and whether or not he thinks this is the right position for him. It will be awesome for you to share this work stuff with someone.

7 He's Not Afraid

When you start dating a guy who isn't afraid of anything about being in a relationship, that is honestly the best news ever. He's not scared of getting close to you. He's not scared of being in love. He's not scared of spending tons of time with you, of introducing you to his friends and family, of thinking about the future, and of committing to you. He's also not afraid of emotional intimacy, which is a huge deal. You can't even believe how many guys you've dated who ran at the first sign of real feelings... or who just wouldn't talk about anything real or serious at all. They just couldn't talk about how they felt about you or anything else in their life, and they were freaked out by any emotion at all. That's not the kind of person that you can build a life with or even date in the short term, that's for sure. So when the new guy in your life is not afraid of anything, never let him go.

6 He's Got Hobbies

It's weird when the guy that you've just started dating doesn't seem to have any interests or hobbies. Every time you go to your fave yoga class or do any kind of activity that brings you joy and helps you chill out, he seems to have literally nothing to do. He sits at home watching TV or playing video games, and you wonder why he doesn't seem to have much of a life. When the guy in your life has hobbies, then he's 100 percent the person that you've been looking for because he's fascinating and has a lot of life in him. He's not boring, he's not bored, and he wants to do something with his life other than just work. When you're younger, you might date people who don't have a ton of interests because they just want to go to classes and hang out with their friends and be lazy. But as you get older, you have more interests, and it's important to be on the same page as someone that you're choosing to date.

5 He's Calm

If you've dated tons of emotional guys (who would never say they were emotional, of course), then you know how amazing it is to date someone who is super calm. You want someone who has a sense of peace about the life that they're living. They don't sweat the small stuff, they don't freak out about everything, and they can calmly talk to you about problems big and small. They will honestly make your life a million times easier, that's for sure. You might find it confusing to finally be with a guy like this if this is not the kind of guy that you typically date, but it's a huge breath of fresh air to date a calm guy. This means that he's mature because he's not going to get mad at you over stupid stuff or make you feel bad or guilty when there's literally no reason. When you meet a calm guy (as long as he has other awesome qualities, of course), you know he's what you want.

4 He's Not Playing Games

When a guy can be totally and completely honest with you, whether about how he feels about you or how he's living his life, then he's just won your heart. This is the kind of guy that you want to call your boyfriend. He's not playing any games whatsoever. He's not texting you randomly and then ignoring you when you answer. He's not pretending that he's free Saturday night and wants to hang out but then canceling last minute, claiming that something better came up. When you meet a guy who's not a game player in the least, then your relationship is super simple. You like each other, you enjoy spending time together, and you have a mutual understanding that you're going to keep hanging out and seeing where things go. You've committed to each other, you're compassionate toward each other, and there's a level of respect there. You don't have to wonder why he's paying attention to you sometimes and then ignoring you other times because he's done with games and so are you.

3 He Shares His Life With You

When a guy can share his life with you, whether he's inviting you to his best friend's birthday party or having you attend his work events, then you can be sure that you should never, ever let him go. He is worth dating for real and he's exactly what you've been looking for. He doesn't want to keep things super separate because he's realized that you're the one for him and that sharing your lives and blending your worlds is a really good idea. He's not going to get annoyed if you want to spend time together, and it's just a given that the two of you will be hanging out every weekend and most weeknights. You don't have to stress out about that or, honestly, worry about anything. You also don't have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that the guy you're so crazy about doesn't feel the same way about you. You will honestly know that since he's sharing his life with you, he wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him.

2 He Gets You

When you meet a new guy who really and truly gets you, it's an amazing thing. You can't believe that after all this time of being single and dating, you have finally found someone who really understands you. He likes who you are, he would never want you to pretend to be someone else, and he doesn't have a problem with any of your quirks or flaws. Of course everyone in this world has flaws and quirks, but unfortunately, you've discovered that a lot of guys want you to be super perfect and they just don't get it. Once you find someone who really gets you and you have a super deep connection on a level unlike anything else you've ever discovered, well, you should never, ever let this guy go. You would only be crazy if you did that. But you probably already know that, since you're the one who's been out there in the dating trenches, trying to meet someone.

1 He's In It For Real

How many times have you thought that you had a new boyfriend (or at least someone who could eventually become your boyfriend) only to realize that he has no interest in committing to you? Probably way too many times, right? It's crazy how many times you find yourself in these kinds of almost relationships. You really are convinced that this guy will commit to you, but it just never happens, and you have to go back to the drawing board and keep going on first dates (ugh). But when you meet a guy who is honestly in this for real -- who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him and who doesn't think that he would be missing out on the so-called bachelor life -- then you know that this is it. This is going to be the best love story ever, and you will know that he is exactly what you have been looking for. Phew. Finally, right?

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