15 Signs He's Creepy AF

Sometimes we just get weird vibes around people, even if we don’t know them very well. We’re not always sure what it is, but it’s that distinct gut feeling of unease whenever we see them, or we catch them looking at us, or when we know they’re nearby. We can feel them staring at us from across the room, or we change our daily routine to avoid running into them. Sometimes, even the thought of them makes us cringe inwardly.

It’s not just your paranoia or totally without reason. Sometimes trusting your gut is the right thing to do, because this person is a bonafide creep! Maybe you have a guy you’ve only just started seeing who is starting to make you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s some random at a bar, or maybe it’s someone you’ve been with for a while and you’ve just been ignoring the signs. Whatever your relationship, if this guy is making your skin crawl, there might be a good reason behind it. Check out these 15 signs to see if the person you have in mind is considered creepy by general standards – not just by you.

15 He Watches You

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You know that feeling of being watched? Of having a pair of eyes bore into the back of your skull? You’re not paranoid – this dude is really staring at you. If he keeps trying to catch your eye when you’re out with your girls – but in a way that makes you fearful or worried, not interested – he’s probably a creep. Staring at you even when you haven’t reciprocated his gaze or when he knows he’s making you uncomfortable is a clear sign that you need to get away – fast.

If a guy is studying you like a science project, it’s probably because he’s either looking for an opportunity to start talking to you, or because he wants to see you squirm. Being stared at is super uncomfortable, and if a guy is content to just look at you while he sips his drink in silence, you’re not wrong in thinking he is creepy AF.

14 He’s Too Touchy-Feely

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When someone you barely know is getting overly familiar with you, it can make you feel pretty uncomfortable, because you don’t know if you should say something or wait until it passes. If you haven’t given an invitation to be touched, or if you’re not in a relationship where touching is okay, this guy is definitely overstepping the boundaries and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell him to go away.

An uninvited touch, a hand on the waist, or a kiss on the cheek is a way for a guy to familiarize himself to you so you feel like you can’t say no. It’s a creepy and manipulative tactic to make you feel uncomfortable, and make you feel bad for being uncomfortable. Think of those dates where the guy you’re so not into is insisting on a goodnight kiss. That guy was definitely a creep, because he didn’t read your social cues – or didn’t care. The mark of a grade-A creep.

13 He Only Talks About Doing It

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This one goes hand-in-hand with being too touchy-feely. If a guy is opening up to you about the intimate side of things when that wasn’t what you were talking about or is beyond inappropriate for the occasion (and your relationship), it can show that he’s a creep. Is he trying to get you to divulge the details of your sex life, or what you like in bed? Totally out of bounds. Is he letting you know his own kinks and fetishes, even though you never asked and never wanted to know? Red alert – we have a creep!

Unwanted dirty talk is a form of verbal intimacy that a creep might use to get personal with you, but really it’s because he only wants one thing from you. If a dude you’ve just met is all about sex and isn’t ashamed to admit it, move right along because you definitely don’t want to stick around with this gross guy.

12 He’s Dirty

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Does his look just make you cringe? Is his hair so greasy that you can almost see your reflection? Does his outfit look like he got dressed in the dark? This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being shallow, it may just be your sixth sense for creep detection.

If a guy has bad hygiene in the way he dresses, looks, or smells, it can mean that he doesn’t take care of himself, which is just a general turn-off. However, it can also mean that he doesn’t give a crap about the impression he makes on other people (or that he isn’t even aware of them) which can lean a little more towards the creepy side of things. Being totally ambivalent towards others can signal antisocial tendencies, which is definitely something to worry about, because that means this guy has all the time in the world to focus his attentions on you. No, thank you!

11 He Asks for a Photo

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Has this guy not heard of Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook? If he has, then why would he be asking to take a picture of you? Um, because he’s a huge creep! If a random dude wants a photo, it’s not because he thinks you’re famous. Instead of being flattering, this guy is deliberately making you feel weirded out and uncomfortable. Asking for a photo is another form of personal connection that’s he’s insisting on, and it gives him the opportunity to compliment your appearance without it being totally out of the blue. Unless you’re doing something amazing or spectacular (or you really are famous), there’s no sane reason some random dude should be asking you for a photo. You have to wonder what he wants to do with that photo too. Is he going to sit there staring at it, creepily obsessing over you? It's enough to give you the chills just thinking about it.

10 He’s Way Older

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Not to knock on May-December romances (some are super successful and not at all weird!), but if a guy is significantly older than you and is cozying up to you at the club, he could be a creep. There’s just something gross about a guy who’s old enough to be your father (or grandfather) hitting on you that can give you that ‘yuck’ feeling and make you feel dirty all over (and not in a good way).

While obviously not all older men are automatically creeps, if a much-older guy is exhibiting one or more of the other signs on this list, you can probably make a safe bet that he’s a creep, because you know he’s not unaware of what he’s doing. It’s totally a matter of personal preference, but if a guy is making you feel weird, unsafe, or uncomfortable, chances are he’s a creep, no matter what his age is.

9 He Has Weird Hobbies

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Everyone has their little quirks, but if this guy is getting a little more Norman Bates with his after-work activities, you might want to rethink seeing him. If his hobbies give you the shivers, there’s probably some underlying creepiness that’s too important to ignore.

If he’s a fan of taxidermy (aka stuffing dead animals) or collecting creepy memorabilia (think: serial killer mementos), his personality might also veer into weird territory. This isn’t a sign in and of itself of a guy being a total creep, but – like being much older – when combined with something else on this list, it might be a good reason to avoid him or end things if you’re already involved. Having hobbies that don’t allow him to relate to anyone else could be another sign of antisocial behavior, because if there’s no one for him to talk to about his interest, he can just burrow further into himself –a potential indicator of a darker, creepier personality.

8 He Gives TMI

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You just met but you already know all about his family, friends, and exes. You haven’t volunteered any of your own information, but he’s more than willing to get into the nitty-gritty of his life, including his sexual preferences and what he finds most attractive about you, a person he’s just met.

When he’s spilling his guts, he’s throwing caution to the wind because he doesn’t know what you’ll find disturbing or gross – and maybe he doesn’t care. If he’s oversharing and you never asked for it, he could be a creep. Most people get turned off by a total stranger who wants to tell us their life story because it’s weird for them to get that vulnerable that quickly. It’s a normal, self-protective thing to keep some things quiet until we get to know people better. That fake vulnerability is weird and just another indicator that this random is a total creep.

7 He’s Clingy

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When you first got together, it was cute how he was always checking up on you and making sure you were home safe. It was also kind of adorable when he was dropping by your work to see how things were going. Now, however, it’s gotten past the point of cute and gotten clingy. What began as thoughtfulness has now become an obsession, and he has to know where you are and who you’re with at all times. He’s started checking your phone and asking about people who comment on your social media, and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable.

If a guy is getting so clingy he can’t stand to have you out of his sight, he’s not just a creep, he’s emotionally manipulative and abusive. This controlling tendency is one that crops up a lot on this list, but it’s super important! If you’re feeling suffocated, get out now. If you can’t do it alone, find someone who can help.

6 He Has No Emotions

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Instead of being some stone-faced hottie, this guy’s blank stare just makes you feel…weird. You can’t tell if he’s happy or upset or interested in you, because his expression never changes. It’s the same disconcerting feeling we get around people who don’t blink enough – it just feels inhuman.

It can also feel like they’re hiding something. If a guy is living behind a mask of no emotion, you can never be sure what exactly he’s thinking or feeling, which means you’re never aware of what his next move is. His poker face is so good, you find yourself looking for other cues in his body language and voice to help you figure him out. That uncertainty can make you feel super creeped out and like he has the upper hand in all your interactions, because you wear your feelings on your face like any normal person. It’s normal to feel suspicious around a guy who is perpetually neutral, because he might be a stealth creep.

5 He Hits on Your Friends

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This one should be obvious here, but if the guy you’re with is flirting with all your friends, he’s definitely not a guy you want to keep around. It’s totally a sign of disrespect to you and whatever relationship you may have if he’s getting touchy-feely, overly complimentary, or too involved with your squad, especially when you’ve already told him it makes you uncomfortable.

If your friends have told you about his advances and advised you to drop him, they may be onto something. Your guy feels safe enough in your affections that he can pull these stunts because he thinks you won’t do anything about it. It’s another indicator of the manipulative tendencies that are a major component of any creep. If he’s trying to have his cake and eat it too, it’s because he only cares about himself. He knows that he’s annoying you and your friends with his antics and he just doesn’t care. Time to dump this creep!

4 He Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

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If a guy is trying to dominate not just the conversation but you, you can almost guarantee that he’s a creep. Not listening to you when you say “no” or refuse something is a way of intimidating you and testing your boundaries. He’s being both creepy and controlling when he refuses your refusal, or tries to change your mind even though you’re already set in your decision.

When a guy respects you and your brain, he’s understanding when you don’t want to do something, whether it be something new in bed or a movie you just don’t feel like seeing. Respecting your decision is a sign of a healthy relationship, and if the guy you’re with doesn’t do that, then he’s probably a creep. His need to have everything his way is a signal of how things will be in the long run, so do yourself a favor and ditch his a$$ now!

3 He Moves Too Fast

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You’ve only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, but he’s already told you he loves you. Instead of planning your next date, he’s planning when you’ll move in together, get married, and have kids. While he may have intended these thoughts about the future as romantic and an opportunity to sweep you off your feet, they’re really just creepy and way too soon. While you like the idea of a guy who’s committed, this guy is moving lightning-fast and you were never sure of him to begin with.

Telling you you’re his soulmate and the love of his life when you barely know each other is definitely a sign of a creep, because not only is he not playing by society’s rules (of, you know, waiting), but he’s attaching himself to you before you’re ready. Getting this serious this fast is definitely a red flag and a sign that you should move along – and quickly.

2 He’s Misogynistic

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Does this guy use any opportunity to point out why he thinks men are better than women? Does he underestimate your abilities or brush off your achievements as the result of someone else’s work? Does he hold grudges against women who didn’t hook up with him, even though he is a “nice guy”? If your guy is exhibiting sexist or misogynistic tendencies, he’s probably a creep.

Disrespecting women is a huge turn-off for most ladies, because duh! It’s majorly unattractive and downright disgusting if a dude is all about men’s rights (newsflash: you have lots) and is ignorant of the daily struggles us women face. A creep who’s misogynistic will use his beliefs to devalue you as a person and excuse his inexcusable behaviors. If he thinks he’s entitled to something just because you’re a woman – and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way – you’re not alone in feeling those creepy vibes!

1 He Stalks You

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You haven’t spoken to him more than once (or haven’t spoken to him in a while), but he keeps commenting on and liking your photos, sending you private messages, and texting you despite your lack of response. He probably thinks he’s being cool and persuasive so you’ll eventually fall into his arms, but really it’s just creepy. He thinks you’re playing hard to get, but you dropped out of the game a long time ago.

He doesn’t seem to mind your endless, one-sided “conversations”, and maybe he’s even taken things offline and has started showing up at your work or at your usual hang-outs. If he’s exhibiting stalker behavior and making you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, he’s gone from stalking creep to creepy stalker and you need to take action to protect yourself. Maybe he thinks he’s being flattering or wooing you, but if he’s not taking the hint, you’ll have to get straight – and legal – with him.

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