15 Signs He's Cheating And You Don't Even Know It

Men are not as sly as they think they are. They think they're slick, but just by thinking something doesn’t make it so. Men are much more likely to get caught cheating than women despite the fact that they do it more often than women; btw women cheat, too, but mostly for genetic purposes or financial mobility. Men cheat because it feels good. And because they are led around by that piece of meat between their legs, often times they don’t cover their tracks very well. Some leave tracks laying around all over the place. With clues left everywhere, it can be easy to spot a cheater, but you, ladies, have to have your eyes open. You have to listen to your heart and that little voice in your head. Not the crazy voice, but that guiding voice that protects you. It often happens that we know all along something wasn't right, wether it be cheating or knowing someone is wronging you. We just know it sometimes. But what do we do? We ignore our gut feelings, we push them aside and tell ourselves it is all in our heads. Only to have our hearts broken somewhere down the road. Leaving us kicking ourselves for knowing it all along but having done nothing about it.

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15 Too quiet

If suddenly your man becomes quiet, be suspicious. It could be that he’s going through something personal or private, try to find out, but if he quickly becomes defensive, you should be worried. While men tend to be quieter than women, there’s a difference between being quiet and then becoming silent. It could be that he’s trying to stay quiet to not give himself away, so as not to slip up and say the wrong thing. It could be that he’s quiet because he’s just not interested in you anymore and doesn’t have much to say. It could be that he’s quiet because he’s fantasizing about his new boo and silence aids the fantasy process. You should be able to recognize when there is a shift in your man’s behavior, you should. A quiet man can be an indicator that he’s keeping something from you, you’d better figure out what’s going on.

14 Blames you

Becoming defensive is a huge sign that your man has something he’s hiding. If any question sparks a rage in him, you’d better pay attention. Either your man has anger issues or has some other personal, psychological issues he’s dealing with that have just surfaced with you. Or he’s seeing someone else and has to protect his secret, thus he pushes you further and further away. If he blames you for being nosey, controlling, or selfish when you’re almost certain you haven’t been any of these things –red flag. If he begins to question your whereabouts or doubts where you’ve been or that you’ve been with who you said you’ve been with –red flag. Men who are guilty of something usually blame you for what they are guilty of. Listen up to what he’s saying. In his blame game, you will hear his own guilt loud and clear.

13 Changes habits

While we are free to change our likes frequently and as freely as we’d like, a change in habits can be an indicator that you’re man is hanging around someone new. Maybe he’s become a night owl when he was once an early riser. Maybe he’s become an early rise when he was once a night owl. Any little shift in routine can indicate that your man is following someone else’s schedule. It’s quiet common to change our habits once we become boo-ed up, it’s a way to connect to our partner, it’s a way to fortify a relationship, and it’s a way to learn more about life. It’s also a way to bond. If you notice that your man’s schedule doesn’t fit yours anymore, it could be because it’s altered it to suit another. Of course, this is only something you can discover through close investigation and by heeding female intuition.

12 Taking Sudden Trips


Suddenly, his boss is asking him to travel for work. You didn’t even know his job had that option, but it does now, according to him. He takes week long business trips and doesn’t call or text you once while he’s away. Or he and his homies begin planning weekend trips out of the blue. And you are told last minute. These sudden trips are suspicious, no doubt. You should definitely be seeing red flags all over this one. Try to find receipts related to his business trips. Or call the office and ask for him, see what they say. Ask his friends about the guy’s weekend. You’re going to have to get a little dirty here and that means asking questions. Don’t be shy. After all, you’re trying to find out if your man is a scumbag or if you’ve got some trust issues. It’s well worth the time and effort to figure out what’s going on here.

11 Makes drastic decisions


Men can be known for their unpredictability, their spontaneity –that’s sometimes the stuff we love about them. But when a man begins to make big changes without consulting you as the girlfriend or wife, you’d better consider the big picture. While independence plays a huge role in a man’s life and he, quite frankly, doesn’t feel the need to run things by you, if these decisions affect your relationship or leave you hanging you have every right to be suspicious. If he changes plans last minute, if he decides a trip last minute, if he goes missing, girl, you’d better wake up and wake up again. Your man has something going on. And while we’d like to think he’s planning something for us, the likelihood of that isn’t very high. It’s more probable that your man has got another love interest and he’s trying to split time between you and her.

10 Gets a tattoo


Now it doesn’t have to be a name, clearly that would be too obvious and crazy. But if you’re man starts to get large tattoos when previously he wasn’t into them, this could be a sign that he’s got another love interest and that chica is into tattoos. She may even be there with him when he's getting them done. Tattoos are a commitment, no doubt. If he’s decided to get some pretty large tattoos you can be sure that there’s something weird going on. He might be ready to leave you or move on. Or he’s getting tattoos to satisfy his new love interest. Either way, tattoos are symbolic of new journeys or closure. You’d better take some notes on what types of tattoos he’s getting and use your intuition. This is highly unusual and if he’s not including you in these tattoo escapades, you can be pretty sure he’s already erased you emotionally from his life.

9 Indifference


If once he cared but now no more, girl, your man has checked out of the relationship. It might not due to another who’s captured his attention, but he’s not feeling the same way about your anymore. Indifference is worse than negative feelings, it shows that your man has no feelings towards you. In some ways, you’d almost rather he hate you than feel nothing for you. But the truth is, this isn’t about hate. If you man stops fighting with you for things that were once points of contention –bad sign. If he stops criticizing things he once criticized –bad sign. If he doesn’t get excited about things that once excited him –bad sign. He’s either going through something that has him so detached from himself, his feelings, and you. Or he’s going through the actions and his heart and spirit are elsewhere.

8 Sleeping


Sleeping habits are influenced by upbringing, personalities, and work habits. And if you and your man have been together for quite some time, you’ve already established some sleeping habits or at least have some routines. Sure, things can change and it can be the result of many things like new job, new apartment, or stress. However, if none of those issues have come into the scene, but your man is staying up super late or getting up super early, you might have a cheater on your hands. Even more so, if you notice your man getting up in the middle of the night on a regular basis. Is he taking his phone? Is he hiding in the bathroom? What’s happening? Ask him some questions, find out what’s happening with him. But if you notice he doesn’t really have an answer or becomes defensive, girl, don’t wait for the break-up, go ahead and start packing your bags like now.

7 Learns new language

Learning anything new means opening our minds and expanding out horizons. Learning makes life even better. However, if your man starts to learn a new language out of the blue, you’d better figure out what’s going on. When your man becomes interested in speaking another language without any connection to anything else, this is a little strange. Does he have a business trip to a foreign country? Is learning this language part of a new responsibility at work? Do you have plans to travel abroad to a new country? Well, if you’ve answered no to all these questions, it might be probable that your man is learning a new language to impress a new love interest. It could be that he’s just interested in a new culture or enjoys learning, only you can know that. But if there are some guts feelings making you feel awkward, don’t let this new language trip go unnoticed.

6 Curses at you

He’s become angry, but not regular angry. Like angry all the damn time and you’re wondering if it’s something you’ve done or something he’s going through. If you’ve maintained your good girlfriend position and haven’t been acting all cray-cray, it’s highly likely that there’s something going on with him. If he starts to curse at you, call you names, belittle you, or any of these combinations and you haven’t been fighting, your man is either a jerk, has hidden anger issues, or is cheating. Cheaters lash out at those nearest to them. And look at how close you are to your cheating boyfriend, of course he will take his guilt and frustration out on you. No man should curse at a woman, period; but we know these things happen. But if it happens for the slightest of things and he goes off pretty hard, you can be certain your man is not happy and that could spell cheating.

5 Controlling


Controlling behavior is about insecurity, but it can also be about guilt. If your man begins to wonder about where you’re going and who you’re talking to, then throws in some aggressive behaviors, girl, it sounds like you have a cheater on your hands. At the very least, you have a controlling man or a passive-aggressive chap. Either way, you’re going to want to re-evaluate your relationship. When a man starts checking your phone or asking for passwords, but won’t give you his, chances are he’s got something to hide. Ask him why he’s suddenly become so controlling, try to get to the root of the problem. If you see he’s not into solving this or even work on it, part ways. It’s no fun to be in a relationship with a controlling man or a cheater. He could even be both.

4 Bathroom Visits


Is he sneaking away to the bathroom more often than before? Is he spending more time in the bathroom than you? Does he lock the door? Do you hear him talking or texting? Sneaking off to the bathroom is a cheap move. And it’s old. And obvious. I mean, how much more obvious could he get? Unless he suffers from a medical disorder or is in there taking care of some other business, then all that bathroom time should be raising some eyebrows. I’m not saying men cannot spend time in the bathroom, but an odd amount of time, every day is not normal for women, let alone men. The bathroom is a very private space and if he’s going in there several times during a hangout session or during dinner, that is a bright red flag. Again, we could attribute this to some grand scheme or surprise for us, which would be lovely, but men will be men. We should be realistic here.

3 Friendships


Has he started some new friendships? Are the friends male or female? Remember, cheaters often use their male relationships as scapegoats. Suddenly, there are more guys nights out. His friends are buying him tickets to concerts and sporting events and he can’t say no. Things like that. And things that don’t include you and things that keep him within the safe confines of the guys. When he’s out with the guys, you don’t want to call so often, fearing you'll seem like a nuisance, thus whatever he’s doing is left uninterrupted and without inquiry. Perhaps give him a call, check in on him. Listen to his voice. Pay attention to his language. Is the conversation super short? What are the background noises? If anything gives you the strange vibe, girl, you’re probably onto something. And if you can check in on his friends and see what they are doing on the night of guys night out, that might help you get to the bottom of this dilemma much sooner.

2 New bedroom moves

Bedroom fun keeps the relationship fires burning, it keeps the excitement alive and makes you want to see your partner even more. Experimenting together allows couples to share their fantasies and develop a stronger bond and trust. Bedroom games and toys and videos keep things lively and young, but if your man tries new moves on you without having discussed them with you or dislikes something he once liked, you might want to inquire further. Men tend to like everything, but what sways their opinions on sex is the girl with whom they spend all their time with. Men like to please their ladies and thus will give into many fantasies. Of course, men will also have their own fantasies and fetishes, but usually they make those known fairly early in the relationship whereas for women it can take some time to open up about such intimate things.

1 Goes missing

Even if you live together or don’t, a man who goes missing is a man who’s gone astray. It can be for a variety of reasons. He can say it was a family issue, a last-minute business trip, or simply that he was caught up with life. If he goes missing for days or weeks, doesn’t answer the phone, this guy is no good. No matter what excuses he gives you, no matter what proof he has, just know this guy is leading you on, he’s playing you big time. And the more you let him do it, the more he’ll keep doing it. He’ll feel like he can have his cake and eat it, too. You also don't need to be stressing all the time about a guy who clearly doesn't respect you. If you let him get lost for days at a time and accept him back with open arms, you are a fool, dear child. And men will play a fool like an instrument, like an instrument they’ve been playing their whole lives.

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