15 Signs He Will Propose Any Day Now

All ladies are hoping for Mr. Right to come along. Once you've figured out he is The One, you are pretty much just waiting for him to figure it out too. At some point you are both pretty sure, so now what? If you suspect a proposal is in the near future, there are a few signs you can keep an eye out for. There are never any guarantees but it helps to know he is brainstorming. This is especially true if you talk about marriage frequently but feel like it might never happen! You've chatted about living together, kids, and your future so you are ready for the next step. Don't go dress shopping just yet but you could grab a few bridal mags at the checkout if you can check a some of these boxes. If he isn't showing any of these tell-tale signs, it may be be time to give up, or at least give it time. Some guys take a while to finally get down on one knee and propose, while other guys seem to do it the second they know they are with the one. Either way, all men are different so don't be discouraged, we are just here to help let you in on a few signs that he is ready to pop the big question any day now.

15 He's Gone Cheap

The truth is , if your guy is suddenly frugal, he could be saving up for anything. When most guys get obsessed enough with something that they actually start saving for it, you will hear about it non-stop. Video games, speakers, a new car, if he is saving you are likely sick of hearing about it. If he isn't spending and you have no clue why, that is a red flag!! This especially applies if he typically doesn't hold back. Guys aren't big planners but engagement rings are a big expense. Chances are he decided to propose and had to start saving right away. Support the thrift! You could be wearing the results on your ring finger before you know it. Finances are a huge stressor for guys. Beyond the ring, he may be stressing your new living situation, wedding expenses, and who knows what else.

14 Your Parents Are Acting Shady Too!


Traditionally a guy asks a girl's parents for permission to propose. Nowadays, a lot of guys skip this step but keep a lookout. Are your parents avoiding you or calling you more? Do they seem extra interested in your relationship? Many guys use a gal's fam to help prep the perfect proposal, especially around the holidays. Mom's are super guilty of not being able to keep a secret. They often drop mega hints, so keep your ears open. If you are planning a big family Thanksgiving or Christmas, this could be your year! If your parents hate your man, this probably won't be an issue but it never hurts to keep your ears open. A marriage is a great time for a boyfriend to try to mend things. There is no better way than engagement ring shopping. It's fairly common for guys to chat up the future mil about ring styles and sizes.

13 Your Jewelry Box Seems Out Of Sorts


Have you noticed something missing, but it reappears later? Maybe things just seem a little moved around. It's possible he is snooping to check out your style or your ring size. Sure, an observant guy may be able to figure out these things without snooping but most of them won't have a clue. He might be trying to figure out if you prefer gold or platinum. Whatever the case, a guy who needed to snoop to figure out these deets will probably not be too careful about how he puts your things back in order. This is a score for you because you will notice this right away! Guys barely pay attention to jewelry at all so if you come across this sign, your proposal is near! At a minimum, he is planning a nice Christmas gift for you.

12 He Wants You To Meet His Parents


If you haven't met his parents yet, he may start pushing you to do so. He doesn't want to intro you as his fiance before they have even laid eyes on you. Most guys like to ping their mamas and see what she thinks. Some just want to do things properly like a gentleman. Guys often like to seek assurance before they seal the deal. Making sure his family approves and understands how much he loves you is a great way for him to be sure this is the right step. If you've never met his fam, chances are a proposal isn't happening too soon. Don't get anxious though, a lot of guys have crazy families they aren't proud of or they simple aren't close anymore. Keep the lines of communication open in regards to his family and don't pressure. If you have met them, but he seems to be scheduling more time for you all together, this could be a good sign.

11 He Starts Using "Us" Instead Of "I"

If his pronouns swap from the more self-focused "I" to "we" and "us", he may be thinking of you as a permanent couple. Collective pronouns are a great way to tell if he is thinking marriage. He isn't afraid to group the two of you together when chatting with friends and family. He is making assumptions that you will be with him at future events and holidays. referring to things as "ours" is a great sign. This signifies that you are a priority for him. You may notice him putting you before work or friends too. If you notice that he expects to attend celebrations with you that you know he hates, this is a really great sign. He is no longer scared you two being identified as a couple and assumes you will be going everywhere together. Your man has let go of his desperate desire for independence.

10 He Is Talking About The Future

If a man discusses his future as if you will be around, he is for sure planning on you being a big part of it. This must mean marriage, at least eventually. If you notice he is talking about it more and more, he could be planning something big. He wants your input on his career, moves, and children. These signs indicate he may have already purchased your bling! Make sure that when he discusses these things, you are attentive and do not dismiss him. You want him to know that you are serious and these things are important for you guys to agree on. If he is consulting you on job offers or asking you about moving in, keep your eyes and ears open. This man is planning on being a family and needs to make sure that your lives blend together well. He values your opinion and knows that these life choices will impact you soon.

9 He Has Lost Interest In His Bachelor Activities


Guys will never give up hanging with their bros, but maybe it seems to lack priority lately. A guy who is readying himself for married life may begin wanting more and more time with his lady alone. Any alteration to his typical weekend routine could be a sign. Giving up plans with friends in favor of a date night is a really good indicator that your guy is ready to settle down. Is he putting his friends on the back burner or holding off on that guys weekend to Vegas? It's not that he is sick of his buddies, he is just beginning to prefer a more comfy, settled lifestyle. He may also take down his bachelor decor. No more topless beer posters or neon bar signs. Something is definitely up if he starts cleaning the place. This could mean he is making more room for you in his life.

8 He Is Talking About Kids!

A guy that talks about kids is not commitment phobic. Do you notice him playing with the kids at events? Does he seem envious of his friends who already have a family? Talking about the future and your family plans is really the only way a man can make sure you are somewhat on the same page. This guy is definitely looking to make a life together and probably soon. If he seems impatient and ready to become a father, your proposal could be just around the corner. It might also be a sign if he is talking about getting a bigger place, or he is worried about buying a home right away. If he knows how many children he wants and already has a preference for a boy or girl, he is showing all the signs of a man ready to settle down. You may notice that he is a awesome uncle or godfather to the kids in his life and begins to take more of an interest in them.

7 He Seems Shady Lately

When your man is acting shady, he is definitely keeping secrets! Maybe they are good secrets, maybe they are bad ones, only you know for sure. He won't give a straight answer about where he has been. He seems pretty secretive about his phone or suddenly disappears on you at the mall. Your guy may become nervous and act strange around you. If you trust your man and you know he isn't sneaking around, don't snoop too much. You don't want to spoil a big surprise for yourself. Don't jump to conclusions or start making negative assumptions. This could really piss off a guy working hard to do something amazing for his girl. If you find yourself getting too paranoid about his shifty behavior, console yourself by reading back through this list.

6 He Is Texting Your Family And Friends

If you spy your guy texting family and friends he doesn't know well, that is a red flag. Guys often go to a girl's friends or close family for advice surrounding the ring and proposal. This is super obvious if they are people he hasn't even met. If you haven't dropped a ton of hints, he may need their input. He may be planning an event so other people can witness the proposal. This requires a lot of help. A proposal is a one time deal so he will want to do it in style. If he is being shifty and trying to avoid you seeing who is texting or calling, the big day could be near. Pay attention to your friends too. Are they asking you more questions lately about marriage, rings, etc? Are they trying to be casual and bring up wedding related convo? Do they seem super excited when you call, like you may have big news?

5 He Has Made Some Fancy Plans

Does he have some big, uncharacteristically elaborate plan for your anniversary, holiday, or birthday? Your proposal could be in the works. If your guy doesn't normally have special things like this set up, he might be trying to create an extra romantic environment for the perfect proposal. He wants to ask the Big Question in the best way possible. If he is planning to go back to the place you met or some other romantic locations you have been before, be prepared! Those are definite proposal signs. If there is any hint at all of a photographer or a video, that is it! Watch his emotions when he chats about this special date. Does he seem nervous? One slip of the tongue can ruin everything so he probably has to be super careful. Your man is practicing for the most important day of his life!

4 He's Been Corny Lately

Is he doing all those cheesy romance novel things like bringing home flowers or leaving love notes lying around? Did you find rose petals on the bed when you got home? This guy may be trying to set up a scene. At a minimum he wants to show you he is deeply in love. He may suddenly start offering a massage or complementing your perfume. Your guy is doing all the things he has seen in the movies. He wants to create an atmosphere of romance on or before the big day. Rest assured he will be popping the question sooner rather than later. Have your makeup ready because this guy could show up at your work any second with a ring in hand. If he has a romantic vacation planned, that is definitely a prime proposal set up. He could be testing you out to see what you like the most so he can make your day as special as possible.

3 He Upped His Credit Limit

If you somehow discover your man has upped his credit card limit, you could be in for a big diamond surprise! Engagement rings cost a lot and guys are under loads of pressure to buy the perfect one. Most men won't be able to afford it outright so using credit is pretty common. Some might increase the limit on a card they already have but others choose to open new credit cards at jewelry stores or other places that sell diamonds. If he upgrades to a gold or platinum card, you could be in luck. Check the junk mail too. Is he getting tons of credit ads or mail from places you haven't noticed before? This could be a sign. They may be purchasing this bling for you but they are going to want some frequent flyer miles in the process. It just makes good sense to grab a card with great rewards before you make the most important purchase of your life!

2 You Found A Ring

If your relationship is in the stage where proposal is in the realm of possibility , then it is probably your ring. Just in case it's not, don't spill the beans on yourself for snooping! He could be hiding it for a buddy, it could be a family heirloom, or worst case scenario.....he is onto you and it's a decoy! Hopefully the ring you found is the one of your dreams, but if it's not, now is not the time to start dropping hints about the ring you really want. You will wear this ring forever and you will grow to love it regardless because the love of your life chose it specifically for you. Don't forget you still get to choose bands, and you will have 50+ anniversaries to receive gifts of other jewelry. Don't even think about breaking this nervous, broke, guy's heart. It's a good thing you found it so you can be prepared with a sincere smile the day he pops the big question.

1 He Is Down On One Knee!!!

This is it! Your day has come and your Romeo has arrived. Hopefully the proposal is as perfect as you have always dreamed. If not, that's ok too. These things often go awry but you will laugh about it for years to come. All those signs were spot on and your man has done well. On to planning the wedding and enjoying many years of happiness together. Maybe you've earned it with years of hard work on this relationship, or maybe you are just starting out. Whatever the case, you are in love and you are here. Congratulations! You have a bright, exciting, future together and right now nothing else matters but the love between the two of you. Ignore the haters and gather around friends and family who love you both. This is just the beginning!

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