19 Signs He Will NOT Be Calling You Back

Let’s be honest for a moment. Dating can suck but being single can suck more. So, you go on countless dates hoping to find Mr. Right (or Mr. Right now – if that’s what you’re looking for). Some dates go well and others… well, others you thought well but then you never get a call. What did you do wrong? You may never know... But what you can know is how to watch for signs that you won't be getting a call back so you don't waste time sitting by the phone.

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19 No conversation chemistry

Unless you made the first date faux pas and decided to catch a movie instead of having a real life conversation, chances are, there will be lots of chatter; unless of course, you run out of things to talk about. Nothing spoils a date like all of the awkward silence! If you have nothing to talk about or have no similarities, or you realize after a bit of talking that you have NOTHING in common, don’t expect a call – or a second date.

18 Argument

Maybe it’s the opposite and you have plenty to talk about. The problem: you disagree on some very important issues. It’s important to avoid super serious or political/religious topics during the first date because it’s just too serious. However, if you find yourself disagreeing on things like marriage, wanting children, or living in the country or city, you’re probably not going to live happily ever after with this one.

17 Cut the date short

Made plans to meet for dinner and then see a flick but he suddenly has to leave before the movie even starts? Chances are, he’s not feelin’ it and probably won’t call you. Maybe he has a legit emergency – those do sometimes happen – but if that’s the case, he will be the first to call or text you after he deals with his issues to apologize. If that’s the case, this one’s a keeper; and if not, well... back to swiping.

16 You got caught saying the wrong thing (or he did)

The date is going splendidly, there’s definite chemistry and the eye contact is super sexy when all of a sudden it slips. Maybe it was you. Maybe it was him. Maybe it was so harmless and innocent and it sounded funnier in your head. But you can see by the look on his face that he didn’t feel the same way about the statement that you did. Even worse is when he asks you about it and you just don’t want to talk about it. So logically, you change the subject. Sometimes, back peddling and talking about it is your only way out of that sitch. When that awkward slip happens and his face drops (and stays that way for the rest of the date), chances are, you aren’t getting a call tomorrow.

15 Asks you to leave after you do the nasty

Sometimes you break your own rule and decide to go home with your date after the first date. Now, in your defense, you technically didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes sex can greatly enhance a relationship and not all guys get tired of you once they get it. You have some 'okay' sex with a new guy (let’s be honest… first date… okay is a definite good thing), and you feel like you had chemistry, but right after, he awkwardly asks you to leave (or gets dressed and RUNS from your place). If he doesn’t think you’re good enough to spend the night, or even get cleaned up, maybe shower, maybe grab some food; he probably doesn’t see you as relationship material.

14 Keeps conversation friendly but not flirty

A date may seem to be going well but make sure you’re not flirting with yourself. Just because a guy is friendly and polite (and pays), doesn’t mean he’s interested. You may have been friend-zoned. If he’s not making constant eye contact with you, or smiling, or perhaps even playing with your hand across the table, he’s probably just being nice. Make sure it feels like you’re talking to someone you’re attracted to (who’s interested back) and not someone who is forcing it.

13 Starts talking about how busy he is

The date was great, there was definite chemistry and you’re using all of your self control not to jump him across the table, so naturally you’d LOVE to go on a second date. Maybe you casually bring it up to him, in the hopes that you plan your second date before the first date is over (great rule to live by, ladies). But when you do... he tells you how busy he is. And maybe it’s really true. Lots of people live busy lives. But if he really likes you, he’ll make the effort and at least text you at the bare minimum until he’s free. If he tries to pull the “I’ll call you” thing, he’s just not that into you.

12 He doesn’t ask you about your life/tell you much about his

If you’re not on a micro-date (your date lasts longer than ten minutes), most people cover the usual “how are you”, “what do you do for fun”, “what’s your favourite TV show” and delve at least slightly deeper into “where did you go to school”, “tell me about your job” etc. Sometimes, guys can be more interested in physical details than in chatting, too. A good guy will care what you’re saying… Conversations that take a more personal direction tend to be better indicators of whether or not you guys could actually be together or not. If he doesn’t offer up any info about his personal life (when you ask) or he doesn’t ask you anything past “how are you” and “what do you want to drink”, then he probably doesn’t care and you don’t want a second date with that guy anyway.

11 He’s late and doesn’t give you a warning

In the age of traffic jams and transit malfunctions, sometimes people are late. Late for work; late for weddings; and even gasp late for first dates. Sure, being late is perfectly excusable to most people (except your high school teachers), but being late without providing some form of warning is just rude. If you met online and haven’t exchanged numbers yet, he can certainly send you a quick message on whatever dating platform you connected on, and if he doesn’t, do you really want to date someone that inconsiderate? He doesn’t care about the first date so there probably won’t be a second.

10 He bails entirely on the date

You got all dressed up, did your hair, put on make-up and got to the restaurant right on time. Maybe he’s running a few minutes late, right? Sometimes guys can’t be bothered to man up and tell you they changed their mind or that something came up because they are embarrassed. Or maybe he’s just rude. If he bails on the first date, he’s probably not asking you on a second. And if he bails on the first date and manages to ask you on a second, it’s about time for you to say NO to that.

9 Rules about how often he can see you

“I can only see you once a week”. How many ladies have heard that one before? Women aren’t unreasonable and most of you don’t expect him to want to spend every night of his week (or weekend) with you, especially early on. If you’re trying to keep it casual, only seeing people a few times a week is totally normal. But when he lays out rules and tells you exactly how often you are allowed to see him, he might be trying to schedule in other women or he just might not be interested. Either way, he probably won’t remember to schedule in calling you.

8 You bring up wanting “more” and he goes silent

Maybe you’re chatting about what you hope to get out of life – or more specifically – this dating game. Some women want to “date”, some want a “friend with benefits,” and some want a meaningful relationship. If you’re the type of girl who wants something more serious than a fling, it’s good to mention it– all about managing expectations. If he is trying to keep things very casual after knowing that you want a serious relationship then he may not be calling you back.

7 Spends more time looking around the room than at you

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Sometimes men have short attention spans. That is no excuse to not pay all (at least 80%) of his attentiveness to his beautiful date. Sure, you may have gone to a new, and super awesome venue on your date – you wanted to have fun, right? – but if he’s looking at the décor (or other girls) more than you, you probably haven’t captured his attention enough to get that call back.

6 Walks in front of you on your date


Chivalry is not dead. Many a guys in 2016 still walk down the street (on the car side) next to you and sometimes they even offer their hand or arm to you. Just because a guy doesn’t do that, doesn’t mean he isn’t totally into you. Maybe he’s shy, or he doesn’t want to offend you (or he just doesn’t know about old fashioned values). That’s fine. But if he pulls away if you try to hold his hand, he might not want other people to see that he’s on a date with you and that might be an indication that he doesn’t want to pursue a second one.

5 Can't remember your name

Many people play the dating game, and sometimes that means going fishing until you catch the first on your line that you want to see again (and again). This whole venture doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect you, or that he doesn’t like you, it just means most guys aren’t a jump-at-the-first-girl-who-they-have-an-okay-date with. However, if you’re casually chatting it up on your date and he refers to you by the wrong name (or worse – doesn’t catch it), then you are not consuming his thoughts and another girl just might be. Either way, don’t be disappointed when you don’t get that call, Angela… we mean Karen.

4 No goodnight kiss (or the effort to)

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At last, the evening was, you could say, magical, but it has come to an end. As he walks you to your front door (or car), drops you off at home, or takes you to your transit stop, your little heart is fluttering. You absolutely can’t wait for him to kiss you, because you’ve been wanting him to all night (but he’s a gentleman, he naturally he couldn’t follow you to the bathroom to play tonsil hockey), but just as you finish up the hug and close your eyes, he walks away. Most guys will go for a kiss if they really like you on the first date (unless they are super shy), so if they don’t, they may not want to invest the time in calling you for a second one.

3 Phone trumped the date

It’s not always the guy’s fault that ladies don’t get a second date. In the social media age, many of us glue ourselves to our smart phones and have a hard time separating from them. Aside from not being a great way to show someone you want to get to know them, being on your phone the entire date is just plain rude. If he noticed – or worse: called you out on it – you probably offended him enough to not score yourself a second date. Maybe that Instagram post can wait a few hours.

2 You didn’t pass his test(s)

It’s not only the ladies who play manipulative mind games with men. Some men, especially the ones looking for more than a booty call, will have a few buzz words or “mini tests” that they will give you to see if you pass. Whether it’s you at least making the effort to reach for your wallet when it’s time to settle the bill or asking what you think about the current season of Game of Thrones, if he doesn’t get the answers or see the response he wants, it just might end your date on a low note and prevent date #2.

1 You got drunk

Alcohol definitely loosens people up and sometimes helps conversations flow better. And if you’re of legal drinking age in your place of residence, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few drinks on your first date. Are you really nervous? Drinking a little bit more than you should? Be careful because if you get drunk and your date is decent enough to not take advantage of you, he probably doesn’t think too highly of you. Being belligerently drunk is a great way to ensure you don’t get that call for another date. Know your limits.

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