15 Signs He Loves You More Than You Love Him

Finding someone who loves you just as much as you love them is practically an impossible feat. No two people love the same, and everyone develops feelings at their own rate. I’m sure you’ve experienced what’s it like to love your boyfriend more than he loved you, right? You could practically feel the imbalance of feelings and emotions every second of the day. Many women actually prefer to be with a man who loves them more, and we’re not here to say whether it’s wrong or right, but if this is something you desire, this list was made for you.

From saying “I love you” first to paying attention to each and every detail in your life, a man who is head over heels in love with you won’t hesitate to show his true feelings. Keep reading to see our list of 15 signs to look for to determine if your man loves you more than you love him.

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15 He Pays Attention


The man who loves you more than you love him will remember every detail of every story you ever tell him. From the name of your co-worker that constantly throws you under the bus to your favorite sales associate at the MAC counter, when a guy is head over heels in love with a woman, even the minuscule details of her life become important to him. If you tell your guy something in passing, and he brings it up to you a few weeks or a few months later, just know that not only is he intently paying attention to everything you say, but he really truly cares! Deep down inside he probably wishes you loved him just as much to remember all the small details of his life, too, but for now, he’s fine with being the one who loves more.

14 He Puts You First


You know that feeling that runs through you when you’re completely in love with someone? You will do whatever it takes to make them happy, even if means giving them your last dollar. Well, your man feels the same way when it comes to you. Because he loves you more than you love him, he will always put you first in every single situation. He knows that he runs the risk of his friends saying he’s “whipped,” but he doesn’t even care at this point. He has already gone off the deep end, and there’s no turning back. He will give you his jacket when you’re cold, you always have full control of the remote, and he will always let you pick the restaurant for your weekly dates. Oh yeah, and that last piece of calamari in the appetizer dish? It’s all yours, bae.

13 He Puts You In His Future


At this point in your relationship, you really like your boyfriend and you enjoy spending time with him, but you can tell that he definitely loves you more than you love him by listening to his ideas about the future. While you’re just sitting there trying to figure out what you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow, your guy is planning his future…and his future obviously includes you! When a man is completely in love, he will use the word “we” instead of “I,” and you will never have to wonder about the part you play in his life. Even though you’re still unsure about what the future holds for the two of you, and you try to dodge any questions pertaining to your relationship, the guy who loves you more will be more than happy to tell you his plans. When you ask him where he sees himself in five years, you will definitely have a prominent place in his plans.

12 He's Always Affectionate


The man who loves you more than you love him won’t be able to keep his hands off of you. He will automatically reach for your hand while the two of you are walking in public, he will gently brush imaginary lint off of your cheek while you’re talking, his arm will immediately drape your shoulders when you sit down to watch a movie, and he will smother you with kisses as soon as you walk through the door. It’s natural for a man who’s in love with you to want to have a lot of physical contact with you, and he will usually be the first to initiate affection. You may see him as being really touchy feely or even clingy, but you should definitely take it as a compliment. Not only is he in love, but he has the hots for you, and he definitely isn’t afraid to show it!

11 He Values Your Opinion


Have you ever been in love with a guy who never asked for your opinion on even the smallest things? Every time you tried to give him so feedback he would brush you off or simply ignore you. You were probably left feeling shutout and unwanted because that man didn’t value your opinion, and clearly, he didn’t truly care about you nor your relationship. But a man who loves you way more than you love him will want to receive your input on all the small and big decisions in his life. From what he should eat to lunch to how much money he should spend on his mom’s birthday gift, a man who’s in love will get you involved in every aspect of his life. He can’t even imagine of moving forward with doing anything without running it by you first.

10 He Always Calls First


We’ve all been through the angst of waiting for a call from the guy we were falling in love with. The guy who loves less will keep you waiting because you’re just not at the top of his priority list. But the guy who loves you more than you love him will always be the first to pick up the phone and give you a call. You never have to worry about when you will hear from him again because he will constantly blow up your phone. Talking to you is the most important part of his day, and he can’t imagine not hearing your voice before going to sleep at night. But since he’s feeling you a little bit more than you are feeling him, you don’t even notice when he hasn’t reached out to you. As a matter of fact, you even send his calls to voicemail almost daily.

9 He Hates Leaving You


For the guy who loves you more than you love him, saying goodbye to you will be one of the hardest things for him to do at the end of the day. While you’re quickly trying to push him out the front door so you can get back to watching the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the guy who loves you more than you love him is slowly dying inside at the mere thought of having to leave you. If you catch him slowly gathering his belongings, pouting as he walks towards the door, and hesitating before driving off, just know that he is deeply in love with you. As soon as he leaves, you’ll be the only thing on his mind, and he will be counting down the seconds until he can be back in your arms once again.

8 He Drops Everything to Help


The guy who doesn’t care about you will always come up with an excuse for everything. You already know you can’t count on him to go through when you’re in a dire situation. But the guy who loves you way more than you love him will drop everything to be by your side. He will always put you first no matter the situation. Want to put your guy to the test? Call him up in the middle of the day and ask him to do something simple for you, like a kill a tiny spider you saw in your bathroom. If your guy rushes over to your house without hesitating, just know that he has fallen head over heels in love with you! It doesn’t matter what he currently has on his plate, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and he won’t even care if he’s down to his last gallon of gas. Helping you out makes him feel fulfilled and satisfied.

7 He's the First to Apologize


It’s not true that the first one to apologize always loves more, but if your guy is always saying he’s sorry after every single argument, then it’s a pretty clear sign that he loves you more than you love him. When a man loves you more, fighting with you is the last thing he wants to deal with, so he will hurry up and apologize just to smooth things over. Most of the time, he’s not even in the wrong, but he doesn’t even care! If you get enraged because he’s not giving you any attention while his favorite baseball team is playing, he’ll apologize for being such a huge sports fan. And if you nag him for blowing up your inbox with back to back text messages, he will apologize for typing too fast. No matter what the situation is, he will always swallow his pride and beg for your forgiveness just to get back in your good graces.

6 You Never Have to Wonder


You know that anxious and stressed feeling that overcomes you when you’re dating someone and you don’t really know where you stand in their life? They will disappear for hours on end, leaving you to wonder who they’re with and what they’re doing. When they finally reappear, they have no explanation for their absence. But when a guy loves you more than you love him, you will never have to wonder about what he’s doing. He will gladly keep you updated, and he’ll give you his own personal play-by-play from sunrise to sunset. He likes to keep you informed about his life, because he wants you to feel close to him even when he can’t be with you. Keeping you updated on his whereabouts doesn’t even seem like an obligation to him, it’s just something naturally that happens when a man falls in love.

5 He Loses Sleep


When a guy is just lukewarm about you and your relationship, he will always put his needs first. But the man who loves you more than you love him will sacrifice the one thing we all need: sleep. The guy who’s head over heels in love with you will drive to your house everyday after he gets off of work, even if it takes him two hours to get there. And in the morning, he will head out at the crack of dawn, battling traffic on the freeway for hours, just to make it to work on time. You wonder why he would willingly get only four hours of sleep every night just to spend time with you? Well, it’s because he loves you more than you love him! So what if you live out of the way. He won’t mind making the trek to your house, even if it means he has to give up a few hours of sleep. Consider this to be one of the ultimate sacrifices and a surefire way to discover whether he loves you more than you love him.

4 He Wants Your Family to Like Him


The guy who isn’t serious about you and your relationship won’t really care what other people think about him. As a matter of fact, he will probably delay meeting the important people in your life for as long as possible. On the other hand, a man who loves you more than you love him will pounce on your family and friends. He will suggest meeting the people closest to you pretty early on in your relationship, and of course, he will want to introduce you to his family and friends, too. But don’t expect this to be a simple meet and greet. The guy who loves more will go all out when it comes to meeting your family and friends. He will come bearing gifts, a big smile, and he won’t hold back on gladly letting them know just how much he’s in love with you.

3 He Asks a Lot of Questions


Remember that time you went on a date with the guy you really weren’t interested in? You sat there and quietly enjoyed your meal while he rambled on and on and asked you various questions in an attempt to get to know you better. You didn’t really ask him much because you weren’t interested in seeing him again. Well, when a guy is into you more than you’re into him, you may notice that he always has a series of questions lined up to ask you. By inquiring about you and your life, he’s hoping that you will open up more, and perhaps, you might even reciprocate by asking him a question in return. You usually don’t, but that’s okay. He feels closer to you every time you open up just a little bit and let him into your world by sharing something personal.

2 He Goes All Out


Sure, you might pick up a last minute gift at Target and take him out to a nice dinner on his birthday, but you’re not going to go out of your way to do something elaborate for him. But for the guy who loves you more, when your special day rolls around, he will go all out! The guy who loves you more will use any special occasion as an excuse to spoil you, treat you like a princess, and give you the red carpet treatment. With the guy who’s in love with you, get ready for surprise parties, romantic getaways to tropical locations, a dozen presents perfectly wrapped in shiny gold wrapping paper, and a super cheesy card where he professes his undying love for you. On your birthday, he will thank your parents for conceiving you (yeah, pretty weird, right?) and the second your bday is over, he’s already taking mental notes on how he can top the festivities next year.

1 He's the First to Say "I Love You"


And lastly, if you really want to know if your guy loves you more than you love him, just listen to the words that escape his lips. The guy who loves more will be lightyears ahead of you when it comes to emotions and feelings. He will fall in love with you at his own pace, but he wont hesitate to say “I love you” when the feeling is right. But here’s the thing, he knows that you probably won’t say it back just yet, and he’s fine with that. All he really cares about at this point is letting you know how he feels, and he doesn’t want to hold it inside any longer. Of course he will patiently wait for the day you can say “I love you, too,” but until then, he’s aware that he loves you more than you love him, and it doesn’t bother him one bit.

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