15 Signs He Likes Your Crazy

It’s not too hard to admit: Yeah, some of us women are completely crazy. And the ones who are plainly aware of it and flaunt it on a daily basis are the worst kind. Sure, it may be a desperate attempt to get attention and sure, it may be overdramatic, but there’s something thrilling about being one of the wild, off the chains, sort of girl. And we all know which sort of guy can’t handle that crazy (um, usually all of them) but you know you’ve found a keeper if he sees your crazy and still wants to stick around for a while. And yes, it takes a very special type of guy who can love all the crazy and even encourage it (something we would never really recommend). Here are 15 tall-tell signs that he actually likes your crazy nature.

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15 He Doesn’t Bat An Eye When You Ask For His Passwords

A normal, down-to-earth, cool girlfriend wouldn’t give two hoots about wanting all your passwords (you know, like a sane person would), but not you, nope. You think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting all your boyfriend's passwords (including email, phone, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) so you can check up on their direct messages. Heck, you just want to see if any other girls are trying to get all up in his business (“since you are attracted to him, other women must be too” is your logical way of thinking). And when he actually DOES give you all the passwords, you know that you have landed a pretty special guy. Now just don’t make him regret handing you the keys to the Chocolate Factory and abuse the password privileges by, you know, changing the passwords or something equally as psychotic.

14 He Shrugs At Your Jealousy

Most people don’t understand why you’re so jealous and need to exploit that jealousy at every turn when you’re in a new relationship. “Why did that girl just glance at my boyfriend? Did she used to date him before?” your imagination tells you as you lash out at him for no apparent reason other than your own insecure nature. Now, a normal guy would make a run for the nearest door when your jealousy rears its ugly head so soon in the relationship, but not this fella. This guy actually takes your jealousy with a grain of salt and casually brushes it off. It’s not that he doesn’t necessarily care, it’s just he’s honestly not bothered enough to make a big deal out of it, which can either throw you for a loop or make you love him even more.

13 It Doesn’t Bother Him That You Need Constant Reassurance

If you’re a little on the crazy side, chances are you’re also a tad on the insecure side as well. You need constant reassurance from everyone in your inner circle so much so that all your friends think you’re a weirdo loon and need to take it down a notch or eight. But not your boyfriend, who is there when you need a reassuring text that you actually DO look good in that dress you wore to dinner. But not only that, he’s also good with reassuring you when you don’t even ask him to. He’s the first on the front lines to tell you how beautiful you look and that, no, you’re not over thinking about how you acted today at work. It takes a special sort of dude to be able to put up with all that nonsense.

12 Let’s You Check His Phone

So he gave you his passwords? Pah, that’s nothing until he proves he doesn’t give two rat’s rears about your crazy and he does that by simply doing nothing to try and stop you when you decide to check his phone. A normal guy (or one who has something to hide) will jump and get all huffy when you attempt to unlock his phone by trying to put in his mom’s birthday as the unlock code – but not him. He just brushes it off like nothing and continues about his day while you sit there, dumbfounded, that he has absolutely nothing to hide. And double the kudos points if he actually lets you hold onto his phone for a long while. That, right there, is one trustworthy keeper so try not to ruin it by adding your fingerprint to his phone security when he’s not looking.

11 He Settles You Down After You Have a Dream He’s Being Unfaithful

I’m guilty of doing this myself, but it’s usually with my friends with the occasional boyfriend thrown in there. When you have an all-too-vivid dream about something insane like your best friend trying to beat you up for taking her lipstick that you wake up in a tissy and angry for no apparent reason. Well, it’s a million times worse when you have a vivid dream about your boyfriend cheating on you and you’re a certified crazy person. You go off on a tangent of actually get mad at him for no reason other than your subconscious being a jerk. And what does he do? If he actually apologizes and attempts to make it up to you, you either have to lock him down or wonder if he’s just as crazy as you are.

10 Accepts Your Request To Track Him On Find My Friends

We all know it: that one “Find My Friends” app on your iPhone that you never really use unless you’re in a serious relationship. Personally, I use it to track all my family (and they in return track me) because my family has absolutely no boundaries. What the app does is use GPS in order to track your exact location by using your phone as a tracker so you’ll know at all times where someone is anywhere in the world. A normal boyfriend would set some limits and not accept your request to track him everywhere he goes, but not your boyfriend. Your boyfriend understands your crazy need to stalk his every move and since he has nothing to hide, he welcomes you following him on the app. And he doesn’t think it’s strange at all that you want to.

9 He Knows What’s Wrong With You Even If You Say “Nothing”

Pop culture has made fun of this so much and it’s probably drilled into every man’s brain: when he asks you if there’s something wrong and you come back with that inevitable ticking time bomb of a word – “nothing”. In girl talk, the word “nothing” simply translates to “EVERYTHING AND I WANT YOU TO PRY IT OUT OF ME WHILE I PRETEND NOT TO CARE THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS ON FIRE”. Even though society knows and understands this, most men may not (I mean seriously, how could they not yet?). But your guy? Your guy reads your crazy so well that he knows exactly what it means when you say “nothing”. He knows he has to go out and get you some candy, sit down, and binge watch your favorite Netflix series with you UNTIL you finally tell him what exactly is wrong in your life.

8 He Shows Up Even When You Tell Him Not To

You’ve hit a rough spot in your otherwise perfect day, so you ask your boyfriend not to come around because you needed to work on yourself. Hahahahaha, yeah right. If you’re one crazy chick, he should know better than not to trust your words. If he was smart, he’d NOT give you your space like you ask. He’d be over and smother you in love so you recover faster because heck, that’s what you wanted anyway. It’s that whole speaking fluent “crazy girl” thing. “I don’t want any gifts” translates to “buy me that necklace I was eyeing” or “leave me alone” means “please never leave me alone again.” It’s a tricky game to play if you’re a guy, but if you’re that type of guy who understands, you’ll be winning in no time. Poor dudes.

7 He Blocks Who You Tell Him To Block

If you’re a relatively crazy chick, you naturally assume that there are other girls out there who are just as crazy as you are. And if you think that, you automatically assume that they must be after your boyfriend since YOUR crazy managed to land him. So what do you do? Well, the only logical thing is ask him to block any crazy chicks that you assume are trying to sneak him away from you. And you know what’s funny? HE ACTUALLY BLOCKS THEM. He actually abides by your wishes and blocks that silly girl with the lower back tattoo who keeps “liking” all his photos that don’t feature you. He unfollows all those attractive blondes he used to follow on Twitter before you came along. I actually UNFRIENDS his ex-girlfriend for your benefit! Now that’s some serious devotion.

6 He Actually Asks You If He Can Go Out With His Friends

In the beginning of the relationship, you played it cool as not to scare him the heck away, but little by little, the crazy starts to seep out and now you even get jealous when he doesn’t ask your permission to do the smallest tasks (oh girl – that’s a tad too crazy). However, it’s HIM that actually comes to you and asks your permission to spend a night out with the boys. Don’t look so shocked – maybe you made a fuss about it before in the early days of your relationship and he remembered? Either way, it takes a very big man to abide but your crazy and actually asks for your permission to live a life OUTSIDE of you. And what do you have to worry about? You have that “Find Your Friends” app for a reason.

5 He Knows You Like To Pick Fights, And He Doesn’t Care

You’re the type of girl who lives for chaos so you’re constantly picking fights over every tiny thing. It’s the drama you’re addicted to so you stir up trouble wherever you can: online, in real life, at work, in your personal life, wherever and whatever it takes to feed your need for drama. And if you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend knows this all too well. He’s witnessed you stir up drama with your friends and where a normal man would attempt to put you in your place and tell you to chill, this guy just lets you yell and get your crazy out. You yell at him for leaving towels on the bathroom floor, or a single dirty plate in the sink. You even yell at him for not texting back quick enough. But does he care? Nope. He just shrugs and gives you a calming hug.

4 He Takes The Blame For Fights

And after that calming hug? He actually takes the blame and apologizes for doing whatever it is that you blew up for. Seriously – any other dude would have called you crazy to your face and bolted. But not this guy. One who is seriously in love with your and your crazy will actually ask for forgiveness for YOU being the out of whack one in the relationship. If he does this, you might want to wonder about his past that made him attracted to a crazy woman. Sure, it’s a double standard, but nevertheless. If he takes the blame for all your weird little fights, and you’re a crazy woman, you might start to think he’s acting this nice for a specific reason and so a thousand different scenarios run through your mind. But calm down – maybe he does actually love you.

3 Shows You Who Texted Him When You Ask

Sure, you have complete access to his phone already, but how do you know he’s just not deleting stuff right after he gets them. Heck, he could be using that one Mark Cuban application that completely erases text messages after they’re read (like Snapchat, but not as obvious)? So when you’re with him and you’re spending a lazy Sunday indoors, binge-watching some reality TV show, his phone pings and he glances at it. Since you’re crazy (which means you lack that filter that most sane girls have) you ask who the message was from. Only thing is, not only does he tell you BUT HE SHOWS YOU. He knows that you’ll wonder if it’s really his mother or that girl who glanced at him from across the bar on your last date, so he shows you just to preempt your crazy.

2 Stops Liking Other Girls’ Pictures On Instagram

Before you two actually got together, you had a serious Instagram flirtation where he was liking all your picture and left flirty little comments in order to get your crazy attention. Of course, in your mind, you assume he was doing that to ALL the girls, so you obsessively stalked his Instagram, seeing who else he was hustling on, and you end up getting suspicious when you see that you’re the only girl he’s been crushing on (and a couple of puppy videos). So when you get together, you casually monitor his Instagram likes for the heck of it, and see that he actually liked an old friend of his’ photo – who happens to be a girl. If you ask him to stop hitting that “like” button on other girls’ photos and he actually does? The boy has it bad for you.

1 He’s Literally Still With You

If months into the relationship he realizes you’re completely off your rocker and STILL stays with you, you’ve got a keeper on your hands. I mean, no sane guy will give up his passwords, allow you to stalk him on your phone, supports you throughout all your drama, actually asks to go out with his friends, and is able to calm your craze, the man MUST be in love. All your other boyfriends ran away for a reason – they wanted to get as far away from the crazy as possible, so if this dude is still sticking around and is actually calm about it, he’s completely and utterly in love. Who knows, maybe this is just a Honeymoon phase he’s going through and after the rose-colored glasses come off, he’ll leave your crazy butt in the wind. Either way, if he’s still with you after all that, he must be just as crazy as you are.

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