15 Signs He Doesn't Make As Much As He Says

You just got back from an incredible date. You are glowing with happiness as you call up your best friend to tell her all about it. Afterwards, you lay back in bed to think about the evening. It all seemed to go so perfect. He is divorced, no kids, and has a great paying job. But hold on. You don’t remember what exactly it was that he did or was it that he just gave you a bland description of his job, but not his actual job title? A moment of trying to remember and you decide to dismiss it. You are tired and must be overthinking things.

You have a second date with him. He seems just as wonderful as he did the other day, but something is really starting to bug you about him. You can’t quite put your finger on it yet, but you know something is up.

According to The Daily Mail, 74 percent of men will be untruthful during the first date. The number one thing they lie about or exaggerate is how much they earn. Not wanting to appear poor and wanting to impress us, a man will fudge the numbers, his job description, and even lie about his personal hobbies just to get us to like him a little bit more.

Learn the telltale signs that the guy you are falling for isn't being 100 percent honest with you before it is too late.

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15 Flashes a Wad of Money But Never Spends It

He has so much money that he keeps a few hundreds in his wallet. He likes to flash you a peek at all the money he has tucked in his wallet, but pay attention to what he does with it. There are plenty of men who will cash their paychecks on a Friday evening and tuck the money into their wallets for showing off. They never spend that money though. After the weekend showoff is over, they use the money to pay off as many of their monthly bills as they can, just like the rest of us.

14 Promises to Buy You Things But Never Does

Starting on the first date, he is already talking about all the things he would buy you if you fall in love with him. He is trying to reel you in, buying you with the promise of extravagant gifts. Those gifts are never given and after you have given him your love and trust, he will throw it away and move on to the next woman he can reel in with the promise of wealth.

13 Wears the Same Nice Clothes for Every Date

Pay attention to the clothes a man wears on each date. The average guy will have one or two nice pieces of clothing and a decent pair of shoes in his wardrobe. That is fine, unless he is pretending that he is making gobs of money. When a person makes the extra cash and has an extremely well paying job, he more than often has a larger selection of nice clothing. If your date appears to be wearing the same date clothes time after time, he is either lousy with his wardrobe or he really is pulling your leg about his earnings.

12 No Goals

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According to Business Insider, a common trait among wealthy people is that they set goals. People who want to become wealthy also begin setting personal goals for themselves. When you and your date are talking about things you would like to do in the future, pay attention to what his future goals are. If they are unrealistic goals that involve spending lots of money, chances are pretty high that he doesn't have the money to spend. On the other hand, if he talks about his business goals and personal goals in a realistic manner, he just may be a real keeper, even if he hasn't built his actual fortune yet.

11 Takes You Only on Free Dates

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love free dates. If you don't know what a free date is, it is when you and your partner do something or go somewhere and don't spend any money. A walk in the park, hiking a trail, or visiting a local library to borrow free movies are all considered free dates. They are a fun and easy way to save money, but when you are first dating someone free dates should not be the only dates he takes you out on. Being a real person, if a guy is saving up for something or is simply a bit tight on money, I think we all agree that he should come clean about it. That would explain the free dates and give us the opportunity to pay for some of the dinner dates.

10 Admits He Doesn't Read Books

Being a book lover, this one scares me. Did you know that 86 percent of wealthy people, according to Business Insider, read books? Of those that read books, 88 percent of them read non fiction books. People who have money or are working to increase their income make a point to better themselves by reading self improvement books and non fiction books about their trade, history, and other interesting subjects. If a date says he doesn't read books, he is probably not interested in bettering himself and more than likely doesn't make a great income. If he says he doesn't have the time to read, remember that even Bill Gates makes time to read every day in spite of his busy schedule.

9 He is Vague About His Job Title

When you ask your date about what he does for a living, does he give you direct information, including his job title and place of employment, or does he give you a general job description? Men that are proud of their work and feel that they are moving up will tell you directly about their jobs. Men that are trying to deceive you about what they do for a living will only give general answers, such as, "I work at an insurance company and do computer stuff."

8 Brags About Having Expensive Hobbies

For the record, I absolutely hate people that brag. As soon as I hear someone bragging about their stuff or what they do in their free time, I automatically dismiss everything they say as a lie. If you meet a guy who starts bragging about going out on his yacht during his weekends at the shore and how he sky dives all summer long, it is probably best to start backing away. People that brag set themselves up to appear better than everyone else and are often covering up for the fact that they spend their weekends bored out of their skulls just like the average person.

7 Plays the Lottery Religiously

People who play the lottery are dreaming big, but they are also looking to make the big time in the easiest way possible. If your date claims that he makes a lot of money, but you also notice that he buys a lottery ticket every time the two of you go out, he is probably fudging on is earnings. People who make a decent income generally have a plan of saving money to grow interest and don't throw money at lottery tickets hoping that a win will get them to where they wish they could be.

6 Watches a Lot of TV


If you are watching television, you aren't working. Roughly 67 percent of wealthy people watch one hour or less of television each day. Roughly 74 percent of people who have low incomes spend more than one hour a day watching television. Pay attention to how much television your date says he watches. If he claims to catch all the latest shows, it means he is not working, not spending time trying to better himself, and that he has way to much free time.

5 Always Talks About Get Rich Schemes

Some guys are so obsessed with money that it is all they can talk about. Listen to how your date claims he earns his money or what he says he will do to earn more. If he talks about wildly brilliant get rich quick schemes and how much money he made doing something that sounds a bit shady, it is time to back away. He is financially unstable and could possibly drag you down with him.

4 His Card Gets Declined More Than Once

We have all had an instant where a card was declined at payout. It could have been a server error or we might have genuinely screwed up with payments. It happens. When it happens over and over again, there is a real problem with his finances. If he really is making as much money as he claims he is, he would have better control over his finances.

3 Hides You From His Coworkers

It is your second date with him and the two of you are just hanging out at a bar in town. Suddenly your date ducks his head. Keeping his head low, he grabs your arm and the two of you make a quick exit. When the two of you are back in the car, he explains that he just saw a coworker walk in and that he doesn't like the guy so he decided to get your out of there. Be leery of this situation. Even if he really doesn't like the guy, your date should have been mature enough to continue enjoying his time with you. On the other hand, he might not want you to know about his actual job and have himself exposed as a liar.

2 Gifts You Expensive Jewelry That Doesn't Fit

This actually happened to me. A guy I was seeing made me believe that he was so into me that he was buying me something special from Tiffany & Co. Sure enough, he brought over the Tiffany's box, but the ring inside it was so large it slid right off all my fingers, including my thumb. Roughly two months later I found out that he had bought it for a previous girlfriend and was trying to impress me by re-gifting it. If a guy gifts you jewelry that doesn't fit you or is in a style you wouldn't be caught dead in, do some sleuthing. Another common thing some guys do is put cheap jewelry in an expensive jewelry box. Either of these stunts show that he thinks you are a fool and that you are obviously willing to believe that he makes more money than he actually does.

1 Never Shows His Pay Stub

If he wants to brag up his income, demand some proof. A friend from high school told me that she dated a guy who changed his income details after he learned that she made about 20 thousand more than he did. The guy simply could not handle having the lower income and tried to impress her by changing his story. Needless to say, it didn't work. She says he should have been honest with her from the start because she is looking for a partner in life and not a man to take care of her.

Source: dailymail.co.ukbusinessinsider.com

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