15 Signs He Cares More Than You Think

Not every guy in the world is 100 percent honest all of the time when it comes to how he feels. We know, we know, what a crazy concept. Many are way too cool (or think they're way too cool) to admit what’s really going on in their heads when they start to fall for someone new, so how do you know what the deal is? If you’ve been dating a guy for a while and are starting to catch some serious feelings, don’t just rely on his disclosure to let you know if he feels the same. There are a few hints he may unknowingly give that suggest he really does care about you! Or if you are starting to fall for one of your guy friends but having an open conversation about it at this point might jeopardize the friendship, there are ways to tell whether he feels the same about you. Here are 15 signs he cares more than you think.

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15 He’s Honest

If he cares about you, he’ll be honest with you. Period. Ironically enough, he might not be super honest about how he feels about you in the beginning, which is why this is so frustrating and confusing. But he will generally tell the truth about all kinds of other topics and situations. If you have that classic super embarrassing moment of having spinach on your teeth, a guy that might just have a small crush on you might not tell you. He won't want to make things more embarrassing or awkward. But if this guy really cares about you, like way more than a silly crush, he won't let you walk around with that all day. He wants to get the awkwardness out of the way so you don't have to go home and freak out and he wants to save you any kind of discomfort in the long run. He doesn’t lie to you about where he is or what he’s doing because he knows lies tend to catch up with you and basically ruin everything.

14 He Respects Your Space

Though it may make you freak out, a guy who gives you enough space may just be subconsciously letting you know how important you are to him. We usually think of dudes who smother us with attention as the ones with the strongest feelings, and the ones who remain distant as not interested. We’ve all seen He’s just Not That Into You, after all! But there’s a difference between never wanting to spend time with you and allowing you the space you need. Even though he may want to see you, a guy who really cares may sense that you’re really under the pump at work or having a few family issues, or just simply need a bit of time to yourself. He cares about your needs, so while taking time apart is probably inconsistent with his personal wishes, he doesn’t want to risk overwhelming you and messing things up.

13 He Does Things He Hates

A guy who makes sacrifices for you is a guy who cares. They don’t have to be dramatic, storybook-type sacrifices, like giving up his job or leaving his home or anything that intense. They’re usually not even obvious. It’s things like agreeing to go to a restaurant he hates because you love the menu there, or buying a ticket to see Sam Smith so you don’t have to go alone, even if he’s not interested in that sort of music at all. When he starts going out of his way to do things that he doesn't really enjoy, it’s pretty clear that he cares about you more than you thought he did. If you hate water but the guy you really like right now invites you to go snorkeling this weekend, you would probably go since, of course, you're pretty into him. So think about it from that POV and put yourself in his shoes and his behavior and actions will start making a lot more sense.

12 He Texts Anytime

If you’re getting random texts from him constantly, it could be a sign that he has caught feelings. We’re not just talking about the standard texts when there’s actually something to talk about, but a guy who cares about you will often send the totally unnecessary texts that we all love getting that say "How was your day?" to "I'm freezing my face off today" or even the texts containing nothing more than a single emoji. In other words, the I-don’t-have-anything-to-say-but-still-want-to-talk-to-you texts. In truth, they actually mean more than the serious texts, because he’s literally just sending them to communicate with you. It’s not about the content of the message, it’s about you. He likes you! You might wish that his messages contained more than just a smiley face, but it is really a good sign. He might not be a conversational wizard, but he wants to talk to you anyway.

11 He Remembers The Small Details

When you really like someone, you are normally ultra-aware and switched on when they are around. Even if you are usually a blasé person, you will find yourself paying attention to what he says and how he says it. So a guy who cares more about you than everyone else will really listen to the things you say, whether he wants to or not, and will remember the finer details. You can pick up bits and pieces from him about what he’s learned about you gradually. He’ll let things slip in conversation or he’ll text you after you go for the job interview you were stressing about to ask you how it went, and you’ll know that he was definitely listening. When it comes to presents, a dude with feelings might surprise you with something wonderfully thoughtful that has your personality written all over it, because he’s been paying attention.

10 He Fits You In

While this guy will totally give you some space so you can be yourself and live your own life, he'll also make the effort to fit you into his life and his schedule. If he has it his way, he’ll want to see you and spend time with you as much as possible. No matter how much he’s working or how many other commitments he has, a guy who cares will fit you in. Simple. If there’s no time in his schedule, he’ll shift things around until there is time. It’s an incredibly promising sign if he asks you to meet him for breakfast or lunch, because even though he may not have the capacity for a dinner date, he wants you in his day. Though they may tell you otherwise, guys who can never see you because they’re too busy just don’t care enough. Unless he’s running for President or touring the world with a boy band, he isn’t too busy.

9 He Gets Jealous

Most people can agree that if a guy acts jealous when you’re around other guys, he likes you more than a friend... and that's to say the least. The trick is knowing when someone is jealous because it’s not always as obvious as you’d think it would be. Simple things like body language and eye contact can be huge giveaways. Watch him the next time he sees you just talking to other guys. He might be paying extra attention to the way you’re interacting with them, or he might be looking especially closely at them in general. You also may be able to tell from the way he acts when you bring them up in front of him. Jealous guys could make a defensive joke, teasingly make accusations to seriously gauge your reaction, or just become a bit withdrawn. All signs that he definitely doesn't want to lose you to somebody else.

8 He Makes Excuses To Spend Time Alone With You

We’ve already mentioned that a guy will fit you into his schedule if he really cares about you, but it goes one step further, and here's how: he will want to spend time alone with you and will make any sort of excuse to achieve that goal. This applies much more to those ladies who are wondering about the feelings of a male friend! If you’re already dating him, you’re probably spending time alone anyway, but if you’re currently just friends, most of the time you spend together could be in the company of the rest of the squad. In this case, he might offer to pick you up before you join everyone else, or subtly gravitate towards you if he sees you sitting by yourself. Usually, he will jump at any opportunity to have you all to himself. Not necessarily because he wants to make his move, but just because he really enjoys your company.

7 You Can Read His Body Language

Body language (and eye contact, too) are super important. Unless you are unusually self-aware and being extremely careful, your body language and eye contact is usually involuntary. And is one of the things you should be paying attention to when you need more than just a verbal hint. Therefore it’s the perfect opportunity to get a better look into someone’s feelings! Guys who really care about you, especially if they’re only supposed to be nothing more than friends, are totally touchy. They usually stand really close and lean in and stare you in the eyes more than the average person. You’ll also probably catch them looking at you when you’re occupied. Guys who you’re already dating will also generally have much stronger eye contact if they truly care about you. They’ll also stand close to you in public, whereas men who aren’t as serious might not want to appear attached to you in front of others.

6 He’s Interested In Your Love Life

Again, this one is specifically for guys who are supposed to just be friends with you, or who you’re only casually seeing and it’s not exclusive. If he cares more than he says he does, he’ll be super interested in your love life. He’ll listen intently whenever you talk about it, and might even bring it up to find things out. He’ll want to know who you’re seeing and what your intentions are, and this is usually because he wants to see where he fits. He might be thinking about being honest with his feelings for you, and wants to reduce his chances of being rejected by making sure that you’re not in love with someone else first. Sometimes guys don’t have the macho confidence that society expects them to have, and that’s okay! He may feel too insecure to confess how he feels until he knows for sure where you stand.

5 He’s Interested In Your Future

Just as he’s interested in your love life, a guy who has real feelings for you will also be interested in your future. He’ll want to know what your goals and plans are for life. He’ll be interested in things like whether or not you plan on moving away or getting a job that requires strange hours. This is definitely because he cares about you and is genuinely interested in all aspects of your life, but it’s also because he may be trying to see where he could possibly fit in your future. If you two are already in a relationship, he might be at the stage where he’s thinking about changing around his plans to suit yours so you guys can build a future together (in which case, he cares a lot!). Or he might not be ready to make that commitment yet. But his pure interest indicates that the feelings are there, and it's up to you to decide what to do about it now.

4 He’s Protective

If he cares about you more than he says he does, it’s going to be obvious in how protective he is. He’ll want to make sure you’re physically safe, so might become concerned if you make risky decisions or put yourself in what he perceives to be a danger. Depending on his personality, he might voice his concern (which could totally rub you the wrong way) or he may just be the silent type who says nothing but still keeps an eye on you. There’s a difference between protective and oppressive though, and nobody has time for boyfriends who tell you how to dress and where to go. None of that, thanks! But he’ll look out for you, and will always support you if someone is getting in your face. He’ll defend your name when you’re not there because he cares about your reputation as well as your physical safety.

3 He Speaks To You Early And Late

In addition to texting you when there isn’t even anything to say, it’s a good sign when a guy texts you early in the morning and late at night because that suggests that you’re the first and last thing on his mind. Don’t confuse sweet, late night messages with booty calls, but generally, if he’s reserving thought space for you at those prime times when his brain is still revving up for the day or winding down, it means you have a pretty strong hold on his feelings! It doesn’t have to just be texts, but any form of communication means the same thing. Early morning and goodnight phone calls are super romantic. There may also not be another super motiving and amazing wake-up call as when a guy you're into texts or calls you. Nothing is likely to give you sweeter dreams or get you ready for the day ahead. Swoon.

2 He Can’t Stay Mad At You

A guy who really cares about you will hate fighting with you, so when the argument isn’t too intense, he’ll want to finish it quickly so you can get back to being lovey-dovey. If something's kind of annoys him but isn’t a huge deal, he might not even bring it up, just because he hates when the relationship is strained. He’ll also have a much harder time seeing your flaws because he’s so into you. That doesn’t mean that you won’t fight or he’ll let you get away with everything. If he never brings up anything at all, it could actually mean that he doesn’t care enough about you to work through your problems. He will still bring up the things that are important, of course, because he wants to make your relationship better in the long run, but he’ll want to get those fights over with as soon as he can.

1 He Cares About Your Well-Being

The top sign that a guy is way more into you than you might think? That would be that he's honestly, truly, and genuinely interested in your welfare and happiness, even if it has nothing to do with his own. Most of the other signs, like his texting you and wanting to be alone with you, are about fulfilling his own urges to be closer with the girl he cares about. But on top of all of that, a guy who really cares will be interested in your wellbeing because he wants the best for you. He encourages you to chase your dreams even if they take you away from him (seriously, that's super sweet). He supports whatever will give you the best quality of life, and if he is going to be in the picture, he improves himself to try and be good enough for you. There are many ways he can do this, and they’re all good signs!

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