15 Signs Britain's Loyalty Is Shifting From Will & Kate To Meghan & Harry

You may not have heard of Meghan Markle before it was announced that she had won Prince Harry’s affection and would become his wife. Yet, this new commoner marrying a prince story has sparked a global phenomenon. Granted, the world being obsessed with England’s young royals is kind of to be expected. Also, Meghan is a Hollywood actress which makes her more than just a commoner. She’s a television star with an 18-month romance that has the world swooning in a way that is bigger than even Kate and William’s romance.

"Hers and Harry’s story encompasses so many things for a positive, modern, inclusive monarchy and that translates to enormous global coverage," David Haigh, CEO of business valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance. "Meghan and Harry are taking the royal brand in a new direction."

Part of that new direction is that Harry can be far more informal than his big brother and heir to the throne, William. While William went with Kate, who has aristocratic blood and comes from a family of money, Harry has chosen a worldly actress who has had to pave her own path. She’s relatable, a fierce feminist, and friends with Priyanka Chopra. And, the British public loves her. You could even say that the British public loves Meghan and this new royal direction more than they do Kate. Meghan is considered to be ‘a breath of fresh air’, while Kate is beginning to feel stale. It’s as they say, out with the old and in with the new.

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15 Twitter Said So

Meghan may have deleted her social media accounts, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a social media presence. Fans have taken to Twitter to voice just how much they love the-new-royal-to-be. When news broke of their engagement people were overjoyed with the news.

After her interview with Prince Harry, Meghan fans showed that they had chosen a new side with quotes like, ‘Kate who?’

Sorry, Ms. Middleton, but Britain has moved on to a new beautiful royal to obsess over. Some have even joked about what this could mean for the future of America. ‘I’m hoping Prince Harry marrying an American means England will take us back,’ @WilliamAder wrote. So, fans will never miss a piece of Meghan Markle news there are also several Twitter accounts dedicated to all those who are a little obsessive about the former Suits star.

14 The British Press Has Already Given Her A Nickname

It only took the world 20 minutes of listening to Meghan speak before everyone was smitten with the new royal. Harry and Meghan sat down for an interview talking about everything from how they met to double dates with William and Kate. Afterward, Meghan’s life was forever changed by the British press who decided that she deserved a new nickname.

She was no longer Meghan Markle, but simply ‘Meg’.

No, don’t think this shortened nickname is no big deal. After all, she could have been MM. Yet, Meg transcends Hollywood and the Royal family to be a girl that warms our hearts. She giggles in church, once upon a time had a banging Instagram account, and she’s the girl that we want to grab a drink with. So, now she will respectfully be known as ‘Meg’, ‘The People’s Princess.’

13 Kate Was Given A New Nickname Too… But It’s Mean

On the other hand, Kate Middleton has been given a new nickname too. Unfortunately, it’s not as nice as the press hasn’t warmed up to Kate. She didn’t give interviews when she was engaged to William and she larger stayed out of the public eye for the first year as a Duchess. Now, that England has a new flowing haired royal who will marry a Prince, the Press has taken a new allegiance.

While we all love ‘Meg’, the press has started a trend of mocking Kate as ‘Waity Kate’.

It was her nickname throughout her on-again-off-again romance with Williams. Sometimes she was even called ‘Lazy Katie’ after she quit her job when she became engaged to William. The interesting thing is that Meghan is no longer on Suits and yet no one raised an eyebrow.

12 Meghan Gets More Headlines

William and Kate felt more like an old married couple when news broke out that they were engaged. They had dated, lived together, broken up, and gotten back together by the time they were married.

Meghan, on the other hand, is in a world wind romance with a prince! She has only been dating Prince Harry for 18 months!

Her story sounds way more exciting and it’s generating more press — not to mention that she’s American, bi-racial, and she’s a Hollywood actress. Meghan has the makings of great headlines by making Buckingham Palace feel inclusive. Kate, on the other hand, had a part-time job and since becoming a royal hasn’t really done much to make headlines. In fact, it’s her hair or pregnancies that are spoken about more than something she says or does. Meghan has given several interviews and isn’t afraid to show off her personality when stepping out into the spotlight.

11 And, She Draws Huge Crowds

People who are vivacious and interesting attract more people. When Meghan and her fiancé strolled around the city for their first official engagement together, they attracted hundreds of shrieking fans.

They cheered for their new princess and some described her as ‘warm and generous.’

She hasn’t officially received her royal titled and yet she is already signing autographs to her adoring fans. It should be noted that once she’s a royal that autograph signing will have to stop as it’s forbidden. So, fans should take advantage of Meghan’s generosity while she still can. It’s no wonder that every official engagement that she’s been on so far has drawn massive crowds. The British press even predicts that her wedding will draw twice as many people as Kate’s and William’s wedding.

10 Fans Have Already Given Her Christmas Gifts

Where Meghan goes, fans follow and they come with gifts. Like we said, Meghan isn’t even a royal yet and she’s already being treated like one. It was recorded that her first gift from the public was an apron.

According to The Telegraph, Meghan was given an apron for Christmas by one of her adoring fans.

Although, we don’t think that this princess will spend most of her time in the kitchen baking pies. Meghan is a strong-willed feminist who has been very vocal about her desire to continue her charity work in Africa. Of course, other fans have greeted her with flowers and little notes when she greets them in public. In turn, Meghan has greeted them with the rare royal-to-be selfie and autograph, both which are against royal protocol.

9 When She Does Interviews, The World Listens

How many times did you see an article about Meghan’s interview with Harry? How many more times did you read about Meghan when she sat down with William, Kate, and Harry to discuss the cultural issues that are close to their hearts.

Meghan stated that she is a feminist and that there is no better time to ‘shine a light on empowering women’.

She’s shared her support of the ‘Time’s Up Movement’ and has shown us that she’s an intelligent woman of her word. She’s worked in Argentina. She attended North Western. She played a major character on a popular television series. She’s also easy on the eyes. So, when Meghan opens her mouth, we know that this is a woman worth listening too. After all, what better way to empower women than by listening to an empowered woman?

8 And, Young Girls Relate To Her

With her looks and a new claim to fame, it would be easy for Meghan to simply play it cool and turn herself into nothing more than a lookbook of designer fashion. Instead, she’s proven that she’s fiercely independent and is intelligent.

She’s also open about her struggles growing up bi-racial.

She’s even shared her story about finding her identity for Elle Magazine. It was a vulnerable and brave move on the young actress’s part. And, it’s a move that she is likely to do again as Meghan doesn’t shy away from acknowledging her background. Yet, she doesn’t see it as a hindrance and doesn’t think other girls should either. In fact, as we mentioned before, Meghan is out to empower all girls of every color.

7 Fans Have Even Said That The Queen Loves Meghan More

Meghan is now the box office royal. Yet, that doesn't mean that the Queen necessarily prefers her over her other granddaughter-in-law. Yes, Meghan is vibrant, passionate about women’s empowerment, and was even invited to join the family for Christmas service in Sandringham.

Kate, on the other hand, had to wait until she was married to join the family.

Meghan also joined the Queen on March 12th for her first official duty. Kate again had to wait months until after she was married before she began her official duties next to the Queen. This could all simply be a sign that the times are changing and that the Queen is moving away from tradition. The Express, a British publication had to write an article to squash rumors that Meghan was the queen’s favorite. Although they didn't say 'no', they just questioned how we could possibly know what the queen thinks.

6 Kate's Not As Exciting As A Hollywood Actress

We hate to be mean here, but compared to Kate, Meghan is like a breath of fresh air. Remember her clenched jaw and upright posture during her engagement interview in 2010?

It’s a far cry from Meghan’s interview, which showed her smiling, and holding Harry’s hand.

She giggled, which we’re noticing that she does a lot. And, when the two of them looked into each other’s eyes, it was like watching a romance film! We found ourselves a new princess to love. Meghan looks in love and as though she is actually enjoying her new life. Kate, on the other hand, has been looking tired lately. Even when she does smile there is a cold reserve to her. She and William rarely break royal protocol and touch let alone stare into one another’s eyes. Meghan and Harry have passion and that makes for a better love story.

5 And, Kate’s Not Selling Clothes Like She Used To

Remember when Kate could get dressed and basically save the British economy? Everything that she wore would sell out in seconds. Not so much anymore. There’s a new woman that British women are dying to look like and the press has dubbed it the ‘Meghan effect’.

Meghan doesn’t even have a stylist yet, and already she’s a trend star.

The white Line the Label coat she has worn for her engagement photo caused the brand’s website to crash when one too many people tried to buy it. The Strathberry bag she wore for a visit to Nottingham sold out in minutes. Even the eyeglass brand, Invictus Games, that she wore once saw a 1,000% increase in sales. Meanwhile, the green coat that Kate wore for this St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t sparked any trends. You can still buy the basic black suede pumps that she wore to the St. Patty’s Day event.

4 Yet, Everyone Noticed Meghan’s Beret

Remember what we said about Meghan being the new style princess to have brands sell out in minutes? Well, when Meg wore a white beret by Stephen Jones at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, the world took notice.

Her hat was more than just a matching hat to her winter white coat; it was a tribute to Princess Diana.

The designer was one of Diana’s favorite designers and she was often times seen wearing a Stephen Jones beret. Meghan nailed the look and sparked a trend. We’ve seen berets on style setters Gigi and Bella Hadid. Yet, Meghan has given us all a newfound interest in white berets. In fact, more people are searching for white berets since Meghan stepped out in her designer hat. It looks like we’ve all been struck by the Meghan effect.

3 Even Her Engagement Photos Sparked A Trend

In the wedding industry, the Meghan effect is called the ‘Meghan Phenomenon’. She’s a starting trend with new brides wanting to be just like the princess-to-be. The $75,000 dress that she wore in her engagement photos is sadly out of most people’s price range.

However, that hasn’t stopped copycats creating versions of her dress and women rushing to buy them.

The white coat that she wore for her engagement announcement has sold out. Paloma Blanca wedding dresses are practically selling out after it was reported that Meghan tried on one of the designer’s gowns. Aside from fashion, it appears that there is a newfound interest in South African honeymoons after it was revealed that the center stone in Meghan’s ring was from the country. When rumors got out that Meghan would have a banana cake at her reception, you bet that the new wedding cake trend is bananas!

2 And, Her Wedding Is Said To Spark A Larger Audience

Harry is fifth in line to the throne, so it would be logical that his wedding would be less of a media attraction than his big brother William’s. However, that’s not the case. The news of his engagement to Meghan has been on the front pages all around the world land judging by the crowds that it’s attracting, experts believe that 2 billion people will tune into the royal wedding.

Bernard Donoghue, director of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions in the UK told the Daily Mirror that Meghan’s wedding is likely to gather crowds larger than the 600,000 that tuned in to watch Kate’s big day.

“The combination of Prince Harry’s global fame, Meghan Markle’s global fame as an actress… makes for a potent mix,” he said.

Considering that Meghan will also be married in a smaller church, we only wonder where all the tourists will go.

1 'The Meghan Effect' Is A Global Phenomenon Comparable To Princess Diana

Meghan is a breath of fresh air to the royal family in much the same way that Princess Diana was. Although, Diana had to learn how to handle the press, while Meghan has Hollywood training. She’s comfortable in front of the camera and it shows. Her interviews make you fall in love with her.

She glowed on the cover of Vanity Fair when she spoke about how wild she was about Prince Harry.

Then, there is also the fact that she always steps out looking flawless while breaking royal fashion protocol with a little PDA. “She’s doing a lot of things in a younger and fresher way than Kate,” Janey Lopatey, found of a Los Angeles based PR firm told Glamour Magazine. It looks like there’s a new ‘People’s Princess’ to grace the covers of magazines, dance with the stars, and bring light to philanthropic causes.

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