15 Signs Blac Chyna Is A Kylie Jenner Wannabe

We’ve all been following the Kardashian/Jenner brood for what seems like forever, and once Blac Chyna finally ties the knot with fiancé Rob, she will also be inducted into one of the world’s most famous families. Over the past few years, Chyna has managed to finagle her way into the spotlight while becoming a super-hot topic for tabloid fodder and celebrity gossip. The media seems to be obsessed with the tangled web (and the potential love triangle) that is Blac Chyna’s love life. On top of that, Blac Chyna can’t seem to keep herself out of the headlines due to her rumored ongoing feud with Kylie Jenner. If you dig a little deeper into the reasons behind Blac Chyna’s fixation on all things Kylie, you might come to realize that her animosity towards her future sister-in-law is more than likely fueled by nothing but jealousy. There are many reasons to believe that Chyna is actually a total Kylie Jenner wannabe. Want proof? Here are 15 telltale signs.

15 The Tyga Tug Of War

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Let’s get right to the point and address the obvious: Kylie is still shacking up with her rapper boyfriend Tyga, who had previously dated Blac Chyna and also has a child with her. This has led to an abundance of issues between Chyna and Kylie, and much of their dirty laundry has been aired out on social media for the entire world to see. We get it, Chyna totally has love for Tyga. They were in a relationship and most importantly, they became parents together. It’s understandable to be super protective over someone who you started to build a life with, and we aren’t exactly convinced that Chyna is over her ex one bit. There have been tons of rumors that those former flames have reignited in the past. While she may have moved on to Rob, there’s no denying that their romance probably started out as a way to get under Kylie’s skin (and we know it worked). Ever since Tyga got together with Kylie, he catapulted himself into instant fame and has pretty much become a household name thanks to his infamous GF. There’s no doubt that Tyga is loving every minute of his newfound fame – and that’s just another reason for Chyna to be even more envious of Kylie. Even though Blac Chyna had him first, we think there’s still a part of her that wants him back and wishes she could take a walk in Kylie’s shoes.

14 Dueling Lip Kits

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Everybody knows that when it comes to celebrity makeup lines, Kylie Jenner is Hollywood's go-to girl. Kylie was already incredibly famous before she launched her signature lip kit, but the popularity of her makeup line took her to the next level of superstardom and solidified her as a super successful business woman seemingly overnight. Big lips are definitely Kylie’s most marketable attribute and she sure knows how to make them work in her favor. Chyna is no stranger to taking a page out of the Kardashian’s playbook when it comes to building her brand, so naturally, she followed Kylie’s lead and launched a cosmetics line of her own (that focuses on lipsticks and glosses) called “Lashed by Blac Chyna." She even had Rob promote her “Lashed” product line on social media, which was a clear shot at Kylie. If this messy move doesn’t prove that Chyna is a Kylie wannabe, we’re not sure what does.

13 Reality TV Rivalry

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Everyone knows that when it comes to reality television, the Kardashians always come out on top. Between Keeping Up with the Kardashians and their long list of equally successful spin-offs, there’s nobody who dominates your TV quite like them. Of course, Kylie’s claim to fame is being on one of the biggest reality shows around. Kylie made her debut on reality way back when she was just a kid, so she definitely knows a thing or two about being a reality star. Blac Chyna seems to copy Kylie’s every move, so it’s only natural that she would want a slice of the reality TV pie and snag a spin-off series of her own with her husband-to-be. Rob & Chyna is set to air on E! later this year, the same network that is responsible for Kylie’s stardom. Let’s be honest, taking the plunge into the reality TV world is just another way for Blac Chyna to keep up with Kylie.

12 Emoji Insults

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Blac Chyna has been known to publicly diss Kylie on numerous occasions, and when she released her “Chymoji” app, she took another shot at the teenage star (literally). In the app, which is just a knock off of Kim Kardashian’s “Kimoji”, there is an emoji of Chyna slapping what appears to be a Kylie Jenner lookalike across the face. Ouch. Can you say passive aggressive much? Chyna’s feelings about Kylie are pretty obvious, but she still seems to mentions the young star every chance she gets. Could it be that she hates Kylie so much because she’s envious of her and wants to be like her? After all, Chyna is definitely copying the Kardashian formula to becoming famous, and she will do whatever it takes to attain Kylie’s legendary status. Let’s face it, Chyna is obsessed with and constantly competing with Kylie because she’s secretly striving to be just like her.

11 The Kim Connection

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Even before Blac Chyna got together with Rob Kardashian, Chyna has long had her sights set on the super famous Kardashian/Jenner clan. Chyna used to be close friends with Kim, and they were often photographed together by paparazzi and posted pictures together on social media. Chyna was determined to make her presence known one way or another, and she would stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Getting close with Kim was just another way for Chyna to mirror Kylie’s lifestyle. Kim and Kylie are sisters so of course; she wanted to push Kylie’s buttons with this sneaky underhanded move. We do have to give Blac Chyna some credit – she’s really good at beating the Kardashians at their own game and seems to always be one step ahead of them. What better way to be a Kylie Jenner wannabe than to become besties with her big sis? There isn’t anything about Kylie’s life hat Chyna doesn’t want a piece of and isn’t willing to copy- including her coveted connection with Kim.

10 The Family Name

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If we’re being honest, it’s super apparent that Blac Chyna wants in on the Kardashian family name, and she’s well on her way to getting her wish. If she can’t quite be a Jenner, becoming a Kardashian is certainly a close second. Apparently, the rumors are that Chyna is even going to change her name completely and go by her legal first name, so she can go by Angela Kardashian. This is definitely a power move by Chyna. Once she becomes a Kardashian, she can really capitalize on the Kardashian brand... and of course, the Jenner name is still largely a huge part of the Kardashian empire. Taking on the family name will make Chyna yet another step closer to becoming Kylie while probably ticking her off in the process. She will be an official member of the family, so even if Kylie wants to avoid her, she pretty much can’t. Becoming a Kardashian will serve Chyna (or should we say, Angela) quite well. The name in itself is super lucrative and we’re sure that Chyna will be using that to her advantage.

9 Faux Friendship

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It’s no surprise that Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner never got along, but now that Chyna is about to become Mrs. Kardashian, she and Kylie are actually trying to convince the world that they’ve been friends all along. Kylie recently released a Snapchat pic of her and Chyna taking a mirror selfie together with the caption stating that they’ve been “best friends” the whole time. Seriously ladies, no one’s buying it. However, this is a pretty smart move on Blac Chyna’s part for a number of reasons. Getting close to Kylie means she can be a member of her inner circle. It also means she has a shot at winning over Kylie’s fans because they’re no longer at odds. You know what they say, if you can’t beat em, join em – and that’s exactly what Chyna is doing. There’s basically no better way to be like Kylie than to join forces with her (or at least pretend to). It’s a clever move by Chyna (and probably the Kardashian’s PR team), but it still works nonetheless.

8 Mane Squeezes

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Have you ever noticed how Blac Chyna and Kylie seem to have a similar style, especially when it comes to their hair? The two ladies are always competing for attention, and Chyna achieves that by sampling styles that Kylie has tried out first. Who could forget how gorgeous Kylie looked when she rocked some seriously stunning blue-hued tresses? Not many could pull that daring look off, but Kylie turned heads for sure. We know that Kylie is a huge trendsetter, so it’s no surprise that Blac Chyna went with a strikingly similar look for herself in an effort to copy the star. We have to admit it, both of them looked good in blue. Both Kylie and Chyna are huge fans of wearing brightly colored wigs, and Chyna often dons the same color as her rival not long after she has been seen wearing it. Is Chyna a total wannabe? We sure think so!

7 Big Lips And Low Blows

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Not long ago, Blac Chyna posted a picture of herself to social media that showed wearing a massive set of fake wax lips. It was an obvious and direct dig at Kylie so is best known for her plump pout. The shade that Chyna throws at Kylie is endless, and insulting her most famous feature was a cheap shot, even for Chyna. Kylie Jenner is a beautiful girl, and Chyna knows that. By taking catty swings at Kylie, Chyna only ends up looking super jealous and intimidated by her young arch nemesis. Kylie doesn’t seem to give in to Chyna’s low blows and rarely retaliates against the future Mrs. Kardashian. We think that envy plays a huge role in Chyna’s distain for the youngest Jenner sister because she’s totally jealous of the attention that Kylie and her big lips get from the media. Not everything can be about Chyna, and it would probably be best if she took a back seat to giving her soon to be sister-in-law a public beat-down. It’s not a good look, girl... and it totally shows her true colors.

6 Constant Competition

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Blac Chyna definitely has an agenda when it comes to her calculated moves against Kylie, and being in a constant battle with her seems to have become the norm. Last year, Chyna posted a picture of a luxury watch that Tyga bought her to social media. Kylie then posted a photo of a similar watch, with the caption “currently” along with it. Chyna also posted private text messages between her and Tyga where he admits that he wants to reconnect with her, work on their relationship and become a family again. She really wants to sabotage Kylie’s love affair with Tyga, but it doesn’t seem to be working in her favor. At some point, Chyna should learn that she doesn’t stand a chance against Kylie. She’s way too invested in everything that Kylie does, and she can’t beat Kylie while simultaneously trying to become her. The Kardashian/Jenner’s are just too powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Chyna’s best bet is to just bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones – and maybe get a life of her own, while she’s at it.

5 Snapchat Copycat

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Anything you can do, I can do better, right? That’s exactly what Blac Chyna must be thinking every time she creeps on Kylie’s social media to plot her next big move. Kylie is pretty much notorious for posting carpool karaoke type vids to her Snapchat. Back in March, Chyna took to Snapchat to share a vid of herself singing along to a Rihanna song in the car. Viewers were quick to accuse her of mimicking Kylie, who often posts similar Snaps. While of course, Kylie didn’t trademark singing along to the car radio, it certainly proves that Chyna is willing to do anything to be like Kylie. At this point, it’s become super clear that she is well on her way to solidifying herself as Kylie’s biggest fan - and most widely known wannabe. It would be nice if Blac Chyna could be a bit more original, but that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

4 A Race To The Rumor Mill

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We know that Blac Chyna has cozied up to Rob Kardashian and the couple have a baby on the way, but what’s even more interesting is that even before she and Rob got together, the celebrity rumor mill was buzzing that Kylie and Tyga were itching to get hitched and start a family of their own. While Kylie is still only nineteen years old, that doesn’t stop the media from saying that she and her rapper boyfriend have been engaged and pregnant numerous times (none of which have proven to be true). It’s definitely possible that the possibility of Kylie and Tyga taking the next steps forward as a couple was too much pressure for Chyna to handle, and she rushed Rob on the importance of getting married and having a bundle of joy of their very own. Chyna definitely wanted to beat Kylie and settle down before she did. Chyna got her way and has proved in more ways than one that Kylie is the driving force behind many of her wild antics.

3 Totally Twinning

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If Kylie and Blac Chyna didn’t despise each other, we’d have to assume that they go shopping together because they sure love to rock virtually the same outfit. Both ladies love to show off their bodies any chance they get, wearing provocative pieces that show off their ample assets. There have been numerous instances where the similarities between the two are undeniable, and most of the time it’s Chyna who is following Kylie’s lead. Last year, Kylie was spotted out wearing a sheer white long sleeve striped top with a visible white bra underneath. She paired it with skin-tight white jeans with rips in them and what do you know? Chyna was photographed wearing basically the exact same outfit not long after Kylie wore it. The girls both rock outfits that show some serious skin, but it’s typically Kylie who does it first. Who knows, maybe they actually have more in common than even they realize!

2 Battle Of The Bikini Bods

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Let’s face it, Kylie Jenner has a totally rocking body and she loves to show it off all the time on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Not long ago, Kylie posted a photo of herself decked out in a black bikini while posing for an impromptu mirror selfie. In true Blac Chyna fashion, she saw this as a prime opportunity to show off her own physique in a bikini while reminding Tyga of what he’s missing. If you’re into bodacious knockout curves, then Blac Chyna is the hands-down winner in this category, but it’s just another way for her to take challenge Kylie by using social media. Just because Kylie posted a sultry shot of herself in skimpy swimwear doesn’t mean that Chyna has to do the same…or does it? Apparently, in Chyna’s mind, it definitely does. Whatever the case may be, this is just another instance where Chyna proves that her thirst is real when it comes to copying all things Kylie.

1 Caught In The Middle

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Rob Kardashian is the big brother of Kylie, but he’s also the current fiancé of Blac Chyna. When the two women are at odds, it leaves poor Rob caught in the middle not knowing whether to side with his younger sister or his future bride. Recently, Rob has chosen to align with Chyna pretty much every time; a move that likely stings for Kylie. The current state of the Kardashian’s family tree is certainly a super complex one, but Blac Chyna seems to have trumped Kylie when it comes to Rob. Kardashian has distanced himself all together from his family (Kylie included, especially since she’s so close to Tyga). On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family went on a ski trip and Rob backed out super last minute because Kylie and Tyga would be there, too. Well, that’s definitely one way for Chyna to not-so-subtlety say, “He’s mine”. It seems like Chyna has taken the front and center spot in Rob’s life while pushing out his close family (aka Kylie). Blac Chyna has taken over and once again shows that she’s infatuated with everything Kylie-related, which definitely makes her the ultimate wannabe in our eyes.

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