15 Shows That Started Out Good Then Became Awful

Falling in love with a TV show is like playing a game. Sure, when you watch a movie you can form an opinion about it ASAP, but when it comes to TV, you watch the same characters and storylines play out for at least one season and you have a long time to think about whether or not you even enjoy it. In an ideal scenario, you would pick a show to watch that has an amazing cast and brilliant plot line and your time is never, ever wasted. Or maybe you end up totally addicted to a show that seems promising in the beginning but it lets you down in later seasons. It can be hard since you've already invested a lot of time in these fictional people. So you're never really sure when it's the best time to walk away.

The following 15 shows were great in earlier seasons but then got terrible later on. Minor spoilers ahead (but then again, you probably already knew that).

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14 'New Girl'

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We love Zooey Deschanel. She is talented, funny and coined the term "adorkable" which is pretty much the best name ever. But we do not love her show New Girl. Well, at least not anymore. When New Girl first premiered in 2011, we were drawn to the quirkiness of her character Jess, an adorable and dorky teacher who moved into an apartment with three guys after a bad break-up. Schmidt, Nick, and Coach quickly became her best friends and looked out for her. The chemistry between the cast was amazing and we could not wait to see what antics they would get into every week. The storyline that we think was the show's downfall? When the writers put Nick and Jess together. Suddenly a fun, light-hearted and sometimes ridiculous (in a good way) show turned melodramatic. It was not funny anymore. It was even a little depressing at times.

13  'Entourage'

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Entourage, loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's life as a young actor in Hollywood, was super addicting during its early seasons. There was nothing about it that we did not love. It gave us front row seats to the lives of the rich and famous (well, at least a fictional version). The show revolved around Vincent Green and his friends as they tried their best to find fame, success, money and power in the world of Hollywood. Okay, and as they tried to find love or at least lust, too. It became super obvious in later seasons that the characters lacked anything even remotely close to substance. They never acknowledged their privileged lives and their was absolutely no character development. We really wanted to just punch them in the face. It is not that they were awful people (well, not all of them), they just were not at all relatable.

12 'Scandal'

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Olivia Pope is a fixer. Yeah, that's her actual job. She cleans up the scandals and mistakes of high-profile politicians and other elite figures. She deals with destroying evidence and blackmail all while wearing designer clothing. And drinking red wine and eating popcorn for dinner. Oh, and did we mention that she is sleeping with the President of the United States? Olivia captivated audiences with her tough attitude and willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done. The later seasons of the show, however, have not been nearly as satisfying as season one. It's still our go-to for drama, but it's definitely taken a darker turn. Without giving too much away, Olivia's character progression has been disappointing. Sure, she broke the law and slandered some names, but she always had a moral compass. It just doesn't feel like the same series anymore and that's a real shame.

11 'Once Upon A Time'

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Sure, Once Upon A Time is a super magical show, but that's exactly why it can be super easy to overlook the problems. It has managed to incorporate fairy tales into its episodes without going too dark, which is an amazing feat and pretty unique, too. Okay, so one character was called "The Dark One" but the show wasn't depressing. Now, there are way too many storylines and characters to address. But the worst character award goes to Emma Swan. She's the main character and in the fourth season, she went rogue, which just didn't seem like her. She went to the underworld to rescued Captain Hook, her one true love who had died, and when he was given a second chance at life, they started their relationship up again. Let's just say that it has been less than fun to watch. It just seems like she will never, ever be happy again.

10 'Glee'

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Glee's first seasons were amazing. The drama, cattiness and, most of all, the amazing singing, made us eager to tune in each week. The show was so popular that it reignited a love of glee clubs across the world. But as time went on, some of the main cast members essentially got demoted since they graduated from high school. It put the series in a super awkward position. Sadly, Cory Monteith passed away, and the loss of the character of Finn left a big hole in the show as well. It's safe to say that the show was doomed when the characters left the typical glee club setting. Somewhere along the line, it's like the show forgot about all the things that made it fun and awesome in the first place from the funny storylines and a place where people could feel accepted no matter what. We loved the heart of the early days and that just wasn't there at the end.

9 'America's Next Top Model'

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America's Next Top Model completely changed the way models were discovered around the world. Wanna-be models did not have to wait to get discovered by a talent scout in a shopping mall (because is there any other way to be discovered). All they had to do was audition for the show (of course, that's kind of a big deal). If chosen, they would get to compete with other girls by doing glamorous photo shoots and being coached by supermodel and host Tyra Banks. It brought the world of high-end fashion to our screens. Later seasons, however, were plagued with new judges who never really meshed as well as the original. And later episodes brought more and more elaborate antics by Tyra Banks. The CW made the decision not to re-new the show and instead, it will be on vH1 (but without Tyra). Chances are, you stopped watching a long time ago.

8 'Gilmore Girls'

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Gilmore Girls is definitely a beloved show and we even got a Netflix revival out of the whole deal (and you know that you watched all four episodes in one day -- don't lie!). We had a stellar mother-daughter pairing, endless banter, Luke's diner and hot, hot, hot men. Rory is definitely super lucky. The show was just super fun and pleasant to watch. It made us feel good. But unfortunately, as every GG fan knows, the show's creator and show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show after the sixth season thanks to contract disputes, and things just were never the same again. The series finale itself was really strange to watch. It was kind of boring and featured only a measly kiss between Luke and Lorelai as well as Rory leaving Stars Hollow behind to go work for Obama's campaign. We weren't sure what had happened to this amazing show. Thankfully, we got another look at it, and now we're hoping for even more episodes (us TV fans are never satisfied, or so it seems).

7 'Grey's Anatomy'

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If there is one thing we love about Shonda Rhimes, it is her ability to create long-lasting shows. Grey's Anatomy is currently in its thirteen season and it seems like it is never going to end. Main character Meredith had a heart of gold even though she does not always show it. Even so, we rooted for her, her relationship with Derek and we admired her friendship with Cristina. As the series has gone on, however, some of the plots have become ridiculous. There have been snipers and bombs and plane crashes and hallucinations of dead people. But what we absolutely can't forgive and probably never will is killing off Derek. We were super shocked when it happened and we are still not over it. Maybe we never will be. Needless to say, this show just does not feel the same anymore and yet it seems like it will go on forever.

6 'The Hills'

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The Hills was one of the most provocative and catty reality shows that has ever graced our TV screens. The cast members were unlikable, their problems were superficial, and their scenes were obviously scripted. Saying all that... we loved every single second of it. It's not often that we get to see how the other half lives. Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and others invited us into their Hollywood lives to get a glimpse into what it's like to live in L.A. It didn't matter to us that the cast was super shallow, we just wanted to be entertained. For a while, we were... but it was like watching a car crash. No matter how ugly things got, we just couldn't look away. But then things just got super ridiculous. The drama was too much, even for our standards. Plus there's the fact that everyone has basically admitted it was all fake anyway. Sigh.

5 'Pretty Little Liars'

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Pretty Little Liars will officially wrap in spring 2017... and some fans are saying "good riddance." Maybe it was never the best show ever, and maybe it's not exactly award-worthy, but it was pretty fun its first few seasons. The last few years have proven that it should have been canceled long ago. For those of you who don't know, here's the premise: four girls think that their former BFF has been murdered and their lives are haunted by someone named "A." This person knows way too much about what has happened in their lives (they know all their secrets, basically) and has been blackmailing them. When the show premiered years ago, we were hooked and we were dying to know who the mysterious A was. After many years, it was revealed that A was a beloved character. And it wasn't great news. The main characters aren't that likable and it seems like the time has come for an ending.

4 'Revolution'

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Revolution was only on the air for two seasons before it was canceled. But here is the thing: it totally deserved to be canceled. Why? Because the second season was nothing but a complete and utter disaster. What started out as a quest to survive in the 21st century without any electricity or modern conveniences turned into a weird fantasy drama that obviously did not know where to go. Honestly, how are you not already confused just with this explanation. Season one was filled with sword fighting, uprisings and the search to get the lights turned back on. Season two was just super strange. We mean, think about this: a program initially destroyed all the electricity, then become self-aware and started toying with the characters. Um, what?! It was much better when the characters were fighting each other, not this thing. This aspect of the show totally ruined it and viewers stopped watching.

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Supernatural had been renewed for a 13th season and some fans are wondering why. Some think it should have been canceled a long time ago. Which is usually the case for any show that has been running this long. What more can possibly happen? It's best, most consistent story arcs happened during earlier seasons. The show follows brothers Sam and Dean as they fight and confront supernatural forces to find out just what entity murdered their mother. They've battled everything from demons to other supernatural beings and are showing no signs of slowing down. But they should. How do the writers even find storylines?! Not to mention, they took one of their most interesting antagonists, Crowley, and turned him into a good character. Yeah, it's nice that that change allowed him to become a series regular, but he's not the same. He's lost what made us love him in the first place, just like the show.

3 'My Wife And Kids'

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My Wife and Kids was a show starring Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell that aired during the early 2000s. The comedy featured an African-American middle class family who got into antics every single week. Michael Kyle, the patriarch, was never short on jokes and the kids were equally funny. One long-time skit on the show revolved around Michael joking about how dumb his son was. It sounds mean, but it was actually really funny. At one point Jr. had a "stupid" book where his father made him write down all of the stupid things that he says. Yes, really! Now take that information and process it. So why did the writers decide to give this guy a baby? They expected the audience to believe that this complete imbecile was mature enough to take care of a child. The baby completely messed up the dynamic on the show and it was never the same. The show was canceled shortly after and it wasn't a surprise.

2 'Lost'

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Of all of the shows on this list, Lost definitely had the most potential. It was unlike anything ever seen before on television. It follows a group of plane crash survivors who ended up stranded on a mysterious island. They soon realize that this is no ordinary island as creepy, supernatural forces come into play. It was intriguing, it was mysterious and in a lot of ways, it was downright terrifying. But also super confusing, let's be honest here. Major storylines were dropped and never picked up again and we never got any concrete answers about the malevolent forces on the island. The ending that was revealed to the viewers was a total slap in the face and made the entire six year run seem like a waste of time. And let's not even talk about the slew of unanswered questions. Trust us, it's for the best that this show ended when it did.

1 'Heroes'

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Heroes will always be the ultimate example of TV gone bad. When it premiered in 2006, it completely changed the way we looked at superhero shows. Even if you've never watched a single episode, you're probably familiar with the phrase, "Save the cheerleader. Save the world." Variations of that phrase has been spoofed in several shows at one time or another.  In the beginning, the show was about a group of regular people who had extraordinary powers: a cheerleader who could heal, a nurse who became and empath and so on. The characters' lives became intertwined and it was awesome. By the third season, we were begging them to take it off of the air. There was unnecessary drama, new characters, and confusing storylines. It didn't feel like the same show. The spin-off, Heroes Reborn, didn't do that well either, which is also saying something. Sigh. At least the original had Milo Ventimiglia (swoon).

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