15 Shows That Should Never Be Rebooted

Raise your hand if, like me, you're totally over Hollywood's habit of rebooting old shows instead of coming up with new material. Sure, I totally want to see my fave characters on my TV screen again. But it's pretty much impossible to capture the same magic that was there the first time around, and these new shows are always super underwhelming. Just look at the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World. It's just been canceled after three seasons and focused on Cory's daughter Riley, making it solely a kid's show instead of allowing room for the characters to grow up and come of age, which was the whole point of the original. There are so many more shows that really suffer in reboot form, of course, but if we listed them all we'd totally be here all day. We're going to ask networks to stop making this mistake and to never reboot these 15 shows. Is one of your old favorites on the list?

15 'Friends'

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Friends was on the air for ten seasons and although it's been off the air for a long time, it's still super popular thanks to streaming on Netflix and generally being a millennial favorite. The best part? The show was about six twentysomethings trying to figure out life. Here's why it would never work today: the actors are as loveable as ever but are definitely adults now, so they wouldn't be able to face the same struggles that they once did. We don't want to see them going through divorces or other middle-aged plot points. We also don't want to see them trying to recreate their younger days since that would be super depressing. They also couldn't copy Fuller House and have the characters' kids be major characters since no one cares what Ben or Emma are doing all these years later. Plus there's a really important reason against a reboot: could any network afford Jennifer Aniston's salary alone?!

14 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

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Did you love The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air? Of course, right? It is pretty rare to find someone that did not. We loved the strong family bond that Uncle Phil and Will had. We also loved the shenanigans that Will and Carlton got into. And who could forget about the infamous "Carlton" dance that Alfonso Ribeiro made famous? Good times. But that does not mean that a reboot is a good idea. After all, James Avery, the actor behind Uncle Phil, tragically passed away in 2013 and you can't bring back the show without him. You just can't. Then there is the fact that Will Smith has become a pretty successful movie star in the years since the original show, so no network could afford his salary when you think about it. It seems like he would not be interested in returning to television since he is really only been in films since.

13 'How I Met Your Mother'

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This show hasn't really been off the air enough for a reboot to make sense, but besides that, it really doesn't need one. There isn't a single person out there who loved the series finale. Seriously, nine years were ruined by that episode. Every fan thought that Robin and Ted were totally soulmates and that she was probably the mother that we had been waiting for all this time. Instead of wrapping up the show in a tight little bow, which is really what fans want from a beloved show's series finale, they decided to introduce a new character in the finale season. Okay. We could handle that. We ended up loving the mother... and then she died. OMG. Not cool. It was not easy to get us to warm up to this new character, but she was so great and so well-written that it made complete sense for her to be the mother of Ted's children. But then when she was gone, that destroyed the trust that we had in the writers. Then, of course, Robin and Barney ended up divorced. Way too sad.

12 'Moesha'

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Moesha, the teen sitcom starring singer Brandy Norwood, lasted for six seasons and told stories about teen issues like high school problems and dating. By the end of the show, things were pretty dark and the show seemed like more of a soap opera than a sitcom. It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't the same show and fans were left disappointed. The show was canceled after the season six cliffhanger, which doesn't help matters. Since the story was never resolved, it might make sense for there to be a reboot, but it wouldn't work at all. Why? Since the series finale, four of the main cast members have passed away: Bernie Mac, Merlin Santana, Lamont Bentley, and Yvette Wilson. It would be possible to do a reboot that focused only on Moesha, but it would just be a reminder of how many of the other characters that are now gone since their actors are.

11 'Clueless'

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Did you ever catch the TV version of the beloved 90s film Clueless? It was a really great show and captured the magic (and the awesome fashion) of the original movie. It didn't become as popular as the movie, of course, but it was still pretty awesome. But we really don't need a new version of this. Since the series never really measured up to the success of the film it was based on, why would it possibly need a reboot? That doesn't make sense to us. The spin-off would be super subpar, there is really no nicer way to say it. Besides that quality issue, it's really hard to capture the same magic so many years later. A new version would honestly fall into the background of other, better shows since feminism has become such a mainstream issue these days and there are so many series that feature strong, girl power characters.

10 'Sister Sister'

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Seeing real-life twins Tia and Tamera adjust to their new life together as they realized that the other existed was really sweet. We definitely loved this show. Plus there's the fact that it was pretty funny. What was also pretty awesome is that the show had a light tone and wasn't dealing with cheesy issues like teen drug use or anything else. Not to mention, it was nice to see a show that had such a diverse cast. Tamera Mowry-Housley recently spilled the beans about a possible reboot that's in the works. But here's why that's a silly idea: it knew when to throw in the towel and that's all there is to it. The two leads may still be active in Hollywood but since they're not kids anymore, the reboot might feature their kids and that just doesn't need to happen. It's not like they can repeat the same separated at birth storyline... which was the entire point of the show.

9 'Blossom'

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Blossom is, of course, the 90s show that starred Mayim Bialik as Blossom Russo, a teen girl dealing with life in an all-male household. She had adorable older brothers, a sweet dad, and a quirky and fashionable BFF Six. The show was funny but also dealt with mature topics like drinking and growing up. It was known for its title sequence that featured Mayim Bialik and the other cast dancing to "No Opinionation." Oh, and floppy hats. Those were a pretty big part of the whole thing. Sure, a reboot might focus on Blossom as a single mom, struggling to raise two daughters on her own. She could teach her kids the same lessons that her dad taught her. But Mayim is pretty busy on The Big Bang Theory and oh yeah, she's also basically a scientist. So it doesn't seem like the right time and we think that this should be left in the past for sure.

8 'Growing Pains'

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Everyone loved Growing Pains, even though it was a pretty standard family sitcom. But we all love Alan Thicke who played the dad who had to become the primary caregiver when his wife went back to work. The show also starred teen hunks Kirk Cameron and Jeremy Miller. Season seven even had Leo DiCaprio, so there was that. Sure, it was a funny and sweet family programming but if you love something, sometimes you just have to let it go. That totally applies to this particular show. A reboot would be way too cheesy for today's society. Think about this: the pilot aired over three decades ago. Yeah, things have definitely changed since the early 80s, that is for sure. And since Alan Thicke recently and tragically passed away, let us not reboot this. Let us just not. It would only be a really bad idea. And we had enough bad ideas in 2016.

7 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

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A lot of fans say that the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series finale being so perfect, that it should never be touched. We agree with that. Years later, the show still pops up on the best TV show of all time lists. There's a reason that it's still such a beloved show, all these years (and years) later. If you've never seen it, why not?! The show is also based on a film, which is a little-known fact. We loved watching Sarah Michelle Gellar kick some major vampire butt and it was such a great mix of horror, comedy, and romance. The light moments were just as powerful as the dark ones and the entire cast was just perfect. We can always go back and re-watch the episodes. We really don't see the need for any more and that's honestly something that we really believe in. There would literally be no need for more episodes.

6 'All That'

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All That was created by Dan Schneider and was basically Saturday Night Live for tweens. The sketch-comedy show aired from 1994-2005 and launched some of our favorite child stars into fame from Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Amanda Bynes, Kel Mitchell to Kenan Thompson. Thompson even ended up with a full-time gig on SNL. It was funny, though pretty silly and stupid, but its selling point was that it always managed to keep us on our toes. With the recent revival of Nickelodeon's show Figure It Out, we have to admit that we want this show to be left in the past along with the rest of the shows on this list. The last couple of seasons featured Jamie Lynn Spears and they did not have the magic of the original. It was kind of unbearable to watch at times, and it just does not seem like it would work today.

5 'The Big Bang Theory'

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You've probably heard the news that The Big Bang Theory is getting a spin-off based on Sheldon. Sure, that seems exciting and great since everyone is a huge fan of Jim Parsons. He's so talented. But the thing is that the show is going to feature a new actor since it's going to be about Sheldon's super awkward teenage years (like they would be anything but awkward, right?!). The show is in the middle of its 10th season and it's super popular. It doesn't need a spin-off of young Sheldon. You can just continue to watch the actual show since it's so beloved and definitely isn't going off the air anytime soon. The show works because we see Sheldon play off of his friends and colleagues. As annoying as he is sometimes, his friends put up with him because they genuinely love him. It seems like his younger years would be full of cruelty and bullying and that's really nothing worth seeing.

4 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

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Beverly Hills, 90210 was pretty much the holy grail of teen drama for a whole decade there. It had everything from friendship drama to romance to family feuds and even more. You could revive it... but do we need another show about spoiled California kids? That's what reality shows are for (and we've definitely had enough of those). Plus there's the fact there was already a reboot: 90210 which lasted for five seasons. It wasn't very well-received and didn't capture the magic of the original. Another show would just seem forced so we think it's time to let this one go and leave it where it belongs: in the past. The magic was definitely that it was set in the 90s since it had that corny after-school special vibe (at least in the first few seasons) and it had a stellar cast like Luke Perry and Jason Priestly and Tori Spelling. That was super special and doesn't need to come back.

3 'Living Single'

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Have you heard of this show? Maybe not. But it was a great show starring  Queen Latifah and featured a bunch of best friends who were dealing with work, love, and friendship in the 90s. The characters were Khadijah James (played by Latifah) along with her two best friends, her cousin, and two male roomies. Sure, it's still funny, but let's leave it that way. A reboot would probably do well since Queen Latifah has become such a big star and she's even said that she would be interested in reviving the show again. But why risk it? It was a good show that did super well... but being unable to let go of old shows is a real problem that society has today. We can re-watch it if we want and we don't need a reboot. It will never be as satisfying of the original and that's just a fact that we have to admit, no matter how much we love Latifah.

2 'Step By Step'

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I personally grew up watching reruns of Step By Step... because I was young and would have watched literally anything. In the 90s, it was considered a modern day Brady Bunch because it featured two single parents who got together to raise their kids. Yeah, it had funny moments, but I honestly can't imagine why anyone would want a reboot of it. Though it was obviously successful, since it was on the air for seven seasons, it was honestly the least memorable show on this list. Well, for me, at least. What would the reboot even be about? The kids were all over the place and I honestly just don't care about what they're doing today. Sorry if that's harsh (but I'm not really that sorry). Though I doubt anyone is asking for a reboot, I'll make this plea anyway. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not reboot this show. It would be a waste of money and a waste of time.

1 'Family Matters'

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Family Matters, like most of the shows on this list, worked well because it was on the air at a specific time and that wouldn't necessarily translate well today. Yeah, we were totally enamored by Jaleel White's portrayal of Steve Urkel, the lovable yet geeky genius. He was annoying... but pretty watchable, too. The character was the most popular one and the actor became a breakout star. After watching him pine for his neighbor Laura Winslow for nine years, they finally got together. So what would the show even be about if it was rebooted today? He has basically said in interviews that he wouldn't be interested in reprising his role, so there's that. We're definitely suckers for a happy ending and because they ended up together, we want to make sure that storyline stays exactly the same as it should be. After all, geeks don't usually get the girl, so it's always cool when they do on TV. So Hollywood, are you listening?!

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