15 Shopping Woes Every Girl Understands

Some girls love shopping. Most girls dread it. Let’s face it, shopping is never as much fun or as carefree as you want it to be. It's actually one of the most stressful things ever. I’ve always wanted to have one of those cheery shopping montages you see in movies and television, but it usually just ends up in disappointment. I always think it will be different this time. I get excited. But trip after trip, I am faced with the same problems: bad sizing, rude customers, and just generally becoming exhausted from the effort. But alas, I always go back. I return with the same optimism that things will go well, and when they don’t, I think there is something wrong with me. Why can’t I try on tons of stylish clothes that fit perfectly while listening to a super fun pop song? But the truth is, no one really has this kind of success. Here are the 15 shopping woes that we all share.

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15 Parking Sucks

Time for a mall trip... so you drive around… and around… and around… There's just no parking at all. Wait, that car might be leaving! Oh no, they're not going anywhere. It sounds silly, but parking can be one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to shopping, especially if the mall already has weird, inconvenient parking in the first place. Occasionally you’ll have to battle it out with another car to get a decent spot. It’s like a cowboy stand-off as you and this other driver have an unspoken rivalry, glaring at each other and revving your engines in preparation for a fight. Let’s say there is a giant parking lot to accommodate you instead. You walk what seems to be a million steps to the front, and then… wait, where did you park again? Did you come in through the food court? Are you in section C or section D? The stress that comes with the mall parking lot is inevitable.

14 The Lighting Makes You Look Weird

Okay, so I can understand bright lights being necessary in a store so you can actually see the stuff being sold. Makes total sense. But is florescent lighting actually necessary in the changing rooms? Literally no one likes this. It seems to zoom in on every dimple, every stretch mark, every roll of fat. It can make some of the most confident of girls suddenly feel self-conscious. How long has this jiggly part been there?! Was this there the whole time and no one was telling me?! Fear not: it’s probably just the lighting. I’ve heard about divas like Mariah Carey refusing to go anywhere with this type of lighting because it just doesn’t flatter anyone. Unfortunately, we don’t all get to be Mariah Carey and have people shop for us. We're forced to try on clothes ourselves in these fitting rooms that are akin to hell on earth.

13 You Can't Bring More Than Six Items In

This is something I will never fully understand: a limit on how many clothes you bring into the dressing rooms with you. What happens if you bring in more than 6? Does the world explode? Does the planet as we know it change drastically? What I do know is if you’re going on a shopping spree, you are certainly going to have more than the allowed number of items with you. Then you have to make multiple trips instead of getting to logically try on everything during the same period of time. Sometimes there will be a kind friend that will hold onto the rest of the clothes for you, but what do you do if you’re by yourself? Either way, making multiple trips is never fun and always a big annoyance. Going in and out and in and out of the fitting rooms is exhausting, and it would be so much simpler to get it all over with at once!

12 You're Never The Same Size

You’re a 5. Wait no, a 2. Wait no, a 7? Maybe at the last store you were at you were a certain size, but not at this next store. This next store is evil and wants you to feel horrible about yourself as you squeeze into a pair of jeans that would’ve fit fine if it was a different brand. But for whatever reason, sizes are not universal. A 3 here is a 6 there, and you’re left totally confused and discouraged. You then must resort to make the embarrassing trip out of the fitting rooms where you have to grab the next size up before returning. Why aren’t all sizes across all brands the same? They’re made from the same material, right? Don’t even bother trying to order stuff online! You’re forced to give your best guess only to pay for shipping on an outfit that doesn’t even fit.

11 All Tops Are Super See-Through

It looks great on the rack… and not so great on you. Your bra is completely visible through the top you’re trying on, and it’s not cute. Sometimes I get a line that stands out, a cup trying to peek out and say hello to the world through the thin fabric. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my bras to stay on the down-low. You can probably wear a tank top under the top and solve the problem, but you're not going to think that far in advance and have one in your purse waiting. Plus, you don't want to have to wear a million layers all the time, especially not in the summer heat. Who said flimsy and sheer is in?! You definitely don't think it is. Why is it so hard to design a top that hides your bra?!

10 Your Shoes Only Fit At First

You read it in every single fashion magazine don’t buy uncomfortable shoes! And you don’t plan to. When you try them on at the store, they feel fine. You walk around in them a bit and it’s not that bad. So you buy them—big mistake. It turns out you just were not walking in them for long enough because suddenly blisters are being rubbed into your feet and every step you take makes you wince. This fake-out has happened to me pretty much a billion times: they're totally fine at the store and then after investing in them, find out that they are torture devices for the backs of my heel or the tips of my toes. Even if you go to the store prepared to test out shoes for comfort, there is always a chance the shoes that once seemed friendly will turn on you once you buy them.

9 Pants Are The Worst

Good luck ever finding a pair of pants that fits, because if they fit perfectly around your waist, they're not going to work near your ankles. Your waist size is apparently exclusively for tall people because your pants are dragging on the ground. Trying to pull them up just gives you an awkward bunch of denim around your ankles, and you feel like a toddler wiggling around in them. On the other hand, maybe you are tall! You are a lucky gal to have such lovely, long legs and... nope, these are too short. I’m a mere 5 feet so I typically feel like all girls my height are expected to be a size 0 in order for things to fit them correctly. But I have many tall friends who have shown me the other side: pants ending tight around your ankles, or even your calves. Sometimes it seems like these are the only options available, however, and we’re forced to buy them and go through the hassle of getting them altered.

8 The Sale Is A Total Lie

Yes, what a good find! 50 percent off? That’s crazy! What a steal! You're definitely not going to complain as you happily bring your clothes to the cashier. You stayed within your budget, and the day is just going swimmingly for you. And then the cashier delivers some news that dulls your good mood: this top isn’t actually on sale. It must have just been placed in the wrong area. Or even better, that 50 percent off sign applied only to that teeny-tiny little corner right there, you see? Not the rest of the surrounding area. Or the sign said 2-for-$10 tank tops, but they meant these tank tops, not those tank tops. You contemplate the injustice of it all as you are now forced to decide between splurging or making the humiliating decision to part with the item. Oh god, you hope the people in line behind you aren’t judging you.

7 The Clothing's The Wrong Size

It looks cute. It’s in your size. Might as well give it a go, right? It doesn’t necessarily look like a 12 but it says 12, so it’s a 12… right? Well, your inability to pull the pants over your thighs suggests something different than a 12. Or maybe the slipping and sliding the pants do is what suggests you have something different than a 12. Somehow, these jeans were put in the wrong places or labeled incorrectly. I don’t want to be a jerk and tell someone how to do their job, but this is definitely one of the most annoying things ever. I begrudgingly hold clothing against my body to see if it’s a realistic fit, and even then sometimes I get it wrong. I’ve taken to bringing multiple sizes into the dressing room with me, just in case. How do these mix-ups even happen? How is it even possible for the wrong label to end up on an item?

6 The Cute Stuff Is Too Tight

Tight clothing is in, I get that. I also understand that means many stores are going to carry clothes that fit you snuggly. This would be fine... except it happens to be the most unflattering thing in the world. You have to have rock-hard abs to pull off some looks, and that just doesn’t happen for most girls. Even smaller girls can feel like they have a tummy poking out when the material clings to you that desperately. Having a pooch or muffin top is pretty normal because most people have them, but you can feel pretty awful about it when trying on clothes. And if your stomach is doing fine, then your boobs certainly aren’t! Some outfits can crush your breasts against your body until they are almost popping out entirely.

5 Shorts Are Uncomfortable

One summer staple? That would be high-wasted shorts. They look so good! But dude… they're not the most comfortable thin gin the world. Many of my friends have been stuck in this limbo where the next size up is too loose, but the size before gives them the ultimate wedgie. There is no graceful way to fix this problem, especially when you are in public. Picking at your tush is not a good look. However, sometimes it feels necessary. Wedgies are hard to ignore. “Just don’t pay attention to it,” you repeat to yourself. But this has proven itself nearly impossible. Maybe you are in the small percentage of girls who prefer thong underwear over everything else and are used to this feeling. But typically, it just feels like an itch you can’t scratch. It’s a tough call—you want to be on-trend, but you also want your cheeks to have freedom. You shouldn’t have to have this big of a debate over clothing!

4 The Store Doesn't Have Your Size Or Dream Color

The perfect top... if only it came in blue… oh look, it does! But not in your size. Every size Medium top is gone. Left are the extra-smalls and the extra-larges. This section has clearly been picked-over and now you can’t get the size—or maybe the color—that you want. It is always such a letdown when seeing something cute from across the room only to inspect the area and find zilch for you. Some annoying girls (you don’t know them, but they must be annoying) got to have first pickings, leaving you with the unrealistic or mediocre options. It’s completely unfair! Just because they must have come at a better time doesn’t mean they deserve this top over you! Sometimes you can work up the courage to ask if there is more in the back, and there never, ever is. “We’ll have it back in stock soon,” they tell you. Uh huh. Right.

3 People Can Be Rude

You’re waiting patiently in line, and them someone maneuvers their way in front of you. What the hell? What an immature move. Then you have a decision to make: do you say something to the person? Do you let it go? You don’t want to start a scene, but you don’t want to be complacent in this either. And if the other customer talks back to you, insisting they were there first, forget it—you’re screwed. It’s a lost battle. Some of your fellow shoppers are just plain rude and need a lesson in shopping etiquette. Or what about rude employees? Popping their gum, rolling their eyes when you ask a simple question. This occurrence doesn’t happen as often as there are very kind people in retail, but it does happen to everyone at some point. It’s unavoidable. Now you’re turned off from a really good store because some employee needs to go home and take a nap.

2 Lines Take Forever

Unfortunately, a majority of your shopping spree is always spent waiting in line. Whether you’re waiting for the fitting rooms or the cashier, it seems like the person trying things on ahead of you or the lady behind the register is going painstakingly slow. You can just picture them removing clothing or counting coins as slowly as physically possible. And of course, it’s your favorite stores that get the most traffic. You always manage to seem to get the worst of the crowds and have to strategically plan for when the best time to shop is. This involves a lot of trial and error. Maybe you plan to go early to beat the brunt of the rush. And maybe, everyone else had the same idea you did. It’s almost torturous to clutch onto a pile of clothing as your legs start to whine at you. Patience is key for shopping trips.

1 You're Exhausted Already

You’re not done! You can't be done. You’ve only found one top, yet you’re starting to wear down. I swear they do something at malls that makes you completely dreary and miserable after a mere hour goes by. Suddenly everything becomes too bright and too busy. Your feet are starting to hurt and all you want to do is find a comfy chair to sit in and take a nap. Honestly, I think I could pass out on a bench even with the crowd and the noise. I get THAT tired. I’ve learned I’m not the only one that experiences this phenomenon. As time ticks on, shopping becomes less and less important and finding a place to rest your feet becomes a priority. I always plan shopping trips with my buds, and after a while, we're heading somewhere else, because we just can't even.

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