15 Shocking Things Women Have Done With Their Placentas

The placenta is the happening place where the fetus develops inside the mother's womb. Inside the placenta is the amniotic fluid, the baby, and the umbilical cord. What most people don't realize is that after the baby is born, there is one more thing that needs to be "born", and that is the placenta. It's not called the "afterbirth" for no reason. There's also good reason why Hollywood and reality shows don't include the release of the placenta, some say pushing out the placenta is just as painful, and not to mention a lot more 'messy'.

But the adventures with the placenta don't have to end in the hospital. New age and old tradition customs seem to agree that the placenta still has usage after the birth of the baby is long over. Supposedly, consuming the placenta will help boost breast milk, increase energy levels, help fight postpartum depression, and balance everything out. Some studies say that eating the placenta can even help you speed up your recover from birth, while others disagree and refuse to consume it, there are people who choose to create art with it. Read on to find out 15 things women have done with their placentas.

15 Art

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For women who want to remember the sack that held their baby for nine months, but do not want to take the actual organ home, there are options. There are companies who will wash and treat the placenta, and press the organ against acid-free paper (with the original blood acting as "paint") in either simplistic or complex designs. After everything is finished, the placenta art can be hung for admiration.

14 Pills

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For women and men who have weaker stomachs or can't quite accept the idea of consuming placenta but believe in it's benefits, there is the option of encapsulation. This means that the placenta is ground up, dried, and placed inside pills, making the organ suitable for consumption. You can either put the placenta in pills yourself, or find a company online willing to do it for you.

13 Lotus Birth Bag

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After a baby is born, traditionally the father or the doctor will cut the umbilical cord. A few weeks later, the umbilical cord will fall off the baby's belly, thus creating your baby's adorable belly button. But there are groups out there that believe that cutting the cord is barbaric, and that the mother needs to carry around the placenta until the cord falls out on its own. To make the process less disgusting, there is something called Lotus birth bags that are lined with plastic on the inside to prevent leakage.

12 Henna

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Henna art is a tradition that has been practiced for hundreds of years, they have many uses, including temporary tattoos and hair dye. But today, people are now selling their placentas to numerous companies who create henna hair dye. Because, apparently placenta is great for vibrant and long-term hair color. Mothers are also doing it with their own hair and skin, seeing no objection to spreading this organ sack all over their bodies, after all it is from their own body.

11 Fertilizer

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Next time you touch a tree or enjoy a garden of flowers from a family that just had a baby, you might be touching a plant that was fertilized with placenta. There is a ritualistic element to burying the placenta as a way of paying respect to the thing that housed your baby for 9 months, but people also figure that since the placenta provided the baby with some nutrients, it must be able to provide the plant life the same thing.

10 Cosmetics

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Have you ever seen people in barbaric rituals who will either cut themselves or each other and spread the blood all over their bodies like it was moisturizer? Well, this is a bit similar. You can send your placenta off to an unknown person or company on the Internet, and they will turn your placenta into makeup and creams. Some have even had their placentas turned into face masks which they claim to be quite affective.

9 Homeopathy

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It isn't uncommon to see women use their placenta as an alternative to medicine. By pureeing the placenta and then adding in some rubbing alcohol, people have been trying to use their placenta as a homeopathic medicine. The idea behind this approach is why not treat themselves and their children with the organ that sustained them throughout their life in the womb?

8 Jewelry

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Imagine wearing a nice little keepsake necklace around your neck. Now picture the charm of your necklace as a dried up organ that once held your baby, in some sort of creative design or little dots. You've just envision a piece of placenta jewelry. We traditionally don't preserve the blood of our womb around our necks, let alone the resin of a placenta. But again, as mentioned before, the blood and resin of the placenta understandably holds quite a bit of spiritual significance.

7 Lasagna & Pizza

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Some enjoy placenta as a topping on pizza or ground up like meat and baking it into a lasagna. Described by some to taste like liver or beef, women have been ingesting their placentas this way for many years. As many of you might be grossed out reading this, most sites that provide placenta recipes ask that we do not judge what we don't understand, even if it is VERY difficult to understand.

6 Chocolate

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Picture this: Your baby is with the sitter, and you're having a romantic evening with your hubby. Then, that's when you bring them out and that special moment happens. You physically share a piece of placenta chocolate that you two made together. This may in fact be the best way to ingest your placenta as we hope that the chocolate masks the taste.

5 Jerky

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If the soft and spongy texture of a placenta is too much for you, there's an alternative. Surprise your friends at the next BBQ with your own specialty placenta jerky. Harness the power of motherhood and new life while watching the Patriots and chewing on the sack that gave your baby life for nine months. Does it go good with beer? We haven't heard back from the taste testers. Yes, it's the real deal, and yes you can find recipes.

4 Smoothies


For those who can't stomach the meatiness of the placenta, there is a wild alternative to enjoying this sack of life. With a few strawberries, blueberries, and other varieties of fruit and a splash of juice or milk, the taste of the placenta can be masked. What we find more shocking is that not only are women consuming the placenta smoothie, but also their spouses and baby daddies are doing the same.

3 Facials

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After it was discovered that Victoria Beckham uses facials made from sheep placenta, women have been experimenting with the nourishing and healing effects with their own placentas. Supposedly, the placenta can renew skin collagen and diminish wrinkles and fine lines. In short, the power of the placenta can make the skin feel younger according to these women.

2 Teddy Bear

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Doesn't this teddy bear look cuddly? You can send your placenta off to a company where they will treat the sack with sea salt, egg yolk, and tannin, where it will then be molded and sewn into a "cute" little teddy bear. In reality, the teddy bear, coined by designer Alex Green, can be quite disturbing to some, others find this to be a rather meaningful piece of art. If you would prefer to save some money, you can order a placenta teddy bear kit as well.

1 Raw

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Finally, the most controversial thing that women have done with their placentas is straight up eating it raw right after birth. Midwives have been known to cut out pieces of the placenta while it is still connected to the mother and feed it to her right in the moment. If that doesn't appeal to you, others have added it into their sushi.

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