15 Photos That Prove Kylie's Changes Are WAY More Drastic Than You Think

Take one look at Kylie Jenner, and it's pretty obvious the reality TV star has gone under the knife. It seems like overnight, Kylie has transformed from the girl next door to va-va-voom. She only admits to one enhancement, but a series of before and after pictures floating around the web prove that Ms. Jenner is most likely a fan of permanent changes.

With oodles of cash at her disposal, we can't knock her for investing in herself. She felt the need to enhance her appearance, but fixing her outward appearance doesn't mean the issues and troubles she faces within have gone away. Kylie has admitted she suffers from insecurities. She battles with low self-esteem, and she even posted a video on Snapchat saying she's “unsure of who the real Kylie Jenner is.” At some point, she needs to step away from the enhancements and realize she's perfectly fine just the way she is.

The Kardashian-Jenner family may be obsessed with plastic surgery, but many of the family members love to keep all of their procedures a hidden secret. Kylie may want us to believe her body naturally morphed and changed overnight, but these photos pretty much confirm her physical changes are definitely manmade.

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15 Lips...Obviously...


The only enhancement Kylie admits to having is lip fillers. When she was just 16-years-old, Kylie decided to give her lips a bit of a plump. She said she always felt insecure about their size, and it was an insecurity she had all her life. She gave an interview to Complex magazine and said she kissed a guy when she was in middle school, and the guy told her, "Your lips are really small but you’re a really good kisser. I didn’t think you were gonna be good at kissing." The incident caused her insecurities to worsen, and she always believed people were staring at her lips, and she felt no one would ever want to kiss her because of it. Although Kris Jenner wasn't very supportive of Kylie getting fillers, she ultimately had to giver her permission since Kylie was just a teen at the time. For awhile, she tried to deny that she had any work done, and she insisted her new plump pout was the results of overlining her lips with lipliner. In the end, she finally admitted on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the whole world screamed, "No duh!"

14 It All Happened So Fast


One of the most shocking things about Kylie's new appearance is how fast the transformation occurred. It seems like only yesterday, Kylie was the precocious little sis on KUWTK. She looked like any other pre-teen girl in America. And then, in the blink of an eye, she changed into Kim 2.0. All of sudden, her freckles were covered in flawless makeup, her lips were plumped, and she was sporting an hourglass figure. The world is definitely puzzled about her new face and body, and everyone assumed she obviously followed in her big sisters, mom, and dad's footsteps by going under the knife. Despite her obvious changes, Kylie has either flat out denied any major plastic surgery procedures, or she has completely ignored all the critics. It would be interesting to see what she would look like today if she didn't allegedly tweak her whole appearance, but we have to admit it, her new enhancements definitely look good on her.

13 Cheek Implants?


When it comes to plastic surgery rumors, it's hard to believe everything Kylie tells the press. If she didn't initially lie about her lip fillers, then perhaps more people would believe her when she says she hasn't had any other work done. During an online Q & A session, Kylie tackled the rumors head on, especially the rumors concerning her cheeks. The starlet's facial structure has changed throughout the years, and many people believe she had fillers plumped into her cheekbones to give them a more defined look. When asked about her new chiseled cheeks, Kylie responded with, "No, I didn't. People started saying that rumor when I was like 16. You think Kris Jenner would really, at 16-years-old, let me get cheek...reconstructive surgery? Nah." But, wait a minute. Didn't Kris allow her to get her lips done at 16? So it's not too far-fetched to believe she gave Kylie permission to get her cheeks done too, right?

Different makeup techniques, like highlighting and contouring, can give the appearance of more defined cheekbones and a more chiseled appearance, but in the case of Kylie, these pictures prove her new cheeks were probably made in a doctor's office.

12 From Sweet and Innocent to Vampy


This side-by-side comparison shows just how drastic Kylie's transformation has been. In her "before" photo, she looks so sweet and innocent. She was just a typical teenage girl who was swamped with homework and dealing with boy drama (hello, Cody Simpson and Jaden Smith). In her "after" photo, Kylie looks like a glammed up Hollywood star. She went from favoring her father Caitlyn Jenner to looking like she just stepped out the pages of Glamour magazine.  If Kylie did indeed go under the knife, her work was obviously completed by a very skilled surgeon who made tiny changes in a short period of time. The results left Kylie looking very "Hollywood" - just like her sisters and her mom. Living in Tinseltown has it's pros and cons, and one of the things many celebrities will admit is the pressure to look perfect at all times can be draining. Let's just hope Kylie is done with all the tweaks.

11 Her Jawline


Perhaps her baby fat melted away during puberty, and over time, her new, more defined jawline was more prominent. It could happen, right? Well, in the case of Kylie, anything's possible, but we're leaning more towards the idea that her jaw could have definitely been reconstructed by a plastic surgeon. In an online interview, Kylie clapped back at the haters who accused her of reshaping her jaw by saying she would never go under the knife for her jaw because it was one part of her body she was never self-conscious about. Kylie explained, "I always used to love my jaw." Of course, we want to believe her, but a plastic surgeon may have suggested a jaw reconstruction to balance out and make other procedures look more proportionate. If Kylie has had other work done on her face, a doctor may have suggested she reconstruct her jaw to ensure her entire appearance looked as flawless as possible.

10 The Quick Progression


If you're still not convinced Kylie has had plastic surgery, these photos should definitely sway your vote. In this series of four photographs, you can see the quick progression of Kylie's overall appearance. These photos were taken within a four-year timeframe, and the enhancements are obvious.

Let's start with the upper left-hand picture. This is the Kylie we all remember. Her face was a bit more round, her chin was a bit longer, her hairline seemed lower, and her lips her naturally on the smaller side. In the upper right-hand photo, it's apparent Kylie had already started with the enhancements. Her lips are noticeably plumper, her eyes appear wider, and her nose is more svelte.

The bottom left-hand photo is when she went a bit overboard with the lip fillers, and the bottom right-hand photo shows Kylie as she appears today. It looks like she's comfortable with the alleged enhancements she has made because her facial changes have finally come to a screeching halt...for now.

9 Fillers Overload


Before Kylie found Dr. Simon Ourian of Beverly Hills, the same doctor responsible for her new lips, she was visiting another doctor who she refuses to name. This doctor over-plumped her lips, and Kylie admitted she was "looking crazy" afterward. This photo shows the over-inflated look Kylie was rocking before she met Dr. Ourian, and it shows just how far she went to get the plump lips she desired. She was definitely suffering from filler overload, and we're glad she came to her senses and realized the overly plump look was a no-no.

These days, Kylie and Dr. Ourian have a system in place. She says she visits him for temporary fillers every 2-4 months. It means she has to see him more often than she would like, but she likes that if she doesn't like the look of the recent injection, it will naturally wear off and her lips will return to their natural appearance on their own. She likes Dr. Ourian's technique because it makes her lips look "super natural," and she claims he's the best in the city when it comes to lip injections. Her sister Kim is reportedly a client of his, too.

8  A Different Nose?


Rhinoplasty is usually the go-to operation for young starlets who are just getting started in Hollywood. In these side-by-side photos, it really looks like Kylie had her nose done, but then again, it also looks like it could be a case of some extreme contouring. We won't put anything past her, so we're definitely going with Kylie receiving a small tweak of the nose to make it more defined.

Despite the obvious changes in her nose, Kylie has denied every going under the knife. In an interview, she said she always "had a cute nose," and that she "really always liked" it. It seems like her go-to response when it comes to denying her plastic surgery is to insists she's always been content with the body part in question, which definitely isn't a bad thing. But when photos online show obvious differences in the way she looks, she can't really blame us for assuming her features have been altered in some way.

If Kylie did get her nose done, the procedure gave her very natural results. It definitely wasn't anything too overboard. It seems like when it comes to plastic surgery, the smaller the tweak the more beautiful the results are.

7 The Shape of Her Eyes


The eyes are typically a body part that doesn't change much over time. Our vision may progressively get worse, but the shape and size of our eyes reach their maximum shape and size of 24 millimeters by the time we hit puberty. But Kylie's eye changes lead us to believe that she had some work done on them. What kind of work exactly? We're not even sure. There's cosmetic eye surgery available to widen the eyes and alter the eyelids, and perhaps this is what Kylie opted for? Who knows.

In these photos, the changes in her eyes are apparent. Before, they were an almond shape, but now, they appear to be stretched out a bit. Her eyes are now more sultry, and they definitely fit in great with her new appearance. We may never know exactly what she did to get her eyes to change, but rumor has it that her big sis Kim also had a similar procedure performed.

6 You Can't Blame Puberty for These Changes


During puberty, our body goes through some major changes that can really catch a pre-teen off guard. We lose the "baby fat" that gives our face a plump and round appearance, causing our face to lean out and look more like an adult's. In Kylie's case, she wants us to believe her new appearance is due to her "growing up," but for most people, puberty doesn't change us that much. Sure, there are the cases of people who literally went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, but their face structure still stays the same.  Behind their "glow up," you can still see the same pre-puberty physical traits. Kylie, on the other hand, can't really blame puberty for the way she looks today. One telltale sign that she most likely had plastic surgery is in her chin area.

Kylie swears she has never touched her chin, and it only looks less pronounced because her bigger lips have changed her face's appearance. She says during her early teens, she came across a meme that someone had made online, and they called her "Crimson Chin." She says she still laughs at the meme today, but considering Kylie has admitted to suffering from insecurities, it's not too unbelievable to believe an anonymous person on the web drove her to have her chin reconstructed. In the end, the jury's still out on this one, but we're leaning towards chin reconstruction surgery.

5 Who Is This Person?


If we didn't know any better, we would assume these pictures were of two different people. In these screenshots from Kylie's Snapchat, she had the entire Internet talking. This was at the point when people realized the teen had gone a bit too far with her physical upgrades. Kylie is beautiful, there's no doubt about that, but these photos show her in a different light, and it's a bit alarming. The alleged work she had done on her face is more apparent than ever, and her lips are really standing out...and not in a good way. This could've been during the time when she was going overboard with the lip fillers, and thankfully, we haven't seen her looking this way recently. We're glad she has gone for a more natural look on her pout because when she goes too far with the injections, the results are pretty scary. Kylie's still in her teens, and we just hope she can enjoy looking like a kid for as long as possible. The overinflated lips only age her, and that's never a good thing.

4 Her Hips Don't Lie


Now that Kylie is content with her face, it appears she has moved on to tweaking her body. For girls, puberty is the time when are boobs become larger, our hips widen and we get a much plumper badonkadonk. Kylie obviously didn't want to wait for nature to take its course and give her some free enhancements, because it appears she may have gone under the knife to completely reconstruct her body. In the before and after photos, Kylie is wearing the same bikini, but her body looks noticeably different. Her waist is much tinier than before, and her hips are a lot wider. This look could have been achieved by a skilled plastic surgery who performed liposuction around her waistline and injected the fat into her hips to give her more of an hourglass shape. We hate to call out the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, but this plastic surgery procedure seems to be their favorite. Kim and Khloe have noticeably altered the shape of their bodies throughout the year to give them a more curvaceous appearance. We're definitely not hating though. Their new waists and hips look fab, don't you agree?

We hate to call out the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, but this plastic surgery procedure seems to be their favorite. Kim and Khloe have noticeably altered the shape of their bodies throughout the years to give them a more curvaceous appearance. We're definitely not hating though. Their new waists and hips look fab, don't you agree?

3 Junk in the Trunk


Kylie definitely took some notes from her sisters and decided to add a bit of junk to her trunk. In her before photo, Kylie's butt was petite, but it definitely suited her shape and size. It wasn't particularly plump, but so what? It was her natural butt and it looked great on her. But now, Kylie's rocking a booty that's giving big sis Kim a run for her money. Many people suspect Kylie uses Photoshop and other photo editing apps to nip in her waist and stretch out her backside, but we think she may have also had a BBL done. A BBL is essentially a Brazilian Butt Lift, and the results are a fuller, plumper and more sleek booty. Fat from other areas of the body is injected into the butt to give it a much rounder appearance. BBL is a much better option than butt implants because the results look more natural, and you can always claim it's your real butt since it has been plumped with your own fat. It's like a win-win situation.

2 Her Boobs


During puberty, our breasts become bigger and perkier...and some of us are blessed with bigger ones than others. Kylie's boobs became noticeably different back in 2015, and the reality television star blamed her new perky girls on Victoria Secret's Bombshell Bra which promises to add 2 cup sizes to any breasts. Maybe we would've believed Kylie if she had never worn the low-plunge dress in the photo on the right. The Bombshell Bra can be worn four ways - classic, racerback, strapless, halter or one-strap. But the construction of the bra doesn't plunge low enough to remain hidden underneath the fabric of Kylie's low-V dress. Sure, she could've opted for a different bra on this particular day, but the shape and perkiness of her girls is screaming "plastic surgery!" Kylie obviously denies having her boobs done. She says she has thought about it but she has "really good boobs naturally and they're like a cute little size. I'm not against it, but right now it's a no for me."

1 She's Practically a Brand New Person


Now that her transformation from head to toe seems to be complete, Kylie looks like a brand new person. We all have areas of our body we wish we could change, and sometimes, diet and exercise just aren't enough to get the job done. Kylie is lucky enough to have the ability and resources to go to the best doctors to fix any part of her body she desires, and it's pretty clear she did just that.

In the photo from 2011, Kylie was just 14-years-old. She still looked the same pretty much, but she obviously had a little bit of help in the makeup department. Her body appeared natural, toned and it fit her shape. Then, in the photo taken in 2015, Kylie had already transformed herself into a bonafide vixen. Her face and her body shape are noticeably different. Her eyes look bigger, her lips are plumper, and her hips are wider. Looking at these two photos side-by-side is like night and day.

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