15 Beautiful Celebrities Whose Ages Will Shock You

Apart from the rare candid shots captured by the paparazzi when a celebrity is just out running a quick errand or coming out of the gym still sweaty and frazzled, let’s be honest – celebrities pretty much look amazing all of the time. At red carpet events and anytime they’re on camera, they have a talented team whose sole job is to make them look as amazing as possible, from their lustrous locks to their super stylish outfit. Even when they’re just running around town, they know that they’re bound to be captured by the paparazzi, so we’re betting that they take a few extra minutes to put on makeup (in the ladies’ case) and fix up their hair a little.

Given how incredible they look the majority of the time, it can be shocking to figure out exactly how old some celebrities are. In some celebrities’ cases, we’re left wondering how on earth they managed to tap into the fountain of youth and stay looking the same for a decade or two (seriously – it’s so not fair!). In other celebrities’ cases, their time in front of the camera and being trailed by the paparazzi has left them so poised and polished that they seem years and years older than their actual age.

Even if you’re a celebrity junkie who is constantly glued to the tabloids, you might not know these 15 shocking celebrity ages.

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15 Kate Upton (23)

via: popsugar.com

It seems like pop culture has been obsessed with the ultra-curvy blonde bombshell Kate Upton for years. Sure, everyone knows she broke into the industry when she was fairly young – but can you remember how young? Hint – she was still a teenager. Upton’s transformation from a regular (although super gorgeous) Michigan girl to a young model turned starlet may seem to have taken years, but in actuality, Upton is still only 23 years old. With several film roles under her belt and countless magazine covers, we feel like this superstar will achieve pretty amazing things before her 30th birthday.

14 Kylie Jenner (18)

via: huffingtonpost.com

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, has catapulted to superstardom lately thanks to her social media prowess and constantly evolving look. From her cotton candy colored hair to her questionably plumped up looks, we’re obsessed with the youngest Jenner. However, when pictures surfaced from her huge 18th birthday bash, the world was left asking – wait, she just turned 18? We’re not sure if it’s just because of her sexy style of dressing, her perfectly polished hair and make-up, or her party girl attitude, but most people would likely put Kylie in her mid-twenties, not newly 18.

13 Adele (27)

via: independent.co.uk

Part of the reason that Adele’s age is absolutely unbelievably has to do with the company she keeps. For example, she’s two years older than Taylor Swift. We’ll let that sink in for a moment. While other pop stars her age are prancing around in crop tops having sleepovers with their girlfriends, Adele is busy being a mother and wife. She performs in gorgeous, modest dresses and has a killer signature look (that fabulous winged eyeliner, those retro curls and updos!). Sure, she’s absolutely charming and funny in her interviews, but she is definitely a far older soul than the majority of the pop stars making waves in the music industry lately – and that’s part of the reason we love her!

12 Robert Downey Jr. (50)

via: hercampus.com

Given the fact that Robert Downey Jr. was a huge deal in the 1980s, his age really shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, all the crew of the legendary Brat Pack are getting up there in age at this point. However, for some reason, the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is 50 years old is still absolutely mind blowing. Perhaps it’s because he disappeared from the industry for awhile to take care of some personal demons, perhaps it’s because he just catapulted back to stardom thanks to his role in the Iron Man film franchise, perhaps it’s because he’s so goofy in his interviews. At any rate, we’d peg him in his late 30s or early 40s – definitely not a mature man of 50.

11 Jared Leto (43)

via: fashiontimes.com

Back in the 1990s, Jared Leto stole everyone’s hearts as the misfit Jordan Catalano on cult television show My So-Called Life. He went on to get supporting roles in several films before taking a break to focus on his music career. Lately, he’s been hitting the acting world full throttle, getting endless accolades for his performance in serious flick Dallas Buyers Club. When he showed up on the red carpet with the picture perfect man bun, everyone admired it…and then wondered how on earth he looks pretty much the same as he did in the 90s. I mean, the man is in his 40s and would have no trouble fitting in with the trendiest 20-somethings.

10 Sandra Bullock (51)

via: blogs.indiewire.com

We’re going to be honest – there’s a small part of us that really, really hopes Sandra Bullock decides to pen a book. No, not about her personal dramas and relationships – she should be able to keep whatever she wants private. What we want to know is how on earth she manages to look so phenomenal when she is over 50 years old. Seriously – most women age out of the rom com leading lady roles in their 30s at the very latest, but somehow Sandy has continued to snag role after role, year after year. Lately, she’s been opting for meatier characters and films, such as The Blind Side and Gravity, but still – she could easily play the love interest for a hot 30-something bachelor. We would feel lucky to look like her in our 30s, let alone our 50s!

9 Lorde (19)

via: huffingtonpost.com

If you’re skeptical about Lorde’s age being shocking, consider this – a while ago, she literally had to show her birth certificates to the public because no one could believe that the super confident, poised and ultra-cool star was still a teenager. Maybe everyone just wanted to feel less bad about their own awkward, untalented teenage selves? Maybe it’s something in the Auckland air that makes you cool beyond your years? Either way, it’s tough to believe that Lorde is only 19.

8 Margot Robbie (25)

via: thedailybeast.com

Okay, Margot Robbie is a puzzling case when it comes to celebrity ages. She definitely doesn’t look old whatsoever – there are no crow’s feet on that stunning face, she always dresses like a cool, young girl. However, for some reason, everyone always thinks that the Aussie bombshell is far older than her years. Robbie herself has even commented on the phenomenon, telling Elle in an interview that “people think I’m a decade older.” We’re guessing that it’s some combination of her poise and classical good looks. Regardless, the star needn’t worry – when she’s actually a decade older, people will probably think that she’s in her 20s.

7 Ellen DeGeneres (57)

via: huffingtonpost.com

Comedian turned actresses turned talk show superstar Ellen DeGeneres is known for her upbeat, fun-loving attitude. After all, her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is basically known for having everyone dancing in the aisles – Ellen herself comes dancing in at the start of nearly every episode. Given her demeanor, she seems like an energetic woman in her 40s – but that’s where you’re wrong. Though Ellen is always glowing with positivity, turns out she’s actually 57. That’s right – she’s nearly 60 years old. As many people known, DeGeneres has been a vegan for several years – maybe we’ll all try incorporating a few vegan days into our diets in the hopes that we’ll look as incredible as Ellen someday.

6 Stacey Dash (48)

via: huffingtonpost.com

Does the name Stacey Dash ring a bell? Here, let’s try it again – how about the name Dionne, of Dionne and Cher? That’s right – Stacey Dash skyrocketed to fame after snagging the role of Alicia Silverstone’s character’s BFF in the chick flick classic Clueless. Dash was young when the film came out in the 1990s, but exactly 20 years later, she looks basically the exact same. Sure, her fashion choices are different than Dionne’s fab 90s outfits, and she doesn’t rock the braids anymore, but still – where is Stacey Dash’s fountain of youth, and how can we get in on that?

5 Julie Bowen (45)

via: quotesgram.com

When watching Julie Bowen playing super mom Claire Dunphy on hit sitcom Modern Family, it can seem unbelievable that she could be the mother of children in their teenage years. Infants, yes – teenagers, not so much. However, it turns out that fiction comes pretty close to reality in this case – Bowen herself is in her mid 40s. Maybe it’s the often casual style that Claire rocks on the show that makes Bowen look like a woman in her mid 30s, but we’re constantly shocked that she’s well into her 40s. It must be great for her, though – while other actresses age out of roles, she can keep snagging whatever parts she wants.

4 Jennifer Lopez (46)

via: maxim.com

Okay, we will not rest until we find out how on earth it might be possible that Jennifer Lopez is actually aging backwards. I mean, seriously – think about her evolution over the years. In Selena and her early music industry days, she looked like a cute 20-something actress/singer/dancer triple threat. Then, as she got more film roles and released hit album after hit album, she looked like a glamorous 20-something triple threat. Now, she looks… like she’s perhaps moved to her late 20s, or early 30s. Seriously – the fact that this woman is 46 years old blows our minds. Please tell us your secret, J.Lo. Please.

3 Katey Sagal (61)

via: collider.com

Katey Sagal rose to superstardom playing the hilarious, sarcastic Peggy Bundy on the hit sitcom Married… With Children. She went on to star as a wife and mother once more in sitcom 8 Simple Rules, and then as Gemma Morrow on grittier drama series Sons of Anarchy. Sagal definitely has a diverse body of work, but there’s one thing that stands out – the fact that she easily could pass for a 40-something woman when she is officially in her 60s. I mean, just take a look at her next to former tv husband Ed O’Neill. It’s insane.

2 Jim Parsons (42)

via: mstarz.com

While he’s done several small roles in film and on the stage, Jim Parsons has become known to the general public for his portrayal of Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. On the show, Parsons’ character is portrayed as being a bit younger than the rest of the doctors, as his brains led to him graduating at a very young age. However, in real life, Parsons is no longer a boy wonder – he’s a mature man in his 40s. We’re not sure if it’s just Dr. Cooper’s innocence that’s fooling us, but one thing is for sure – we definitely would never have guessed Jim Parsons is 42 in real life.

1 Hayden Panettiere (26)

via: celebmafia.com

In the 1990s, Hayden Panettiere was on soap opera Guiding Light. She quickly began snagging more roles, including the coach’s daughter in iconic football drama Remember The Titans. And, if her film roles weren’t enough, she’s also had lead roles in two popular television dramas, Heroes and Nashville. Oh, and did we mention that she’s a mother who recently gave birth to her first baby (and grappled publicly and courageously with postpartum depression afterwards)? So, with a bio like that, Panettiere must be in her early or mid-30s, right? Wrong – she’s still only 26. I know – who would have thought?

Sources: styleblazer.compopsugar.co.uk

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