14 Shaving Tricks That Will Change Your Life

To put it simply, shaving sucks. Throughout the summer, it seems like you have to shave everyday so no one gets a peek at your stubble, and shaving in the winter seems like a sad form of torture. And there are other things we can never get just right, like shaving our bikini lines. It can be a hit or miss in the razor burn department, even when it seems like we’re doing everything right! How can we still be struggling with hair removal after so many years of routine.

But have no fear; we’re sharing 12 shaving tricks that will totally change your life. If you often knick yourself or find that you can't get that close shave you once could, we are going to change that for you. From the pits to down under, these will help in all major “hair” areas. Grab a pen and pencil ladies and jot down these hacks because they’ll definitely be making shower time a bit easier and your legs a bit smoother in the process.

14 Use Oil On Your Legs Before You Shave

Grab the body oil and get to work. Preferably, and according to She Knows, coconut oil should be your go-to choice, but whatever the choice, this is great for getting your legs ready to be de-haired. You’ll get a closer shave and one that doesn’t have as many cuts or after-the-act razor burn that we all dread so much. Another great benefit of coconut oil is its many, many soothing elements. Using it when shaving can help prevent razor burns and can help heal whatever skin irritations you may have. Coconut oil has endless benefits such as its antifungal abilities, and it can penetrate the hair much better than any other type of oil, making it amazing for shaving. So basically you save yourself from any skin irritations while possibly healing any cute or burns you may already have and you keep your skin well hydrated! What more could you ask for!

13 Chapstick Will Stop the Bleeding

Whenever you do start to bleed, Allure has the easiest fixer-upper that we never knew about! Grab your Chapstick and lather yourself up. It’ll help clot the blood and create a sealant on your cut. How creative and innovative is this easy option?! For those of you who don't have any chapstick at home, first of all you should always have some type of chapstick, but don't worry there are other ways to help heal cuts. Deodorant is another great tool when stopping cuts from bleeding. The elements in deodorants such as aluminum chloride are what help stop the bleeding, without causing any painful stinging. If you have no chapstick or deodorant around the house, you can also use an ice cube. Placing the ice directly onto your cut will help stop the bleeding and also soothe any pain you may be experiencing.

12 Shave At The End Of The Shower

Wait to shave your legs until the end of your shower. According to Women’s Health, the heat from the steam of the water will help soften the hair and open up your pores. It’s so much easier to do the deed when your legs are prepped rather than full of goosebumps and dry skin. Once done in conjunction with all of the other tips provided in this article, your results will be smooth supple legs. Once you are done shaving try to run cold water for the last minute before you step out. This should also be applied when washing your hair and body, when in the shower try to stand under cold water for the final minute before stepping out. This helps close up the pores, leaving your skin soft and keeping in all of the moisture from the conditioning cream you hopefully used to shave.

11 Exfoliate Before You Shave

It’s also imperative that you exfoliate your skin before you shave. This will get rid of dead skins cells that tend to clog your razor and make it harder to shave off every last, pesky follicle. It also helps to prevent cuts and razor burn from too-close of a shave. Personally,would  grab a seat salt scrub but any exfoliant you love should work, try to make sure it isn't heavily scented. Not only does exfoliating help with getting rid of all that dead skin but it also helps increase blood circulation which is quite important, especially for your legs. Doing this can also help getting rid of cellulite. It also helps to leave your skin with a natural looking glow, and the same rule applies to the rest of your body. Make sure you exfoliate your face and body often, twice a week is suggested and for those older than 35 try to exfoliate three times a week.

10 Ditch The Alcohol & Fragrance

With all of the wonderful soaps available it's hard not to want to try all of them. The better they smell the more we are enticed and the more claims on the bottle, the more we will be inclined to purchase. But there is one thing you should know about a lot of these products, they are full of alcohol and fragrances. If the product smells too strong of perfume then this may be too harsh for your skin. Especially during a time like shaving when you are removing dead skin and tending to the newly exposed layer. Don’t dry your skin out or irritate it. Think about switching to shaving creams and lotions that don’t include alcohol or fragrant ingredients. Be careful about choosing the right products and do what’s best for your skin type before deciding on what you think is "trendy.”

9 Dispose Means Dispose

Woman shaving her legs in bathtub

And we’re talking about those cheap razors, yes. Disposal razors should be used a few times, at most, and then tossed in the trash. Most of them usually indicate when they are done, some have a colored tab that disappears when the razor is dull. If you don't throw them out in time they can easily grow bacteria and become rusty, and this will increase the more you decide to have them stay around the shower. Also, the more dull the razor becomes, the more likely cuts will follow – so toss it! You don't need to deal with razor burns and cuts all because you refused to throw out your dull razor. Respect your skin, the more you take care of it, the more beneficial it will be in the long run. Make sure you store your razors in a safe place when you are done shaving, ensuring that it can last a little bit longer when properly taken care of.

8 Use A Brush

You've seen the commercials that have the man using a shaving brush to lather the shaving cream, before he shaves his face in slow motion. If you aren't too busy looking at the topless hunk on the screen you will notice that brush, the one we all never use. Well this is when that changes, using a shaving brush will change up your whole shaving game. Even Elle advises us to use a brush to slather on the shaving cream. So grab one of those badger brushes and try it out. They help create a closer shave without any extra cuts and they also help create more of a lather for the shaving cream or lotion you use. So not only will you get the best shave ever but you'll also save a ton of money on products because you end up spending much less. You’ll find this in the men’s section of the department store or even at the barbershop counter.

7 Change Up The Diet

Again, we learn from Elle, that a switch in your diet can help to ward off the stubble. Cut back on refined carbs and increase your intake of vitamin B6 by adding more protein (including fish) into the diet. But don’t worry, our vegetarians can add extra bananas and broccoli into their meal plans and get the same result. Your skin provides a lot on intel if you really take a moment to examine it. When you have a poor diet your skin will look a bit more gray and dull. You may also experience more skin issues when not properly intaking a nutritional diet. But when you eat well and get the exercise needed for your body, your skin will glow and look properly moisturized. So ditch the cookies and the chips and grab some fruits and veggies. Your body will thank you from the inside out!

6 Conditioner Works Like Shaving Cream

Did you know that conditioners work as a wonderful shaving cream alternative? Just like on your head, conditioner will soften the hair all throughout your body and make it easier to shave off. It will moisturize and hydrate your skin too, making razor burn far less likely to occur. Companies like Lush and Sephora carry various conditioning products for shaving and they are all the rage right now. The best thing to do is try a few conditioning products to make sure they do not irritate your skin, most stores even offer samples of their products to make sure that the customer is ultimately satisfied. They are worth it though when you finally do use it. They provide the skin with a velvety silky finish and help razors get as close to the skin as possible while not irritating it.

5 Use Men’s Razors

For ladies with thicker or more stubborn hair, go with a men’s razor, you won't be able to go back to using the flimsy lady razors after. They seem to be a bit more durable and have more blades packed in one. You’ll get a closer and safer shave for maximum smoothness. But don’t be fooled, your ladies’ razors are just as sharp. As you will read later on in the article, some mens razors should still not be used on women and their lady parts especially. The reason is that some mens razors come with more than three blades which can cause skin irritations. But using a three blade mens razor will be such a game changer in the shaving world. Many women admit that mens razors are made much better and give such a nice shave, so go ahead and try one out, you just might love the results.

4 Baby Oil Your Razors

This may sound a little silly, at first, but it’s actually quite the genius idea. Not only will it add a bit of hydration to your shave, but it will help keep your razor blades sharp and ready for action. Soak your razor heads in a bit of baby oil and use this as a means of priming for your next shave. Remember to properly rinse your razors before placing them in oil. This will help you in keeping your razor for much longer. Keeping your razor sharp is important especially considering how it is used so close to your skin. It is suggested to clean your razors after each use. Try to have a designated toothbrush specifically for this task, use it to lightly scrub your razor after each shaving session. Rinse it well to get rid of any excess hair or debris then let it soak for a short while in baby oil. This will help reduce any possible skin irritations.

3 Never Use Soap For Shaving 

Most of us do this so don't feel bad about using soap this whole time for shaving. Soap is convenient for shaving, it's already there is your shower as you need it to clean and freshen you up, but for shaving it is not the best to use. The issue with using soaps when shaving is that you are stripping your legs of their natural oils and leaving your legs as dry as the Sahara desert. Have you ever noticed you legs super dry after giving them a good shave? This is due to the possibly harsh soaps you apply to help you get a closer shave. It does indeed help you get closer to the skin however you are drying out your skin and this is not good. As mentioned earlier in the article, conditioners and shaving creams are specifically created to help avoid such things, stick to those. Shelling out a few extra bucks for proper shaving products will benefit you in the end.

2 Keep It Slow, This Isn't A Race 

We usually wait until the last minute to shave our parts. We wait until the end of the shower or we wait until we are about to run out of the house. Have you ever experienced the panic that occurs when you realize you aren't as hairless as you thought. And thi tends to happen right before stepping out of the house. You are about to run out of the house and you reach to feel your legs and oh no, they are so prickly that you can't step out this way. So you run back upstairs (most likely with your shoes still on) and try to quickly remove the beast hair on your legs or under arms. This is what can potentially cause some serious injuries such as cutting yourself badly or even slipping in the shower or tub. Always take your time when shaving and make sure to set aside ample time to allow you to remove your pricklies. This will save you from a lot of potential mishaps.

1 Downsize Your Razor

A lot of women are concerned about razor burn because they’re constantly giving it to themselves. One of the main reasons this happens is because they need to downsize their razors to a three-blade, classic model. Anything higher can cut hair down to the subdermal layer, causing those with sensitive skin, ingrown hairs and discomfort. If you thought it was due to sensitive skin you might still be right but try cutting down the size of razor you use just to see what the issue really is. Most women now purchase the men's razors because they do have a better shave, but once again this is only torturing your skin. You now know the real culprit and it's the turbo 4+ blade you have going on. Keep it basic and give your body a break. Try one of the smaller razors just to see, you might end up pleasantly surprised.

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