15 Shady Things That Ashton Kutcher Has Done That Mila Kunis Doesn't Want Us To Know

Ashton Kutcher first rose to fame when he appeared in the classic sitcom That 70's Show, which aired for 8 seasons, from 1998 to 2006. Since then, he has appeared in numerous romantic comedies, and two additional sitcoms. He famously replaced Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men for the show's final seasons, and has recently appeared as a lead in Netflix Original The Ranch.

Ashton's unique comedic style makes him a perfect target for adoration, or repulsion. He probably has as many fans as he does haters, and his at-times controversial behaviour is no doubt to blame for some of the criticism. He has been married to Mila Kunis since 2015, and prior to that, had a 8 year marriage to Demi Moore, which ended in cheating allegations and divorce.

The 39 year-old has a reputation of being quite the egocentric party boy, who enjoys the attention of women, and acts cockier in real life than any of his on-screen characters. If that's possible! Mila seems to be smitten with her honey, whom she has had a long-dating friendship with. Despite this, there are some things that any wife would disprove of, and Mila can't be too pleased with any of the dirt we have uncovered. Here are 15 Shady Things That Ashton Kutcher Has Done That Mila Kunis Doesn't Want Us To Know

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15 He Parties With Female Fans Without Mila

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Maybe Mila is really secure and doesn't have issues when Ashton goes out without her, but given his track record, she probably doesn't love it either! Ashton has on many occasions been spotted in L.A and Las Vegas, sans Mila. Many of the times in question, he was out alone while Mila was at home (or elsewhere) pregnant. In March, 2013, Ashton was photographed looming over a pretty brunette at the after party to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Allegedly, Mila was in another city when the snaps were taken. Onlookers reported that Ashton spent the entire night pounding back drinks with female fans, and didn't seem to think twice about getting nice and cozied up to them. Does this behaviour just come with the territory, or is Ashton able to contain himself and put his priorities straight?

14 He Missed Mila's 30th Birthday

Another strike against Ashton? He missed his wife's 30th birthday. Being a celebrity, it's not always possible to be at every important event, but you'd think he would've made a slight effort to be with his lovely lady for her 30th birthday? To make matters worse, while Mila had a low-key celebration with friends and family at home, Ashton, who was away on a work trip, hit the bars and partied without her. The pair did meet later in the week and celebrate together, but still! Even if he really couldn't be there, going out and partying like a bachelor is not exactly the best way to show your love. Not to mention, this was in 2013, shortly after the pair had wed, so it was probably a very important birthday for Mila. He seems to have learnt his lesson; all subsequent birthdays have been spent together!

13 He Goes For "Special" Thai Massages Behind Mila's Back

Just before Christmas, 2015, Ashton Kutcher was photographed leaving a Thai massage parlour in Los Angeles. What's so bad about getting a massage, you ask? Well, for one thing, this massage parlour specializes in...happy endings. The parlour was located in a seedy strip mall, which led to assumptions that Kutcher chose that location to avoid being photographed by paparazzi. He was also wearing a black baseball cap and keeping his head low when he exited. Of course, no one can prove what happened at the massage parlour, and Mila didn't make any comments about the incident. The pair have famously kept their private life super private, so even allegations of cheating or inappropriate activity would be dealt with within their marriage, and not in the public light. It still seems super suspicious!

12 He "Gets Around" Hollywood, And Not In A Good Way

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When he emerged on the celebrity scene, Ashton Kutcher was pretty quickly coined the hottest guy in Hollywood. Girls drooled over him, and his silly and quirky character on That 70's Show allowed him to collect quite a few fans. This quick rise to fame got to Ashton's head, and he was soon amongst the biggest playboys in Hollywood. Before settling into married life (for the first time) with Demi Moore, Ashton was linked to Brittany Murphy, Rihanna, Brittany Jones, Amy Smart, Lindsay Lohan and Nelly Furtado. He jumped from woman to woman, and thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention. Cheating allegations have been a pretty consistent part of his life. Who's to say if he is a changed man, now that he is married to Mila Kunis? Once a cheater, always a cheater? Or has this former wild boy finally learnt not to stray?

11 He Cheated On Demi

When Ashton and Demi got married in 2005, most people would agree that he was lucky to land such a beautiful, talented and prestigious woman. He was still establishing himself as an actor, and hadn't shaken his childish comedic ways. So, it's no wonder that Demi was caught off-guard when her husband of six years started to spend time with other women, in 2011. He was caught cheating with a 22 year-old administrative assistant, on a night out in San Diego. The night he chose? His wedding anniversary. Way to go, Ashton. Sara Leal, the "mistress" in question would later turn to the tabloids and sell her story, adding further shame and embarrassment for Demi to deal with. The final version of the story was that Ashton, Leal and another female were in a hot tub after a wild party, when things went from friendly to crossing marital lines.

10 He Feuds Like A Little Boy

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In May 2011, Kutcher was announced to be taking the place of Charlie Sheen on hit sitcom Two And A Half Men. Sheen, who had reached a breaking point in his personal life, was fired from the show. Sheen, in a bad place, took to the Internet to post negative comments about Kutcher, both before he began filming, and after a few episodes had aired. Charlie just couldn't stand that he had been replaced, by a younger, more handsome actor. Ashton could've been the bigger person in this situation, knowing that Charlie was going through some pretty intense moments in his life. Drug and alcohol addiction, a reveal that he was HIV-positive, and basically a midlife crisis all hit him at once. Ashton decided to bite back, and returned the criticism to the aging actor. The two would be in a feud for years, before they finally decided to put it all behind them.

9 He Totally Broke Demi's Heart

Not only did Ashton Kutcher cheat on Demi Moore, set a bad example for her with his partying ways and disrespect their marriage, he totally and completely broke her heart. Demi, who was super invested in the pair's relationship from the beginning, admitted that the divorce tore her apart, and she had to seek out psychological counselling to get through. Not only did she need to see a therapist, Demi also went to rehab to help her confront her issues with substance abuse, mainly to alcohol. Friends and family members stated that Ashton was a terrible influence on her throughout their 8 year marriage, and didn't give her enough emotional support, leading her to face her problems alone, and often using unhealthy coping mechanisms.

8 He Supports And Invests In Uber

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Ashton Kutcher seems to have a bad habit of taking to the Internet in the midst of controversial events, and speaking his mind before gathering all of the facts. In 2014, he defended the comments made by Uber executive Emil Michael. Michael caused outrage when he publicly admitted to hiring researchers to sort through customer information, particularly, journalists' information.  Ashton, in a dumb-dumb move, proceeded to ask Twitter what was so bad about that? Well, Ashton, everything? The violation of privacy? The violation of Uber's very own terms and conditions to respect confidential information of their clients'? Ashton, who is an Uber investor, later apologized, but his apology was half-assed and he didn't seem to fully grasp what his words insinuated to the world.

7 He Exaggerates How Happy He Is With Mila

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One thing that critics find a bit suspicious is how ridiculously happy Ashton and Mila appear to be. Maybe they really are soul mates that have found true love with each other, we can't rule that out. It's just a little strange that these lovebirds are that in to each other. It's almost as if they don't want the world to ever suspect that they would be having the occasional troubling moment in their marriage, because they don't want to deal with criticism. Mila has even said that Ashton "never annoys her". How is that even possible? Is the secret to marital bliss the fact that Mila always gets the upper hand? Ashton has said that his wife is the smart one, and seems to always be "right" in the relationship. I don't know. I definitely believe they are happy together, but it's almost too exaggerated to be believable at times.

6 Bruce Willis Doesn't Approve Of Him...'Nuff Said

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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore might've gotten divorced back in 2000, but the pair co-parent three daughters together, and are still very close friends. So, when Demi brought a new man into the family picture, Bruce was hesitant. Though he eventually accepted Demi's relationship with him, it took some time to get comfortable with the fact that this man was now the step-father to his three lovely daughters. Fast forward to 2011, and Bruce had even more reason to hold a grudge against Ashton. According to sources, Bruce and his girls blamed Ashton for Demi's breakdown. They said that his big partying ways were what got Demi back into a dangerous lifestyle of drinking, doing drugs and not eating well. It seems that these two did manage to get themselves onto amicable ground back in 2013, but regular contact is not in the stars.

5 He Loves Being Single

There are some men that enjoy the single life more than others. Ashton definitely falls into this category. The bachelor life treated him well, after all. Going out, drinking, partying and being surrounded by women. What man wouldn't enjoy that, right? Well, the thing is, once you are married with children, your priorities really should change. It's fine to still go out and enjoy a social life, but to make it a main part of your life is just selfish and inappropriate. Ashton has definitely made some adjustments to his former wild ways, but he seems like the type that needs to be kept on a short leash. Ashton doesn't seem to have self control down pat, and it's a long way down once you start messing up. Hopefully he's learnt that from the past.

4 His Show Pop Fiction Was A Horrible Flop

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Ashton's version of humour is not for everyone. He's definitely the dumb-funny type; kind of like the guy in high school who always has a "your momma" joke but only 25% of people find him funny. In 2008, he came up with an idea for a reality TV show that would ultimately be a huge flop. Pop Fiction was essentially his version of Punk'd, but instead of playing pranks on fellow celebrities, he targeted the paparazzi. Some can argue that it's a funny twist on the standard version of celebrity pranks, but does it really just point to Ashton's immaturity and need for revenge? He clearly has it out for the press. Thankfully, the show only aired for one season of 8 episodes. It was actually slightly painful to watch the gags unfold, with Ashton being the only person who really found them funny.

3 He Barely Talks About His Wife

Not all women (or men, for that matter) need to be adored to an exaggerated degree by their partners. There's a fine line between being appreciated and loved, and being neglected, however. Due to Ashton's past, he adamantly refuses to talk about his current wife, Mila Kunis, in interviews. He might drop the occasional tidbit of information, but for the most part, he keeps his lips sealed. Perhaps he really does just value the couple's privacy, or perhaps he doesn't want to talk about her because he has something to hide? Who knows! Anything he does say about her is suspiciously over-the-top lovey-dovey, so we have some questions about that! We understand wanting to keep private and professional lives separate, but dropping a little update about your family from time to time wouldn't be the end of the world, either!

2 He Supported Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

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Among all of Ashton Kutcher's Twitter fumbles, this one was by far the absolute most shocking. In 2011, when Penn State coach Joe Paterno was in the middle of a national storm dealing with allegations of abuse, Ashton decided to take to Twitter to show support for him. Instead of getting the facts, and perhaps just not saying anything, Ashton decided that he would show some support for old Joe, cause after all, football, right? People of the Internet were quick to jump down Ashton's throat for this mess-up, and for good reason. He really seems to have a problem with making very politically incorrect statements on news items that he has not fully investigated. Once again, Ashton ended up admitting he was wrong, with his tail tucked between his legs. Stay off the Net, dude.

1 He Posted Very Controversial Comments About Gender Equality on LinkedIn

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Ashton Kutcher is no stranger to controversy. He stirred up quite a commotion in July of this year, when he posted some questions on his LinkedIn account, relating to the subject of women in the workplace. Instead of using the opportunity to raise some very good questions, Ashton went straight into offensive territory. Asking his viewers what the protocol for dating and flirting in the workplace was clearly not what his fans expected to read. Is Ashton really a chauvinistic jerk, or was he just the victim of bad wording and an Internet eruption? The good news? Ashton apologized on Twitter for his foot-in-mouth fumble. Although, he seemed a little bit unclear on what exactly he was apologizing for, at least he seemed open to the idea that he might've been wrong here.

SOURCES: USWeekly.com, theverge.com, nydailynews.com

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