15 Sexiest Sarah Jessica Parker Outfits From Sex And The City

Whether you love Carrie Bradshaw as a character or absolutely hate her, whether you believe she could actually afford that killer Manhattan apartment on a columnist’s salary or not, there’s one thing that you can’t argue with – Carrie was a fashion risk taker. I mean, apart from New York City itself, the clothing was one of the main draws for the hit show Sex and The City. Sure, looking back at some of the outfits, they seem a little ridiculous and over the top, but that was Carrie! She was never afraid to take a risk, from weird belts to giant flowers. And somehow, for her, it worked.

Now, naturally, there are some outfits that stand the test of time better than others – and usually they’re not her fashion-forward, avant-garde looks. Yes, Carrie appealed to the fashionistas looking for some crazy outfit inspiration. However, there’s a reason she got so many guys on the show – when she wanted to, she could rock a sexy dress or outfit like no other. Patricia Field, the woman behind all of the clothing on Sex and the City, picked out a lot of different looks for Carrie, and among the ones we still totally love, here are 15 of the sexiest.

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15 Little White Dress

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Carrie had a lot – a lot – of crazy outfits over the course of the show. And while we appreciate that, sometimes, it’s kind of nice to see her in something a little simpler. This is the perfect example of a different kind of Carrie outfit. Instead of a complex outfit with tons of details or colours, she’s rocking a simple, flowy short white dress. The hem hits her in a super flattering spot, the V-neck is sexy without being too low, and the loose sleeves give it all an effortless, romantic vibe. Plus, you know that Bradshaw knows how to accessorize – the simple gold geometric print clutch, necklace, and of course, sunnies, totally make the outfit.

14 Denim and Gingham

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Carrie Bradshaw rocked all kinds of looks, from simple tanks and shorts to haute couture dresses. However, in general, her outfits definitely leaned more towards the formal – great dresses, skirts with interesting tops, fantastic jackets, etc. So, it’s kind of out of the ordinary to see her rocking denim – but everything about the outfit works. The faded jeans are super chic, and cropped perfectly above her ankle; the knotted top shows off her waist and is a great complement to the high-waisted jeans. And then, of course, the shoes – if Carrie Bradshaw is going to rock jeans and a top, she’s not going to go with flats. Who do you think she is?

13 Pretty In Pink… Well, Fuchsia

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Even when Carrie is just supporting a friend, she does it in style. On paper, this outfit is an absolute snooze. A simple, solid-coloured, sleeveless dress with some black shoes. I mean, sure it’s not going to look bad, but will it look fantastic? Absolutely – on Carrie Bradshaw. The bright colour definitely adds a ton of visual impact to the outfit, and the fairly low shoes and simple curly hair do a lot to tone it down to a more casual look. However, there’s no doubt that Carrie looks totally sexy in this outfit – even if her focus in this shot is comforting Miranda.

12 Oh, Nurse!

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Okay, let’s get serious for a second – when you’re talking about Carrie Bradshaw’s sexiest outfits, there is absolutely no way you can forget the candy striper costume she wore for Big. Sure, it wasn’t really meant to be an actual outfit worn on the street (Although frankly, minus the hat, it kind of works), but Carrie made it work. Just enough cleavage, plenty of leg, this outfit definitely shows off all of her assets. Frankly, she’s lucky that she didn’t give Big another heart attack!

11 Fabulous Fringe

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There’s no doubt about it – this outfit is an absolute show stopper. The fun fringe detail and interesting lace pattern keep it high fashion enough that you could easily see it being something Carrie would pick out. And then, of course, the figure-hugging shape, the simple black spaghetti straps, and the overall cut of the dress (including some strategically placed fringe meant to highlight your assets)… this dress has a ton of sex appeal. Even the hair works with it – while Carrie often rocked wild, loose curls, her simple ponytail is the perfect accent to this gorgeous but fairly busy outfit.

10 Crop Top Cutie

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Okay, the strange side-slung fanny pack is one of the first things that catches your eye in this outfit, and that’s a little unfortunate. However, if you visually erase that detail, just check out the rest – a super sexy skirt that’s form fitting yet loose enough to be flirty, with an interesting pattern that’s oh so Carrie, and a simple black long-sleeved crop top? We’re not going to lie – we’d totally wear this outfit today. If you’re showing up at an ex’s bar, like Carrie was in this scene, this is definitely the outfit you pick.

9 The Model


The storyline around this outfit was absolutely brilliant, because it proved that even though Carrie often rocked crazy outfits in public, strutting her stuff on a catwalk in front of a crowd in just a coat and bejeweled panties was a little much, even for her. However, you can’t argue that she looks absolutely fabulous – as Heidi Klum herself said backstage. Sure, anyone could look sexy in a bra and panties, but even if she was rocking a simple black cocktail dress underneath the killer blue coat, this outfit would have a ton of sex appeal.

8 Little White Dress, Part 2


While the little black dress is an absolute sartorial classic for the evening, the little white dress is the perfect chic yet sexy option for daytime – as Carrie Bradshaw very well knows. This dress has a simple neckline that reveals just the right amount of cleavage (and showcases a great necklace), and it’s loose and flowy enough for a hot summer day (as the parasol indicates). It’s even one of the few times that Carrie rocked flats! Sure, she often looked super sexy when she was all glammed up for a date or girls’ night – but she looks equally sexy in this gorgeous white dress.

7 Published Author Extraordinaire 


When you’re celebrating the release of your very own published book, you need to look fabulous – and Carrie Bradshaw definitely takes the time to plan her outfit for any event. She put a twist on the simple solid-colored cocktail dress with this unique black and white number. From the simple black spaghetti straps to the feathers and lace trim to the out of the ordinary silhouette, this outfit is very Carrie – and very sexy.

6 Little Black Dress

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This outfit proves just how effective a simple black dress can be. Carrie’s daytime LBD look is crazy simple – the dress itself is short enough to show off some of her great legs, but it’s not low cut or revealing in any other way that makes her look like she got lost on her way to the club. The loose, curly hair is the perfect accent to the outfit, as are the retro sunglasses. I mean, if this girl was knocking on the window of the restaurant you were dining in, you’d totally go out to say hello, wouldn’t you?

5 The Newspaper Dress 

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Given that Carrie was a newspaper columnist, it was a lovely nod to her career to wrap her in a Dior dress that looked like it was made of newsprint. However, let’s be honest – it was also probably one of the sexiest looks that she ever rocked. The dress itself is fabulous, with a ton of interesting cuts and drapes. The scoop neck, the asymmetrical hem, and of course, that fantastic exposed back – this dress was everything. She should have worn this on every single date.

4 Luxe In Lace

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Look, we don’t want to be gushing all over Carrie’s outfits, but come on – they’re just so good. This dress got a bit of flack for looking a little too much like lingerie, and several years after Carrie rocked it, dresses that looked like lingerie or slips became a trend, so… Bradshaw for the win, yet again. The dress is basically the definition of sexy – black lace, very short, with a lacy sheer section on the bottom that adds a bit of modesty and just ups the mystery and allure of the dress. She pairs it with a fantastic floral coat, because come on – she’s Carrie Bradshaw.

3 "Can I Keep The Clothes?"

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In the episode where Carrie walked the runway alongside the models as one of the ‘real people’ featured in a fashion show, she wore a fabulous electric blue coat, bejeweled panties, and a black bra on the runway itself. However, when she goes to the initial fitting to figure out what outfit she’ll wear, they put her in this – and part of us wishes she could have rocked this on the runway too. The crazy floral print is very Carrie, and the dress itself is gorgeous and super sexy – long, slinky, showing off all her curves while still remaining modest. I mean, we’d ask if we could keep it too.

2 Country Carrie

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As we quickly saw in any episode that involved Carrie going out to the country to see Aidan in his retreat in the woods, Carrie Bradshaw isn’t exactly a county girl. She tried to hack it for the man she loved, but she far preferred the urban jungle of Manhattan to the literal woods surrounding Aidan’s quaint cabin. However, there’s one thing that Carrie got about country living – style. Sure, her outfit might not be the most practical for doing actual physical labour outside, but you can’t argue that it looks pretty sexy.

1 Carrie In Paris

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While her time in Paris wasn't exactly her happiest, there's one good thing that came out of Carrie's European travels - this dress. I mean, forget the Vivienne Westwood number she wore to her wedding in the first Sex and the City movie - the costume designers should have brought back this dress for the occasion. The neckline and delicate bodice make the top portion of this gown absolutely breathtaking and super sexy, and the yards and yards of ruffles on the skirt are fun and flirty - just like Carrie. Sure, she may not have had a happy ending in this dress - but she looked pretty fabulous nonetheless.

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