15 Sexiest Non-Famous Husbands Of Hollywood Celebs

In today’s day and age, gender bias still exists to some extent. Men are expected to bring home the bacon while women are supposed to stay at home and care for the children. They can’t work full-time because their priority is with the home. And when a woman does dare to venture into the working world head-on and somehow, someway starts climbing up the career ladder faster than her husband, she suffers the consequences. The home is a mess. She doesn’t have enough time for the kids. The husband gets caught up in his insecurities because his ego is bruised and the marriage breaks down.

But not all husbands feel the need to be more powerful, more well-known, or richer than their wives. Some men are content to be in the background or away from the glaring spotlight and let their spouses shine in their careers. The gentlemen below are real troopers for being devout husbands to some of Hollywood’s most famous women. And they’re pretty hot, too.

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15 Cash Warren (married to Jessica Alba)


She’s widely considered to be one of the sexiest women in the world, having an amazing body, but an angelic face, a contrast guaranteed to drive men mad. She was deemed a hot commodity, both onscreen and off and any man whom she chose to date would call himself just about the luckiest person on earth. The one guy who finally put her off the market was Cash Warren, whom Alba met while filming Fantastic Four in 2004, as reported in Pop Sugar. He was a production assistant on the film, but sparks flew between the two and they were married in 2008.

14 Jim Toth (married to Reese Witherspoon)


After very high profile relationships, first with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, with whom she has two children, and then a long-term relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon made a change in her dating pattern by choosing a partner who was not an actor. According to US Weekly, the actress started dating talent agent Jim Toth in January 2010 and the two married in March 2011. A year and a half after the wedding, the couple had a son.

13 James Righton (married to Keira Knightley)


He’s a celebrity in his own right, being the lead singer of the now-disbanded new rave band Klaxons. James Righton began dating actress Keira Knightley in February 2011 and two years later, the pair married in May 2013 in a secret ceremony in the south of France, according to US magazine. It was reported in Mirror that Righton has been struggling financially since his band broke up, but he’s confident that he can find other gigs so he can contribute to his wife’s already immense income, especially now that the couple just had a baby girl.

12 Will Kopelman (married to Drew Barrymore)


He’s hardly destitute, though of course, he’s nowhere near the celebrity status or net worth of his wife Drew Barrymore, who not only hails from the illustrious Barrymore family, but has also been in the business practically since she was born. Will Kopelman, an art consultant, is the son of a former CEO of Chanel, so he certainly had an upper-crust upbringing. He began dating Barrymore in early 2011 and according to People, the pair tied the knot in June of 2012. They now have two beautiful daughters.

11 Eric Johnson (married to Jessica Simpson)


It’s hard to believe that Jessica Simpson was once married to Nick Lachey, though they have the reality show to prove it. But both Simpson and Lachey have since moved on and eight years after their divorce, Simpson married again, to a guy from a different industry this time. Simpson got engaged to Eric Johnson in 2010 and married him four years and two kids later in 2014, as reported by People. Johnson is a pseudo-celebrity in his own right, as he was once a professional football player in the NFL.

10 Chris Ivery (married to Ellen Pompeo)


Her character Meredith Grey in the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy may have lost her onscreen husband, but in real life, Ellen Pompeo is far from being a grieving widow. She married music producer Chris Ivery in a very private and secret ceremony on November 2007 in New York, a news report in US magazine stated. The couple has two daughters, the second of whom was born via surrogacy in 2014. The couple seems to be going strong amidst some cheating rumors on Ivery’s part a few years back.

9 Jared Kushner (married to Ivanka Trump)


She may be more of an heiress, socialite and businesswoman than a Hollywood star. But Ivanka Trump did some modeling back in the day, as well as appeared alongside her father Donald Trump in the reality TV show The Apprentice. So she’s definitely a celebrity who married someone not as famous as she is, though her husband Jared Kushner is far from being a struggling provider. Kushner is himself a scion of a wealthy family and currently spearheads his own businesses. According to Huffington Post, the couple married in 2009 and have two children.

8 Len Wiseman (married to Kate Beckinsale)


Their relationship didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. When Kate Beckinsale met her future husband, director Len Wiseman, she was still in a long-term relationship with her baby daddy Michael Sheen and Wiseman was married as well. But the pair fell in love on the set of Underworld, which Beckinsale starred in and Wiseman directed. According to BBC News, they married in 2004, in a small ceremony that took place in Los Angeles.

7 Adam Shulman (married to Anne Hathaway)


It seems that Anne Hathaway prefers to date men who aren’t much in the limelight or at least not the way she is in it. She dated and broke up with an Italian businessman before she went out with actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman in 2008, according to Ok! Magazine. The pair married in September 2012 in California, as stated in People. It was reported that Hathaway has been having trouble conceiving, hence the couple’s decision to adopt a baby.

6 Keith Lieberthal (married to Julianna Margulies)


She’s been lauded several times for her lead role in the TV show The Good Wife and has walked the red carpet numerous times for awards shows, but it’s a fact that Julianna Margulies is a pretty private individual. According to People, Margulies married lawyer Keith Lieberthal in a very simple, very secret ceremony last November 2007 in Lenox, Massachusetts. The couple has one son, a boy named Kieran and they live in New York City.

5 Bart Freundlich (married to Julianne Moore)


After several Oscar nominations, Julianne Moore finally took home the much-coveted Academy Award for her performance in the film Still Alice. But she claims that her most satisfying role has been that of a wife and mother, according to her Wikipedia page. Moore started dating Bart Freundlich, who directed her in the film The Myth of Fingerprints, in 1996. The couple have a son and a daughter, then married in 2003, a year after their daughter was born.

4 Scott Phillips (married to Julie Bowen)


She has the audience in stitches whenever she’s onscreen for her role as Claire Dunphy in the hit TV comedy show Modern Family. A naturally funny person, you can count on Julie Bowen to give witty comments and answers every time she’s being interviewed. In real life, she’s been married to Scott Phillips, a real estate investor and software developer, since 2004, according to People. The couple has three children, two of whom are twins.

3 Daniel Moder (married to Julia Roberts)


Her love life was once as prolific as her career was, having had a string of very high profile relationships. Julia Roberts was linked to many actors, such as Jason Patric, Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland, to whom she was engaged, Dylan McDermott, Matthew Perry, and Benjamin Bratt. After a failed marriage to country crooner Lyle Lovett, Roberts tied the knot again seven years later, to cameraman Daniel Moder whom she met on the set of the film The Mexican. As reported by People, the pair married in 2002 in a secret ceremony at Roberts’ ranch in New Mexico. They have three children.

2 Benjamin Millepied (married to Natalie Portman)


She’s been in show business ever since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she played the role of a tragic ballet dancer in the film The Black Swan that Natalie Portman truly earned her stars as a versatile actress worthy of awards. And the movie truly changed her life as it was on the set that she met and fell in love with her husband Benjamin Millepied, who did the choreography for the film. A news article in Huffington Post reported that the two married in 2012 in California. They have one son together.

1 Romain Dauriac (married to Scarlett Johansson)


She’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, having garnered praise for her role in the film Lost in Translation, which cemented her status as serious adult actor. But for all her fame and fortune, Scarlett Johansson is fiercely protective of her personal life. She tried to keep her marriage to Ryan Reynolds away from media scrutiny and after that ended in divorce, she has been trying to keep an even lower profile on her marriage to advertising executive Romain Dauriac. They welcomed their daughter in 2014, as reported by People, and the LA Times stated that they married in a secret ceremony a few months later.

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