15 Selfie Trends That Need To Stop

Selfies are a huge part of pop culture, whether we like it or not. There are people who take numerous selfies and post them on social media on a daily basis. Most of us end up unfollowing those people. But nevertheless, to some, taking a selfie is a way to convey self confidence. Whether they delete the photo if it doesn't get enough likes is another story. But we can't all be Kim Kardashian.

Taking a picture of yourself used to be simple. But now it's not enough to just take a photo of yourself looking straight at the camera smiling and expect that to catch anyone's attention. You need something unique. Like a funny expression, or a new makeup look, or something unexpected in the background. But there are some selfie trends that are either ridiculous, or just plain overdone, that just need to disappear for good. Here are 15 selfie trends that need to stop already.

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15 The Duck Face Selfie

via: www.mtlblog.com

The duck face selfie might actually be the OG selfie trend. For some reason one person decided to pout their lips in a completely unnatural way, and selfie takers everywhere latched onto the fad like it was some groundbreaking new way to pose for a photo. Some people try to be subtle about it. Just a little pout to make their lips look bigger and more kissable than they really are. But it's always obvious what you're doing. A duck face is a duck face, no matter how natural you think you look.

14 The Bathroom Selfie

via: www.trollheaven.com

If you want to show off your outfit, great hair, and freshly done makeup, then the bathroom selfie is the way to go. It's also the go-to for a blatant "I just got out of the shower, and now you're thinking about the fact that I'm totally naked under this towel" selfie. If you have a clean washroom with marble walls (like the one pictured above), maybe you can get away with it. But make sure the toilet isn't in the shot, because once people see where you do your unspeakable business, it's impossible to ignore.

13 The Funeral Selfie

via: www.salon.com

Yes. This is a thing. You've spent a bit of time and effort looking presentable and that's a prime selfie taking opportunity if there ever was one. Even taking a selfie on your way to a funeral or in the mirror before you head out with the hashtag #allblackeverything is bordering on inappropriate. But actually taking a cute pic with the cemetery, or even worse, the casket in the background is incredibly disrespectful. First of all, why are you smiling? Someone's loved one is dead-- you don't need to capture this moment to get a couple likes on Instagram. Even Obama was criticized for this one after he posed for a selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

12 The Divorce Selfie

via: www.instagram.com

This trend is pretty new, but it's already the worst. Congratulations, we're all happy for you that you're cool with your divorce, but why are you bragging about it? This is just another example of people needing to take a photo and share every moment of their lives with the world. Granted, a divorce shouldn't be anything to be ashamed of, but you can still end your marriage in a "mature and honorable" way without posting about it on social media. Oversharing at its weirdest.

11 The "I'm Asleep" Selfie

via: www.mtlblog.com

Yes Kendall Jenner, we get it, you're beautiful, even when you're sleeping. You must be having quite the dream to have that tiny hint of a smile on your face. Not to mention the mascara and possible false eyelashes? Maybe some people do have a "sleep selfie" problem where they don't even realize they're snapping photos of themselves while they're asleep, but chances are you were fully awake, and took this photo from ten different angles to get it right.

10 The Dangerous Animal Selfie

via: www.slice.ca

If the ubiquitous posing with a tiger photo is any indication, people love taking pictures of hemselves with animals they have no business being that close to. There was the one guy who ended up with a $153,000 hospital bill after getting too close to a rattlesnake for a selfie (photo on the right). Or the girl who had a camel literally try to eat her head while she took a selfie with the animal. Wild animals are unpredictable, and you how do you even know if they want their picture taken? Better to just keep your distance.

9 The Inappropriate Location Selfie

via: www.washingtonpost.com

Maybe it's a case of teenagers having no real concept of what went down in concentration camps during WWII. They read about it in text books, but to them it's just something terrible that happened a long time ago. Why shouldn't they take a selfie? Breanna Mitchell, the girl in the above photo told USA Today that she took the photo as a tribute to her father, who was always interested in WWII history. Her photo went viral, and sparked a debate over whether taking selfies like this one is disrespectful. Despite the controversy, Mitchell said she wouldn't do anything differently, because she never meant any harm.

8 #NoMakeup Selfie

via: www.hellogiggles.com

The #NoMakeup selfie trend started out as a way to show that everyone has flaws, and what you see in the media or even on social media isn't exactly the truth. But we all know some people put on makeup and take a "no makeup selfie" just to get compliments on how flawless their skin is. While it's important for celebrities in particular to be honest about the fact that they don't necessarily look like the magazine spread and red carpet versions of themselves at all times, when people post multiple no makeup selfies, it gets old.

7 #IWokeUpLikeThis Selfie

via: www.stevecharlie.blogspot.com

Not to be confused with the #NoMakeup selfie, the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie is not only trying to be super cool by quoting Beyonce, but it's nothing short of a humblebrag. You're trying to say that just because you're on (or near) a bed, we're supposed to believe you just woke up? So, you opened your eyes, rolled over, and your first thought was, "I need to take a selfie, like immediately." We're not sure what's worse, being that obsessed with selfies, or lying about waking up with a full face of makeup on.

6 The Gym Selfie

via: www.collegebuzzfitness.wordpress.com

While there's something motivating about taking photos at the gym as reference for your own personal progress, why is it necessary to share them with everyone you know? Is it a way to brag about your new workout ensemble? To get people to compliment your weight loss? To show off all the gym equipment you clearly aren't even using at the moment? The hashtags people include with gym selfies are always cringeworthy too. #GettinRipped, #TimeToSweat, #RealGirlsLift.

5 The Car Selfie

via: www.autocarpro.in

Hopefully you aren't actually driving when you take a car selfie, but either way, what's the point? Did you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rear view mirror and think, "I can't let all this go to waste"? The best is when you pull up next to someone at an intersection, look over and see them posing for rapid succession selfies. How many shots can you get in during a standard red light? If you know the answer to that, you have a problem.

4 The Belfie

via: www.herbeauty.co

Instagram star Jen Selter has actually gotten famous because of her butt. All of her poses show off her best asset, and because butts are having a moment right now, the term "belfie" was born. Selfies are supposed to be about showing off our best angles and being confident in our bodies right? Go ahead and take the occasional body positive shot if you need some likes to boost your self esteem one day, but can we just all agree to stop calling it a "belfie"?

3 The #AfterSex Selfie

via: www.readwave.com

Lately the #AfterSex selfie has been trending on Instagram, and admittedly it's a little funny, but also kind of gross. People are suddenly bragging about that fact they just had sex, and sometimes even taking a photo of their unsuspecting bed mate with a "Who the f*** is this?" caption. Well you're the one that just slept with them, so shouldn't you know? Maybe it's just a joke, or maybe it's another way for guys to spread the word that they just got laid and they want the girl to be on her way. But he won't actually say that to her, he'll just tell everyone who follows him on Snapchat and hope she figures it out.

2 The Crying Selfie

via: www.asillylittleolive.wordpress.com

How sad are you really if you're thinking about taking a photo of your "ugly cry" face and sharing it with the internet? (Spoiler alert) When McDreamy was killed off on Grey's Anatomy, teens everywhere were taking photos of themselves crying to show just how devastated they were about the character's death. Sometimes a photo says it a lot better than words ever could, but why is competing over who has the ugliest cry face a thing now? Just stop.

1 The Fitting Room Selfie

via: www.bonsaitree-care.com

Sometimes you need to take a fitting room photo and send it to a couple people to find out if the outfit you just tried on is really as cute as you think it is. You're just crowd sourcing your outfit selection, nothing weird about that, right? The fitting room selfie has it's purpose, but is it necessary to post them on social media? We don't all need to see how hot you think you are in a dress you probably didn't even buy anyway.

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