15 Selfie Trends That NEED To Die

Okay, let’s just get one thing straight - pretty much everyone has taken a selfie at some point. Not everyone is a Kim Kardashian level of obsessed about flawless selfies, but most people have at least a few killer selfies on their phone or social media accounts. Perhaps you had a good hair day, or the light in the coffee shop you were chilling at was super flattering, or you were just feeling yourself. Whatever the reason, you’ve certainly turned that camera around and snapped a selfie.

However, given how popular selfies are, there are bound to be a few trends that emerge as more and more people opt to indulge in the occasional selfie. Everyone prefers different angles or poses based on what best showcases their features and physique, but let’s be honest - there are some selfie trends that we’re just sick of, even if they make you look good. They pop up on your feed on what seems like a daily basis, and frankly, you’re just sick of seeing the pose so much. I mean, is it so hard to introduce a little originality into your selfie game?

Here are 15 selfie trends that absolutely, positively need to die.

15 Duck face

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Duck face has been around for a really, really long time. It’s not a particularly flattering pose – sure, your cheekbones might become more prominent, but the rest of your face suffers to achieve that. The only real thing that duck face manages to achieve is showcasing whatever lip colour you’re wearing. However, despite the fact that it’s been around forever, and that it’s not super flattering, people still continue to take this selfie over and over again. Basically every celebrity and social media star has taken at least one duck face selfie, if not several. It seems to be the trend that just will never die. Why on earth are people still duck-facing? Of all the animals on earth, why is a duck the one we’re trying to emulate? It must be something they do out of sheer instinct, but still – we’re done with duck face. Let it be banished forever.

14 Gym bunny

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Look, we get it - you managed to drag yourself out of your cozy bed and get your butt to the gym at the crack of dawn. You suffered through a killer spin class that has you feeling like you may never walk again. You’re a total boss. So, you decide to celebrate by taking a gym selfie in those super clean, wall to ceiling mirrors at your gym. And, cue our eye roll here. Look, if you want to take selfies every week or two in order to keep an eye on your progress and see if you’re making the gains you want to, or see if you’ve managed to drop that extra little pudge you were trying to shed, that’s totally fine. Pictures can be really helpful in seeing how your body may have changed. However, if you’re posting a selfie during every single gym visit, it makes it seem like you’re just desperately fishing for compliments about how fit and dedicated you are.

13 #Iwokeuplikethis

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There are many beauty gurus who share their flawless make-up looks on Instagram, and honestly, they’re pretty killer. Sure, you may not do something as involved as unicorn eyeliner on a daily basis, or craft a make-up look based on your zodiac sign, but it’s pretty cool to check out on your feed. And then, there are the natural ladies. The ones with seven hundred hashtags about loving yourself and being make-up free and, of course, the statement that #Iwokeuplikethis. Listen, we get it - it’s a killer Beyonce song and it’s kind of fun to say. But every make-up free selfie kind of looks the same, and honestly, the decision to forego foundation for one day doesn’t really mean you should win some kind of award. You just took a picture before putting your make-up on. No offense, but no one particularly cares that you’re baring your face without doing your brows.

12 Animal planet

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Pretty much everyone posts selfies with their pets - that’s kind of expected. After all, sometimes your dog just looks so darn adorable that you can’t help but share a selfie of the two of you together with all your followers. That’s not the trend we’re talking about. We’re talking about the foolish individuals who take a selfie with some kind of wild animal - someone you should really not be pressing your face up against and smiling for the camera with. No matter how much of an animal lover you are, there are some animals you should just never get that close to. Sure, some people manage to get a great shot and a great story out of the situation - but others end up getting injured in some way because, well, they got too close to a wild animal. Don’t participate in this silly selfie trend - you might end up getting bitten.

11 Bathroom break

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Yes, it’s true that just about every bathroom has a mirror, whether you’re at your own house or somewhere out in public. It’s where you probably check to make sure your lipstick is still intact and your hair hasn’t gotten all frizzy. And, since the mirror is right there, it can be tempting to just take a selfie when you notice that your outfit or make-up is totally popping. Resist the urge. Bathroom selfies are just way, way overdone. You’ll probably end up capturing something disgusting in the background, the lighting is usually not that great, and, well, you’re taking a picture in a bathroom. There are far better venues to take a selfie, ones that don’t have a toilet in them. Just get your BFF to take a picture of you at the table when you’re brunching - don’t wait and snap seventeen selfies during your trip to the bathroom.

10 The shoe selfie

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We appreciate a gorgeous shoe just as much as the next woman, but when it comes to selfies, there is just no flattering or glamorous way to take a shot of your shoes. You can absolutely take a gorgeous shot of your shoes sitting on your shelf, carefully posed and surrounded by super chic products. However, when you try to snap a quick selfie while you’re out and about, chances are it won’t be nearly as cute. Maybe you haven’t gotten a pedicure in way too long, and you have a gross chipped nail situation peeking out of your open-toe sandals. Maybe you majorly scuffed your favourite ballet flats last time you wore them, and they’re looking a bit worse for the wear. Maybe you’ve gotten the angle all wrong and your feet like super strange. The point is, it’s super tough to take a flattering shoe selfie - so just stop.

9 Girl squad, assemble

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Okay, this isn’t technically a legit selfie, since you’re not the only one in it, but the idea is the same - get a picture of yourself (plus friends) without having to ask someone to take the picture for you. And, since both you and all your friends are selfie queens, the girl squad selfie is bound to be flawless, right? Not exactly. Chances are, someone will be blinking, someone will be halfway out of the picture, someone’s head will get cut out because one of your friends is barely five feet and another one could be a supermodel. One person is going to comment “ohmygod how could you share this I look disgusting!!” and another person is going to repost and share the photo with literally everyone. It’s just a whole can of worms. Just stop the girl squad selfie. Even individual selfies would be better than everyone in your squad assembling in one of three pose options.

8 The 'belfie'

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It pains us to even use this term because it’s so insanely ridiculous, but there’s no denying that the belfie - butt selfie - is a thing. We kind of blame Kim Kardashian and Instagram stars like Jen Selter for this one. Sharing a selfie where your butt is pretty much as prominent as your face was a guaranteed way to get a ton of likes, so more and more women started doing it. Whether you’re rocking skimpy swimwear that barely covers your assets or full jeans, you manage to pose in a way that showcases your generous assets to perfection. On the one hand, props for figuring out how to master your angles. On the other hand, it seems like you’re just trying to flaunt your physique in front of all your followers, which kind of isn’t cool. Plus, we’re just sick of scrolling through our feeds and seeing the size of everyone’s rear. It gets old.

7 Hot dog legs

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We totally understand the temptation to take a selfie when you’re lounging in paradise, with the sun shining down on you, sandy beaches all around, and your hair looking sun-kissed and gorgeous. However, there’s one type of selfie that we’re just totally over - hot dog legs. If you want to take a selfie with the beach in the background, that’s fantastic - it’ll probably be a great shot. However, the cheekily described hot dog legs selfie is just, well, kind of weird. That’s not a flattering angle for your legs, and we’re not sure why you would want your legs to potentially be confused with hot dogs. I mean, you’re lounging on a beach or poolside and the one thing you decide to take a selfie of is your legs? Seems like a waste of a picture perfect backdrop. Next time, just take a regular selfie, not one that isolates your limbs.

6 The divorce selfie

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Honestly, we’re not sure why this is really a thing. Yes, you want to capture big life moments on camera, like your wedding day, your graduation day, and milestone birthdays. However, even if you’re splitting amicably and making the best decision for both individuals involved, divorce is kind of a depressing thing. Taking a selfie when you sign the divorce papers just seems like a bummer, and is just plain weird. Even if you’re happy about your decision, sharing that kind of private moment with something as trivial as a selfie seems a bit… wrong. No one is saying you need to hide the fact that you’re splitting with your spouse, but taking an overjoyed selfie outside the lawyer’s office, posing with your pens and divorce papers, seems a bit much. It’ll make all your followers cringe, and to be frank, it’s just kind of in bad taste. Most of the people taking divorce selfies seem to think they’re hilarious but they’re really just depressing.

5 The sleep selfie

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This is similar to the #iwokeuplikethis selfie, but just different enough to be annoying. Let’s just be real for a second - you literally cannot take a selfie when you’re sleeping. That’s because you’re, well, sleeping - you need to be awake in order to manoeuvre your phone and get the perfect selfie angle you’re sharing on your social media accounts. Plus, most people don’t go to bed with their hair perfectly styled and a subtle yet visible layer of false lashes. Yet, we see it popping up time and time again - a perfectly styled pillow and serene sleep expression that does not at all reflect reality. This selfie trend needs to die because it’s just kind of sad. It’s all the same effort as taking a regular selfie, but you’re trying to imply that it took no effort at all and that’s just how you look while you’re sleeping. Just stop.

4 The car selfie

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Just like with the bathroom selfie, the car selfie is strange because the background of a vehicle isn’t exactly the most glamorous, interesting backdrop. Sure, the lighting might be great because the sun is shining through your sunroof and you’re having a good hair day. However, you can probably spot some garbage in the back seat, and a random industrial building out the back window that kind of spoils it all. Plus, it sends a message that you’re utterly selfie obsessed, so obsessed that you can’t even wait until you reach your next destination until you take another selfie. It’s bad enough in the passenger seat, but there are some individuals who take car selfies in the driver’s seat, which is both pathetic and dangerous. Either you’re being incredibly unsafe by taking selfies at a red light or while actually driving, or you’re taking minutes of your time to snap some shots before you leave your car. This trend needs to die.

3 The ‘ugly’ face

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No one shares a selfie against their will. Even the most photogenic individuals can sometimes take a bad photo, but this isn’t about that - this trend is about people deliberately making some type of ‘ugly’ face for the cameras. Perhaps it’s just to show off how goofy they are and how crazy their personality is, or it’s jumping on the bandwagon to show distress over something that happened on your favourite television show (McDreamy dying on Grey’s Anatomy, for example, sparked a ton of crying face selfies). Again, it’s all about trying to give the impression that your selfie took very little effort, when in reality, everyone knows that you probably took a ton of ugly selfies before you found the right one. It’s a lie, and the photos are usually kind of cringe-worthy, so we just don’t see the point. You’re not actually a supermodel being told to give the camera different expressions - you’re just sitting on your couch making a weird face.

2 The changing room selfie

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Sometimes, you take a selfie in the changing room in order to see how a particular piece of clothing really looks, or maybe to send your BFF proof of the absolutely ridiculous outfit you tried on (or the gorgeous outfit you tried on for fun but know you can’t afford). That’s expected. However, there are many people who seem to turn the changing room into a place to get everyone’s opinion on fashion. They post three selfies of different dresses, begging their followers to pick which they should wear on that date they’re so excited about. If you truly want someone else’s opinion while you’re shopping alone, just text a selfie to your friend - don’t share the selfie with every single one of your followers. People will just start getting annoyed that you can’t seem to make your own sartorial decisions.

1 The fish gape

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First, there was duck face. Then, another animal came to play in the world of selfie expressions - fish gape. For those who may not know, fish gape is a pose that involves slightly parting your lips and letting your face go into kind of a slack expression. You know, like a fish, the most glamorous creatures in the animal kingdom. Admittedly, fish gape is a bit better than duck face. However, thanks to the sheer popularity of the pose, we were sick of it within about two weeks after every celebrity and every single person you follow posted at least one fish gape selfie. Listen, just post whatever poses make you feel most confident and showcase your assets the best - don’t just jump on the bandwagon of every trendy selfie pose. The fish gape trend needs to die, although honestly, we’re not sure what animal selfie trend could come next (and we kind of don’t want to).

Sources: bolde.com, fashion101.in

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