15 Wild Secrets Women’s Bathrooms Hold

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15 Wild Secrets Women’s Bathrooms Hold


The women’s restroom. People consider it a mystery what lies behind those bathroom doors – always has been and always will be. And with good reason! If you’ve lived under a rock for some time, you should know that there are tons of secrets exchanged and overheard in that cramped, little space. So much so that the women’s bathroom has become a breeding ground for jaw-dropping gossip. You may not have overheard all the conversations on the list, but surely you’ve heard at least a few of them – or different versions of these stories. Inside the women’s bathroom, there’s an unspoken agreement among the ladies. We gossip in the women’s restroom because where else do we feel more secure? Why do you think a group of us gets in there at once? To some of the ladies out there, maybe you never personally shared these stories, but you’ve either been the eavesdropper or the listener. While men think we’re powdering our noses and fixing our hairdo, little do they know we’re dishing the dirt and gossiping with no holds barred. To all you guys out there, be warned. Some of the things you’ll read here would probably make you cringe with either disgust or embarrassment. So, read at your own peril.

15. Up close and personal waxing

Waxing might not be the most popular topic, but it’s up there on the list of bathroom secrets for sure. Women have been getting waxed for centuries, actually, but not until recently has the bikini wax been in fashion. It’s not that surprising that this beauty practice kicked off. After all, we women also get conscious about body hair. Having said that, here are some things overheard regarding the whole waxing process: Fear of burning intimate parts, a sort of pleasurable sensation, nervousness about exposing private part to the waxer, and the dreaded backdoor waxing strip. It’s fairly easy to talk about waxing actually while in the women’s restroom, so this is not so bizarre. The strange part happens when women start to show their wax jobs to each other. This can happen between friends or even women who have just met. Of course, it’s more likely to occur after a few alcoholic drinks.

14. The secrets of female pleasure

Yes, women talk about pleasing themselves in the women’s bathroom. If you really want know, first of all, they talk about whether or not they do it. Second, they talk about how and how often. In all honesty, for many women this is a very intimate topic, so they generally don’t bring it up in public places. But inside the confines of a public restroom, everything is fair game. Women start offering suggestions and tips for optimal female pleasure. Others will give a list of recommended toys or tools to get the job done. In some cases, women have even been known to talk about giving themselves self-pleasure in taboo places, like the restroom, at their desk, in public transportation, in a changing room, or even in a movie theatre, for instance. It might seem out of the ordinary, but remember, women have sex drives, too. So it’s natural to ask other women how to get satisfaction.

13. All the details of his package

Attention all boyfriends, husbands, and lovers – whether you like it or not, your package will be discussed at great length (depending on your actual length *ahem*) in the women’s bathroom. Men are notorious for talking about their sex escapades. Even the movies show men sharing details of their bedroom extravaganzas with other men. However, what’s not shown or discussed too often is just how often women actually do this same thing. In fact, some studies have revealed that women do this way more than men! Women talk about size, yes, but also about the actual act itself, too. Nothing is left to chance – all details, whether good or bad, are included in the discussion. All things get placed on the table for proper examination. There is no shortage of approving and disapproving looks and comments when his package is put to the test.

12. Gut-wrenching heartbreaks

The women’s bathroom is the prime location to shed tears. For decades, women have been hiding themselves away in stalls and sobbing away like babies. In some cases, they are pining over their lost love to a friend or family member. In other cases, they are desperately trying to patch things up. While the women’s bathroom doesn’t exactly keep sounds to a minimum, meaning that the crying could be easily heard from the next stall over, that doesn’t prevent us from blubbering over ourselves. Between friends, all the horrific details of the break-up are shared and that means more tears. Nothing is left out or behind when it comes to exposing heartbreak secrets in the women’s bathroom. We’re not saying that is the only place we break down. For the most part, we try to rein in our emotions long enough until we make it home. However, if we can’t hold it in much longer, then the restroom is the most accessible place to let go.

11. Bedroom Testimonies


Gentlemen, if you’re not treating your women right, all of her friends will know about it. That doesn’t only go for your behavior outside of the bedroom, but it also includes whatever you are doing or not doing between the sheets. If you’re withholding from your lady, then that could become a hot topic of conversation in the women’s bathroom. Or if you’re just plain bad at what you’re giving, then all of her friends will definitely know. If you want to be painted in a better light, then that means you’d better step up your game or get ready to be ghosted because a woman doesn’t put up with a man who isn’t willing to do downtown. And if you’re good, well, she may or may not share that information – afraid that others might become a bit too curious about your skills and find out for themselves.

10. Seriously savage revenge stories

As the adage goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Am I right, ladies? We’ve all heard that saying and some of us have either lived it ourselves or vicariously through others. Whatever the case may be, we know that when it comes to revenge, women put the hurt on the vengeance game. Never underestimate how cunning and resourceful we can be. After all, women have been known to burn, break, smash, and trash – many without getting caught or having any charges pressed against them. At first, the stories are heavy, super dramatic. There are even some women that outright brag about their vengeful feats. But towards the end, these secrets turn into jokes. Women, through telling their horror stories, realize they lived through yet another one of life’s lessons and are wiser, stronger, and braver because of it.

9. Product of Number Two

Women’s poop smells like roses. No it doesn’t. That’s just a complete fabrication. Women’s poop smells just like any other animal’s poop. It’s not a secret, per se, but women don’t openly talk about bowel movements or smells like ever. It’s kind of like an unspoken rule–well, for most of us, anyways. However, we lose such inhibition and tend to get real about our bowel movements whenever we’re in the bathroom. While we talk about such things between friends, between strangers is a no-no. Sure, you might have just had a poop buddy in the next stall, but you do not, for whatever reason, talk about what just happened. You simply wipe, wash, and go about your day. We also mentally ask for forgiveness towards the next person who uses the stall because she’d definitely be greeted with the foul stench.

8. Who’s doing who

Want to get the down low on the sex circuit? Then put your ear next to the walls of a women’s bathroom and be ready to be surprised, shocked, and amazed at who’s doing who. You should also be even more amazed at how women keep such secrets between themselves. Women share selectively, and that’s because we know who can and cannot be trusted. And to be honest, men cannot be trusted because they have bigger mouths than society leads us to believe. For another, women have that sixth sense and instinctively know who can be trusted. If you’ve ever wanted to get the filth on people’s sex lives, the woman’s bathroom is the place to be. You’ll find out that exes are getting back into bed together, bosses are sleeping with CEOs and secretaries, teachers are sleeping with parents, and best friends are hooking-up. Along with the details regarding who’s-doing-who, you’re likely to find out how, when, and where because when women get the dirt, they get all the dirt.

7. Confessions of a cheater

No matter who is the guilty party, a lot of cheating confessions happens inside the bathroom walls. If the woman is cheating, she’ll share details about why her current mate wasn’t cutting it and what her lover is doing for her that really drives her crazy. You’ll be surprised with how candid women can be with these confessions. Commonly overheard secret cheating confessions involve doing it at work, doing it in public, phone sex, motel visits, and backseat romps. If it’s the man that’s cheating, the woman will divulge all the signs that lead her to believe he was doing so. Afterwards, she’ll share with you her entire investigative process and how she came to that conclusion. In a way, it will be like a snooping on your partner crash course. Pay attention – you’re likely to learn lessons that you shouldn’t soon forget.

6. The office gossip

If the women’s bathroom isn’t the perfect place to gossip, then I don’t know where is! While it’s true that Stories about love affairs, shady business deals, and employee favoritism have been shared far and wide, but the women’s bathroom is where one might hear some of the more explicit details. Some of these could include how the secretary got her raise, why so-and-so really got fired, who was caught with whom and where, X-employee caught with naughty videos on his work computer, dirty email threads, embezzlement running rampant in the company, how she really got the job, who’s stealing office supplies, who’s stealing from the top, what happened at the company picnic, the truth behind why the boss is always grumpy, and why the office doors don’t have locks anymore. Phew! And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, the list goes on, but these are some of the more popular topics of conversation that keep women cackling and laughing while on bathroom breaks.

5. The kind of lover he is


This is a no-brainer! If the details regarding the size of his package gets shared around the women’s bathroom, then, of course, how tight or loose his bedroom game is would be exposed, too. Let’s face it, work can be so monotonous that talking about doing it seems to take off some steam in ways that make it easier to return to work. Also, it’s a nice refresher to hear how other couples get down. Plus, talking about taboo subjects at work makes us feel naughty! Lovers will be all the way exposed and broken down to bare bones. If he has problems maintaining the momentum, if he lets it fly by too quickly, if he’s totally clueless about foreplay, or if he’s got some fetish or some other dark desire. All of these secrets will be dished out and without much guilt or preamble, either.

4. What she did last summer

There is always that one scandalous person we know and love. Well, maybe we don’t love them per se, or maybe we do – but more than anything we love getting the gossip on what she has been up to. How did she get that apartment? Why does she look so much younger? How did she buy that new car? Where was she during the month of December? What happened to her man? She’s the one that has always got some drama in her life. While we feel sorry for her or even envy her a little, we love her all the while because she’s living a life we’d like to live. Plus, she gives us something to talk about while we take a little tinkle. So for that scandalous friend, just know that you’re being talked about. Also know that we love that you live your life in your own way.

3. Secret gentlemen callers

So you’ve got a lover, huh? Women will be quick to talk about lovers and love affairs within the four walls of a bathroom. And many will talk about their lovers as they powder their nose as if it’s so normal, like it’s no big deal, and, oh, why don’t you have one yourself? This is where women will talk about using escort services, too. Don’t be so surprised. Women have needs, too, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Besides, it’s all fun when done safely. Why shouldn’t women talk about their sexual adventures? Some travel for flings while others keep it local. Others keep it extra local and sleep with people from their friend’s circle or work group. Whatever the case, women will talk about who they’re sleeping with and if they’re giving her the kind of pleasure she desires.

2. Unwanted monthly visitors

How can we not talk about that time of the month in the women’s bathroom of all places? Some of these stories get more than a little disgusting. Some share about having their first day turn up unexpectedly and the horrors that ensued – like at a fancy dinner while wearing all white or during a hiking trip. Others share about finding out they had their monthly visitor while sleeping with someone for the first time. Yikes! And we don’t just talk about how the monthly visitor pops up out of nowhere. We also talk about cramps and clots and period poop and all the yucky stuff that no guy ever, ever wants to or should hear. To think there are some men these days that think women have it easy. That’s why this kind of topic stays in the bathroom where it belongs.

1. More bedroom testimonies

Yes, more intimate talk! Women will not hesitate to share fetishes and fantasies while peeing or powdering our noses in the restroom. Here is where we confess to what we’ve done or have yet to do. We talk about a threesome we had last summer while abroad, we talk about a foot fetish we’ve had since we were young girls, and we talk about how we’d be into being tied up and whipped. Nothing is too risky to expose while in the women’s bathroom. That’s mostly because we feel the sacred space envelop us as if it were a dear friend. Women have talked about orgies and sex toys, sex work and one night stands, and everything in between –nothing is too taboo for a women’s bathroom, nothing at all! Just like Las Vegas, what goes on in the women’s restroom, stays in the restroom.

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