15 Secrets Of The Cast Of Riverdale

Gone are the days where Archie was just a wholesome jock who was in probably one of the most epic love triangles in our childhoods. Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper have all supposedly taken a darker turn for the CW and Netflix original series Riverdale. Now, hearing the word CW alone gives you the indication that not only are these teenagers going to be played by actors that are way too old but they are going to be ridiculously hot. But what happens when you're a hot up and coming actor that is starring on a hit primetime show that is loosely based off the characters of the popular comics from our childhood? Chaos.

When you're pushed into super stardom so fast it's easy to lose sight in not only keeping a level head, but also keeping your past exactly where it belongs...in the past. This list is being made for a reason. There's more on set secrets, social media fails, and health issues that have risen since the start of the show in early 2017. Cole Sprouse is no longer the cute little rambunctious twin on the Disney Channel and Lili Reinhart isn't just another pretty blonde. And KJ Apa isn't just some random hot guy with an accent. What have our real-life counters parts been up to since their start to fame?

15 When Double Tapping Goes Wrong

As social media rears it's ugly head, snitching on the kinda famous. An attentive fan noticed that the Riverdale's undercover kiwi liked a comment that was not only ignorant but was also a comment that body shamed people who are overweight. The comment, initially made by fellow Instagram user ryanpurds "Making fun of fat people is the only thing that's gonna stop those useless bags of s**t dying a fat early death."

Obviously no one is safe from their followers and that pesky activity page on Instagram has it's cons on top of cons. Archie's real life counterpart faced tons of backlash during this time yet, it seems as if nothing has ever happened to the boy who went red.

14 180 Character Mishap

During the 2017 Halloween season Lily Reinhart dug herself a grave she didn't know she was digging...to be fair it was dug for her...bad. She's pretty well-known for not backing down to people on social media at all and is pretty quick on her feet with a clap back. However a huge misunderstanding left Reinhart floored, if not at least taken aback when a tweet she posted stating "Found my halloween costume!! Inspired by the color of my soul!" Yes, the costume is in all black. Can the tweet be misconstrued as racist, sure. But do we all know she didn't mean it...of course. Misunderstandings happen all the time and I forgive the lack of thought.

13 Ginger Shamed

At a very young age we are taught that if you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. From a very young age Madelaine Petsch was teased for being a redhead...as most redheads are. Though with millions of followers on social media you would assume that the Young Adult television star had it pretty easy growing up. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Petsch tells StyleCaster, “I was mercilessly bullied,” Petsch said.“I was a little kid with a South African accent and bright red hair. I was the weirdest kid in this small town in Washington.” It's amazing how cruel kids could be when they see someone who looks different.

Well, she might've been the "weirdest" kids in her school but, I mean...guess who's laughing now?

12 Her Hips Apparently Lied

One thing I admired about the live adaptation of Veronica Lodge was that she was Latina. A part of me was suspicious because the thick, dark raven hair, thick eyebrows, and olive toned skin.What really had me convinced was in an earlier episode of season 1, her mother, Hermione Lodge referred to her as "Mija" as we all know is a term of endearment a mother calls her daughter in the Latin community.

However, Mendes faces many trials in her career because she's repeatedly told she doesn't look Latina enough, even though she is of Brazilian decent. She told People Magazine ""I often hear things like, 'You don't look Latina enough,' and that mentality is so backward. The fact is: I am Latina, so how are you going to tell me that I don't look Latina?"

11 Shade Throwing The Fans?

So here's the thing about being a famous person, especially if you were a huge influence in a lot of people's childhoods....people are going to want your autograph. Unfortunately for Cole Sprouse however, the right to be a human being has been taken away from him since he was causing chaos with twin brother Dylan on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cole was reportedly not the friendliest when a fan took it upon herself to walk up to the Jughead persona "as if they knew him" and was caught off guard by a rude response. In one is a series of tweets in response to the mishap on twitter, Lili Reinhart (the Twitter gladiator herself) states, "You do not have the right to approach STRANGERS and throw your arms around us like you know us. What you did was not cool and inappropriate." You go girl. #Bughead

10 Snoozin At The Wheel

If you're texting, do not drive a vehicle. If you have dropped something and you're going to pick it up, do not drive a vehicle. If you're tired because you work a 16 hour work day, do not drive a vehicle. KJ Apa, after a long day on set in Vancouver, British Columbia, exhausted as all should be after a long 16 hour day of being on such an emotionally draining show such as Riverdale.

So Ubers exist, yes? Yes. So here's the thing, though Apa walked out without a scratch from just a collision with a pole, and we are thankful he's okay. However, he could have hurt someone else or could have been seriously hurt. So take this entry as a PSA, don't drive under lack of sleep.

9 Luke Perry: Hazard on Jet Skis

So remember when there was a time before Luke Perry became a DILF on for Young Adults? Remember back in the 90s when he was just a normal heartthrob as Dylan in the epically popular Beverly Hills, 90210. Well during his days as the young Dylan McKay, he accidentally ran over fellow actor Jennie Garth with.....yes, yes you indeed guessed it. Luke Perry ran over Jennie Garth with a jet ski...accidentally. And if you were wondering, yes, Luke did apologized. And Jennie is okay too.

Jennie was able to get him back however with a shot to the eye with a binaca after a hot day of shooting and being irritated. Karma is indeed a b!+ch.

8 Harvey Weinstien’d at 13

Unfortunately, the Harvey Weinstein's of the world existed even back in the 80s. Before the series of allegations against Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and Louis CK, Molly Ringwald at the age of 13 was harassed in the work place. In an article by Entertainment Tonight, Ringwald shares , "When I was 13, a 50-year-old crew member told me that he would teach me to dance, and then proceeded to push against me. When I was fourteen, a married film director stuck his tongue in my mouth on set," Ringwald claims. I just wonder, with everything going on in the media, and everyone coming forward about being harassed, it's a good thing that women are finally speaking out to what's happening in the workplace.

7 Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Honestly, can't people go to work and be able to clock in without having to worry about other people not keeping their hands to themselves? Rienhart at the time was still in her teens and developed a crush on a significantly older male colleague. He was all the things a man should be when he's courting a woman. "I was a teenager working on a project...when I started to have a crush on a guy I was working with," she said.  She then proceeded to ask him to take her home when she realized he wasn't taking her home. He reluctantly took her back to the place she was staying. Always remember ladies, it's always better to say something than absolutely nothing at all.

6 Gay Per View

This one isn't really a dark secret more like a revelation of television and misrepresentation. Casey Cott who plays Betty's loyal and trustee right hand man, Kevin is the epitome of the Alpha Gay. Maybe it's because his facial features are very soft yet very sexy? Maybe it's because he's tall? I don't know but there has been chatter about him not representing the gay community at its full potential or raising the question, "why didn't execs fill this role with an actual person of the LGBTQ+?"

However there are many straight men portraying gay men on television such as Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family and Eric McCormack from Will and Grace. Should there be more representation for the LGBTQ+ absolutely and I'm sure Hollywood is working on it.

5 Camila Mendes Eating

It's hard trying to be the picture perfect girl on television. Camila Mendes portrays the intelligent and sexy Ronnie Lodge. With a sexy Latina twist to the character and an amazing start to a career, Camila Mendes deals with the same things that every woman in Hollywood deals with from one time or another, eating disorders. In a post to Instagram she recounts that she has had periods in her own life where she has dealt with eating disorders and mental health as well as her sister. Because of which, she is involved in Project HEAL to raise awareness about the seriousness of the the disease in it's entirety. It's hard being a woman and having an eating disorder and not knowing what to do and who to tell and know that there is always someone there.

4 The Hero Breaks His Hand in this One

As the show progresses, you begin to notice how much alike the stars of the show become so much like their actual character counterparts. Archie...well, Archie broke his hand trying to save a life. When KJ Apa, filmed the scene where they save Cheryl from Sweetwater River, Archie punched throw the ice in order to save her life. Turns out, Apa was so into the scene, he broke his hand in real life! In an Interview with TV Line, Apa states "I wasn’t really punching the ice, but I got a little bit too excited. I was punching a foam mat... [that was] sitting on the ice... It was cold, so I didn’t really feel it. It wasn’t until 20 minutes after that I realized I broke my hand. I didn’t tell anyone." Ouch.

3 Noise Complaint

Sometimes, people want to make others seem like a jerk. During a long night of shooting the Riverdale cast and crew wasn't able to finish filming a scene because there was a street performer who was performing close by and was causing too much noise for the cast and crew to wrap up. In an attempt to settle things with the performer, Cole Sprouse thought it'd be a good idea to politely ask her to tone it down, unfortunately the woman refused and demanded to be compensated for the time she's NOT performing.

Now, I get how it can be a nuisance to the performer who is losing her time to perform therefore losing money but...it's Juggie and he asked nicely, come on. Have a heart lady.

2 Never Threaten the OTP

Being the new kid on the block is hard enough without having death threats added in the mix of it all. Vanessa Morgan play Toni Topaz and potential love interest to alleged born to be serpent Jughead. Everyone was ecstatic when Betty and Jughead initially got together. Betty was no longer pining over Archie and it was just adorable to see the two opposites fit so well while obviously going through their own issues.

Which makes the arrival of Toni that much more upsetting. We all knew that the pretty girl that makes friends with Jughead is going to break up the OTP in some way, shape or form. It's a classic teen drama trope. It almost never goes out of style.

1 Brotherly Love

I guess at this point, it’s a little difficult to see Cole Sprouse and not immediately think Jughead. Back in early Disney days, Cole was known for his role at Cody on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody alongside his identical twin Dylan Sprouse. After rumors started speculating about Sabrina (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) might be making a special guest appearance it didn’t take long for fans to hope that Cole’s former womb mate will also make an appearance as Jughead’s…cousin? "We've had people talk about Souphead, or whatever his name is. That...is one of those things that one, I'm hard-pressed to think Dylan would ever say yes to and that I would ever approve of. And two, that wouldn't break fourth wall."

I’m sad yes. But I’m all for a story line that makes sense.

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