15 Secrets From The Set Of Full House That Prove It Wasn't As Wholesome As It Seemed

Full House was a '90s family sitcom at its very best — a little bit cheesy, a little bit corny, and a whole lot wholesome. They covered all kinds of storylines but, at the end of the episode, the whole family would generally be back in one happy place and everyone would be a strong unit. It may have seemed like a thing of the past, but the new Netflix revival, Fuller House, starring Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber (with guest appearances from nearly every other cast member from the original show), proves that nostalgia is in, and the world is still interested in seeing what's going on in that little corner of San Francisco.

Now, given that there were children on set, and the show itself was aimed at families, you'd think that things were totally squeaky behind the scenes, right? Well, not quite. It turns out, a lot of those adults were behaving in the exact same way they would if they were starring on a sultry soap opera surrounded by other adults rather than a G-rated sitcom. Plus, though it seems like everyone is a big happy family now, there was some drama back in the day.

Here are 15 secrets that have been spilled from the set of Full House that prove it may not have been as wholesome as you thought.

15 Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier Would Draw Inappropriate Pictures On Their Scripts

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If you were a fan of the show, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the extended Tanner family really was a big, happy family — even though you know everyone is just an actor doing his or her job. It's easy to forget that the three male leads — Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier — were young stars at the time, getting their first tastes of fame and living it up. So, they would do silly things that plenty of young people do — including drawing X-rated pictures on one another's scripts. On any other set, it wouldn't have been that scandalous, but on a set where you're surrounded by children, it's a problem. As Saget said, "Dave, John and I would egg each other on and we were often driven to outbursts of non-family-friendly humour. When this happened, the producers and the parents of the kids would take us up to the conference room for a good talking-to."

14 The Three Men Did Whip-Its Behind The Scenes

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Now, there was nothing as crazy as heavy use of illegal substances behind the scenes of this wholesome show — although one of the younger stars, Jodie Sweetin, struggled with addiction issues once the show wrapped. However, that doesn't mean none of the cast ever experimented. Saget tells a story in his memoir about a time when he and his male cast mates did whip-its. As Saget writes in his memoir, "we had been waiting awhile, they were still busy shooting some scenes of Michelle and her friends and I was getting impatient. I grabbed Dave and John and we went into the prop room backstage and locked the door... we inhaled the little bit of air still left in the cans that were meant for Michelle's birthday cake scenes." Who would have guessed?

13 Saget Got R-Rated With A Rubber Doll

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Fans who only know Bob Saget from the show may be shocked to find out what he's like in real life, but fans of his comedy know that he's shockingly filthy at times. This anecdote definitely highlights one of those times. In fact, we'll just let Saget tell the story, because it's pretty insane. As he said, "I had to camera rehearse without any other characters and just the technical crew, with this four-foot-tall rubber doll. Only the adults were there... so I'm throwing it around, pretending to do stuff to it, as one would if there were no child actors within a couple sound stages and you were a comedian with no moral compass... what I didn't know was the television monitors were on in the school room and all the dressing rooms and in certain offices on the studio lot." Yikes!

12 There Was  A Lot Of Cursing — Like, A Lot

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The language on the show itself is fairly squeaky clean — after all, it was meant for family audiences. However, that doesn't mean that everyone's language was always completely G-rated. Again, it was the adults rearing their immature heads. Apparently, many of the adults on set had a bit of an issue with cursing, and would have to stop themselves from using foul language in front of the kids. Given that they were probably used to being on set almost solely with adults, where they could say whatever they pleased, it was probably a hard adjustment. You definitely don't want to curse up a storm in front of the younger cast members, but on the other hand, it's tough to censor yourself constantly, especially when you're working a long day and feeling exhausted.

11 The Olsen Twins Had Unexpected Diaper Issues Sometimes

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When the show first started, the Olsen twins were literally babies — and that meant that they were still in diapers. They had a ton of supervision on set, but they were still working, which means that their parents weren't always around at every single moment. And, they were babies — so they soiled those diapers often. In one of those situations, Saget actually ended up changing one of the twins' diapers (he doesn't admit which one) in order to avoid having to hold the baby and deal with the smelly diaper throughout the entire scene. It's a bit of an unusual thing to have to do on set — most actors likely don't anticipate having to change their on-screen kid's real-life diaper — but hey, he plugged his nose and did it for the sake of the scene.

10 Dave Coulier Had A Big Problem With Gas

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Dave Coulier, for those who don't know, plays the lovable Uncle Joey on the show — he was constantly cracking jokes and making a fool of himself, all in the name of comedy. However, there was one habit Coulier himself had that apparently wasn't very funny to his cast mates — his tendency to release really, really noxious gas. As Saget said in his memoir "the set always smelled like a**. All the show's eight seasons of outtake gag reels have the whole cast leaving the stage abruptly the moment Dave releases his a** fumes." Uh... seriously, man? You couldn't make it to the bathroom or even just leave the set before releasing your disgusting gas? That's just disrespectful to all your cast mates and, honestly, a little bit gross. Come on, Coulier.

9 Producers Almost Fired One Twin, and Just Kept The Other As Michelle

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When Michelle was just a baby, the producers had to look for twins to play the character so they could swap them out and not have to subject one baby to long takes and things like that. However, when Michelle's character began to get a bit older, and the twins did as well, they began to think it might be easier to get rid of either Mary Kate or Ashley and just have one Olsen twin playing the youngest Tanner. In this case, Uncle Jesse saved the day — he apparently convinced the producers that they should keep both of the twins on to play the character, which they did until the show wrapped and they went on to star in countless movies and specials together as part of their entertainment company.

8 Jodie Sweetin Was Supposed To Be The Big Star, Not Mary Kate and Ashley

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When the show first started, creator Jeff Franklin had a feeling that the young Jodie Sweetin would be the breakout star of the show. As Franklin said, "Jodie was like a Vaudeville comic meets Shirley Temple... she had comic instincts when she was 5 years old that just blew everyone away. We really thought that it was going to be 'The Jodie Sweetin Show' at first." While everyone has their favourite sister from Stephanie, Michelle and D.J., there's no doubt that the Olsen twins are the ones who achieved the most international success after the show wrapped. In fact, Sweetin's struggles with addiction took her out of the entertainment industry for quite a few years and she's just now finding her way back. It just goes to show how impossible it is to predict the future.

7 John Stamos Tried To Get The Twins Fired At First

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Think the cast was a big happy family right from the very beginning? Think again. Apparently, though he's got a baby on the way now and learned to love all the kids on set eventually, at the beginning John Stamos was irritated by the twins. They cried while the cast was working on the pilot, and Stamos told the producers to just get rid of the literal cry babies. And they did, swapping the Olsen twins out with another set of twins. However, the producers didn't like the second set quite as much so they brought Ashley and Mary Kate back, and presumably just told Stamos he would have to learn to deal with it. Family shows are tough — actors who are used to working solely with other adults can easily be thrown by children and their different needs and styles.

6 John Stamos Called His On-Screen Wife "The One That Got Away"

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Currently, John Stamos and Lori Loughlin have partners that they're totally happy with, and no one is going to throw that all away and become a home wrecker in the name of a television romance. However, there's no doubt that Becky and Jesse had some serious chemistry, and that fans completely shipped this duo. Stamos added fuel to the fire saying that he viewed Loughlin as "the one that got away," someone who he could have seen a serious relationship with if their timing had just been better. She's totally happy with her long-time hubby, but we can't help but wonder what a real life Jesse and Becky romance would have been like. I mean, the two are both insanely gorgeous — if they were to have had kids, those would be some adorable tots.

5 Stamos, Saget and Coulier Walked Around Without Pants Once

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Seriously, once the guys start spilling about what really went on behind the scenes, we're just constantly amazed by how much trouble they got up to on a family show. It seemed so wholesome! One of the crazy anecdotes that Coulier actually brought up during a special involved pants — or, well, lack of them. As he said "it was late, we had this scene and we couldn't get it. John, Bob and I had to walk around this van and come out and I said 'let's just take our pants off.' We walked around from the van and we're all standing there [pantless]. The crew's dying, and the producers — everybody's cracking up." However, the guys failed to notice that everyone backstage could also see exactly what was going on — and they immediately got scolded by the kids' moms. Whoops!

4 They Used To Bribe The Kids With Candy

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Many child actors express that they actually did enjoy acting and that whole process, but the fact is, they're still just children. Even some adults find it a struggle to work sometime when they don't want to, or have off days — it's no surprise that kids would sometimes get off track. However, due to really strict labour laws, all the child actors were only allowed to work certain hours on set — no long days and overtime, as is often required of actors. So, in order to get the best performance out of them possible, the cast would often bribe them with candy. Yes, we're serious — apparently something as simple as a red gummy bear was a prime incentive and would have the kids standing to attention and reciting their lines with no trouble.

3 Candace Cameron Straight Up Refused To Say "Oh My God" Due To Her Religious Views

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Candace Cameron Bure is best known for being, well, quite conservative. She has strong religious beliefs and is not afraid to speak about them — and she's earned her fair share of admirers and haters because of it. And, her beliefs aren't a recent development — even when she was on the show, she had a very strong set of convictions and a list of behaviours she just wouldn't accept. One of those included taking the Lord's name in vein. Apparently, when the script said she would have to exclaim "oh my god" (something that most actors wouldn't even blink at), Cameron straight up refused because of her beliefs. They ended up playing around with it and creating DJ's funny catch phrase "oh mylanta!" so it all worked out in the end, but still — what a wrench to throw in the script writers' day!

2 One Scene Had A Live Donkey Who Got... Excited

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There's a reason that the only animals who generally show up on a movie or television set are trained and carefully selected — animals are unpredictable. The crew found this out the hard way during a particular scene that involved a donkey. They brought a live donkey rather than creating some kind of a prop because they wanted things to be realistic. However, when the donkey was in front of a studio audience, he ended up getting... well, a little excited. They obviously edited those parts out, but we can only imagine the grossed out vibe going around set that day. You just never know what an animal is going to do, even if he's been well trained — thankfully they didn't have any issues with the dog who played Comet, the Tanner family dog.

1 The Twins Had Someone Feeding Them Their Lines At The Beginning

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Memorizing lines is probably one of the hardest parts of the acting process. After all, you're often given your script with only a few days to learn pages and pages of dialogue — it's no easy feat! However, it's mind-boggling to imagine how children would be able to do the same thing that so many adults struggled to do. In the Olsen twins' case, in the early years at least, it was simple — they didn't memorize everything. Instead, they just had someone out of the camera's view who basically fed them the lines they would need to say, and coaxed them to, well, say them. We bet most adult actors wish they had that luxury — it certainly sounds easier than pages of memorization! It seem it's a service reserved solely for babies, though.

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