15 Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of Our Favorite '90s TV Shows

As many of us know, there is a lot of drama and pettiness that happen behind the scenes of our favorite modern shows like ABC's Grey's Anatomy or reality shows specifically tailored to showcase drama like Lifetime's Dance Moms or MTV's Teen Mom. Most shows run their course without too many issues. Unfortunately for some shows, the things that happen when the cameras aren't rolling get so bad that cast members are written out of the show, or the creators themselves are asked to leave (the latter happening to NBC's Community.) Some of our favorite shows of the 1990's were no exception.

Not every show back then was fortunate enough to have interest generated through making gossip headlines due to all the juicy and dramatic outrageous-ness that happens on-set when the cameras aren't rolling, but plenty of shows had a few secrets and pieces of interesting information that we weren't aware of. The secrets of a show can go beyond drama between the cast members. In addition to looking at the drama between cast members, let's keep things alive by looking at uncovering the truths behind some of our biggest questions pertaining to our favorite shows of the 1990's.

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15 Freaks and Geeks

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Freaks and Geeks has become quite the cult hit since it first hit the air in 1999. It is consistently ranked as one of the best shows streaming on Netflix. Many people wonder why such a great show ever left the airwaves, especially considering all the talent behind it have become huge successes. The show was produced by Judd Apatow, created by Paul Fieg, and starred names like Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and James Franco. Nothing about this show should have failed! Seth Rogen has even tweeted about how he had the opportunity to call the guy who cancelled the series "an idiot" to his face. What happened exactly?

Well, if you read anything about it closer to the show's actual cancellation in 2000 or watched any of the extras on the DVD collection, you would get the impression that someone new at NBC cancelled the show, simply because they didn't like it. This ended up not being the case. Folks like Apatow and Fieg have since admitted the ratings weren't great, but felt the show would have succeeded if given a little more time. Perhaps the early rumors stemmed from bitterness as Apatow has gone on record with Variety and said that every success he's made since Freaks and Geeks has been an act of revenge for its cancellation.

Some other Freaks and Geeks secrets? Bill was supposed to become a jock, and the second season would have opened with Lindsay Weir being removed from a Grateful Dead show on a stretcher.


14 Twin Peaks

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Unfortunately, plenty of things were going on behind the scenes of the cult classic Twin Peaks that probably had a hand in its premature cancellation. Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne on the cult series (which is coming back to Showtime in 2017!) has told several media outlets that Billy Zane and Heather Graham were brought on to the show because Lara Flynn Boyle had issues with Sherilyn getting more screen time with Lara's then boyfriend and star of the series, Kyle MacLachlan.

It was initially stated MacLachlan had an issue with the age difference between his character and Sherilyn's character, but that proved to not be the case when Heather Graham, who is younger than Fenn, was brought on as a new love interest for MacLachlan's Dale Cooper character.

Unfortunately, set drama wasn't the only thing that may have led to the cancellation of such a great series. Creator David Lynch has claimed that the network forced him to reveal who killed Laura Palmer (something he never officially intended to do) because of a dip in the ratings. This was a bad move, as the entire series revolved around the mysterious and supernatural forces surrounding her death. The show never quite found new footing once it was stripped of its very plot.

13 Sex and the City

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It's hard to believe that Sex and the City had any secrets on the set. The show had an impressive six season run and they've even made two theatrically released feature films without losing a cast member. Well, that's the secret. There weren't any secrets. Unfortunately, everyone seems to really like the idea that the cast actually hated each other.

According to Sarah Jessica Parker, "sometimes feelings get hurt" but none of the ensemble cast members ever had a true feud or couldn't stand each other. Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon have all said the rumors of them being adversaries are ludicrous and described it as "tabloid fantasy". For some reason, people don't like to believe that a group of girls can get along.

The truth is, they hung out together off-set, even during the filming of the second movie in 2010. Nixon and Parker even had vacation homes in neighboring towns and their children played together.

12 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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There is a strange secret surrounding Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A couple of them, actually.

The first:

Two of the shows executive producers, Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui, never had anything to do with the production of the show. In fact, they never so much as set foot on a set.

When creator Joss Whedon was finally able to create a Buffy series in his vision, as opposed to the earlier and largely forgotten film version he wasn't happy that it was directed by Fran Kuzui. Since Kuzui's studio still owned the rights to the character, Fran and Kaz were able to reap the rewards of the highly acclaimed television series, even finagle themselves credit as producers, without ever having done any work on the series. Whedon has been bitter about this for years, often making off-handed comments about two unnamed people that were never on the set.

Whedon has also expressed some disdain when the Kuzui's announced a Buffy film reboot. Fortunately, the film hasn't seemed to have gotten off the ground.

The second secret:

According to Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Michelle Gellar was over the role of Buffy by the third season. You have to admire Gellar's work ethic considering she stuck with the series for four more seasons, all while she was becoming a serious movie star and the show was changing networks.

11 Charmed

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It was no surprise that Charmed became a hit, as its network had seen a lot of success exploring drama, romance, and the supernatural with hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Unfortunately, one of the cast members left pretty quickly due to some alleged drama on the set.

According to Shannen Doherty, she had to leave the show due to drama on the set and certain cast members not having passion for the work. While she never directed this at Alyssa Milano, it was implied when Doherty told the press that she would miss co-star Holly Marie Combs and didn't mention missing Alyssa Milano.

Have you ever noticed how the people that complain the most about "drama" always seem to be involved in it? In 2001, when Doherty left the show after three years, she said, "I'm thirty years old and I don't need drama in my life", which sort of sounds like something an overly dramatic teenager would say. If you think I'm being hard on Doherty, this isn't the first time she stirred up controversy on a series. Read on...

10 Beverly Hills 90210

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Shannen was the bad-girl of television, unfortunately, this was in real life and not so much through the character she played. While Doherty appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, she got into bar fights, and fights on the set with Jenny Garth got so bad they wanted to "claw each other's eyes out" according to Garth. Doherty went so far as to pull up Garth's dress during a scene. The fight was about to go outside, but fortunately cast members kept this from happening. Doherty was eventually recognized as a problem and was quietly ousted from the show, as opposed to the dramatic departure the Lifetime behind-the-scenes movie would have you believe.

To be fair, Shannen wasn't the only one acting up. Cast member Gabrielle Carteris lied to producers about her age. By the time she was outed, the show had been on too long to fire her.

9 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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We all remember that the role of Aunt Vivian was played by actress Jane Hubert during the early days of the Will Smith series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Then, without explanation, the role went to actress Daphne Maxwell-Reid. This change was rather jarring considering the fact the two actresses didn't look remotely similar. The transition was anything but subtle. Why did this happen?

According to Jane Hubert, she was was constantly feuding with actors Will Smith and Alfonso Ribero. She even said Will Smith did "some heinous, horrible things" to her. She also says it was Smith that pushed for her to get fired.

According to Alfonso Ribero, Hubert just sort of snapped one day, even going so far as to call her "crazy". He said she made it very hard for the cast to get along like they used to and she always started arguments on the set. Ribero admits that Hubert was a talented actress but then referred to her as "cuckoo!".

8 Star Trek: The Next Generation

via: tng.trekcore.com

Many fans of the second Star Trek series probably know that creator Gene Roddenberry's health was deteriorating during the show's run. Many even believe that the reason he created a more Utopian society on Earth that ignored material things, created an alcohol that wasn't bad for your health, and did away with borders was because he wanted to see something like that happen before he passed away. The real secret, however, isn't about Roddenberry's health. The secret is actually about the uniforms.

The original uniforms on the series were made from a type of heavier spandex called Jumbo or Super Spandex. This spandex only stretched up and down or side to side, depending on how it was cut. This resulted in many of the cast members developing some back problems due to the fabric digging into their bodies during a 12 to 15 hour day of filming. Another unfortunate side effect is the fact that spandex retains odor. Any sweat or body odor that came into contact with that fabric during those long days remained on the fabric. The wardrobe room on the set was a very unpleasant place to be.

Fortunately, Bob Blackman joined the show was costume designer, and developed ways to eliminate these issues.

7  California Dreams

via: sitcomsonline.com

California Dreams was the ugly step brother to Saved by the Bell. The show wasn't exceptional, but it had a strong enough fan base to keep it alive for five seasons. It also has a 7.1 rating on IMDb. Not bad for a cheesy Saturday morning Saved by the Bell clone!

Fans of the show might remember that first season had more of a focus on bandleader Matt Garrison and his family. Slowly, all these family members were dropped from the show, including Matt's sister Jenny that played keyboard in the band. Some of this was boilerplate stuff. The show-runner's decided to focus more on the band dynamic over the family, so the parents and little brother were slowly written out of the show. Jenny was eventually written out of the show and replaced with Hong Kong exchange student Samantha Woo, in an attempt to further diversify the cast. What happened after this was pretty shocking.

When season three premiered, bandleader Matt Garrison was nowhere to be found, and the characters were awkwardly sitting around their hangout saying things like, "It sure stinks that Matt moved!" Did they really write out the bandleader too? And with no explanation or send-off?

Nope. Actor Brentley Gore wanted to add a little more depth to his character Matt, but producers told him that Matt was a do-gooder "Richie Cunningham" type. No longer wanting to play a one-dimensional character, Gore just up and left the show during the break between seasons two and three. Thus, the Garrisons were no more.

6 Family Matters

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In the early days of the series, the Winslow clan had a little sister named Judy played by actress Jaimee Foxworth. One day Judy went upstairs to her room. This wouldn't be weird except for the fact she never came back down and the Winslow's never mentioned her again. They even went so far as to say they only had two children in episodes after the fourth season.

As the character of Steve Urkel grew increasingly popular, screen time for little sister Judy was greatly reduced. Despite becoming a smaller presence on the series, Foxworth's parents demanded a salary increase from the show. The response: write her out. Heck, they didn't even write her out. She just disappeared from existence.

This led to a serious drug addiction to drugs like painkillers and eventually destitution. Foxworth eventually made money by doing pornographic films under the name Crave.

It would seem that Foxworth is doing fine these days, but it's surprising that one greedy move by her parents sent her on such a downhill trajectory.

5 Full House

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We all know what happened to actress Jodie Sweetin who played Stephanie on Full House. She's been very open about her battle with meth addiction. Fortunately, some of the secrets on Full House are on the lighter side.

Some of us might know that actor Bob Saget, who played squeaky-clean super-dad Danny Tanner on Full House, actually has a very vulgar sense of humor. You could imagine this might be a problem on the set of one of most family friendly shows of all time. Apparently, the vulgarity would get so bad that the producers and parents of the child stars would have to bring Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier into a private room and reprimand them.

Outside of Sagets penchant for the vulgar (and drawing penises on the scripts), you might have noticed people storming off the set in all eight seasons of the series' gag reels. This is because Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey on the series, was constantly passing gas. Apparently his flatulence had a very specific odor that could barely be tolerated by the other cast members!

4 Martin

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Well it's time to get serious again. While many of us might remember Martin as a fun and hilarious series, it was anything but on the set.

Actress Tisha Campbell claims that Martin Lawrence developed a serious drug addiction and became erratic on set. There have been claims that he even brandished a gun on set in an attempt to gain more creative control over his co-stars. Campbell claimed that Lawrence started making crude sexual comments towards her and she began feeling very uncomfortable. In what may be the first and only time this has ever happened on the set of a television series, Campbell worked out an unheard of deal with the show creators and producers where she would stay on the show, but she and Lawrence would never share screen time, and Lawrence couldn't even be on the set of his own show during her scenes. As one could imagine, this was a bit strange since they played a loving married couple.

3 Grace Under Fire

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If you were a fan of the series Grace Under Fire, you may have noticed that the show abruptly ended without explanation in the middle of a season. This is because star Brett Butler's addiction to pills and alcohol finally took a turn for the worse. Things got so bad that the show went through five producers in as many years.

The first actor to play Grace's son, Jon Paul Steuer, quite the show after Butler showed him (keep in mind he was a young child at the time) her new boob job.

Eventually, actress Julie White would leave the show too thanks to Butler's drunken behavior and lust for complete control for the series. This was a big blow to the series since White played a main character and Grace's best friend. It's hard to do a send-off for a character that's not going to show up. Producers decided to cut their losses before more cast members decided to quit.

2 Power Rangers

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It's hard to believe there was any kind of secrets on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Everyone seemed so squeaky clean. Unfortunately, David Yost, who played the original Blue Ranger Billy, claims it was a very bad environment for him.

Yost is an openly gay actor, but in those years he wasn't so up front about everything. Producers, writers, directors, and creators had called him a "f***ot" a number of times on the set. One of these times eventually made Yost decide to walk off the show in the middle of a lunch break. Yost also claims that cast members were pulled aside and questioned about Yost's sexuality, which was a very embarrassing ordeal for him.

The whole thing prompted Yost to join a Pray the Gay Away camp for two years. He claims this made him hate himself so much that he was ready to take his own life.

Needless to say, Yost won't be joining any cast reunions any time soon.

1 Saved By the Bell

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Perhaps the secret to Saved by the Bell might be that there really is no secret.

Actor Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on the much beloved series, wrote a tell-all book claiming that the cast members were all doing drugs on set (one time being right after they filmed a anti-drug episode and PSA), having indiscriminate sex with each other, and just overall treating him like garbage because he was younger. Diamond also claimed he'd go to Disney Land in those days and use his "Screech status" on the show to get girls at the family friendly theme park to sleep with him. Eventually, the other cast members all came out and said that none of this stuff was true.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris on the series, and Breckin Meyer made an appearance on Huffington Post Live to plug their series Franklin and Bash. The conversation eventually turned to Dustin's book. Gosselaar kept it cool and just mentioned it wasn't true and extremely negative. Meyer went on to say that Dustin's decline needed to be addressed, and then went so far as to call Diamond a "d**k" and claiming that Dustin was "full of sh**t".

Eventually Diamond claimed that his ghost-writer and the publisher put things in the book that he never said in an attempt to make the book juicier. Despite making this claim, Diamond went on to help produce a Lifetime movie called Behind the Bell, that was filled with the erroneous claims from his book. The real secret seems to be, "what the hell is going through Dustin Diamond's head?"

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