15 Secrets About The Royal Family

It seems that the members of the royal family have long since seemed to lead a fairy-tale life, with others wondering thoughtfully what it might be like to live even just a day in their shoes. Times have changed a little, but the queen and princesses are always dressed beautifully, and the princes so handsomely. They live in lavish castles, are carted around in expensive vehicles, and get to travel to the places any commoner may only ever dream of.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean these kings, queens, princes and princesses have always had easy lives. Behind the scenes, the members have been wrought with scandal and controversy, and have made decisions to say and do things that many would never even dream of.

Even dating back to the 1600s, the royal family has had its share of ups and downs, triumphs and tragedy. But despite all of those things, the general public is still so interested in their lives and want to know every little detail about some members. Nobody wants to look down on people who are so revered now and have been throughout history, but—from time to time—things happen in even the most respected families that can only be the product of something evil.

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15 Uncle Hitler

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Most families have a member or two that we try to keep quiet about, or are embarrassed by their life decisions and even the company they may keep. The royal family is no different. Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, Prince Edward VIII, had a close relationship with Adolf Hitler. Prince Edward gave up his place in line for the throne to marry an American woman, Wallis Simpson.

The United Kingdom’s security was under the assumption that Simpson was a top-secret spy for the Germans who was attempting to supply them with classified military information.

It was also rumored that the Germans had promised to give Prince Edward back his place on the throne if he cooperated. In addition to that, photos surfaced at one time of a 6 or 7-year-old queen with Prince Edward, giving the Nazi salute. Buckingham Palace stated Elizabeth was too young to have known what she was doing at the time, but that didn’t stop critics from having their say about the matter.

14 “Accidental” Death Of A Prince That Swings Both Ways?

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Prince George, Duke of Kent—the brother of Prince Edward, Hitler’s bestie—was rumored to have been interested in the ladies and possibly the men as well. In addition to also possibly being a friend of Hitler, Prince George was reportedly addicted to cocaine and morphine.

Trying to dull the pain of his judgmental family, perhaps? He did end up married to Princess Marina—his second cousin, no less— but this did not stop him from engaging in affairs with both sexes. The royal family, of course, did not take too kindly to these kinds of rumors.

In 1942, George and some friends were aboard a plane that crashed on the way from Scotland to Iceland. Everyone on board was killed, except for Flight Sgt. Andrew Jack. Jack was made to sign the “Official Secret Act” and never speak a word of what happened on the plane prior to its crash.

13 The Queen’s Hidden Cousins

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Back in 1941, mental illness was something the royal family was embarrassed by. Queen Elizabeth had two cousins—Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon—who were committed to an institution and forced to live out the rest of their lives locked away from the public eye.

A documentary was released in 2012 detailing the ordeal these sisters went through, with nurses from the facility claiming that no family members had ever visited either girl.

Queen Elizabeth was said to have been very hurt by this news becoming public, and accused producers of the event to have only been wanting to profit on her family secrets. She did not, however, deny the fact that there was truth to this matter. Nerissa was reported to have passed away in 1986, while her sister Katherine lived until the age of 87, dying peacefully in 2014.

12 Nazi Flashback

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Again, with the Nazi/Hitler connection—two weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day in 2005, Prince Harry was spotted at a costume party wearing nothing other than a desert uniform resembling those worn by the German Afrika Korps.

Making matters much worse, the icing on the cake of this costume was the fact that he had a red armband tied around his bicep, complete with a black swastika for the world to see.

It is in bad enough taste to dress up as something with such an evil history, but the fact that it was done just weeks before the special memorial day of that horrible time in history just made Prince Harry’s choice in costume that much worse. Hopefully next time he decides to dress up for a party, he takes tips from someone in his royal family who hasn’t been at the center of such controversy.

11 Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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Another problem Prince Harry seemed to have in the past was his use of racial slurs, even while communicating with his fellow soldiers in the South Asian Army. To make matters even worse, Prince Harry busted himself with this information, as a video was leaked that he had reportedly been filming himself.

In it, the prince was said to have been filming around a room while his friends were sleeping. He refers to one friend as a “Paki”—a derogatory term for a Pakistani man.

Later, he finds a friend who he calls a “raghead,” which apparently Harry used as a slang term for an Iraqi or Taliban insurgent. Prince Harry’s spokesman claimed Harry meant no harm using either slur, also claiming “Paki” was his friend’s nickname. Despite that, we hope that Harry has cleaned up his vocabulary a bit since those days.

10 Open Mouth, Insert Foot V 2.0

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In Scotland in 1988, Pan Am flight 103 was bombed, and the crash killed all 259 people aboard. Large parts of the plane crashed into homes in Lockerbie as well, which killed 11 residents on the ground.

Five years later, Prince Phillip made an appearance on the streets where the victims were killed. He left everyone with their jaws on the ground as he made comments seemingly comparing that tragedy to a fire at Windsor Castle. Witnesses were horrified when the prince stated, “People usually say that after a fire, it is water damage that is the worst. We are still trying to dry out Windsor Castle.”

Understandably, his thoughtless comments offended quite a few of the locals who were still left reeling after such a traumatic accident. It would be no surprise if someone described him as an evil man after thinking such thoughts—and even voicing them—at such a place.

9 A Miserable Princess

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It seems that it is common knowledge that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s fairy-tale marriage was actually quite the opposite. They were not in love, and it sounded as though Prince Charles did not seem to care for Princess Di even a little.

At her most desperate, Diana had stated that she was four months’ pregnant with Prince William, when she was consumed by depression and feeling worthless. She could not get the attention of her husband to help her work through her feelings no matter what she tried, and in the end decided to throw herself down the stairs, ending up at the Queen’s feet.

Queen Elizabeth was undoubtedly horrified, and while Diana claimed she knew she wouldn’t lose the baby, she just wanted Charles to be there for her and listen to her. Even that plan backfired, as she claimed that Charles did not even bat an eye at his wife in her condition, and instead went out to ride his horse.

8 Prince Charles And The Mistress Of Cornwall

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It’s never been a secret that Prince Charles had a mistress in Camilla Parker-Bowles. According to Diana, he had once told her that he deserved this, and he was not going to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress.

It has also been claimed that Prince Phillip told his son Charles that if his marriage to Diana did not work out, he could always go back to Camilla. This was not kept from Diana completely. In the end, we all know Diana and Charles divorced, and Camilla swooped in to become Prince Charles’ second wife in 2005.

While some opinions may vary on extramarital affairs, we tend to think that vows are vows and are meant to be something that one abides by. Cheating may not necessarily equate evil, but with all the supposed running around the royals do behind their spouses’ backs, it is not something that should be taken lightly.

7 Conspiracy’s Abound, Even 20 Years Later

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Many will always remember where they were the day Princess Diana was involved in a violent car accident in Paris, with the announcement of her death coming the following morning. One of the most common conspiracy theories is that the royal family had Diana killed because she was about to marry Dodi Fayed.

Some have claimed that the royal family did not want an Egyptian Muslim to become the stepfather of Princes William and Harry. While Princess Diana and Fayed were not yet engaged, it has been said that Fayed had picked out an engagement ring earlier in his last day, and had it delivered to the hotel where he and the princess were staying with plans to propose to her that evening.

There are also claims of a flashing strobe light in the tunnel—meant to distract Diana’s driver—which caused the crash to happen. We may never know the truth of how or why the people’s princess passed away. But suffice it to say that anyone who would want the princess dead—and feel no qualms about leaving her children without their mother—would have to be full of evil.

6 The Sellout Of York

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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, divorced Prince Andrew in 1996. She was no stranger to scandal—in 1992 she had been photographed topless at a beach with a man other than her husband. Nearly 10 years after divorcing the Duke of York, the Duchess found herself the victim of a financial hardship. She decided that she would offer access to her ex-husband—as well as other members of the royal family—for a large sum of money totaling over half a million dollars.

Unfortunately for Sarah, the journalist she had been speaking to about completing this transaction was working undercover. He quickly reported her to the media, and—unfortunately for the Duchess—had also obtained video of her agreeing to this deal. Ferguson later released a statement apologizing for her actions, as well as stating she felt deep embarrassment and regret. Understandably, her relationship with the royal family has never been the same.

5 The Duke’s Wandering Eye

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Prince Philip married Queen Elizabeth back in 1947, and they have been together ever since. However, their marriage did not lay to rest the accusations of the Duke of Edinburgh’s wandering eye—and apparently—hands. Since their wedding day, it has been said that the Duke would have a mistress here or there, and would spend time entertaining women other than his wife, the Queen.

Shortly after their marriage, the Duke was sent off on an overseas “vacation” to try to quell the rumors of his cheating ways. Unfortunately, even then it was reported he had a “lady friend” with him on board. Regardless, Prince Phillip has always denied these claims, and has been known to state that his first and last jobs are to never, ever let the Queen down. Despite his name being linked to other women in the past, he holds true to that statement.

4 The Party Princess

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Queen Elizabeth’s sister Margaret seemed to live quite the party lifestyle, which was clearly not the custom for the royal family. Another one who seemed to delve into the world of extramarital affairs after marrying in 1960 was Princess Margaret She was rumored to have been into a hard-partying lifestyle with popular celebrities back in the 1970s—Mick Jagger, Peter Sellers and even Warren Beatty—as well as experimenting with loads of drugs.

After tales of the party princess carrying on relationships with multiple men—as well as being accused of having a boy toy who was 17 years younger than she—Margaret and her husband, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, divorced in July of 1978. After her divorce from the Earl of Snowdon, the Countess lived the rest of her life as a single woman, before succumbing to her death in 2002 due to a stroke.

3 The Secret Prince

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Prince John Charles Francis was born in 1905, to parents King George V and Queen Mary (who were at that time, the Prince and Princess of Wales). He was not the oldest, so he was never in line for the throne, but his parents favored him anyway.

When he was 4 years old, he began to have seizures and would later be diagnosed with epilepsy. The royals did not want this to have a negative mark on their reputation, so the Prince’s parents decided to send him to live in a home near their residence called Wood Farm, where he would have care around the clock.

After this, he would only see his parents once a year, briefly for Christmas dinner. He was always kept from the public eye, and his caregivers would even go so far as to draw curtains over the windows when he was being driven around on public streets. The poor child’s seizures only increased and became worse as he got older, and he passed away in 1919, never to be mentioned again.

2 Missing Nephews

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In 1674, a wooden box was found near the Tower of London. When opened, it was found to be holding the remains of two young boys. Historians now believe that those two boys were the missing nephews of King Richard III.

Edward V was just 12 years old, and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, only nine when they were sent to the Tower of London by Richard III. They were in line for the throne ahead of Richard, and once they were declared to be missing, Richard III became the next king.

Supposedly, the king had two men go into the boys’ room and smother them with pillows. Either way, they were never seen or heard from again, until the box of remains was found. It was never proven that the remains were that of Edward V and the Duke of York, but it is still the general consensus after all these years.

1 Royal Dracula

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In the 15th Century Vlad III—also known as “Vlad the Impaler”—has been found to be Prince Charles’ great grandfather, 16 times removed. Vlad is known as the inspiration behind the Bram Stoker character “Dracula.”

Sharing relations with such a bloodthirsty, tortuous man is not something many would like to claim—however Prince Charles seems to have taken this in stride, and has even been said to have purchased a farmhouse in Transylvania to stay close to his family roots.

This alone is not something that can be helped by the royal family, as bloodlines seem to sort of take their own way. However, it is definitely part of an evil past that will always be in their family, because there is no doubt that anyone who likes to drink the blood of their victims must have a bit of evil in them.

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