15 Secret Things Women Do To Make Their Chest Look Bigger

For a night out on the town, every woman wants to look her best. From spending meticulous hours on makeup, to constant indecisive rants about hairstyles and outfits, a single girl's appearance has to be impeccable—and that includes her boobs. You can find a number of different video tutorials online showcasing a lot of the tips and tricks you'll read about in this article, and the difference they make is magical! The best part is, it doesn't matter if you have small boobs or large boobs—the long list of helpful tips works for any cup size. If you want to turn heads and drive all the attention to your girls, then these are some super effective tricks to popping out your boobs without the pain and credit card debt. With just the right makeup application, diet, bra, and gel inserts, you can have boobs comparable to Pamela Anderson's twins.

15 The Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra

Which woman doesn't own a cup-enhancing bra? We're all guilty of it, and if you're looking for the best then Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra is what you need. A padded breast-enhancing bra to get the girls in the right position for lifting and enhancing, the Bombshell bra uses padding to make boobs two cup sizes bigger—and that's without any of the enhancing tips. Another bra you might want to try is the UpBra. The UpBra has two small straps in the center that allow for adjustable cleavage. If you're looking to make these purchases, the Bombshell bra can be found at any Victoria's Secret store and online, starting at $49.50. The UpBra starts at $94.90 for the convertible style.

14 DIY Chest Enhancement

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A technique you don't want to try on any of the aforementioned bras, especially since they are pricey. If you feel bad about giving up one of your old padded bras, why not transform it into something better! This technique is a simple DIY to give the illusion of a bigger cup size. Cut the bottom of the straps at the back of the bra, but do not cut the front of the straps off. Similar to a  bikini top, you can tie the straps behind your neck, turning the bra into a halter-style. The halter-style pulls up more on the boobs, creating the illusion that they are bigger. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create cleavage.

13 Socks Aren't Just For Your Feet

Don't listen to those who say stuffing your bra isn't ladylike. If you're looking for a super enhancement for a night out on the town or at the club (and not planning on hooking up with a dude you just met), this technique is a must for turning heads. For this tip, it doesn't matter what size socks you use. You can use tube socks or ankle socks, fold them in half so they are about the size of your hand, and make sure when you shove the socks into your bra, you tuck them on the sides of your boobs. This pushes the majority of the breast upwards, creating more defined cleavage.

12 Brush On Some Bronzer

This is maybe one of the most popular techniques for making a woman's chest look bigger. There are tutorials all over the Internet showcasing this technique, letting you know about all the different brushes and bronzers you can use. Ideally for this trick, you should use a contouring brush, and brush the bronzer along the natural curves of your breasts. You can start with a blended cream bronzer first and then brush on the powder bronzer for ultimate definition. The bronzer darkens the area between your boobs and along your curves, making it look as if they are rounder and bigger than they actually are.

11 Use Your Hands

10 Make Your Own Bra Padding

9 If You Can Afford It, Buy Cutlets

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If you don't want to try making your own cutlets and you have the money, you can always just buy your own. Victoria's Secret calls them “shaping inserts,” and they are made out of silicone. These cutlets can add up to one full cup size to make your boobs look more enhanced. If there is any company that knows how to make boobs look more enhanced, it's Victoria's Secret, but there are other brands like Cleavage Cupcakes, which make the boobs look lifted and fake like Pamela Anderson's. Depending on the size and shape of the “chicken cutlet”, you can get a number of different sexy looks.

8 Work Out Your Upper Pectoral Muscles

If you've ever heard that working out will decrease your breast size, that's not entirely true. If you focus on working out your upper pecs, you can easily increase your boob size. But this trick is a little more difficult. You have to be careful, because if you work out your lower pecs, that can have the opposite effect, and actually decrease the size of your boobs. Push-ups and incline dumbbell chest presses will work out your upper pectorals, or you can use what's called a pec deck. These machines have your arms at 90-degree angles, and you press your arms together and move back, keeping the 90-degree angle.

7 Use Two Bras

When you use one boob-enhancing bra, it can be enough, especially when it comes to the Bombshell bra mentioned at the beginning of this article. But if you've got a couple of bras lying around at home, layering them on top of one another can be an easy fix to making your boobs look a little bigger. Some websites recommend that women do not layer their bras because it's not accurate, but many women do so because it's an easy solution to having smaller boobs. The extra bra works to push up the boobs even more than the first bra did.

6 Pin Your Bra Back

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Pinning your bra back can be done in two ways: with a safety pin, or with a paperclip. If you don't want to ruin your expensive Victoria's Secret bra with holes, the better option would be to you use a paperclip to help enhance your cup size. You can clip both bra straps together in back, and adjust the straps by sliding the paperclip up and down. When using a safety pin, all you have to do is pin the two strap together in a desired position. Although you won't have the ability to adjust the straps like when using a paperclip, so make sure you test out the position before pinning.

5 Practice Good Posture

Most women might not think that posture can have any sort of effect on your boobs–but it can. Adjusting the way you sit can mean the difference between saggy-looking and perky boobs. Even if you have a bra that fits correctly, bad posture can still make them look flabby. When you have good posture, your boobs rest more naturally and attractively because your chest is lifted. And if you're wearing flattering clothing and the correct bra, your boobs will be looking their best. To practice good posture, make sure not to slouch when walking, and pay attention to how you sit.

4 Eat The Right Foods

A healthy diet can work wonders! If you're looking to increase boob size naturally, then you should be watching what you eat. A "boobilicious" diet will be rich in estrogen and proteins, and include foods like chicken, pumpkin, peas, meat, blueberries, eggs, and fish. As with any diet, you'll want to avoid things like salty foods, carbonated drinks, coffee, and junk food. All of your bad habits can negatively affect the growth and appearance of your boobs. Just like smoking can create early wrinkles on the face, it can also do the same to your boobs. Eating a healthy diet is an important way to start making your boobs naturally enhanced.

3 Get A Cleavage Facial

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Making breasts look bigger and better doesn't always mean boosting them with cutlets or brushing them with bronzer. The most important thing you can do, like with any part of your body, is take care of the breast itself, and the very thin skin around it. Some places have started offering a “cleavage facial,” which is exactly what it sounds like. The special facial tightens up the skin, and makes it smooth and appealing. But if you want to take care of business in the comfort of your own home, there is an at home breast mask you can try called the 24-karat gold collagen breast mask. This mask increases the cellular metabolism, making the boobs feel smoother and firmer. 

2 Make Your Waist Look Smaller

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Another easy way to put the spotlight on your boobs and make them appear bigger, is by taking the spotlight away from your waist. Other than working out your core and thinning your waist, you can also wear special girdles or wraps underneath your clothes to make your waist smaller. By making your waist appear smaller, you're making your chest appear much bigger, even if it isn't that much bigger to begin with. Making your waist slimmer, and combining other tips in this article, will result in a bigger cleavage area, and more appealing boobs for a night out.

1 Wear Light-Colored And Striped Tops

We've all heard it before, wearing dark clothes is more flattering and will make you look thinner. What most women don't know is that this trick can also have a negative affect on your boobs. It's true—dark clothes may make you look smaller, but it can make your boobs look smaller too. So if you're looking to enhance your boobs, wear a light-colored top to make them appear bigger. Wide-striped tops have also been known to make people look bigger than they are, so this is a shirt pattern you'll want to try to make your boobs look bigger. The stripes will enhance the curvature of the boobs and make them really pop.

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