15 Scorching Pics Of Kylie That Make Even The Most Confident Girl Jealous

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know exactly who Kylie Jenner is. Not only is she the queen of selfies, but she’s also a trendsetter that has her hands in just about every industry. From makeup, fashion, to various sponsorships, Kylie Jenner is just getting started when it comes to building her own empire.

Throughout the fame that Kylie Jenner has brought upon herself, she’s always stuck with her family. She has their back, and she always puts her family first. She's said many times that her confidence is due to her family. We hope that these pictures inspire you with some of her confidence as well, because we all deserve to take a few extra selfies every day to boost our self esteem. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Throughout this article, not only will we be ranting and raving over her selfies, but we’ll also be spilling some tea about her style. That way you can learn more about the King Kylie herself! We’ll also be asking you some questions too, because we want you to be involved, even if you’re a little bit jealous of Kylie Jenner! This article is meant to spread the love, not any hate or ill feelings to Kylie or her family; we want to be positive and maybe even inspire some of you to get out of your comfort zone and experience the same confidence Kylie Jenner has on a day to day basis.

Let us know what picture of Kylie Jenner you like the most and which one makes you the most jealous!!

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15 The Snapchat Queen

It’s quite rare that we see Kylie Jenner pull off long blonde hair, but she definitely pulls it off in this heart filled Snapchat! Not only does this filter look totally adorable on her, but she also looks fantastic with this long hair. We know that Kylie Jenner wears wigs quite often, so it’s safe to say that this might actually be a wig, but either way, she looks stunning and it does look pretty natural. As you can see from the photo she’s gone all out on her makeup, her brows look great, her contour is on point and her lips look fantastic. It looks like she might even be wearing one of her own signature lipsticks as well. Would you try out wearing a long blonde wig and trying out a lipstick like this? We’d love to know your thoughts on this look or if it just makes you jealous!

14 She Even Rocks Orange Wigs!

Another classic example of how flawlessly Kylie Jenner can pull off wigs, even if they are bright orange! In this chic boho look, she’s seen holding up herself on the cover of Paper Magazine. She’s rocking a long orange wig with a nice natural looking root. It compliments her olive skin tone perfectly and it almost looks like it could actually be her real hair! She’s seen wearing a very ornate choker with a simple cropped white tee shirt. She has her designer pink sunglasses and jean cutoff shorts that really compliment her figure. This goes to show that she can easily pull off any look. From the bright orange hair to the casual outfit that we hardly ever see her sporting. Do you think you would ever have the guts to wear a long orange wig like this out in public? Or would you be too worried about how people will think of you?

13 Minimal Makeup

We love the lighting in this selfie, it’s so natural and makes it very easy to see her beautiful amber colored eyes. It seems like Kylie Jenner has taken a liking to taking selfies with her hair wet, as you’ll see later on in this article. But it honestly works for her. Her hair looks great and it’s a great contrast compared to her blemish free soft skin. She looks fantastic here in all black too, just like she usually does. This selfie probably represents the most natural and confident Kylie Jenner is on a regular basis. Even though she probably has some kind of makeup on, because there’s no way she has perfectly smooth skin, the selfie overall is an A+ from us! Does Kylie Jenner inspire you to put more thought into your own selfies? If you’re not overly jealous, you could take this picture as some inspiration for your next mini photo shoot!

12 Duck Face & A Dog Filter = Perfection

The dog filter and duck face, how does she even make it actually look cute? From her gorgeous long black hair to her pouting lips, everything about this selfie screams Kylie Jenner. She has her signature Instagram brows, her long lashes, and it looks like she even did a simple gradient when it came to her lipstick. It’s safe to say that the lipstick is also from her own makeup collection as well. She seems to be having fun, which is something I wish there was more of that on her Snapchat. She seems to always be so serious or just talking about her beauty products. She has so much potential to spread positivity and fun, if she would just step up and show that side of herself more often. I’m sure we would all appreciate it quite a bit! Let’s all bring back the duck face and the dog filter, please and thank you!

11 She Looks Amazing In Distressed Camo

Such a simple and bare look, but it works for her! Can you tell we’re jealous? We love when Kylie Jenner puts on a smize when taking a selfie, especially when she’s rocking her casual wear. We’ve included a quote below from Kylie Jenner herself and her thoughts on happiness. Since we've been talking about happiness and confidence, we only thought it was appropriate that we include this quote so you can get an inside look at what makes Kylie happy in her own life.

“I've realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it's my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset. So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always.”

10 Who Could Pull This Off Except Kylie?

Even in this very strange looking dress, she makes it work for her and it looks fantastic! We aren’t exactly the biggest fans of this dress, even though it looks great on Kylie, there’s just something about it that’s a little bit awkward. Either way Kylie Jenner rocks her curves in this knit button down dress. She keeps the dress off her shoulders so it makes her stand out even more by showing a little bit of skin. In this mirror selfie, we’re happy to see her short black hair make a return, because out of all her styles and wigs, her natural hair is probably the one hairstyle we seriously love the most. She also has her black designer bag with her, which compliments her skin tone and her dark hair. It pulls together the outfit and has us shook to the core.

9 She Woke Up Like This

Her innocent flawless no makeup look is dangerous! Who else do you know who can pull off a fresh face like this? This is probably one of our favorite selfies of Kylie Jenner. Not only does she look like she just woke up with the most beautiful skin ever, she also looks content. She looks so confident in this look it’s driving us crazy. She’s got the whole pout going on, the messy natural short hair. And her big eyes looking off the the side of the picture, making her look quite mysterious. The funny thing is, she probably just took this photo for fun without any real deep emotions attached to it. Either way, she’s constantly killing the game and she’s making us a bit jealous because of how well she exudes her confidence on a daily basis. Would you have the courage to post a selfie of you right when you get up in the morning?

8 Flexin' On All Her Haters

A classic mirror selfie where she’s flexing her abs and showing off her curves. If we had curves like Kylie Jenner we’d be doing the same damn thing too! So many people got mad at Kylie Jenner because of this photo. Hundreds of people claiming that she has photoshopped her picture, hence why the quality of the image was so bad, while others were saying that this proves she’s a total fake. If people weren’t upset about the alleged photoshop, people were upset that she had butt implants and surgery, even though that is completely her choice because it’s her body. Who in their right mind thinks that it’s okay t police someone else's body just because it makes you uncomfortable or jealous. No thanks! Let Kylie Jenner live her life and take as many mirror selfies as she wants, with all the curves she’s got. Don’t let anyone stop you, Kylie!

7 It's Time For Vogue

Isn’t this professional photo shoot so adorable! From the outfit to the colors, everything is literally perfect! We just had to include a professional photoshoot in this list because it looks fantastic and she looks so happy. We know we’d be happy if we had a cute outfit like that! From her wavy black hair in its signature length, her beautiful makeup always looking flawless, she overall looks fantastic. Not to mention the fashion forward outfit, the off the shoulder shirt that’s slightly cropped paired with the high waisted light washed jeans. You can’t go wrong with this fresh and summer friendly look! She’s giving us confidence inspiration while also inspiring us with her unique fashion choices! We love how fit she looks too, if you’re looking for any sort of fitspiration, Kylie Jenner is probably going to be number one on your list, especially with summer coming sooner than you might expect.

6 Just A Regular Day Outfit

Just a casual day hanging out in the gardens in a very revealing white... shirt? Is this even a dress, or is just a shirt she turned into a dress for a new trend? Either way, she rocks it! Speaking of trends, Kylie Jenner has started so many trends we can hardly keep count. But the important thing is, she’s not afraid to go out into the world and have fun with her sense of style. She never puts herself in a box, she always explores and just has fun with whatever she’s currently doing. From her hair to her makeup, she’s never let someone else tell her what she should be doing. She’s always just gone with what she feels like is the best and what makes her personally happy. Do you think Kylie Jenner will inspire you in this aspect of your life? Does her style push you to explore your own personal style as well?

5 Oh, I Didn't See You There!

Not only does her hair and makeup look great here, but so does her figure! Of course she does, she’s Kylie Jenner after all! We absolutely love this picture because it just shows how confident Kylie is with her body and her overall demeanor. She isn’t afraid to show off her body and what makes her feel the most proud. But she also doesn’t always have to show off a ton of skin to make a simple outfit like high waisted jeans and long sleeved shirt look hot! She can just be herself and she can look great. Hopefully if this picture doesn’t make you too jealous, you can use this source of confidence to really elevate how you feel about yourself and your own body. You don’t have to try and be someone else, you can be yourself, but seeing pictures like this really gives you an idea of what confidence looks like.

4 Fresh Faced

Look how flawless she looks in this photo. It gives off fresh and comforting vibes without a doubt. Even without showing a ton of skin, this picture of Kylie Jenner is totally hot! From the wet hair that’s a bit shorter from her normal hair length when she wears wigs, to her flawless makeup, we’re seriously jealous! She seems to be only wearing a white shirt or robe of some sort that's draped around her loosely. She even is showing off a mini tattoo she has on the back of her left arm. The tattoo is of a small red outline of a heart. It’s perfect and matches her personality in a great way. It’s a unique little element that she doesn’t show to the mainstream world all that often. If this little tattoo and her fresh face hasn’t inspired you to go out there and express beauty in your own way, we don’t know what will.

3 We Need This Look!

Whenever you hear the name Kylie Jenner, an image like this probably popped into your head. The matte nude lip, the subtle contour, the Instagram worthy eyebrows, and of course the long straight black hair. Add in the silk dress and you have a look that will literally make anyone’s head turn. If you even look closer at the image, you’ll notice she’s also wearing a corset. While this image is beautiful and looks like a professional photoshoot, we can’t help but notice how comfortable and casual she is about it. She just lets her confidence take over and she can seriously handle anything! We seriously need to know exactly where she got this amazing outfit, because when we have the same level of confidence as her, we would be wearing this outfit literally everywhere we can! Could you see yourself wearing an outfit like this? Or would you pass?

2 She Even Pulls Off Blonde... How?

Even though we already ranted and raved about Kylie Jenner having blonde hair, this image stands out because there’s no way that this isn’t her actual hair. There’s no way this hair is a wig, just look at that natural hairline. This ash blonde looks so great on her with the simple shadow root. It does have a sense of warmth to the blonde, but overall it’s not ever pigmented and it actually looks ashy in this lighting. Whether or not this is an actual wig, we totally love this color. Once you have time to process the hair, you’ll have probably noticed the bold makeup and stunning accessories. This look comes together in such a simple and minimal way, we can’t help but want to see more. Plus we need a makeup tutorial on this look ASAP, so we can stop feeling jealous immediately.

1 Brb, Going To Chop My Hair Off

We’re pretty sure this is actually a wig, but it looks so natural on her! Most likely because she usually has black hair when she’s not messing around with pastel colors. This wet hair look perfectly frames her face and her makeup looks fresh and dewy as well. It fits her bone structure flawlessly and her makeup just brings together this overall very edgy look. We love when Kylie Jenner opts to wear a gloss rather than a matte lipstick, it almost makes her look like a whole new person. She’s decided to go with thinner brows, a light brown eyeshadow, and seemingly just some mascara and lashes. She really went out of her way to keep this look very simple and works quite well for her, especially with this shaggy haircut. Do you think you’d ever take the leap of faith and cut your hair this short?

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