15 Rules The Kardashian Nannies Had To Follow

It seems like celebrities just have a lot going on. From photo shoots to filming movies, they have a lot on their plates. Add kids to the mix, and it’s even crazier. Because they can be so busy with work, celebs often hire nannies or babysitters to help out with their kids. Nannies can be found in plenty of Hollywood families and can make a difference in how the family’s dynamics work out.

Naturally, the nanny gig is going to come with a set of rules. Parents have a certain idea of how they want their kids to be disciplined. There might be specific diet restrictions, nap times, and rules for TV time. This is totally normal. Most parents do this for their babysitters or nannies—regardless of how famous they are.

As we can imagine, nannying for the Kardashians has to be a whole different ball game, even for seasoned caregivers. This famous family has some pretty tight rules for their nannies. From looking at the Kardashians out with their nannies, we wouldn’t necessarily think that these restrictions were actually there. The rules aren’t really made public, but they’re definitely a big deal.

Let’s jump into the world of the Kardashian nannies to see how this all goes down!

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15 Kim Tells Her Nannies To Not Wear Jewlery

After a scary incident for Kim, her family has been a little bit more cautious. In 2016, Kim was in her hotel when she was held hostage. After they had her contained within her room, gunmen took all of her belongings. This was the first real sign that showed her that people knew how wealthy her family was. She truly realized that they could be out to get her or her belongings.

It makes sense that this would have a lasting impression on Kim, and she has decided to act on her fears that it could happen again. As an extreme precaution, Kim stores her jewelry away from the home.

In addition, she requests that nobody—including the nannies—in the house wears jewelry. This is her way of keeping robbers away from the family’s mansion.

14 Always Be Ready—No Matter What Time It Is

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As mentioned previously, the Kardashian family is always on the go. Kim and her sisters have a lot going on in their everyday lives. This means that they fully utilize their nannies quite often. Because the Kardashians could need their nannies at any time, they always have to be on call. They are expected to be ready, regardless of how early or late it is.

In addition to just being ready in general, the nannies are expected to go along for the ride most of the time. They might be dragged to various spots all over the world—whether it’s business or vacation. This obviously has its perks because who wouldn’t want to go on a free vacation? Lots of work has to be done though, even when the family and their nannies are in tropical destinations.

13 Keep Up With The Craziness

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Because of their insane lifestyles, the nannies have to be ready to keep up with them. They’re constantly on the go, and there will also be plenty for the nanny to do. There are schedules to keep track of so that everyone knows exactly where to be and when.

Nannying for the Kardashians means doing a whole lot more than changing diapers and giving the kids their snacks. The nannies have to tag along sometimes when the Kardashian ladies have obligations outside of the house. This means that they have to bring everything that the kids will need for the day and get everyone ready to go as well.

Plus, the caregivers should have a good idea of what exactly is going on in the famous family’s life. It’s best to keep up with the Kardashians at all times to avoid any possible embarrassment or confusion.

12 Kim Even Tells Her Nannies Where To Stand

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As with anyone in the Kardashians’ entourage, there is a specific place for the nannies to be. It’s important to be in the right spot at the right time to avoid getting into trouble with the family.

It’s said that Kim likes to tell everyone where to walk or stand when they go out. She has this down to a science, and she expects everyone else to also. She supposedly has everyone arranged in a V-shape.

It could be a challenge to maintain the formation if a nanny has to help one of the kids along the way. Imagine pushing little Saint in a stroller while trying to give him a snack and attempting to stay in the right position. This could be a disaster! It’s best to just listen to Kim.

11 You’re Subject To Being Overpowered

No matter who a child’s parents are, a nanny has a bit of a power struggle in some cases. If a child is disobeying while the parents are around, there’s some confusion as to who should discipline the kiddo. It seems like the Kardashians are always there when their nannies are, which makes the whole authority issue a bit unclear—for both the kids and the nanny.

Not to mention, some parents over-explain what the nanny should be doing. A source spoke about Kourtney’s relationship with the nanny and how she was constantly reminding the nannies to do certain things. She said, “I could tell it was really hard for her to let them do their jobs.” Because Kourtney—and her sisters—are focused on the little things, this is likely a common struggle for the Kardashians and their nannies.

10 Pictures Of The Kids—No Way!

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Every family has different rules and restrictions when it comes to finding someone who can care for their kids. Another big concern are pictures. Some families are totally comfortable with their nannies and babysitters taking pictures of their kids. Some are even okay with these photos being shared online or with friends.

The Kardashians—on the other hand—have a different mindset on this. The problem here is that the media will pay big bucks to get their hands on images of the Kardashian kids. Tons of magazines would love to have access to even more information from the family.

It makes sense why the Kardashians would have these rules in place. It’s partially because they want to have control over which photos get released and which don’t. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair if the nanny was essentially getting paid to exploit the children.

9 The Kardashians Come First

Being a nanny for the Kardashians—or any celebrity, for that matter—is not easy. Most nannies work long hours with few breaks. It’s definitely a full-time job. Naturally, people get sick or a family emergency happens. We are pretty sure that the Kardashians would be understanding of more serious situations. It’s required that the nannies are available when the family needs them, regardless of what is going on outside of their job.

When it comes to a nanny’s personal life, there isn’t room for much of anything. They often have to put their lives on hold and focus on working for the Kardashians. This means no dating or hanging out with friends. There can also be much less time for self-care. Eventually, this could begin to take a toll on someone’s overall health.

8 You Probably Won’t Make It On The Show

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Throughout the years of episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we haven’t really seen their nannies. In the show, the kids seem to be tended to by their parents or not shown at all. It’s unclear as to why the caregivers are left out of the reality TV show, but we’re sure there’s a legitimate reason.

Without a doubt, these nannies still receive a fair amount of publicity, simply by going out with the family. They just don’t get the same attention that they would be given if they were on the show as well. They’re getting more exposure from the media than they would if they were nannying for anyone else.

When the kids aren’t in the episodes, they’re being taken care of by the nannies. That could be why the nannies don’t make it on the screen.

7 Be Prepared To Take The Blame

While it may not always be the nanny’s fault, there is always a chance for them to face the repercussions. This is especially an issue with the Kardashians because they are so high up in Hollywood. They naturally try to avoid anything that could make them look bad. While it’s important for everyone to have a good rep, nannies are at the bottom of the list.

Sometimes, things will happen when both the parents and the nannies are around. It can be a little bit confusing as to who is to blame. Even if the mom or dad is still watching the kid, they might decide to place the blame on the nanny. This is usually to protect their reputation. As long as the parents and the nanny both understand the situation, everything should be okay.

6 Pets Or Kids—They're All Yours

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Usually when nannies apply for the job, they assume they’ll be working with kids—and only kids. They consider things like taking the kids to the park, playing games with them, and kissing their boo-boos. This is the case for the Kardashian nannies, but there’s more to it than it seems.

Sometimes, the Kardashians have their nannies take care of their pets, too. This isn’t too big of a deal, but it’s a lot to ask of someone who signed up to take care of the kids. It might also become too much for the nanny to handle. Keeping track of a few children while trying to potty train a puppy will feel pretty difficult and overwhelming. Hopefully, these nannies can catch on quickly and find a rhythm to make it all a lot easier.

5 You’ve Got To Audition First

As with any job, we will expect the Kardashian nannies to go through some type of an interview process. It’s just a given with how the hiring process actually works these days. Of course, this a more drawn-out process, given that it’s the Kardashians and their precious offspring.

Prior to the Kardashian mamas meeting a candidate or looking at their resume, an agency does the dirty work. They do background checks and interviews. Finally—when a potential nanny passes the inspection of the agency—the audition process arrives.

In classic Kardashian style, this includes a variety of aspects. It isn’t simply meeting the parents and their children. The prospect is expected to have an excellent taste in fashion and intelligence. The moms are also seeking someone with a good personality. Sounds like a tough gig!

4 Dress To Impress

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Most nannies can get away with wearing what they would like to, given that it’s not too inappropriate. This generally means jeans or leggings and a tee shirt or a cozy sweatshirt. Comfort is key, especially with a job that requires the employee to get down on the ground and play with the kids.

It’s different for the Kardashians, though. Because they are always out and about and in the eye of the media, they are all expected to dress their best. This can be a challenge because kids are messy and they could ruin their nanny’s nice new shirt. Regardless, it comes with the territory of rolling with the celebrities.

The paparazzi is everywhere! A nanny certainly wouldn’t want to make it on the cover of a tabloid due to their out-of-style outfit.

3 You Might Have To Work With The Other Nannies

Whoever said that a family can only use one nanny? Using a few different ones would definitively lighten the load and allow for greater flexibility. Plus, one nanny could care for each child instead of one being in charge of two or three at once. It doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea—and the Kardashians have plenty of money to pay multiple nannies.

Back in 2016, Kim and Kanye took their little family on a trip. They brought three nannies along for the ride. Apparently, even with those nannies outnumbering the kids, the whole trip didn’t go as smoothly as they had planned.

Regardless of that trip’s success, it’s important for Kardashian sitters to realize that they might have some competition or support from another nanny in the home.

2 Get Ready To Travel

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As we have mentioned, the Kardashians live insanely busy lives. They are constantly jumping from one place to another for various engagements. It’s got to be hard to be a babysitter for them and to keep track of where the kids should be.

Nannies are also expected to accompany the family on vacations. While this could mean a luxurious hotel right on the beach, it’s not all that relaxing. The problem is that the children are in the hands of the nanny—whether they’re home, out and about or thousands of miles across the globe.

The job doesn’t slow down on vacations. It almost picks up even more, because the parents are trying to take it easy, too! Free vacations aren’t much to complain about, but they really aren’t breaks at all.

1 Their Trust Issues Might Affect You

One of the key components of a positive work experience is trust. If employees can’t be trusted, there will be bigger problems. The Kardashian family has had some trust issues over time, and those ended up affecting the nannies as well.

Following Kim’s scary hotel robbery experience, she began to get worried about the safety of herself and her kids. She was trying to make some changes in their lives in order to prevent future scares.

A source close to Kim explained what she was doing after the attack, saying, “She’s talking to Kanye and is seriously considering firing all the nannies, not because they’re not doing their jobs, but because she has trust issues now…” It’s unclear whether or not Kim actually fired anyone, but there’s nothing stopping her. The nannies should know why Kim might be a little bit cautious.

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