15 Rules We Didn't Know Olympic Athletes Must Follow

It's 2018 and the winter Olympics are upon us. The highly anticipated event that only comes around once every 4 years, is being held in South Korea. The Olympics originated in Ancient Greece and even back then, they were only held every 4 years. There are a couple theories as to the origins of the Olympics, they are all steeped in Greek mythology. The Olympics are still one of the biggest, if not the biggest sporting event in the world. It sees the world come together, even warring factions, to celebrate feats of human ability and strength. The Olympics is an extremely inspiring thing to watch, and learning about Olympics athletes and what their lives entail is just as fascinating as it is to watch them compete. They are all superhumans compared to the rest of us, so it makes sense that we would be interested and curious by everything about them.

The athletes stay in the Olympic Village during the course of the games, and that alone is super interesting and a big story in and of itself. What we're saying, is that it's party central. These people have worked so hard to get to the Olympics, so when they are done competing they can finally let some steam off! The Olympics becomes a temporary community, and there are a bunch of rules that the athletes have to deal with. Some of these rules are only during the Olympics, so it is not something they are used to dealing with when they are normally competing. Some sports have stricter rules than others, as you will see. All in all, it is fascinating that these rules are implemented on the Olympic athletes.

15 Figure Skaters' Routines Are Censored

With the popularity of the Tonya Harding movie that came out earlier this year, figure skating is enjoying a boom in popularity right now. Even though figure skating is seen as a dainty sport that is all about seemingly being pretty and delicate, it is an intense sport and these people are some of the best athletes in the world. If you watch figure skating you know the crazy moves these skaters pull off, crazy twists and jumps into the air. But sometimes, this family-friendly sport can result in some not so family friendly images. This is what happened when Canadian figure skating duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were doing their routine. Tessa jumped up and had her legs on Moir's shoulders and his face was basically right in her nether regions. This was seen as way too scandalous so Virtue and Moir were forced to alter their routine to avoid this.

14 No Girls Allowed In The Nordic Combined Event


13 Snowboarders Have A Tough New Rule To Follow As Of This Year That Has Them Doing The Same Trick In Different Directions


Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics, and it is easy to see why. The tricks that these athletes are able to do and pull off while soaring through the air are absolutely astounding. Truly a feat of human strength and agility. Well this year, the Olympics made it a bit tougher for competing snowboarders. Snowboarders get to do three runs, and their two best ones the scores are added together. This is where the new rule comes in, the only way that their two runs will qualify to be added up together is if the tricks are done in different directions. So one run has to have a twist or jump to the left, and the other run has to be to the right. You can see how this can really throw someone's game off!

12 All Short Skating Routines Must Be Done To Rhumba Music


This is one of the more odd rules, and can potentially totally throw someone's game off. When the Olympics comes around, the International Skating Union gets together and decides on a genre of music that all the competitors must perform their short dance routines too. Not all musical genres lend themselves to everyone's different approaches to figure skating! But this is something professional figure skaters are used to and understand will happen. So they are prepared! At the Olympics this year, the figure skaters must perform their short dance routines to rhumba music. They have left that genre open to including samba, mambo, meringue, and salsa. Basically, they want some spicy latin inspired themed figure skating! Can't say we are mad at it, that is a super fun genre.

11 The Skates On The Bottom Of The Bobsleds Have To Be A Specific Temperature, The Officials Check Before The Race

ABC News

10 Gymnasts Are Not Allowed “Loud” Colors Of Nail Polish While Competing

ABC News

9 Track & Field Athletes Can Never Be Sponsored For Their Hair


8 Swimmers Are Allowed To Grease Up Their Armpits And Inner Thighs

USA Swimming

Gymnasts use powder to help them through their routines, and swimmers are allowed to grease up their armpits and inner thighs for their competitions. It can be difficult to discern what kind of minute detail the Olympics committee will deem either allowed or not allowed in a competition. On the one hand. we are sure that swimmers who are competing and swimming as much as Olympic swimmers are will chafe on their inner thighs and armpits so greasing it up seems like the logical thing to do. But it is sort of surprise that the Olympics do not see that as giving them too much help in their competition, and they allow it. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Olympic committee when they are discussing the different rules for the different competitions.

7 Logo’s On Athletes Uniforms Have To Adhere To Specific Sizing Regulations

(Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

This is a very reasonable rule and one that we applaud the Olympic committee for creating because it sends a healthy message. In this world where everything seems to be becoming some kind of advertising, to the point where social media have to point out they are NOT advertising something, it is refreshing to see the commercial industry take a back seat to the athletes. Think about how many sports teams and stadiums have been bought up by large corporations, everything seems to be about the bottom dollar. Well in the Olympics, sponsors logos have to adhere to very strict sizing regulations and they cannot be too large. We love it, all that should really be on the athlete's uniforms is their names and the country they are representing.

6 Wrestlers Have To Carry A Blood Rag On Their Person While Competing

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Wrestling is one of the most popular Olympic events, and like most other sporting competitions it carries risk. Wrestling is two people who are trying to pin the other one down using their bodies. There are no hits like in boxing or MMA, but that does not mean it is not a combat sport. Wrestlers accept early on that they are going to get injured in the line of practicing their favorite sport, but that is a price that they are very willing to pay. Even though wrestling outfits leave little to the imagination, all wrestlers in the Olympics must have a blood rag on their person at all times. Typically, wrestlers sustain many injuries while they're competing and some of these injuries cause them to bleed, profusely, and this way they can clean it up quickly.

5 Water Polo Athletes Must Have Their Toe Nails Checked Before Competing

Canadian Olympic Committee

This is an unusual one! You weren't expecting anything about toenails in this article, were you? Well, you should know that even the tiniest details that no one else would even think about, matter in the Olympics. Things matter down to the hair and nail, literally. All water polo players must have their toenails checked by officials before their competition to make sure they are all filed down. A jagged toenail can cause a lot of damage in water polo, haven't you ever been scratched by someone in the pool? One swift kick can cause a lot of damage! And not only that, but players can hurt themselves by scraping their toenails on the bottom of the pool. Water polo players should really be endorsed by a nail file company.

4 Swimmers, Divers, And Gymnasts Are Not Allowed To Adjust Their Clothes Even If Things Move Around


3 Even A Nick As Small As A Paper Cut Disqualifies A Horse And Its Rider From Competing

Match Pint

This is an interesting rule. It definitely has its place, and is needed for reasons we are about to tell you. But it also works against athletes who have done everything right. Basically, what people have done to horses to get them to jump higher is put chili pepper on their haunches so when they whip them it makes it hurt more. Horrible, we know. So horses are closely inspected before competing for this. But what also falls under this umbrella, is any kind of nick or scratch the horse has because these too can be used to induce more pain when they are hit. The thing is, horses get nicks and scratches just through the course of their training and this will still lead them to get disqualified. Can you imagine working so hard and then getting disqualified for something you ultimately could not really prevent? Horses are going to withstand some kind of wear and tear.

2 Athletes Social Media Usage Is Strictly Controlled And Monitored During The Olympics


1 Beach Volleyball Competitors Have Very Specific Regulations As To What The Size Of Their Bikini Bottoms Must Be

Lots of people like to watch the beach volleyball competition in during the summer Olympics, especially the women's competition. It is a bunch of ladies jumping around in bikini's, it's not hard to see why people like to watch it. Definitely, people watch it for the sport, but there is another attractive visual aspect to it. The Olympics Committee in an effort too were not sure what, made specific requirements for how big the female bikini bottoms have to be. The bottoms are not allowed to be longer than 6 cm in width from the hip. They cannot be too cheeky or too big. And if you don't think that officials won't pull out a measuring tape and measure a competitors bikini bottom, then you clearly have not been paying attention throughout this article.

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