15 Insane Rules Josh Duggar Makes His Wife Follow

The Duggar clan first rose to fame thanks to their show, 19 Kids and Counting, after all, it’s not every day that you hear about a couple who have this many children. And of these children, Josh Duggar is the eldest son. He is also the most controversial member of the family and has made headlines in the past for a number of indiscretions, yet, despite his troubled past coming to light, his wife, Anna Duggar, decided to stay with him — then again, divorce is not an option in this relationship.

Over the years, the Duggars and their ultra-conservative views have been the topic of much discussion, and below are 15 old-fashioned and sometimes downright strange rules that Josh Duggar is reported to make his wife follow.

15 Books Are A Great Source Of Entertainment, But Anna Doesn't Have An All-Access Pass On Amazon

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The Duggar women have many restrictions imposed upon them, and their lives are very different from ours. So different, that apparently even their reading material is monitored. TheTalko notes that Josh has to approve of his wife, Anna Duggar’s books, to ensure that anything she reads is in accordance with the family’s “core beliefs.”

14 Big Families Are A Must, So Birth Control Is Not Allowed

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The Duggar clan’s former reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, isn’t called that for no reason, and they really do have 19 children! Josh Duggar is the eldest child, and while he has nowhere near as many children as his parents, he and Anna do already have six kids (and counting).

One of the reasons for their big family is that the Duggar’s do not believe in birth control, Romper notes.

13 This Is A Family That Rose To Fame Thanks To TV, But They Won’t Be Watching Netflix Anytime Soon

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The Duggar family rose to fame because yes, there is a heck of a lot of them, but also because they have very conservative (and sometimes unusual) views. One of these views is that despite being on a reality TV show, they don’t actually have cable television.

According to Romper, the Duggar family’s television can only play DVDs, and all material is closely monitored.

12 Nothing Says True Love Like Your Husband Controlling All The Cash

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Josh Duggar is the head of the household, and it seems he makes many of the family’s decisions, including what they will do with their money. According to BabyGaga, Anna Duggar has to ask her husband's permission if she wants to do something, and she is seldom given money to spend on herself.

11 Divorce Is Not An Option, No Matter What Your Husband Has Done

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The Duggar family have made headlines many times for being conservative, and they’ve made it clear that they definitely do not believe in divorce. When Josh Duggar made headlines for his indiscretions, fans thought Anna would leave him, but she didn’t — not that that was really an option anyway, TheRichest notes.

10 Josh Is The Boss, And You Better Believe He Makes The Rules In This Relationship

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In many relationships, partners view each other as equals and when it comes to big decisions they will discuss them and determine the best possible outcome, together. However, with Anna and Josh, he makes the rules.

But why let a man make all the decisions for you? Well, the CheatSheet notes that Josh makes the rules because of the couple’s conservative beliefs.

9 Anna Uses Social Media, But She Has No Privacy (Josh Sees Everything)

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Anna Duggar has accounts on social media, and although she is not as active as some of her sisters-in-law, she does post photos of her family from time to time. But she’s not the only one who has access to her account, and according to BabyGaga, Josh Duggar is likely the one who is responsible for the passwords. Yep, there’s no such thing as privacy in this relationship.

8 Josh Is The One Who Wears The Pants, Quite Literally Because Anna Is Not Allowed Trousers

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Retail therapy is great, and few outings are as fulfilling as a trip to the mall. But Anna Duggar will never have the opportunity to go into a clothing store and pick out whatever she wants because, in this relationship, Josh Duggar wears the pants, quite literally.

ScreenRant notes that Duggar women can only wear dresses and skirts — although NickiSwift points out that this has changed for some of the Duggar women after they got married.

7 Friends Have To Go Through A Screening Process, And There Are No Males Allowed...

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When you become friends with someone it may be because you connect over a similar interest, or perhaps the person is a great laugh and someone to confide in. Anna Duggar is allowed to have friends, but they cannot be male! In fact, according to CheatSheet, Anna cannot even speak to men unless they are family members.

6 ...And Definitely No Socializing With Unwed Mothers...Oh, The Horror!

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Imagine being in a relationship where you cannot even choose your own friends because they need to go through a screening process? Well, welcome to Anna Duggar’s life, because according to the CheatSheet, in addition to not being able to socialize with men, she is also not allowed to be friends with any unwed mothers.

5 We All Know The Way Josh’s Mama, Michelle Duggar, Feels About Being Readily Available For A Husband’s Needs

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Michelle Duggar is the mother of the Duggar clan, and she’s not shy about sharing her beliefs with the world. One of those beliefs, which she stated on Today, is that a woman should be readily “available” for all of her husband’s needs.

Michelle claims it has been a “lifesaver” for her marriage to Jim Bob, and there’s a good chance that Josh feels the same way as his parents.

4 Summer Is A Perfect Time To Lay On The Beach… Well, Unless You’re Anna Duggar

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Ah, summer; a time to lay on the sandy shores reading a good book and soaking up the sun’s rays. This is what most of us are able to do in the warmer months, but Anna Duggar will not be making any beach visits in her swimsuit, because according to The Richest, the beach is off limits.

3 You Don’t Like That Creepy Old Uncle Of Yours? Too Bad, He’s Getting An Invite To Your Wedding

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Chances are there is one or two members in your extended family (especially if that family is as big as the Duggar’s) that you don’t like and would leave off your wedding invite list. But whether Anna Duggar dislikes a relative or a neighbor doesn’t matter, because that person was invited to her wedding. BabyGaga notes that just about everyone gets invited to a Duggar wedding! Seriously, we’re talking up to 1,000 guests.

2 Hey Anna, You Better Not Be Tapping Your Feet To Any Music…Because You Know, You Can’t Dance!

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Anna Duggar may be a fantastic dancer. Maybe she can moonwalk like a pro or twerk like Nicki Minaj, but you’ll never find out (and she won’t either). According to BabyGaga, one of the rules that Josh makes his wife follow is, “no dancing” — a rule his dear old mom, Michelle, has spoken about, and the publication notes she feels dancing releases “bad feelings.”

1 Halloween Is Not An Opportunity To Dress Up, In Fact, It Shouldn’t Exist At All!

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Unlike many other celebrities (if you consider the Duggars to fall into that category), you will not find the Duggar clan sharing photos of their Halloween costume, or throwing a Halloween party. This is because they are 100 percent against the holiday, as Romper notes, it’s origin relates to magic.

Sources: TheTalko, Romper, BabyGaga, TheRichest, CheatSheet, ScreenRant, NickiSwift, Today.

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