• 15 Insane Rules All Amish Kids Must Follow

    To the rest of the world, the Amish are a very mysterious group of people. They are quite different from everyone else, as they have their own unique traditions and customs.

    There are a lot of really interesting facts that outsiders do not know about the Amish community. According to usatoday.com, they like to live rather simple lives. In addition, there are a lot of them who speak a very unique language that has been around for many years.

    Also, there are different groups of Amish people. There are also a lot of subgroups, and every one of them has different rules. They also raise their children a bit differently than most other people do. Here are some rules Amish children have to follow.

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    They Have To Follow A Really Strict Dress Code

    Typically, it is easy to tell right away whether a person is Amish or not, and that is because they have to dress a certain way. According to classroom.synonym.com, the way they dress is meant to set them apart from everyone else.

    The dress codes in some Amish communities differ a bit, but they always stay very similar to one another. In general, those who are part of the Amish community are supposed to avoid wearing things that might be considered flashy, since they are not supposed to wear anything that draws attention to them. Their clothing is usually plain, but it is made with durable fabric of various colors.

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    Once They’re 14, They Have To Leave School

    There are a lot of things that set the Amish apart from the rest of society, and their approach to education is one of them. According to exploring-amish-country.com, little ones who are a part of this community typically do not stay in school that long.

    In fact, they only go to school until they are 14 years old, which is when they are in eighth grade. There are a couple of reasons why they do this, one of which is that they believe ending school that early in someone’s life is more practical than making them stay in it four more years.

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    Amish Kids Are Allowed To Do Whatever They Want During Rumspringa
    babygaga.com and newsd.co

    Amish children typically have a very strict upbringing that leaves little to no room for extracurricular activities. However, they do get to have a lot of freedom when they are a bit older.

    According to ranker.com, when an Amish person reaches a certain age, they take part in something called Rumspringa. During this time, they are able to explore the outside world for a bit.

    One important thing to make a note of is that the age requirements for Rumspringa differ a bit between various Amish communities. Some children are allowed to take part in it once they are 14 years old, and some have to wait until they are between 17 and 21 years old.

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    Kids In The Amish Community Have To Work At A Young Age

    Apparently, Amish people do not think there is anything wrong with having their little ones work. In their culture, it is common for children to begin working at a very young age.

    According to frugalconfessions.com, children who are a part of the Amish community have to work outside of the home when they are teenagers. Furthermore, when they receive their paychecks, they must give them to their moms and dads.

    After that happens, their parents give them a percentage of the money, and then they use some of the remaining money to buy things that are needed for the house. The rest gets saved for the child’s future.

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    Some Amish Kids Play With Faceless Dolls

    Amish dolls are rather unique because of the fact that most of them do not have faces. According to classroom.synonym.com, some people believe that these dolls exist because they are meant to symbolize the fact that everyone is equal.

    Also, Amish people believe that dolls should not be accurate representations of what people look like, which is another reason why many of their dolls do not have faces. Individuals who are Amish also do not believe that any toys should have a human image on them. These dolls appear to represent how modest many of the people in that community are.

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    Amish Teenagers Are Forced To Make A Decision

    Amish youth really seem to enjoy Rumspringa, but it’s not always fun and games. Once it is over, they have to make a decision.

    The young person must decide whether they want to join the Amish church and stay with their community or leave that lifestyle altogether so that they can be a part of the outside world. According to wndu.com, this decision is very difficult to make.

    Sometimes young Amish people fear that they will be rejected by their families if they choose not to join the church. Most of them go back to their community, but approximately five to ten percent decide against it.

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    Little Ones Have To Go To Bed Very Early

    Most parents know that it can be very hard to get children to go to bed. Nevertheless, there are lots of Amish mothers and fathers who put their children to bed before 7 p.m. every night.

    According to lancasterpa.com, Amish people are very early risers, and they start going to bed very early in the evening when they are children. But before that, they must make sure that their homework is complete (unless they have already left school at that point), and they also to have to help out around the house a bit. Evenings are a very busy time for Amish families.

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    They Are Not Allowed To Play Musical Instruments

    Music is a wonderful way for one to express their thoughts and feelings, but that does not mean that every culture is a fan of it. While lots of children usually like to play with musical instruments, their parents are not likely to allow that to happen.

    They feel as though playing music makes a person feel as though they are superior to others, which is why they don’t allow it. According to nationalgeographic.com, there are actually some Amish songs that do not have any musical notes in them. They also feel that playing a musical instrument gives one a sense of pride, which is not exactly their cup of tea.

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    Moms Prepare Their Daughters For Marriage And Motherhood By Making Them Do Chores

    Amish girls go to school just like the boys do. But as far as things go at home, most of their education is about learning how to be a good wife and mother.

    According to amishmennonitequilts.com, young girls in the Amish community are taught how to do various things such as sewing, cooking, baking, cleaning, raising children, driving buggies, and making quilts.

    In fact, their quilts can actually be sold to people who are a part of the outside community. That is how some Amish women are able to bring in some extra money for their families, so knowing how to make quilts is an essential skill for them.

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    They Are Allowed To Start Dating In Their Teens

    Amish people are quite different from everyone else, especially when it comes to dating. According to exploring-amish-country.com, boys are usually allowed to find someone to date once they have turned 16.

    However, girls are allowed to start dating when they are either 14 or 15 years old. Once they have reached the right age, boys and girls hang out after church every Sunday evening so that they can socialize.

    During this time, they usually sing some songs. After the singing is over, those who do not have a partner stick around a bit longer to see who they are compatible with. If an Amish boy likes one of the girls, he drives her home and they talk, and then he goes home in the morning. After that, they decide whether or not they want to date.

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    Amish Children Do Not Use Technology

    These days, lots of little boys and girls are constantly using smartphones or playing with their tablets. Many families even eat dinner in front of the television.

    But that is not how things work in the Amish community. According to cleveland.com, Amish children are not familiar with things like that because technology is not something their families obsess over. In fact, they don’t really use it much at all. This probably means that Amish children spend a lot of time talking to each other and paying a great deal of attention to the things that are going on around them.

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    Moms Start Teaching Their Kids Manners Right Away

    Nearly every parent tries their best in order to ensure that their children are very nice to others. After all, having good manners is a really big deal.

    Parents in the Amish community take this pretty seriously. From the moment their children are toddlers, Amish mothers begin teaching them what it means to have good manners and be nice to other people, according to babygaga.com.

    If Amish kids are not polite, they end up getting in trouble. Perhaps this is part of the reason why there are many Amish people who are incredibly polite. These men and women know how important it is to treat others nicely.

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    Children In The Amish Community Are Always Expected To Care For Their Younger Siblings

    From the moment an Amish person is born, he or she is taught about the importance of family and hard work. Little ones who are brought up in Amish communities are taught to look after one another.

    Another intriguing fact about Amish families is that they usually have a lot of children, so of course, the older ones are sometimes expected to help out when it comes to raising their younger siblings. According to seniorsmatter.com, it is pretty common to see an older child giving their little brother or sister a bath. Sometimes they even discipline them, and they teach them things as well.

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    They Have To Help Their Parents Farm

    Young Amish boys and girls do have some free time. But when they are not at school, they are usually doing some chores at home.

    They typically have to help their moms and dads farm. Boys and girls do this, but boys probably do it the most, since the girls spend a lot of time inside learning about how to be a good mother and wife.

    According to exploring-amish-country.com, kids who work on their family’s farm get to see firsthand how valuable their hard work is. This also prepares them for what their lives will be like when they grow up and have their own families.

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    Amish Kids Are Not Allowed To Contact Anyone Outside Of The Community

    Amish communities are pretty tight-knit groups of people who tend to keep to themselves much of the time. They do not usually interact with outsiders unless they absolutely have to because they want to ensure that nothing is going to affect their lifestyle.

    That means that Amish children are only able to contact other Amish kids. According to babygaga.com, they will get in trouble if they do not abide by this rule. But that does not mean that Amish families are rude to those who wish to pay them a visit and find out more about their way of life.

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