15 Ridiculous Thoughts Every Girl Has The First Time She Sleeps Over

It can be a romantic night out he’s planning with you, or a simple evening in where you both talk about your lives and get to know each other better. And you really don’t know how the date will end, will he ask you to spend the night?

So, you start seeing flashes in your mind about every possible thing that’s going to happen, and you immediately start thinking about how you need to bring this and that, just to come to the conclusion that you don’t want to make him think you were planning anything.

15 Should I Wash All My Makeup Off?

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You always look fabulous when you go out, even when you’re on the run and have to take out the trash, you’re perfectly contoured, or you’re wearing at least a touch of foundation and mascara. But, what about washing your makeup off on your first night together? Is he ready for your “natural beauty”? Depending on the actual amount of makeup you’re wearing, he may think someone kidnapped you while you were in the bath and switched you with another girl. The struggle is real! Not only do you have to go through a heel deprivation and look shorter, but you also have to say goodbye to your padded bra, are you ready to go through all this?

14  I Have To Use His Bathroom. Seriously?

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The first time you go to his house you have two thoughts: 1. Does he live alone? 2. Can I just put my body in standby from pee and poo for the next 12 hours? And you desperately hope the bathroom is far away from the bedroom or whatever other room. Just the thought of him hearing you doing your business makes you want to sink for the shame. And what about his bathroom hygiene? OMG you don’t even want to think about it, will you have to touch things using just your fingertips and do a standing pee as if you where at a club?

13 I Hope I Don’t Snore!

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This is something you will never  know until you sleep with someone. The victim might be a friend, your family, or your latest partner, but you can never be sure of what you’re going to do while you’re sleeping. You just have to hope everything is going to be fine and you’ll sleep like an angel, but you can never be reassured until the morning after. Will he have two big bags under his eyes and a bunch of fresh grey hairs? That’s the answer!

12 What If He Snores?

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Another great question. What if he snores and wakes you up, and you are unable to sleep for the next 24 hours? AND, What are you planning to do if he snores? Will you put a clothespin on his nose? Or maybe you’ll try to gently cover his face with the biggest pillow you have?

If he snores on your first sleepover, your relationship is not starting with a bright future. After all, one of the main reasons you left your parents' home at 16 is that you couldn’t stand your dad’s snore coming from the opposite side of your house. It’s a mission girls!

11 To Pee Or Not To Pee?

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Shakespeare would be glad to read these words. But as mentioned above, the struggle is real. You have to do it, and not just once. In fact, you are a woman, and you cannot keep the tap locked for more than …3 hours?

The best part is when you’re both falling asleep and suddenly your bladder wakes up in total urgency, and you try to hold it, because you don’t want to go out of the bed in the middle of the night, in a home that is not yours, buzzing around in the darkness to avoid waking up someone, and actually waking everyone because you’re hitting against every corner of the house.

10 Can I Put My Makeup On Again Before He’s Awake?

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A thought every girl has when spending the night. You can plan on wearing 24 hour lasting water proof makeup, and add a touch of makeup fixing spray, to make sure you’ll be able to wash your face and make him believe you’re just as fab as he sees you. And that you were born with naturally glittered eyelids and blackest black eyeliner. He probably will believe you. Or you can switch to plan B, wash your face in the middle of the night, on the second call from your bladder, and wake up before him to put new makeup on!

9 Morning Breath?!

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Will you have morning breath? Will he have morning breath? Probably you’ll both have! But if you want to look over the top even this time, just hide mints on the night stand and cover them up with your bra. It’ll be pretty easy to throw a mint in your mouth as you wake up..!

8 How Will His House Look?

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As a woman, you’re naturally inclined to judge everything that’s supposed to involve some taste. So, it’s definitely obvious that you’ll judge his taste in home décor once you’re at his house. You might be pleasantly surprised to see he’s matching everything in a nice way, with cozy cushions on the sofa and some great rugs to style each room. But, sometimes things don’t go exactly like this and you find yourself stuck in a place that looks more like a college dorm room , or a totally styleless house with mix-matched items put together from his parents' house…

7 I Hope I Look Good When I Sleep!

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Yep! Chances are you don’t wanna just look good all day long, you’ll also try to look good while you’re sleeping so he can seriously fall in love, right? Here’s the rules for looking like a charm while you’re snoring… uhm… while you’re sleeping!

First of all brush your hair before going to bed, so your hair won’t randomly float in the air following each and every electromagnetic field. Then, gently put your face on the pillow keeping your neck straight enough not to create wrinkles or a double chin. Now you’re ready to close your eyes and slightly smile as if you’re already dreaming of doing crazy shopping at Dior.

6 How Many Other Girls Have Been In These Sheets?

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If hygiene is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about his bathroom, what will you think when it comes to his bedroom? If you’re going to get your first sleepover together, it might mean you saw him at least twice in a week, and this makes a higher probability he replaced the sheets on his bed. You don’t want to run the risk of sleeping in the same sheets where other people YOU don’t know have already slept in, and possibly had some fun. This thought is obsessively going on through your mind, right?

5 How Will He Look In The Morning?

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You hope he still looks good in the morning, because if he doesn’t, what were you thinking about BEFORE? When it comes to your morning appearance you take every possible measure to look fresh like a rose and effortlessly cool as you wake up, you even put an alarm to get up 10 minutes before to have a super quick makeup retouch. But when it comes to him, will he be as attractive as you remembered him last night? Questions, questions…!

4 Should I Just Wave Goodbye Before I Leave?

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If you don't know whether to kiss, hug, or wave goodbye, chances are last night was actually the second time you saw him. Kissing, hugging, or waving goodbye, it all depends on how you spent the night together. If you simply slept over after a movie date, it might be better to simply wave goodbye and go, but if you spent half of the night talking and laughing or cuddling, you should definitely hug him and maybe kiss… But what about the other option? Can you imagine spending the night together and having some fun between the sheets and waving goodbye the morning after? Girls, we have to make things clear if we want to get what we want!

3 Should I Bring My Pajama?

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If you’re not openly discussing if you should spend the night at his house after you both go to the movies, the restaurant, or simply staying in and ordering pizza, how are you going to justify that Victoria Secrets silk pajama you’re pulling out of your clutch?

If the sleepover isn’t “expected” you better not bring your things for the night, or he could have a sudden allergic reaction to you. Just don’t worry about anything, like men do, and you’ll be fine with his old college sweater, just in case..!

2 Should I Bring My Cheerios For Breakfast?

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Do you know when men talk about women that jump the gun? That’s a perfect example of a girl’s “ too soon” thought. You’ll bring your pajama, your toothbrush, your makeup, and suddenly the thought of breakfast comes to your mind. You can’t live without your cheerios, so you think you should bring some with you, just in case. You try to put everything into your bag, but nothing fits, so you start asking yourself “ Should I use a trolley?”.

Don’t do that girl, or he will also block you from his Facebook…!

1 Where Am I?

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That’s the typical thought of the morning after. You open your eyes at the due time, a little tired because of the nightly stress you went through when trying to look beautiful while you were sleeping. The first thing you see is the ceiling, and it’s not such a surprise. But when you turn your head and see a random thing that tells your numb morning brain you’re not at home, in a millisecond you ask yourself “where am I?” Hopefully you haven't had too much wine the night before, or the question could really become hard to answer too!

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