15 Ridiculous Things Women Have Done To Get Attention

We've all been at a place in our lives where we've done something for attention. Maybe we've cheated, lied, or put on some act because we figured it would draw eyes and ears of the people we surrounded ourselves with or wanted to surround ourselves with. Hopefully, with time and experience, we learned that it ultimately proved unsuccessful and that being ourselves got us the most attention in the long run. Hopefully. Some women, on the other hand, were not so lucky. Instead, they're stuck in childish, immature attention seeking behaviors that drive the rest of us absolutely insane. Why? Because, well, they're not only transparent but also ridiculous. If you're someone who thinks they might still be this way, that's totally okay. It's not too late to change the path that you're on. If you know someone like this, repost this article and give them a hint. They'll thank you someday.

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15 Cheated On Their Boyfriends

Let’s face it. We've all dated guys who acted like they didn’t like us the way that we liked them and it drove us crazy. Why? Well, we were most likely at a time in our lives when we were seeking attention and if we’re being honest, we were also probably feeling really insecure in ourselves. So, what did we do? We found a way to get our boyfriend’s attention so that we would feel like he cared about us. And while that’s not always a bad thing, the way we went about it was awful: We cheated on him for his attention. We somehow convinced ourselves that if we made him jealous, he’d realize how much he cared. And, of course, he did.. but not so much that he could stay with someone who hurt him like that. In the long run, the “brilliant idea” was probably the worst idea ever.

14 Posted Thirsty Pictures

You know who we’re talking about. Either you’re this way or someone you know is this way on your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. In this day and age, every single person knows at least one person like this and it’s ridiculous. It’s like every single time you go on to check your social media, they’ve posted a new photo of themselves either showing off their boobs, their rear-end or some other part of their body. Or, they’re doing a pouty face and have endless selfies in their social media photo libraries. What’s worse is the captions. They always pretend that they either “just woke up” or “found an old picture lying around,” or “look awful.” In reality, you and everyone else who sees the picture knows that they know they look good and that they’re only posting it for attention… but that doesn’t stop them from getting hundreds of likes.

13 Changed Who They Are

We get it. Sometimes it's hard to find out who you are or discover the person you want to be. Everyone goes through a point in their lives when they don't fit in and it's awful. Normally, this happens at a young age but it can also happen throughout life depending on the type of person you are and how your life unravels. Unfortunately, some people are completely unable to ever feel comfortable in their own skin which eventually causes them to totally change who they are. Perhaps they take on the persona of a favorite tv star or a colleague they admire just so they can stand out a bit more than they think they do and get attention. Well, guess what? That’s ridiculous. Everyone was born unique and trying to change that fact will ultimately be disappointing for not only you but also for those who know you better than you know yourself.

12 Lied About Dumb Things

Everyone knows someone like this- someone who will say anything to anyone just to get a bit of attention, even around strangers. It can be the most infuriating thing in the world, especially if they are telling lies about you. For some reason, people that lie for attention are so insecure or uncomfortable with their own little world as it is, that they will say anything to get an ear to listen to them. And yes, it is ridiculous. Why? Well, not only is lying hurtful and mean but it also always ends badly for the liar. People aren’t dumb. If you’re a pathological liar, the people you surround yourself with probably know that. It’s better to say the truth all of the time, even if it’s not as fun or if it’s hard for you. Having other people’s trust is worth more than all of the attention in the world.

11 Wore Too Much Makeup

Makeup trends, undoubtedly, change throughout the course of someone’s lifetime. However, that does not mean that everyone should wear twenty pounds of makeup just because it is the “in thing.” What is also does not mean is that you should wear twenty pounds of makeup to cover up what you actually look like or to get attention. Why? Because chances are, you are ridiculously beautiful without all that makeup and it is silly to cover up what you were naturally born with. Now, a little cover up, mascara, or some blush here and there never hurt anyone. In fact, it probably just added to how great they already looked when they woke up this morning. That being said, when you wear so much makeup that you start to look more like your cousin than your actual self, you have gone way too far. Instead of changing how you look, learn to embrace what you have.

10 Faking Who They Like

Now, if you actually identify with being a lesbian, this one isn’t for you. If you don’t identify with being a lesbian and have hooked up with women simply to get attention, this one is definitely for you. At one point in their lives, women learn that men find women being with other women extremely attractive. So, what do they do? They turn into fake lesbians to generate male attention just for the fun of it. And guess what? It’s ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous because it can’t actually be that enjoyable for the women involved, but it’s also a tease for the man. On top of that, if one of the parties involved is actually a lesbian, it’s leading someone on for the wrong reasons. If you do this, it's time to stop playing games with people and just be confident in who you are as it is.

9 Manipulated People

Be honest. As women, we know how to manipulate people, men and women included. We know what to say to men to turn them on. We know what to say to our best friends to piss them off. We know what to say to our peers and colleagues to get what we want. And, while it’s not always a bad thing to use your personality to get you ahead in life, it’s a bad idea to use your emotions or your intelligence to manipulate people. For example, someone may pretend to be going through a hard time in order to draw their boyfriend closer to them instead of just explaining to him that they want to strengthen their bond. It’s absolutely ridiculous to go about things in a shady, manipulative, attention seeking way when you can easily use your words, honestly, to explain what you want or need.

8 Experimented With Illegal Substances

Depending on how old you are, you have probably either been around people who have used illegal substances or experienced with it first hand. And guess what? That is totally normal. It is human nature to want to explore and understand what being under the influence feels like and also to want to escape the real world through this use. What’s not normal is doing it for attention. Not only are they serious, addictive, and extremely dangerous, but they’re also illegal and can be harmful to your health. If you’re someone who does this just to get attention from your peers, friends, or partners, it’s time to reevaluate yourself. Don’t risk the chance of spending your life in jail or seriously harming you or someone close to you just because you were feeling lonely. Additionally, don’t do them just because someone whose attention you wanted said they’re cool. News flash: They’re not.

7 Played Dumb

For some reason, this has been a little skit women have played for years... too many years. They pretend to be dumber than they are, especially in the presence of men, and say stupid things that are far below their intelligence levels. How many of this type of character have you seen being portrayed on TV? Too many. What is worse is that they know better but they still say insane things anyway. In reality, they're smart, unique, and strong women but can't seem to allow themselves to come off this way 100 percent of the time. Instead, they remove half of their smarts and become shells of the people they actually are. Sure, it can be funny but over time it's annoying and simply for attention. Our advice: Don't be ridiculous. In the long run, your intellect and brains will get you way more attention than a silly act.

6 Became A Rebel

We all know rebels. They are the people that engage in risk taking behavior and spend a lot of their time being moody, sullen individuals. And guess what? Most of the time, all of their behavior is for attention. At first, it may seem intriguing and perhaps even interesting but the more time you spend with them, you find it is rather cliché. Why? Because the people that engage in rebellious, risk taking behavior have little regard for the safety of themselves and those around them. They make impulsive, dangerous decisions for the attention of their peers with very little (if any, at all) thought. For example, they may drink and drive with other people in their car. Or, maybe they get way too drunk, do something stupid and then get arrested or seriously injured. Whatever it is, it is way too ridiculous a thing to do for a bit of attention.

5 Drastically Changed Her Hair

We all know that one girl who will drastically change her appearance to get attention. Even though the hair on your head takes perhaps the longest amount of time to grow back, she'll shave almost all of it off or dye it a completely weird color. Why? Well, maybe the guy she likes told her to do it or maybe it's just a running trend and she likes to be shocking to those around her. Of course, she loved her long locks more than anything but because she's so eager to please him or shock other people, she took a major risk and cut it off. Now, she's left feeling uncomfortable and unfortunate with an awkward haircut that doesn't make anyone happy. Sure, her crush might like it and it might shock certain people, but she's the one who's going to have to spend hundreds of dollars every few months to make it look somewhat decent until it can grow back to what it once was.

4 Starved Herself

We get it. There's so much pressure to look good and thin in our society today. People go to extreme measures to look like the size two models they see in commercials and it's awful. Not only does it negatively affect people's self-esteem but it also causes unreasonable stress and pressure in people's lives. The only thing worse than starving yourself because you have a serious problem or because you're feeling insecure is starving yourself for attention. Why? Because people actually start worrying about you and with good reason! It's dangerous to restrict your diet and can even send you to the hospital or cause serious complications if you do it for a long enough time. If you or someone you know does this, it's time to take a nice, deep look inside and get some help. It's not worth killing yourself slowly for attention and it's always better to choose the healthy option.

3 Started Smoking

Just as starving yourself slowly kills you, starting to smoke for attention also kills you. What's more is that it's just as dumb as everyone knows from an early age how harmful it is for not only you but everyone else that's around you. At one point, smoking was cool. Then, it became rebellious and sexy. Now, it's just plain dumb. Not only is it a waste of money but it also makes you smell terrible and causes serious health problems later in your life. Ever heard of lung cancer? What about emphysema? Or even asthma or heart disease? Guess what? They are all smoking related. So, next time you think about picking up a cigarette to look cool or fit in, think again. Even if your friends are doing it, you don't have to. Trust us, once you start it's nearly impossible to stop and the side effects last forever.

2 Sent Nude Photos

With the technology that's available these days, guys and girls are almost always asked to send naked pictures of themselves at one point in their lives. And we get it, it's fun and secretive and even sexy.  It's like a flirtatious game that you can either have with a stranger or your partner, in a way. That being said, once you send a picture, it's out in the world forever. That means, if you send it to someone you don't really trust just for his/her attention, you can't get it back. What's worse is that even if you do send it to someone you trust, you might not trust them someday and they'll still be able to access the photo. This is why it's a good idea to save yourself the anxiety that comes along with knowing a naked picture of you is out there. Save the nudity and flirting for when the cameras aren't around.

1 Bullied Other People

We all know the common trend: pick on someone so you can bond with other people on a common enemy, your victim. So, often times, bullies pick victims and tease them relentlessly when they're in the presence of others. Whether they want to make onlookers think they're cool or just trying to feel better about themselves, it's pathetic. News flash: When you pick on others, it's called bullying and it causes serious traumatic psychological problems for the victims. And no, we're not talking only high school, middle school or even elementary school bullies, we're talking real world bullies. Some people even bully others in the workplace or in their everyday activities just to seem cool and get attention from their colleagues. And guess what? It's absolutely ridiculous and immature. If you do it, it's time to grow up. If you know someone else who does it for attention, separate yourself from them.

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