15 Rich Kids Of Instagram Posts That Will Make You Sick

Flashy yachts, expensive shopping trips, extravagant vacations, bottle service, exotic pets and costly cars may sound like something out of a James Bond movie, but not for these rich a$$ kids. From ambassadors’ children to young entrepreneur millionaires, their adventures and lifestyle can now be ogled at by followers worldwide. The “Rich Kids of Instagram” account first started on the popular app about three years ago, showcasing some of the wealthiest kids in the world and capturing their unbelievable way of life, one that some of us can only dream of. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a hate-love relationship with their yearn to stalk social media accounts that make them jealous? It's actually quite common, we all feel the same.

Instead of having to follow numerous people separately, RKOI is a compilation of the most desirable lifestyles guaranteed to fill your craving. Warning: Feelings of outrage, disgust, resentfulness and envy are completely normal when scrolling through these photos. These 15 pictures are guaranteed to make you especially sick because nothing makes one feel more like a commoner than gawking at minors who flaunt their privilege, experiences and money without any regret.

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15 Money Heavy Manbag

I’m only 23 by dannyagha #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A post shared by Rich Kids Of The Internet (@rkoi) on

While a must-have photo on any Instagram profile is the “car setup”, nothing compares to the one posted by Danny Agha. Unbelievably, the car’s luxurious interior fades into the background as the viewer’s gaze is drawn to several wads of cash in a Louis Vuitton duffle bag positioned by the male driver’s sparkling wrist. While it is unclear as to why this rich kid is commuting with thousands of dollars worth of cash in the passenger seat, the reason for featuring his photo on the RKOI Instagram page is obvious. Not only is the driver’s LV bag priced at around $2,000 alone, but he dons two Cartier “Love” bracelets, an accessory made famous by Kylie Jenner, which sell upwards of $7,000- each! The next time you post a pic of your Starbucks latte, watch and steering wheel, you might want to refer to this post that made absolutely everyone sick.

14 Sundry Sneaks

Cleaning the closet can be an arduous task- especially when you have this many shoes! One can only begin to imagine how many square feet this rich kid’s wardrobe is since his caption claims that he’s only halfway done emptying it. Sneakers can be extremely valuable, especially if they’re collectibles. For example, with huge markups for resale, a pair of Nike’s “Air MAG Back To The Future” can be found for a whopping $5,718. RKOI account followers are also treated to a bird’s eye view of the city from the poster’s window, hinting that he resides in an enviable penthouse suite. One can assume that someone who owns this many pairs of shoes probably has an even larger amount of outfits to match but it’s doubtful that he has someone to help him with his parcels at the end of a successful shopping trip because even with such a sizable shoe collection, this bragger isn’t having any housekeepers help him out!

13 Centurion Spender

If you think about it, what do you consider to be the signature image of wealth? A black credit card of course. American Express offers their prestigious “Centurion” card to the prosperous by invitation only. In fact, in the US, the card has a one time joining fee of $7,500. It’s safe to assume that this young man, identified as Evan Luthra, enjoys the benefits of his card which include a personal shopper, a travel agent and a concierge. Moreover, it seems that one picture depicting his fortune just wasn’t enough. Instead, Luthra took the time to create a collage of three photos, ensuring that everyone would understand his 1% status. The other pictures feature his collection of Louboutins and a gold Bentley, valued at almost $1 million. Surely the valuables in his photomontage have been charged to both of his black credit card tabs. Do you think he sleeps on gold sheets?

12 Delectable Donut

One thing is for sure, this snack was not purchased at your local Dunkin’ Donuts. Unbelievably, this pastry is the size of the average coconut, boston kreme or chocolate filled treat, the only difference? It's about 100 times the price! The 24 karat gold donut can be found in Brooklyn for a mere $100. That's right, this snack will cost you a nice sum of money. New York is renowned for it’s iconic dishes and is home to some of the wealthiest foodies, so it would make sense that this lavish nosh would blossom here. Do you ever wonder how many people pop in every day to get a gold treat? Nevertheless, the treat’s gold embellishment wasn’t extravagant enough for the creator who added ube mousse and champagne jelly to its filling before covering it in Cristal champagne icing. While the price of this donut may amount to more than the cost of your entire supper out, this is only a mere snack for another one of Instagram’s rich kids.

11 BBQ Blowout

Your average barbecue probably consists of hot dogs, streamers and a pop-by from your favourite friendly neighbours. However, the number of luxurious cars parked in this exaggeratedly long driveway hint that this rich Instagram kid has more than just a typical shindig planned. Given the poster’s photo, this neighbourhood boasts huge properties, so unlike your borough’s annual block party these BBQ-goers wouldn’t be able to walk over with chips and soda even if they wanted to. Therefore, even though these invitees might love flashing their wealth through their Porsches, Audis and Koenigseggs, the magnitude of this compound is way too big for a neighbourly pop-by. With exotic cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars lining the home’s entrance, these barbecue goers are definitely feasting on more than just hamburgers and potato salad. Keep in mind, if ever you are invited to one of these prestigious parties, you might need to spend your months rent on bringing those gold donuts for the guests.

10 Great Gobs of Gold

This “simple” sibling rivalry is a little more costly than trying to out-do your sister by attempting to show up to grandma’s house in a prettier dress. The jewelry worn by this trio can be found on Cartier’s website. Have you ever searched the price of each of these bracelets? Well, each bracelet is priced at over $7,000, meaning that the female jewelry lover triumphs over her brothers with five “Love” bracelets and one “Juste un Clou” band. Her tiny wrist alone has over $42,000 worth of bling. To put this eye popping amount into perspective, according to Haiti’s “Love A Child” food program, $1,000 would be enough to generate 27,000 meals for some of the poorest of the country’s population. Therefore, these rich kids would be able to feed many a family with the estimated $112, 000 worth of jewelry between them. Let's hope they give back to charities.

9 Champagne Showers

“Save Water Spray Champagne” is a quote that everyone would like to live by. But unlike Instagram poster “MissJackson”, not everyone can get their hands on hundreds of bottles of bubbly. A party is never complete without alcohol, but the average bar isn’t even as supplied as this deck. A bottle of champagne can range from $35 to $300, meaning that your eyes could be feasting on over $3,000 worth of alcohol! It would also make sense for these bottles to be among the most expensive available.

It would come as no surprise then that this boozy-ful party is taking place at the popular socialite spot, Nikki Beach. Hundreds of party-goers flock to the waterfront destination each summer, hoping to enjoy the beach’s renowned champagne parties, which as you can see aren't lacking. While the general population might live it up with a Strawberry Daiquiri or two, these rich kids will definitely be making a few more trips to the bar- bottoms up!

8 Heaps of Hermes

It’s understandable how a picture like this could make RKOI followers cringe when most might hope for a Hermes gift once in their lifetime. Does anyone even bring back these many boxes from a shopping trip at JC Penny?! The background of this rich kid’s Instagram photo also features a Hermes pillow and sheets. The designer website features a similar cushion for a small sum of $600. The tiniest box in the heavenly Hermes pile might perhaps hold a “Heure H” watch that retails for at least $2,000. The bigger boxes could contain one of the latest Hermes bags which are priced between $10, 0000 and $150,000. Multiply those two costly packages by 50 and you have this shopping addict’s receipt. Let’s hope this Instagram user, self-described student and business executive Zach Haroutunian, has access to a few of American Express’ Centurion cards!

7 Beach Bum

On the drive to the local beach for some R & R, the trunk of your rusty Subaru might consist of a cooler from Walmart or one that you borrowed from someone and never gave back, a case of 24 and some sunscreen. However, rich kid Mark Marguiles follows quite a different packing list. A flashy Porsche, expensive champagne bottles (in case one gets thirsty while lounging around South Beach) and a Louis Vuitton tote seem to be “a must” for this Instagram gloater’s day in the sun. With Porsches valued at over $50,000, Dom Perignon Champagne priced at $150 per bottle and Louis Vuitton bags costing over $1,000, Marguiles’ one photo contains thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. While a typical day in the sand might cost the general public $50 at most, this kid is willing to spend thousands in order to enjoy a day by the water.

6 Monkey Money

Whether it’s peacocks wandering around Hugh Hefner’s Playboy property or cheetahs in the passenger seat of luxury cars in Abu Dhabi, nothing says rich like exotic pets. Hopefully this little monkey will be with its owner longer than Justin Bieber’s was. While it’s legal to own primates in more states than it is to own large cats and bears, few Americans do seeing as though they cost over $5,000 each. Apart from their hefty price, the hairy critters can live to be 40 years old, making owning one a long-term responsibility. Let’s be honest, this RKOI, also known as Chase Zimmerman, has purposely laid out his driveway’s contents for his 139,000 followers to revel at. Exactly how many entrances consist of a Lamborghini, Porsche and a tiny leashed primate? While Zimmerman doesn’t exactly look like he’s old enough to drive one of his cars yet, this braggadocious pic will still make you sick.

5 Lavish Lunch

Olive Garden is the perfect venue for a fun family meal, yummy food, a friendly atmosphere and a bill of under $100. Clearly, this affordable restaurant is not even on this RKOI’s radar seeing as though he dropped 35,000 Krona, or $4,500 USD, on alcohol alone. In 2011, the average American made $3,700 a month. Unbelievably, this one receipt, consisting of only three different drink items, surpasses the monthly wage of the general American. If you aren't freaking out yet. During ONE outing in Sweden, this Instagrammer, who goes by the username “Prehndk”, spent over $1,700 on Ace of Spades Champagne in addition to ordering 10 bottles of Magnum Belvedere! With an included tip of $800, let’s hope this braggadocious partyer had the night of his life while treating his friends to his favourite poisons. We hope his friends will be buying drinks the next time they are out together. 

4  Cozy Carats

Have you ever bathed in gold? Like actually in gold. According to this enviable photo, courtesy of “Marcus B”, RKOI followers now know he has and probably does often! While a relaxing day might mean some extra hours in your cozy bed, you haven’t truly experienced the feeling until you’ve bathed in a 24 Carat gold bathtub. The marble walls and forest view make envious scrollers yearn to be soaking in a warm bubble bath with a nice glass of wine and a New York Times Best Seller book. In fact, the room’s rock wall even has a built-in fireplace, making this the best washroom pic yet (sorry Kim K)! If this type of extravagant design can be found in his bathroom, one can only begin to imagine what the rest of this rich kid’s house looks like. Let’s hope the person tasked with polishing his tub is well paid. And you might be thinking the same thing as us, do you think the toilet paper is also made of gold?

3 Spoiled Spender

Poor “Lady D”, it must be so tough needing a vacation from your vacation! What a hard life it is to fly in a private jet, with your own flight attendants, lavishly decorated surroundings and personal pilot. Clearly this ridiculously rich woman is used to flying solo as she poses with ease while gazing at the plane’s view. However, the general public rarely feels this comfortable while flying. Instances of disembarking with greasy hair from your blow-up neck pillow, stained jeans from the saucy meal that fell on your lap during turbulence and sleep deprived eyes from the snoring sleepers, restless toddlers and crying infants are more common. Luckily, this photo makes it clear that this bratty rich kid can easily hop on another flight and continue her travels elsewhere. Let’s hope that she has a more relaxing time because another caption on a photo like this is sure to make us all sick!

2 Keep Your Cayenne Closet Close

Perhaps this is the most unbelievable photo yet. In case your eyes and brain are having trouble communicating what you’re seeing, you’re not alone. Yes, this rich kid has a closet in his Cayenne. That’s right, a full on luxury closet. Not only is this car armoire better adorned than the one in your parent’s master bedroom, but it surely contains more ornate pieces of clothing as well. This rich kid, identified as Sean Maicher, is clearly worried about not being properly dressed for the occasion as his car is equipped with several top-of-the-line suits, two pairs of shoes, watch and sunglass drawers and a substantial tie selection. We could all benefit from something like this. Here’s to the hope that no one steals his car as he’d be losing more than just his $200,000 means of transportation.

1 Yearning for Yachts

This real estate developer has a setup only seen in movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and perhaps even Thirteen. Known only by his Instagram username, “gb91”, this rich kid is a repeat offender on RKOI’s account. What’s more, if his clandestine name gives any hint to his age, this apparent millionaire is only 25 years old! See that small, toy-like boat on the top deck? That’s your everyday motorboat, so tiny in comparison that it only takes up 1/10th of the yacht’s ginormous platform. That motorboat is also more in line with what the average person can afford, ! In fact, its size is so big that its full body is unable to be captured within the frame of this sick pic. The view, furniture and atmosphere of this photo make the yachts rented by celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival seem quaint in comparison.

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