14 Reddit Women Reveal How They Accidentally Saw The Ring Before The Proposal

While most women are happy to sit back and wait to be surprised with a romantic marriage proposal, others are more interested and curious in finding out whether he's going to pop the big question at all! These women are the ones who are constantly checking his sock drawer, digging through closets, invading his privacy and are generally quite curious. They want more than a simple cohabitation situation - they want their love legally recognized by the government, and that ring had better glitter! Some women tear through their home every time their man is out, while others happen to accidentally stumble upon curious little boxes that just might hold the promise of a happily ever after.

No woman will ever come across that little black box and have the willpower to walk away. She's going to open it and she wants to know whether she'll like it! Of course, there are always those incidents where the box is empty or it is just housing other jewelry, papers, or similarly un-sparkly diamonds, but for these women of Reddit, the rings are destined for their fingers! How did they find their engagement rings and what did the do after the fact? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: Some entries have been edited for clarity and length.

14 What A Way To Ruin The Surprise


"I found my ring, not by accident. I was snooping, found it, and fell in love with it! I wore it around the house, and it drove my boyfriends nuts. And then I orchestrated the proposal, myself. More than one way to skin a cat..." - haicra (Reference)

Some women pretend they never saw the engagement ring, but apparently Reddit user haicra was so excited she couldn't keep from flaunting her find in front of her boyfriend! Too bad. It's possible she missed out on a truly romantic surprise proposal, but on the other hand, she got to propose to him and play the romantic role! Who says men are the only ones allowed to propose? She didn't mention it, but we're willing to bet she surprised him with a ring too!

13 Keeping Secrets Is Tough!


"While on vacation together in January, FH pulled up his email on his phone so we could send an email to his mom together. FH keeps his email extremely clean, so when he pulled it up I saw his recent Amazon order confirmation for a ring pop (what I told him I wanted him to propose with). He quickly clicked out of the inbox, so I pretended like I didn't see it. He proposed in May so I had convinced myself at that point that what I'd seen was a mistake. :)" - midnight1214 (Reference)

Reddit user midnight1214 must have one heck of a poker face because the rest of us would have been jumping for joy, or at the very least struggling to keep a huge grin from covering our faces! How she pulled that off is more of a miracle than anything!

12 Oops!


"...[I found it c]ompletely by accident. My now husband asked me to check the weather and his phone was closer than mine so I unlocked his and it opened up to his photo album with a photo of a ring, not like a product shot but one he had taken. I put his phone back and went and checked the weather on mine before he noticed.

He proposed about a month later. He still doesn't know I saw it." - morganKxoxo (Reference)

While morganKxoxo didn't mention whether she was ecstatic or disappointed about ruining the surprise, it's easy to see how she could have gone one way or the other. Of course, it's great to know the person you love wants to propose but it also kind of takes away from the surprise.

11 Sneaky, Sneaky!


"I did not see the ring itself, but I saw a picture of the design as he was looking at his mail and did not hear me enter the room! I only had to wait a few days" - beddestmofo (Reference)

What a creeper! Okay, okay, just kidding. Reddit user beddestmofo didn't intentionally walk into the room as her boyfriend was quietly sorting through his mail and she didn't purposely remain quiet while peering over his shoulder at all. Mhmm. Sounds totally legit to us - NOT! While she may have been surprised about the ring itself, she was being a snoop! She probably wants to know what's going on at all times. As to whether she cheated herself out of a special, entirely unexpected moment, the world will never know.

10 Squirm, Baby, Squirm!


"I showed him about a million pictures on Etsy of rings I liked when we started talking seriously about marriage. In the end, we went to the jewelry store together so I could pick out my own ring. He said he wanted to be sure it was something I loved. It had to be resized, so he picked it up when it was ready and waited 2 months before the 'surprise' proposal. I didn't know when it was coming, so every time he asked me to dinner in that 2 months, I way overdressed and made sure my nails were perfect! I think he just enjoyed watching me squirm :)" - bhambetty (Reference)

Reddit user bhambetty may not have been as surprised as she could have been, but knowing he could pop the question at any moment certainly had her on her toes!

9 He's No Good At Hiding Things


"I didn't find the ring, but my SO asked me what my ring size was in a very suspicious way: he said another friend wanted to propose and his girlfriend and I must have the same ring size.

I knew it was coming. I just waited a bit and two weeks later, he proposed ;) I didn't care what the ring looked like, I wasn't even curious. I was a lot more excited about the 'when'." - seamstress80 (Reference)

Even though this poor guy is horrible at lying to his then-girlfriend, at least he still got her excited about when he'd drop to one knee and surprise her! Plus, she also knows she can trust him since he isn't great at hinting! Things may not always go according to plan, but that doesn't make great surprises any less enjoyable!

8 Future Wifey, I Choose You!


"I knew it was coming, we had discussed it a ton and I picked out the ring. When it came in he showed it to me to make sure it fit, looked good. Then he took it and it went into "hiding" for a few weeks. This was last September.

Waiting until Mid-October for our 8 year anniversary was so hard. All of the surprise of the ring was long gone but he totally nailed the proposal. It wouldn't be considered a big deal to many other people, but it was for me. At home, alone, and he prepared a Companion Cube box with pokeballs inside (I knew nothing about this part) and had me pick one. Of course I chose the loveball front and center. He opened it, got down on one knee and the rest was blurry because I've never cried so hard..." - tattooedkitty (Reference)

7 Awwwwww!


"Last night seconds before my (now) fiancé popped the question I ruined his plans to propose by running away to save a kitten which resulted in not only an engagement ring, but [an] engagement kitten and the best proposal ever! Reddit, meet Cyril." - Crateland (Reference)

So Crateland didn't necessarily find a ring before her boyfriend proposed, she just happened to have a great story about how he tried and she ran off to rescue a cat. While some might see this as an unfortunate incident, others can appreciate the humor of the situation. The poor guy was probably sweating bullets and his heart was pounding a mile-a-minute and right when he broke through his nervousness and opened his mouth, his girlfriend shoots off and leaves him with a knee on the ground and a ring box in his hand! What a story to share with the kids one day!

6 "Scrummaging"


"...For about a year now we have had occasional conversations on marriage. He used to very hesitant on marriage when I first met him because "it hasn't worked for any of my family, why will it work for me?". However, the other night he wanted me to look for something in his bedside drawer and while scrummaging around looking for it I saw an odd looking box, badly my curiosity got the better of me and I looked in and it was a beautiful ring, I didn't bring it up because in case it actually wasn't an engagement ring and in fact just a family heirloom.

Now I don't want to ask him about it and put him under pressure but I am ready for it to happen...I am going crazy thinking about it because I'm so excited at even the thought of the possibility of it[!]" - hiddenmonkey32 (Reference)

5 Smart Couple


"Well I didn't exactly stumble across it, I actually helped in picking it out. So I have a beautiful ring that fits me and I get the memory of us searching for it together :) still waiting on the proposal though. I'm not worried about it, we actually have kind of 'agreed' that we would get married for a couple years, and have lived together for almost five years now, but when talking it over we felt we needed to be in a better financial place where we could pay in cash for the wedding. (We refuse to take out loans to cover costs, no sense in starting married life out in more debt like that.) Now that we have saved the money up, I know it won't be long now!" - AdylinaMarie (Reference)

4 A Promise Is A Promise


"When [we] were in a year into us dating, it was nearing Christmas and he told me '...I was going to buy you this silver ring from the Sears catalog, but it was discontinued...sorry.' (He even showed [it to me])...I was pretty mad... My thought was 'Why tell me you were thinking of buying [it] if now you can't?' ...Part of me hoped he was kidding, but alas...no ring. I...said 'If not today, then someday.'

Then my birthday...(Jan 2nd) [arrives] and he [gives me] a beautiful little garnet ring...He told me it was [a promise] he'll stay with me...I ask. 'Why garnet?' And he goes. 'That's your birthstone.' I didn't even know my own birthstone...

So this man [went] out of his way, [did] research and found...the perfect ring! So I got one after all,...even better than the Sears one! I was surprised, and it was perfect." - serenity_flower (Reference)

3 Surprise!


"We picked a ring in November. I was there when he bought it, but he went back later to pick it up after it was sized. I found it in his things (we lived together) and would periodically stare at it and try it on when he wasn't home. Thanksgiving passed, Christmas passed, New Years passed..... My husband proposed on our 2 year anniversary in June (it was a LOOOOOONG wait!) on the same beach where we had our first kiss on our first date. He even told me that when we had gone to Times Square on Valentine's Day, he had the ring in his pocket, but there were too many people there and he couldn't propose.

If anyone is curious, this is my ring, with custom made band under it." - StefaniePags (Reference)

2 Yeah, You "Found" It...


"I found an engagement ring when I was looking for something (i wasn't snooping honest!) we have talked about marriage and are buying a house together soon so it's not a total surprise but now I can't unsee it!" - myra-mains  (Reference)

First off, no one believes myra-mains wasn't snooping! The snoopers who say they weren't snooping are always the ones who were doing exactly that! Regardless, she knew the topic of marriage wasn't a new one, so finding the ring was just one step closer to the official proposal happening. She knows it's not that big of a deal deep down in her heart since it's expected, but it's certainly got her excited! Now that she can't unsee it, she's got it front and center of her mind, where it will remain until he asks her to marry him.

1 Well, Duh!



"It took me going to a ring store with his mother to point things out that I like, then he found similar styles online when he was ready to buy.

When it came to the proposal he would play the 'what would you do if...' game. Time and time again he would ask what sounded like ridiculous ideas and I would say no or tell him if he did 'that' I would say no. He ended up proposing to me on my birthday in Vegas, in my parents' hotel room at the start of the day. I was too excited and moved to even complain about the setting. He asked if I would marry him (a question he would ask all time to be cute etc.) and I couldn't help it and I said 'duh'. He wouldn't let me live that down the rest of the weekend." - artemis2006 (Reference)

Reference: Reddit.com

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