15 Reasons Your Bestie Is For Life

We all have incredible friends who listen to all of our rants about work, relationships, and gossip. Have you ever sat back and thought what makes you both so tight and what would happen if you just suddenly stopped befriending your bestie? I'm sure many things go running through your head: the secrets, the mindless shenanigans, the sisterly fights..How would you go on without these things? You shouldn't. Here are 15 reasons you can't end your friendship with the bestie.

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15 She Knows Too Much

She knows everything from that time behind the bleachers in high school up until your most recent pinky promise. Ending a friendship with your bestie would mean those sworn secrets are fair game, right? We sure hope not but we're not looking to find out.

14 She Was There When Aunt Flow Made An Unexpected Visit

No one's perfect and  no one knows you and your cycle more than your best friend. Whenever you've forgotten your lady supplies, your friend always has your back and even comes up with the most creative and discrete ways to lend a tamp if you're in public.

13 You Won't Have Anyone To Laugh At Viral Videos With

Sure the crude humor gets a warm and welcoming response from your bestie, but only you and her share this moment. There's nothing worse than sharing a seemingly hysterical viral video with an acquaintance only to get a bad response like "I just don't get it" or "That's actually not funny at all."

12 She Took Care Of You When You Were Sick

You will never forget that New Years celebration that resulted in you hovering over porcelain, with your bestie holding your hair up. The entire time she made sure that you were hydrated for the remainder of the night before catching an Uber home. Good times.

11 Inside Jokes Are A Thing Of The Past

It takes a level of comfort and experience to start coming up with your own inside jokes that no one knows but you two. I'm talking about those good hearty insiders that get you both each and every time you or someone random triggers that joke.

10 She Helped You Move

She has been there in sweatpants on move day for as long as you can remember, and the only complaint she ever had was that she was hungry; rightfully so. You and her both know that the best way to move is to avoid paying movers at all cost and just use a little bit of teamwork to get the job done, even if it takes hours upon hours.

9 Forget About Gossiping

Gossiping is a terrible habit but hey, when you've got to let it out, bestie's there to help fuel the fire. Sometimes talking crap is the best remedy for situations that are just out of your control. Bestie gets its. You're there for her when she needs it too.

8 Doing Lunch Isn't The Same With Anyone Else

You can't just break bread with a complete stranger or acquaintance. Having a bestie to eat lunch with comes with elbows on the table, eating, and talking at the same time, and having 3 mimosas without a shrug because your friend just gets you and the incredibly long week you've had.

7 You've Known Each Other Too Long

Whether you've known each other since diapers or sharing lockers in middle school, this girl has been there through everything. You couldn't just let that slip away. If she were to leave today, you would have no one to recall those terrible and awesome experiences that you used to have at parties or regular gatherings.

6 She's Your Only Friend

You're looking at your phone and literally the only people who frequently talk to is mom, sis, and your bestie. You may talk to people here and there, but there's no one like your ride or die who just gets you.

5 You're Too Tight With Her Family

Your family probably asks about your best friend and to suddenly say, after 15 years, "oh yeah she's not my friend anymore," would raise a lot of suspicion. On top of that, you would be encouraged to stop sweating the small stuff because after all, you both are like sisters and attached at the hip.

4 No One To Cry To

No one is better at listening to your adult angst and crocodile teary rants than the bestie. You can cry about anything and she'll more than likely cry with you or at least be the shoulder to catch the teardrops. If you cry to your so-so friends, they will think you're being pitiful and don't truly understand the magnitude of your stress or sadness.

3 She's Your Valentine

You haven't had a boo thing for a while and neither has she. She always makes sure that she gets you something a little special for Valentine's Day just because you're fond of each other as friends. You may have gotten flowers at the job from a "secret" admirer, but you both know who really sent it.

2 You'll Be Jealous If She Gets A New Bestie

You can't bring yourself to imagine what it would feel like to walk into a coffee shop only to see your ex-bestie sharing an Americano with their newfound bestie. Out of spite, you may change your regular coffee shop and coffee order just so you don't seem really hurt.

1 Everything Reminds You Of Her

You may see a cute outfit that she would love or a hot new song by her favorite artist that you would want nothing more than to see her reaction to. You love this girl. Even the most annoying things will grow on you because it simply reminds you of her. Take it from me, it's better to keep this girl around.

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