15 Reasons You Should Follow Ashley Graham On Instagram

If you haven't heard about Ashley Graham -- the super amazing and inspiring plus-size model -- then you definitely need to open that Instagram app you love so much, find her page, and hit the follow button of this amazing women. This model, designer and body activist has over two million followers, and we can totally see why! Her confidence, her strong voice, and her joy (along with the causes she supports and believes in wholeheartedly) are just some of the things that make Ashley so great. If you are looking for motivation, encouragement, and humor from the people who are popping up on your Instagram feed, then you have to go start following Ashely Graham. If you're already following her, then you know what's up and why she is so amazing. If you still need some convincing, here are 15 reasons you should follow Ashley Graham on Instagram.

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15 She's Motivational

Ready to start loving yourself? Ready to feel super hot and confident no matter what you look like? Ready to go after your dreams? Ready to stand up against society's horrible norms beauty? Then Ashley Graham's Instagram page is the place for you! With her posts, she will motivate you to love yourself and be the person you were created to be. She posts awesome quotes that speak right to the heart of every woman, as well as photos and activities she does in her everyday life that will motivate and encourage you to go out there and be the best version of yourself possible. She is real with her followers, and her posts and comments show that she wants the best for everyone. It's that open love and encouragement and motivation that draws us to Ashley's Instagram page and will draw you to it as well.

14 Her Confidence Is Contagious

Ashley Graham knows who she is, and she is super confident in her own skin. She knows she isn't the skinniest woman and that her body does have some flaws, but really, who is super perfect? Yeah, that would be no one. As a very successful model and designer specializing in swimwear, she doesn't let any of that stop her. It is easy for women to be ashamed of their bodies and not be confident with who they are because of how mean society is when it comes to body image for women. If that's you, you definitely need to start following Ashley. Not only is she a very confident woman herself, but she exudes that confidence in a way that doesn't make other women feel bad about themselves. In fact, Ashely's confidence actually lifts women up and motivates them to be even more confident as well!

13 She's Hilarious

Next to all her beautiful photos, places she's been, professional shoots, and a lot of modeling opportunities, a lot of Ashley Graham's posts are guaranteed to make you laugh. She posts memes that are extremely relatable and will definitely make you laugh, a lot of these posts that he puts up have to do with body image, as well as hilarious videos and pictures of her, her and her co-workers, and her and her friends doing anything and everything proving just how relatable she is. Dressing up as animals, twerking - you name it, Ashley is posting it on her Instagram page. We love a beautiful, inspirational woman who isn't afraid to act silly every now and then... and post it all over social media for everyone to see! She understands the importance of laughter and not taking life too seriously because that's just how we get through this life.

12 She's Super Current

What's better than a beauty inspiration who is also smart and cares about important issues that are going on in our society? On her page, you will see her speaking out to support some of the horrific things that have been going on in the U.S. recently. We love a woman who isn't afraid to let her voice be heard and give us her point of view when it comes to tough issues. She never pressures her followers to believe what she does, and even though the people in the comments like to say negative things about what she believes, you won't see any of those posts or comments taken down. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, including her. You should follow Ashley Graham on Instagram for the way she calls out what is happening in society and lovingly supports what she believes is right. She will push you to do the same.

11 She's Redefining Beauty

As a body activist, Ashley Graham is redefining society's view of what is beautiful as a model who doesn't fit the usual, Victoria Secret girl profile. Now, there is nothing wrong with the way Victoria Secret models look - they are beautiful. And that is exactly the message Ashley is all about getting across. You don't have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are... just because you are you. She believes in crushing the "standards" that we have become so comfortable with in society, and finding beauty in every person regardless of their shape, size, color or any other characteristic. You will often see her hashtags #beautybeyondsize and #licensetoslay and other funny, but totally true ones such as #effyourbeautystandards that support the cause she is so passionate about.

10 She's A Fashion Inspiration

With bathing suit season out in full force right now, Ashley Graham's Instagram is the place to go if you're wondering what's hot this summer season. She is a killer bathing suit model and designer showing off some gorgeous suits that are in style for this summer. And even when she's not all laid up on the beach enjoying the water splashing on her making for the perfect shot, you will find her in other stunning outfits. From tight-fitting black dresses for nighttime events to adorable, summer dresses and the casual yet chic street style, featuring body-forming jeans and the perfect black crop top, Ashley's got the looks, the style, the accessories, and most definitely the shoes. The best part for you? She actually tells you what designer she's wearing or where you can go purchase the same swimsuit or outfit. Is time for all of us to look as glamorous as she does.

9 She'll Put You In A Good Mood

Feeling down and not that great about yourself? Do you need a smile? Head over to Ashley Graham's Instagram page. There is just something about her bright smile and go-getter attitude that will brighten your day. She's always doing something new and exciting that will make you want to scroll and like pretty much every single one of her posts. She will get you excited about loving yourself, laughing at all her antics, and smiling with every post. She is relatable, humble, and lovable - definitely the type of girl you wish you could be best friends with in real life. But for now, being best friends with her on social media where she doesn't even know you stalk her every move and want to be just like her will have to do. She would tell you not to worry about her and to be yourself anyways.

8 She Loves Her Big Thighs

She knows she has big thighs, and she owns them, flaunts them, and is basically okay with them. She loves the parts of herself that other people like to criticize. From funny memes about thigh gaps (or the lack thereof) to chatting about how her legs look in some of her modeling pictures, Ashley isn't ashamed of how her body was created. In fact, she accepts it and has learned to love it. Ashley's Instagram page is a place where women can go to feel like someone else understands their struggles with their body image but also, and more importantly, encourages them to learn to love themselves, not despite their body, but because of it. Because your body is a part of what makes you who you are because your body is one of the beautiful parts of you that makes you who you are. There is nothing wrong with what you've got. So flaunt it!

7 She Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

Not only is she thick and gorgeous, but she promotes a healthy lifestyle, too. Ashley Graham knows the importance of taking care of your body. Throughout her Instagram page, you will find some of her talking about the importance of staying healthy, fit, and strong. She posts pictures and videos of her working out, so on top of everything else, she's also some real fitness inspiration for you. To her, it's not about being the skinniest or the strongest, it is about taking care of the body you were given and treating it well. She redefines the view most people have on what a healthy and fit woman should look like, and it's something worth checking out. You should follow Ashley Graham on Instagram because she not only talks about the importance of health and fitness, but she lives it out in her daily life as well.

6 She's Real

Yes, she's a model, so, of course, many of her Instagram posts are magazine covers and photos that have had professional editing done to them. But that's not all she posts. On her page, you'll also always see unedited photos of her shoots, pictures of her with her friends and family, behind the scenes shots with co-workers - you'll see Ashley Graham just being herself in all her raw beauty. She exposes her body flaws for the world to see because she doesn't want people believing she is something she really is not. She is open and honest with her followers, helping them understand that nobody is perfect, nobody's life is perfect, and every should embrace what they were given. If you're looking for a real life inspiration, Ashley Graham should definitely be your go-to when looking for new people to follow on Instagram.

5 She Stands Up To Haters

As you can imagine, Ashley Graham has some haters. Actually, she's got a whole lot of haters. Men, women, professionals and your average everyday Instagram user have something to say about her body. People like to body shame her, criticize the way she looks, give their opinions on her health and body size, and try to make her ashamed of who she is. Unfortunately, she gets it all. But she doesn't let this tear her down or silence her. In fact, she stands up to her haters publically on Instagram. When it comes to body image and beauty, when it comes to what's going on in society around those issues, when it comes to how people talk and put down other people, Ashley is all over that. She speaks the truth about other individuals and is honest in how she presents herself and what she believes. This is the type of self-confidence and strength we like to see in a woman who is an inspiration to those around her.

4 She Works Hard

Ashley Graham's Instagram page definitely shows her having a good time, from several trips to Vegas, hosting different award shows, starring on different talk shows, meeting new people, and goofing around. Ashely is enjoying the adventures in her life. But she also knows how to buckle down and take work seriously when she needs to. Being a model and a designer is hard work, and as you can tell by the majority of her posts, she spends a lot of time and effort on her work and making sure she brings the best quality of herself to the job. Ashley is a great person to follow on Instagram because she is able to understand the balance of working hard and playing hard and she lives that out in her everyday life and posts about it for all of us to see and to learn from.

3 She Supports Other Women

We love Ashley Graham for everything she stands for.. and also that she stands up and totally supports other women. On her Instagram, you'll see pictures of her and other inspiring women like Ronda Rousey and Lizzie Velasquez who are both defining beauty and what it means to be a woman in their own way. Even more, she also supports other women who are passionate about redefining beauty, especially when it comes to modeling, just as she is. She works with a lot of models who are on the same path to being comfortable and confident in their own skin. Too often in society we see other woman cutting each other down, criticizing each other, judging each other, and not supporting other women. Ashley is taking a stand against this, as she purposefully connects with and publicly supports other women and their dreams.

2 She's Not Afraid To Be Herself

Ashley is definitely not afraid to be herself, and that's a really great thing. Seeing a woman who is open to being herself on such a public outlet is definitely someone worth following. She acknowledges that she isn't perfect and most importantly, that she isn't trying to be. All she is trying to be is herself, and she is doing a pretty great job at that. She is open about body issues that a lot of women face, such as cellulite, being called rude names, and more. She encourages all women to #lovetheskinyourein and to be who they are regardless of what society pressures them to feel like they need to be. To her, it's not just a hashtag. It's how she lives every single day of her life. And it's also really refreshing to see a public figure just be as real as any of us.

1 She's Inspiring

From her fitness posts to calling out the haters to believing in herself and standing up for what she believes in, Ashley Graham is an inspiration to us all. Her work as a body activist really shows that she's passionate about what she believes in and she's not afraid to put in the work to make a difference in the beauty world. Whether you are passionate about the same things she is or have your own dreams, Ashley's dedication will inspire you to go after your dreams. Even if you don't look the part or aren't sure how you are going to succeed, you should never give up. Following Ashley's Instagram page will be your reminder that you should always stand up for what you believe in, become who you want to be, never listen to haters, and never, ever give up.

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