15 Reasons You Should Date A Player

Players are generally thought of as something to avoid in the dating world, but sometimes they are actually just what you need. Their non-committal nature is not worth fighting over when what you really want is a serious relationship, but if you're in an in-between stage or just aren't sure what you want, then they can actually be a really great option for a few reasons. After all, players are only players because they happen to be appealing enough to play all those women... so they're not all bad. That may be a new way of thinking but hey, it's going to be an interesting time in your love life, you can count on that. There are some good, fun qualities in there along with the chaos. Here are 15 reasons why you might actually consider dating a player. Just keep your head on straight while you do, of course!

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15 You'll Pass The Time

You might not be interested in a long term relationship with a player, but perhaps you want to pass some time with one while you're in the midst of a dry spell between truly eligible people. There's nothing wrong with keeping someone on the side to occupy you when you feel like it. Actually there is some moral high ground in choosing a player to help you pass the time as opposed to some guy who really wants to be exclusive with you...because then you can avoid being the player yourself. When you're dating a player you don't really have to worry about hurting them, because even if you do end up hurting them they've usually racked up plenty of their own foul plays as well so it's harder for them to be mad at you. Not that any of this is necessarily going to be drama free, but hey at least something is happening.

14 You'll Get Some Practice In

Dating a player can be a good way to get some dating experience under your belt. If you do not put too many expectations on a dating situation it is a lot easier to stay relaxed and be yourself throughout the process, which will give you more opportunities to explore yourself within a relationship. That way you can have a lot more fun too. Some people are not born awesome communicators, and it is sometimes better to figure out how to get good at it with people who are not the one before you end up in a real relationship. Learning how to do relationships right can be a process and you might as well cut your teeth somewhere. Any guy who is a player is sure to give you plenty of opportunities to work on communication and figuring out what you want...since he is sure to be causing some upset or complications with his player ways.

13 You'll Have A Good Time

Hate to get graphic here, but men who are players are generally pretty good at wooing the ladies and lots of them... which means sometimes they're very good in bed. If they weren't good in bed then they wouldn't be able to trick so many women into sticking around despite their inability to commit. So if it's a good time that you're after, you definitely know where to find it. Especially if you're looking for something super causal without any strings attached. This is a good thing for a few reasons. You might experience a different type of physical experience with a player guy than a nice guy, simply because they've been with more people. Why this can be good, is that you can figure out what new and different things feel good to you and then you can mention it when the next guy inevitably asks you what you like in bed.

12 You'll Know What You Don't Want

Dating a player can be a really good way to find some clarity about what you don't want from a relationship. You might already have an inkling about what you do and don't want, but going through a situation that you don't want to repeat can give you the resolve to seriously not do it again. Sometimes it's hard to break our dating habits unless they really reach a point where we hit a wall, and it's not always a bad thing to get pushed to that point. Dating a player can be a way to sort of push yourself to that point, and then when you're ready to stop dating players you'll know exactly why. You'll also be able to spot the same player tendencies in other people that come along... even when they're trying to hide their ways. You're going to be such a dating expert, it's only going to help your future self.

11 You Don't Want A Serious Relationship

Sometimes you just don't want to actually be in a serious relationship but you do want to get in some quality time with a guy anyway. Dating a player is the perfect middle ground because he's down to spend time with you but probably isn't going to be pressuring you to commit anytime soon. Although anything can happen, of course -- but since players are players for a reason, it probably won't. There is absolutely nothing wrong with casually seeing people if that's what works for you. The key is being clear about what you want and staying honest with yourself if you start to develop or lose feelings so you don't get stuck somewhere doing something that you don't actually want to be doing. Sometimes we end up catching feelings anyway even when we're certain that we won't, but that's a risk that you have to be willing to take if casual dating is something that interests you.

10 You'll Get Stronger

Let's be honest, dating a player can be a little challenging on the old emotions at times... but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we need to go through some more dating challenges to toughen up and build our self-esteem so that we're in a good place when the right guy ends up coming along. When you date a player you will become more adept at being able to tell when someone is lying. You will learn how to properly call someone out for lying without losing your cool. You might even learn how to do some lying of your own if that's something that you're interested in adding to your life. If a player likes you he probably won't be the one walking away at the end of the relationship. It's going to be totally you. So you'll gain the necessary strength to let him go, and that will only help you in the future.

9 You'll Meet His Cute Friends

A lot of players are pretty fun in general, so who knows what could come about from spending some time on the social scene with one. If he's popular with the ladies he's also probably popular in general which means that he has a lot of friends...and maybe some hot ones. If he's a player you can at least do some looking of your own, right? Technically a guy who's a player can't totally claim you if he's not willing to stop hooking up with other people either, so in reality, you have the go ahead to date his friends if you want. Oddly this will probably piss him off even though he isn't committing to you and might make him like you even more. So actually, flirting with a player's friends is actually one of the best things you can do. Someone will end up interested in you, most likely because you're pretty amazing.

8 You Won't Be Bored

Dating a player is not boring, and if you're generally turned off by boring guys and boring dating situations than it can certainly be good for that. For a lot of people anything that's too predictable can feel boring, which is one of the things that makes a player's nature so appealing. You just can't always predict what they're going to do. One day they might be around sending you some wild texts and showering you with all kinds of attention, and then the next day you won't be able to get ahold of them. And then come Monday you hear that they were out potentially hanging out with a different girl. See, not boring. It's not necessarily healthy in the long term either, but when you're in the mood to inject some drama into your life it's a pretty good way to do it. This is okay for the short term, of course -- you don't want this to go on for too long.

7 You Can Help Your Friends

If you date a player you will certainly encounter some challenges, and all the stuff that you learn about him can actually be pretty useful when it comes time to doling out the advice to your friends. You can date a player so they don't have to...or so that they'll go into a relationship with one with a bit of arsenal ready to go so they have a better chance of things going in their favor. With a player, it's always important to keep a certain amount of control so that they don't steamroll you, and there's nothing like going through that experience one time to make sure that you'll never ever do it again. If you're learning your lessons as you go along, dating and having some failed relationships is just going to make you a stronger and wiser person, and who doesn't want that? Your friends will be so glad that you experienced this.

6 You'll Be Challenged

Players are notoriously hard to pin down, which is attractive to a lot of women in the sense that they think they might be able to be the one to successfully do it. Disclaimer: it probably won't work. But, it's fun to try. If you're going to try and pin down a player you need to find the perfect balance between being around but not being too available, being hot for him without needing him, staying mysterious while giving him something interesting he doesn't get from all the other girls, being super attractive and also unattainable even though you're trying to be attained. It's complicated. The best way to get a player to chase you around is to really not care at all, so if you can figure out how to do that you'll be a step ahead of the rest. And he'll be able to sense the moment you start to care even if you don't think you're changing your behavior.

5 You'll Be Excited

There's a really weird dynamic in being attracted to players. On one hand, you already know that he dates tons of women and he probably a little disgustingly gross about it. On the other hand, the fact that he's so desireable makes him appealing to you as well. Since his attention is spread so far and wide so much of the time it feels like a moment in the spotlight when he's choosing to spend some time focusing on you. A mental health professional might have some concerns over why that attention still feels good even if you know it's going to be fleeting, but hey, as long as you're being honest with yourself about what you want you're free to do what you please. If you're in the mood for some thrilling attention you are fully allowed to get it where you see fit. But if you know in advance that he's a player you also can't act too surprised when he plays you.

4 You'll Work On Your Sleuthing Skills

One thing that you can get incredibly good at when you're dating a player is your detective skills. The player will always have an alarming amount of things going on, such as multiple girls, photos of mysterious origin, being nonresponsive to text messages, coming up with excuses that just don't add up. If you're interesting in knowing what he's really up to (which of course you are), then you'll have to brush up on your legal stalking skills if they're not already up to par. We're talking more like Instagram stalking, and less like trying to hack into his phone. You can find out A lot about a guy by doing some research on the girls who are commenting on his photos. Such as, whether he's commenting back on their photos or in any tagged photos with them. Insta stalk at your own risk, however, as it can eat up hours of the day.

3 You'll Get Over A Guy

They say the best way to get over a guy is to get under another one, and sometimes it's true. If you're going to rebound it might as well be with a player who isn't real relationship material, because then you can enjoy the simple stuff without having to deal with the deep emotional stuff that you're still healing from. In fact when you're coming out of a serious relationship probably the worst thing you can do is to hop too quickly into another one because then you're more likely to transfer your old baggage and hurts onto the new guy. But if it's a player that you're dating, it doesn't matter as much if you're carrying your old stuff into the new situation since it's most likely not going to work out anyway. And with a player all those suspicions from your last relationship are actually going to be valid, so there's not much mystery in that sense.

2 You'll Have Fun

Possibly the best reason to date a player is simply because it can be really fun. There's a certain amount of freedom that goes along with dating someone who might not be the most serious of the bunch, and that in itself can be a fun feeling. A lot of players are pretty charming people because they have to be to get all those women, and when the charm is coming right at you, it can feel pretty good. It can even give you a little ego boost as long as long as you don't let it affect you if something goes wrong or he moves on to put that charm onto someone else. Dating a player there is also a certain amount of unpredictability involved, which will keep you on your toes and anticipating the next time you get to see the guy. Sometimes it's good to just have some fun. You don't always have to be upset over your dating life.

1 You Can Punish Yourself

At the end of the day, dating a player is not easy. A lot of the time it's actually terrible, so if you're in the mood for some self-punishment you know what to do. Not that you should be punishing yourself for any reason, but that's up to you. But at the same time, do keep in mind that if you're aware that you're sort of punishing yourself... maybe it's a good sign that you shouldn't. Dating players can be nice and fun, but the odds of catching feelings (or an STD) are also always there, so you've got to protect your heart and body at the same time. Always keep in mind that your well-being comes first, and do whatever you need to do to make sure that you're honoring that. Date a player... but only to the point that's actually making you happy. And always do you no matter what kind of b.s. he's throwing your way.

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