15 Reasons You Should Be Watching 'The Flash'

Superhero shows and movies are super trendy and popular right now. If you're into heroes and villains, there are more than enough shows for you to become obsessed with. But you really want to check out The CW's The Flash. The main character, also known as Barry Allen, is a young and loveable hero who doesn't let his dark and tragic past define him. He tries to make the best of things and is attempting to build a new life with his adoptive family. As soon he gets his super speed later on in life, he embraces his powers and, unlike some heroes who see their powers as a burden, Barry thinks being The Flash is the coolest thing in the world. Which, as soon as you start watching this show and get really into it, you can agree with. That's just the top of the iceberg. Here are 15 reasons that you should watch The Flash.

15 Two Words: Grant Gustin

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The actor behind The Flash (the hero with super speed and a heart of gold) and Barry Allen (the awkward CSI agent/his alter ego) is Grant Gustin. His portrayal of the iconic comic book character has been so well-received that when the show premiered back in 2013, it was the network's highest-rated show in years. He easily brings Barry Allen's unique brand of awkward charm to life and we love him for that. He's so convincing in this role that many people think that's how he is in real life. But according to his co-star, Tom Cavanagh, he's just an awesome actor. It's safe to say that Grant is undeniably the biggest reason that this show has been such a huge success. But if you think that acting is his only talent, then you'd be wrong. Grant is also a talented singer and tap dancer who has performed on Broadway. Besides a handful of minor roles, Grant also starred as the infamous Sebastian Smyth on Glee from 2011 to 2013.

14 The Special Effects

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The Flash relies heavily on special effects, which probably is not a surprise to you. It is the only way to have The Flash’s other-worldly speed come across along with his many adversaries. You may not notice, but most of the show is shot on a green screen and it also seems like almost every scene has some sort of special effect, even if it is just the blast of air that happens every time Barry runs off somewhere. Of course, there are more complex effects like Barry's fight sequences which would not be possible if the show had not brought on a competent team. Lucky for them, their effects are really good and could compete with some films with million dollar budgets. That is in part due to their special effects supervisor, Armen V. Kevorkian, who has worked on movies and TV shows like Star Trek, Alias, and The Tomorrow People.

13 The Adorable Barry Allen

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Most superheroes share many of the same characteristics: they’re confident, they're hot, and they command attention whenever they walk into a room. Barry Allen, however, is a lot more adorable in a boy-next-door kind of way than the average superhero. Unlike Superman, whose geeky side is a clever disguise, Barry's awkwardness is totally authentic and just who he is. But that's a massive part of his appeal. Considering his tragic background, Barry could have totally gone off of the deep end and turned to a life of crime. Or he might have just given up completely. But he chose to stay positive and do his best to help people which is why he became a CSI. And once he got his powers, he started helping people on a bigger scale. Barry doesn’t have to be broody and domineering like other heroes. Barry is cute. He’s sweet and is full of heart, love for his friends and family, and a constant need for reassurance.

12 The Hipster Cisco Ramon

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Besides Barry, Cisco Ramon is the most jovial member of Team Flash. He serves as the team's resident engineer who can construct any tool that they need to stop the metahumans. He's also a total hipster who has a thing for superhero shirts and who recruited himself as the resident metahuman named. Oh, and he's never short on jokes. But even though he's a genius, he doesn't always think things through and is a bit emotionally immature... which is pretty endearing and charming. Shortly after Barry gained his powers, when Cisco wasn't sure if he could fully trust him, he built a cold gun that could stop Barry in his tracks. He never actually planned on using it but, was keeping it just in case. That gun ended up getting stolen and Barry almost got killed because of him. He's also had other faux pas during the show, but they just make him more lovable.

11 Barry and Iris' Relationship

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Barry Allen's relationship with Iris West is definitely swoon worthy. Barry and Iris were already good friends from back in school, but because Joe took Barry in, they were able to grow up together in the same house. They have an amazing bond that is so fun and sweet to watch. Once Barry gains his speed, Iris is the first person that he wants to tell, but Barry has to lie to protect her safety. It's interesting to watch their new dynamic play out on screen, while Iris is still in the dark. The best part? Barry is totally in love with her and has been since they were kids. Of course, she has no idea. It wouldn't be a show on this network without that romantic storyline, and we love it. We won't say if the two of them ever get together. You'll just have to check out the show. But chances are, after hearing about this sweet storyline, you totally want to.

10 Barry and Joe's Relationship

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Joe West may not be Barry Allen’s biological father, but blood couldn’t make them any closer. Joe has always been Barry's surrogate dad and as a result, they have a crazy strong bond. Joe's unconditional love helped Barry through an awful tragedy and allowed him to have a pretty normal childhood. He taught him how to shave, how to drive, helped him with his homework and also made sure that he got into college. Once Barry realizes that he has this amazing superpower (aka his speed), Barry confides in Joe before telling anyone else. Joe helps Barry deal with these new changes and give him sensible, fatherly advice, even when he might not have wanted to hear it. He even knew that Barry was in love with Iris before Barry ever admitted it. Their relationship is great because it shows that people don't have to share the same DNA to be family.

9 The Diverse Cast

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It is no secret that the superhero genre is dominated by white male actors. But when it comes to the cast on The Flash, it does not have that problem. Iris West may have been white in the original comics, but the casting directors loved Candice Patton's audition so much that they cast her as the show's leading lady. This, of course, opened the door for her father Joe and brother Wally West to also be portrayed by black actors. Cisco, played by Carlo Valdes, is of Mexican descent. What's even more important? These characters are not tokens and they don't portray any negative and problematic stereotypes. All of these characters are super intelligent and a really central part of the show. So this is definitely yet another reason that you need to tune into this show if you haven't already seen it. And it's definitely something to be proud of.

8 Tom Cavanagh's Acting

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Tom Cavanagh is definitely one of the best actors on The Flash. Without giving away too much, Tom has, so far, portrayed three versions of Harrison Wells, each distinct in their own way. In season one, he played the disabled scientist who had unleashed horror into Central City, making way for metahumans to take over. He also served as Barry's mentor and second father figure in a way. He forever changed the course of the show and totally won viewers over. Season two featured his doppelgänger, and while both versions shared some qualities, you could totally tell that they were two different people. The current season has a new Harrison Wells who is definitely the most distinct of them all. It's still early in the season, so his motivations have yet to be revealed, but fans tend to think that he's a total goofball. Of course, there's only one Tom Cavanagh, so for him to effortlessly play the same character so many ways shows just how talented he is.

7 The Crossovers

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Back before the pilot was greenlit and The Flash was a thing, Grant Gustin appeared on Arrow as Barry Allen. It was a way to see how the audience reacted, and of course, he became so popular that The Flash was born. That's the fun thing about The CW’s shows: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and The Flash all take place in the same universe. That means that, to an extent, what happens on one show can have an effect on all of the other shows. It kind of makes the writers more accountable for their plots because they have to make sure that their story arcs are compatible with the other shows. Since then, every show has participated in crossovers that have gotten bigger every year. They're definitely something that fans get really excited about. As soon as you check out the show, you're going to become a fan, too, and you'll be psyched about this as well.

6 Caitlin and Cisco's Relationship

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Like Barry and Iris, Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon also share a special bond. Before the  particle accelerator exploded that ultimately gave Barry his powers, they were both young scientists who were super excited to work with Dr. Wells in Star Labs. The explosion caused a ton of damage and ruined the lives of much of the Central City (as well as changing Caitlin's fiance, Ronnie, forever). After the explosion, Caitlin, Cisco and Dr. Wells were blamed for the destruction and had to live with the shame they had caused their town. Suddenly, their once bright futures were uncertain, but instead of packing up and leaving, they stayed with Dr. Wells in S.T.A.R Labs and became their extended family. We know, sounds like a lot right? But how cool and inspiring is that? Instead of running away they chose to persevere. The weight of that night still looms over both of them, but they're always there for each other.

5 Captain Cold

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There have been many villains on The Flash, from Eobard Thawne to Zoom to The Rouges, just to name a few. But Leonard Snart, better known as Captain Cold, is definitely a fan favorite. The actor behind him is Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame. This villain is one of the most hilarious that the show has ever seen. It's not so much about as what he does but how he speaks. Every time he speaks, he adds some real comedic value to the show and he adds some sparkle to each scene that he's in. But he speaks with such conviction that it makes it even funnier. This actor is definitely a good reason to give this show a chance. What's the worst that will happen? You'll find another show to become obsessed with? Sure, you already have so many shows that you have to keep up with, but that's probably a really good problem to have.

4 The Ridiculous Villains

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The Flash is, of course, a live-action adaption of the popular DC Comic. Comics can pretty much do anything since it's all about the artists' imagination, but the medium of a television show has limitations. But this show has done an amazing job bringing these complex villains to life despite any limitations. One of the most anticipated villains that have ever appeared on the show was Grodd, a telepathic gorilla with super intelligence. His story arc was super popular in the comics, but you wouldn’t expect for a live action show to be able to work that into their storyline. But they did and it was actually really well-received. Then, there was King Shark, a shark who walks on land… and wear pants. It's those kinds of things that set The Flash apart from other shows because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Even though it’s completely and utterly ridiculous.

3 Team Flash

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Team Flash consist of (alternate versions) of Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlyn. Snow. Later on, Joe, Wally, and Iris West, too. Of course, The Flash is the person out front and center and he's always in the line of battle so he gets much of the praise. But he wouldn’t be able to do half of what he does without his team. When he’s not sure of where to turn, Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison use their intelligence to get him out of sticky situations, like when he had to suck the energy out of a tornado and Harrison told him, through an earpiece, to run in the opposite direction. Or, when Iris’s voice literally gave Barry the strength he needed to his task. Team Flash is Barry’s family. They’re his friends and his home base. They’re the people who he has and in a way is like an extended family. The camaraderie between them is amazing to watch and honestly one of my favorite parts of the show.

2 The Time Travel

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Time travel is a huge and confusing component of the show. Season one focused on Eobard Thawne, The Flash’s arch nemesis, traveling back in time to kill Barry’s mom in an effort to prevent him from becoming The Flash. Once he achieves that, he realizes that he can’t get back to his own time, so ironically, he must stay in Central City to groom Barry into becoming The Flash. The ramifications are grand and set up all of the events that happen during season one. Later on, Barry also fiddles with time travel, which repercussions ripple throughout the rest of the multiverse. But here's a warning for all of you who are about to become really into this show: it’s hard to keep up with as a dedicated viewer, so don’t feel bad if you get confused sometimes. It's all good. Of course, that's just what makes this show so much fun.

1 The Math And Science Jargon

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People say that television kills brain cells, but hey, if you watch The Flash, that just can't be true. There is so much science and the enology that you will totally feel much smarter after watching each episode. But yeah, most of the science on the show might not actually be all that realistic... The Flash, for example, has super speed, but he doesn't have super eyesight or super strength. He never bumps into anything or gets hurt, but in real life, he would have to have better eyesight so he could avoid collisions. There's also the fact that he might hurt himself because of all the energy in his body and would probably even end up breaking some bones. You definitely have to suspend disbelief on a show like this, but the writers have done a great job of explaining some of the more technical parts of Barry's powers. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, watch an episode (or ten).

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