15 Reasons You Need To Give Up On Your Dream Of Becoming A Snapchat Star

Deep down, all of us have secret dreams. Some of them are plausible and some are pretty outrageous. Yet, with the development of technology anything seems possible in the world today. A decade ago, not many people ever thought that social media could provide the platform to propel businesses or become a business in itself, but people are doing it everyday. People dedicate a lot of their time and energy to create an online persona in hopes of gathering a huge following and eventually getting sponsors to notice. With enough sponsors and attention, many people actually make significant money just by being social media darlings. With the introduction of Snapchat, it has become another place to focus creative energies and even make a job of snapping selfies all day. As Snapchat continues to transform with stories and memories, people are flooding this app and many even dream of rising to Snapchat stardom. How realistic is this? Well, like I said anything is possible in our world of tech, but Snapchat provides its own challenges. In order to become a Snapchat star and even make money at it provides challenges that make it more difficult than other social media channels. Before you start fantasizing of your Snapchat fame, here are a few you reasons you should give up on the dream.

15 There Is More To Life Than Social Media

This might be hard to comprehend especially for millennials, but there is more to life than social media. Really, that isn't a joke. There is a whole real world outside your phone, and the older you get, the more you realize how important it is to be in the moment and appreciate how fleeting our time is in life. While I have probably already lost you with this lecture, you will realize one day that the relationships in our lives are the only things that sustain the test of time, and you have to take care of them with real life interaction. While it is awesome to gather followers because of how great you are at snapping, relying too much on validation from social media isn't healthy. It gives you false confidence, and it doesn't truly build those relationships you will need throughout life. Don't put so much emphasis on social media.

14 It Is More Difficult To Find Success On Snapchat

Snapchat's unique format makes it more difficult to find real success. With other forms of social media, posts can be shared and potentially seen by millions even if the poster doesn't have millions of followers. The content remains out there giving it the chance to continue to be searched and discovered. It is like a permanent advertisement for whatever content it contains. With Snapchat, you have a short period of time to hit home whatever it is you are sharing before it disappears...Unless someone takes a screenshot. This means you have to be pretty awesome at snapping to grab the attention of followers or sponsors. It makes it harder to gain significant success compared to the success people find on other social media channels. Snapchat is different beast altogether, and there are no concrete rules about what will make you a Snapchat star so it may be a very difficult path to navigate.

13 You Need To Aim Higher

We all have our dreams of being famous and sought after for our talents or beauty. Technology has made that dream even more plausible, and many people earn their fifteen minutes of fame for no real good reason. While your dream may seems closer than ever, striving to be a Snapchat Star isn't the highest of goals. It may look fun and exciting, but you might want to consider something more to build your career upon than disposable social media content. Some people may be impressive that you have quite a following, but it is important to have more talents than taking great selfies and creating fun stories others want to follow. Our lives are here for us to create a legacy and work that will be remembered long after we are gone. Snapchat is not that legacy. Aim higher than Snapchat star, at the very least for the sake of your financial future.

12 People Might Not Take You Seriously

Being a Snapchat star might be an abstract idea to most people. Unlike some other social media channels, Snapchat is somewhat confined to the younger generations. Not many older people use the app, and they probably won't understand what it means to be a Snapchat star. If they can't comprehend just how you make money or fame on Snapchat, they are going to think it isn't a real job. While younger generations are used to ignoring the clueless nature of the generation before them, it can still be very frustrating when people don't take you seriously especially if you have put significant time and energy into your craft. This can also be a problem if you end up having to move on from your Snapchat fame and get a regular 9 to 5 that has nothing to do with social media. That Snapchat score and all those followers might mean something to you, but to a future employer that has never used Snapchat, it doesn't mean anything.

11 You Might Be Missing Out On Better Opportunities

The most important thing to remember in our tech dominated world is that versatility and adaptability are crucial to survival. If you are too focused on one social media channel, you might be missing out on better opportunities elsewhere. If you want to rise to social media stardom, you have to work all your bases. Limiting yourself to just one channel greatly limits your access to followers and sponsors. If you want to create an online presence, you have to spread it out and learn what works best on a variety of channels. You might be surprised to find that using multiple platforms will help increase your online visibility and open you up to more chances to create something that is sustainable and even profitable. Things move quickly in the tech world, and you have to be ready to adapt at a moment's notice. Basically, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

10 You Don't Have Enough Money To Get Started

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Most people that become social media stars dump a lot of money into their craft before they ever see any return on their investment. Before you can be a star, you have to have a growing list of followers. So how do you get followers? You have to have worthy content. How do you create worthy content? You have to be doing something interesting pretty much all the time, and that costs money. Unless you have a nice monetary pipeline to supply a snap-worthy lifestyle, it will be difficult to create enough interesting content to keep drawing in followers. It doesn't mean it is impossible, but surprisingly, social media stars often have a lot of talent, creativity or just plain money. If you don't have any of these, you probably won't reach Snapchat super star status. Just like with almost any other business, it takes money to make money. Snapchat might seem like an easy way to become a social media icon, but it is a little more complicated than that.

9 Snapchat Super Star Is A Full Time Job

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The more social media takes over every day life, the more followers want to be entertained at all times of the day. For those that are social media stars, they have the means to create amazing photos and videos that are going to be hard to keep up with as a beginner. If you want to be a Snapchat star, you have to put the time in. That means doing fun and exciting things for videos and photos, time to stage everything, the technology to edit and the creativity to pull it all together for a snap that rivals all those stars out there. Followers don't want half hearted snaps or they are going to follow someone else instead of you. You need devoted time and effort to create the kind of content that will attract followers and sponsors. If you don't have the time to devote hours each day to your craft, you aren't going to be one of the Snapchat players that stands out.

8 Money Is Unreliable

You have most likely heard the term living paycheck to paycheck. Many people live like this way. You might live this way. So what if you aren't sure when your next paycheck is coming? How do plan or save? When it comes to making money from social media, that paycheck isn't always reliable. You might have opportunities to make a big chunk all at once or small amounts here and there, but you probably won't be able to make a weekly reliable check. Do you have the means to support yourself if you have to go a month without a paycheck? If not, you might have to live with mom and dad until you make it big. Unpredictable jobs likes this also mean you have no security for the future. Are you privy to retirement accounts and investing the money you do have? It might not seem like something you need to worry about right now, but you need to be. Now is the best time to start considering saving for later in life. If you wait too long, you may find yourself working until the day you die. Your finances are the foundation of the life you live. You have to make smart choices or that foundation might crumble and take your whole life with it.

7 Snapchat Won't Last Forever

As with most other technology, it isn't long before its popularity plummets or it becomes completely obsolete. Do you have a backup plan if your Snapchat career suddenly goes down the drain when something better comes along? Your star status might fade as quickly as it arrived, and you are out of a job. Part of being a social media stars also means being able to adapt quickly and transition from one social medium to the next in order to survive. Will your Snapchat awesomeness translate to other social media channels. Do you think what you are doing now will still work in a decade? These are the things you need to think about in any career but probably more so in a social media career because of its finicky, fast paced nature. You can't rely on your Snapchat status to last a lifetime, and most of us need jobs that will support us our an entire lifetime. You can't be shortsighted when it comes to your future, and if Snapchat Super Star is the only thing in your ideas for the future, you have wandered down the wrong path.

6 Anything You Do For Money Becomes Work

Have you ever heard the saying, "Do something you love, and you won't work a day in your life"? Anytime you do something for money, it becomes work. When you take anything you do and subject it to the rigors of self employment, it opens up your craft to criticism, deadlines, editing, problems and most often outside criteria from those paying you. It takes a lot away from the creative process, and it becomes about pleasing someone else not just you. What you thought was fun and exciting becomes work. There is no way around this conundrum. If you want money, you have to do some form of work. So if you thought you could skate through life with a job that really didn't feel like a job, you are way off. Your future shouldn't be planned around an activity that doesn't feel like work because not only does it become work, but work is what gives us purpose. It makes us feel satisfaction and pride. Work allows us to learn and grow.

5 Can You Handle Brutal Criticism?

How many times have you written negative or really just out right nasty things on other people's social media posts? There is a sense of comfort in anonymity. When people aren't standing face to face, they feel just fine saying awful things and tearing others apart. Anytime you have a major social media presence on any platform you are going to get nasty comments and feedback. Can you handle that kind of criticism? It might not seem like a big deal when it comes from random strangers, but when you see it over and over, it can become overwhelming. It can zap your creativity and even make you doubt yourself. If you want to be a presence in social media, you have to have a thick skin, and learn to go with your gut. It isn't easy. Some of those comments can really hit home or make you feel like nothing.

4 You Will Probably Get Bored

The time and effort required to build a noteworthy following is no small feat. Do you have the attention span to devote so much time to an app? Being consistent is the most important thing when it comes to creating a major social media following. Do you post like crazy on social media then go radio silent until something else noteworthy pops up in your life? Are you consistent or do you find yourself abandoning projects quickly. Because social media is so fast paced, and its consumers are so picky because of all the amazing things they see on a variety of platforms, you have to make yourself stand out. If you are the kind of person that gets distracted quickly, Snapchat might be great for you to communicate with friends, but you probably won't be able to become a Snapchat superstar. It requires a little more focus than just your everyday snapping.

3 It Might Make You a Narcissist

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Recently, PetaPixel reported that about 49 people have died while taking selfies since 2014. Are you one of those oblivious selfie takers making yourself susceptible to danger for the sake of content? When you become obsessed with social media and capturing every moment of your life on camera, it starts to affect you mentally. So much time and energy spent on getting your best angle, making your life seem interesting and what emoji truly captures the moment, can really make you kind of crazy. Crazy about yourself. It becomes annoying to those around you and maybe even annoying to your followers. It might also cost you your life if you aren't careful. You lose touch with reality and the needs of others. Life doesn't revolve around you even though you might feel like it does. Don't sacrifice your real world self and relationships for the sake of getting great content for Snapchat.

2 You Might Become An Oversharer

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Social media makes it possible to connect ourselves with people around the world with just a click. It makes us giddy and excited to see how much people like posts and want to follow our lives. However, it starts to cross a line from time to time. Eager to please followers or validate their lives, people often begin to overshare. From sexy pics to gross habits, people lose some of the inhibitions when sharing on social media especially Snapchat because the content is disposable. This might lead to some questionable behavior. If you find yourself sharing every detail of your life gross or otherwise, reconsider. If you think a photo in your birthday suit is a good idea to entice followers, think again. Just because it is easy to share on social media doesn't mean you should. It could come back to haunt you. Don't be that person on Snapchat.

1 Your Life Isn't Interesting Enough

Stop for a moment and think about what interests you on social media. Celebs, travel, shopping, whatever it is, it has to be entertaining. It has to be catchy and worthwhile to keep audiences coming back. Chances are your life isn't interesting enough to amass a major Snapchat following and keep it. Do you travel to amazing places, do you have an incredible wardrobe, do you look like a supermodel, are you friends with a celebrity? Chances are you can't answer yes to any of these. Audiences want content, good content, and they are picky about what they find entertaining enough to follow. Just because your friends and families enjoy your snaps doesn't mean other people will find them as interesting. Before you think you can go pro and get a ridiculous amount of followers, stop for a second and really think about all your snaps. Are they really Snapchat Star worthy?

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