15 Reasons You Just Can't Wait For The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

November 25, 2016, is going to be the best day ever. It might even be the best day of your entire life. No, you don't think that's too dramatic. It's just dramatic enough because that's the day that Netflix is finally releasing its Gilmore Girls revival. The mother/daughter show premiered on The WB (R.I.P. -- it was the best channel) on October 5th back in 2000 and you have loved it ever since. You hoped and wish and prayed that you would see it back on your TV screen at some point in your lifetime, but you didn't want to get your hopes up too much because that just leads to disappointment. You hoped for maybe a reunion movie at some point in the future. Or just more interviews with the cast. But then news broke that a Netflix revival was coming and you just couldn't believe it. You still can't, if you're totally and completely honest. But whether or not you've truly wrapped your head around it, you know that you are crazy excited. Here are 15 reasons you just can't wait for the Gilmore Girls revival.

15 Luke And Lorelai Getting Hitched

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Okay, okay. So you don't know for sure that these two lovebirds will get married in any of the upcoming 90-minute movies. But it sure seems like all signs are pointing to Luke and Lorelai happily walking down the aisle. After all, they almost got married once, and the writers and producers must know how much fans want this to happen. Their love needs to be made official, no two ways about it. You are really hoping that this is going to be part of the revival -- and hopefully as soon as possible. How much longer are you really expected to keep waiting? It's definitely been long enough. You're not the only fan who feels this way, that's for sure, and that just means that this is one storyline that desperately needs to be part of the new episodes. If not, you might just declare your Gilmore Girls hatred. Okay, maybe not. You could never do that.

14 Rory's Career

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You've seen the photos of Rory in some kind of teacher situation so chances are she's calling that her career. But is she teaching journalism? English? Is she actually a journalist or some kind of writer that she always dreamed of being and she's just teaching part-time? You have so many questions and you know that the revival is going to answer all of them. The original series spent so much time focusing on Rory's education -- she left her public high school behind for the scary and smart halls of Chilton, she desperately tried to decide if she wanted to go to Harvard or Yale -- so it's only right that you get to see what she made of her life. Of course, there will be some form of drama because hey, this is a TV show. But you get the feeling that Rory Gilmore knows what's up and she will always come out successful. Well, except for that one time that she stole a boat...

13 The Boys

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Yeah, you love Gilmore Girls because you wish you had a mom/daughter relationship like Lorelai and Rory's. Or maybe you and your mom do have that connection so you like seeing your own life reflected back. Or maybe you want to be Lorelai (which is really the right answer since she is pretty much the coolest character ever). But the boys of GG were always pretty amazing too and they are another reason that you just can't wait for the Netflix version. There was Jess, of course -- Rory's brief boyfriend who is one part bad boy, one part literary genius, and oh yeah, who had a pretty awful attitude most of the time. And there was Dean, her first love and adorable small town boy. And then there was Logan, who you either loved or hated or maybe both of them at the same time. He was pretty difficult to figure out and that's probably the way that the writers wanted it. If you didn't spend enough time swooning over Rory's three boyfriends and trying to figure out who she should be with, you were in love with Luke. So the revival will definitely have enough males to go around.

12 Going Back To Stars Hollow

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Oh Stars Hollow. Is there a better possible town?! Definitely not. You always wished that you could live in Stars Hollow and while of course you can't because for some crazy reason it's not real, you can at least watch Gilmore Girls to your hearts' content. And thanks to Netflix, you not only have one easy place to rematch the entire series but now you have new episodes to look forward to. You just can't wait to return to the place that captured your heart all those years ago. You know it's going to seem a little bit different because hey, these things happen. Time has passed and that's just the way that it goes. But some things will remain the same, like the festivals and the general feeling of magic in the air. And you can't wait to see it snow so Lorelai can freak out and act like it's the best day ever all over again.

11 Richard's Funeral

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It's not that you're happy that Richard is no longer with us. Of course not. You are absolutely depressed about the whole deal and you can't even imagine the Gilmore Girls universe without him. Who's going to give Rory money here and there so she can plan trips to tiny islands or cities that no one but the two of them have even heard of? Who's going to randomly leave the room during Friday night dinner because he has to brag about his granddaughter to everyone that he knows on the phone? Who's going to be, well, Richard Gilmore? It's too sad to even think about. But you can't wait for Richard's funeral in a strange way because you feel like you need some kind of closure. You've been mourning him on your own this entire time and now you're ready to mourn him for real. You want to watch the funeral scene and cry and finish the episode feeling so much better.

10 Emily's Sass

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Maybe you were too young the first time around (aka when the show originally aired) to notice how totally sassy Emily is. But she really and truly is absolutely hilarious. She has got a wit like no one else and she always has some kind of snappy and sarcastic comeback or comment ready. Seriously, watch any old episode and you will be amazed by what you see once you start noticing this and looking out for it. Oh Emily. She's just the greatest. She's tried so hard to get Lorelai to spend time with her and she's hiding some many negative emotions about losing her daughter all those years ago, and so of course instead of admitting how sad she is, she takes it out on literally everyone that she comes into contact with. It's not mature or anything like that... but it is absolutely funny and enjoyable to watch.

9 Emily And Lorelai's New Relationship

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Now that Richard has sadly passed away, you just know that this totally and completely changes the dynamic between Emily and Lorelai. There just has to. There is really no reason why this would not happen. Since Richard was kind of a buffer between this mother and daughter -- he could talk to Rory and distract everyone, he could talk about Rory and do the same thing, he could complain about his work stress or talk about his travel plans -- now they will have to really face each other. You have the feeling that you will witness Emily and Lorelai finally getting along, being able to really talk to each other, and just generally repairing their relationship that was fractured so long ago. There has to be some positive changes since there are going to be four new movie-length episodes, right? There just has to be. And we can't wait to see.

8 Rory's Homecoming

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The first page of the first Netflix episode has been released and so you've probably already read it about a million times. Maybe even a billion. Hey, you're a superfan and that's your job. You already know that Rory will come back home to Stars Hollow after she's been living and working elsewhere and maybe even traveling. Lorelei jokes that she looks awesome after traveling on a plane for a while and Rory shrugs her off. So you're really looking forward to Rory's homecoming because you just know that at least in the first episode, you're going to see her reconnect with all the amazing people in Stars Hollow. And then she's going to have to go to Luke's and get coffee and a donut. Or blueberry pancakes. Or a burger with zero vegetables involved at all. Maybe she will order all of those things at once. You know, for old times sake.

7 Nostalgia

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You have so much Gilmore Girls nostalgia it's not even funny. You just miss this show all the time.... even when you're watching it. And considering how often you re-watch the entire series, that's definitely saying a lot. You can't wait to get all nostalgic all over again. You want to see Luke's diner, Al's Pancake World, Lane's mom's house/antique store, the music store, the weird movie theater that wasn't really a movie theater at all, and of course, Lorelai's house. OMG, do you miss Lorelai's house? You have so many feelings and emotions about this show, you don't even know what you're going to do when you finally watch the opening credits of the new episodes. Okay, you do know what you're going to do. You're going to cry. A lot. Okay, you're going to sob. And you won't even be embarrassed because you know it's pretty much a requirement of watching the revival.

6 The Townspeople

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Gilmore Girls has some of the best townspeople around, from Babette and Maury to Gypsy and Jackson and everyone else. You can't wait to see them again, and you just know you are going to love them just as much. These characters bring so much magic and joy and hilarity to every single episode. You can't have GG without the town meetings, or the festivals, or even Luke's diner without Kirk sending back food or complaining that he got overcharged for something totally ridiculous. You know that Rory must have missed these people as much as you have since she moved away from Stars Hollow after college and have been working very since. Of course, you do not know what she has been doing or where she has been living, but you are trying your best to be super patient and just let the answers come out on November 25th.

5 Michel

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You've heard that Michel is getting an entire backstory and more of a storyline in the Netflix revival, and that is honestly music to your ears. You love Michel so, so much. You love his snark, his witty comebacks and how much he really is like a French version of Emily Gilmore when you stop and think about it. You love his accent, how much he adores Lorelai, how he watches his weight, how sophisticated and artistic he is, and, well, pretty much everything about him. You've heard bits and pieces of his life and you've seen his mom come to visit... but really, you don't know much about him. He's like a work acquaintance or someone that you sometimes see around town or at parties but you never really get a chance to ask them about themselves. So you're really psyched to be able to learn more about him. It just feels like time.

4 Chatting About It

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You never knew too many people who loved the show back when it was on the air. Sure, maybe you watched it with your mom or sister or another family member, and sure, maybe some of your classmates mentioned it once in a while. But it didn't achieve the total cult status that it now has and once the revival news was made public, you realized how many people really love this show as much as you do. You never had a clue and now you realize that you're part of this special club that adores Gilmore Girls. And it's pretty much the best club to be a part of, that's for sure. You can't wait to watch the new episodes and chat about them with your best friends and coworkers and everyone else you know who adores this show as much as you do. And yeah, you can't wait to read the episode recaps and social media posts and news articles about it. It's going to be amazing.

3 The Unknown

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Okay, so yo know that a lot of time has passed in your own life. You've grown up, hopefully, gotten older and wiser and more mature (but hey, the jury is still out on that one), gotten a job, gotten closer to your friends, moved into an amazing apartment, maybe fallen in love or gotten more comfy with your single status, etc. You've experienced crazy highs and crazy lows and you've just lived a whole lot of life. But everything that has happened to you has been a total and complete surprise, and that's part of what is so cool and exciting about life. There are so many unknowns and you like that. So you're excited about the unknown when it comes to the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls too. You can't wait to see what has changed and what hasn't, and what has happened to Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and the rest of the amazing gang.

2 The Fast Talking

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There is really one signature quality of Gilmore Girls that is super obvious, and that's the fact that Lorelai and Rory talk fast. Like super fast. Like crazy fast. You can't name even a single show that has this feature, so you know that it's really a special thing and that this is exactly why you adore it so much. If only you could talk this fast in real life. Sometimes you try, but your friends and family and boyfriend just ask you to repeat what you said... but they want you to please speak slowly because they have no clue what you just said to them. Sigh. Aren't they GG fans? Don't they get it? Oh well. But at least you can enjoy the fast talking and the witty and clever and smart dialogue on this show, and now you have another chance with the revival episodes. You are so ready for this fast-talking once again, you can't even stand it.

1 One Word: Jess

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Jess is definitely one of the best parts of Gilmore Girls, and when you think about it, he didn't even really show up in that many seasons. He was mostly in seasons two and three and then popped up every once in a while later on. But you always loved watching him because a.) he's adorable and funny and sarcastic and witty and smart and b.) the actor who portrays him, Milo Ventimiglia, is just the best. Yeah, you get that he's really attractive and you're probably secretly in love with him (or not so secretly) but you also love his new show This Is Us. So you're now even more psyched for the Netflix revival since that means seeing Jess/Milo again. But you never really call him Milo. He will always be Jess to you and that's just the way that it's going to be. So now that it's almost November 25th, you're all ready for your binge-watch. Just make sure to grab some coffee (like a vat of coffee) and don't forget the junk food.

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