15 Reasons You Can't Help Falling For Bad Boys

We are all attracted to things and people that are potentially bad for us. We might want an extra cookie for dessert, even though we know that we do not need the added calories. There are times when we might want to have a cigarette because everyone else is smoking, even though we know they are terrible for our health. The same goes with the bad boys. We look at them and know deep down inside that a relationship with the bad boy will go up in flames.

But what if it doesn’t? What if he is just acting like he is a tough boy, but underneath it all he is really a sweet guy? That is always a possibility, but it is a slim one. Bad boys are in a league of their own because they generally cannot be tamed, fixed, made better, or turned into shining golden knights. The frog does not turn into a prince after just one kiss.

Bad boys generally have good luck with the ladies, at least at the start of the relationship. For them, it is all about getting the girl. After that, they either can’t keep the girl or they don’t want the girl and then they move on to their next target. Knowing all this, we still swoon over the bad boys of the world.

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15 It’s A Challenge

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Have you hit a boring streak and feel the need to spice life up a bit? Are you tired of the same old thing? That is where the bad boy comes into play. When things get way too easy in life, we all want to face some sort of challenge. A bad boy will give you all the challenge you could ever want or need, plus a basket full of trouble.

Bad boys tend to be a full-time job, from reeling one in and keeping him interested to trying to fix or heal him. The task is really impossible, but it can be an incredible learning experience. You have got your hands full when you take on a bad boy with a few serious problems. Especially if he has a less than stellar history with past girlfriends. Just be careful and don’t get your head too wrapped up in the game. In the end, you want to be able to exit the situation safely with as little damage done as possible.

14 They're Different From The Norm

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Every bad boy I have ever met had something unique about himself. One had a total dedication to working out and his muscle building techniques involved using the landscape around him. Another bad boy I knew actually had strong artistic talents, but his father was against such nonsense and that probably played a significant role in turning him into a bad boy. Still, another bad boy a friend dated had a genius IQ, but he used his extreme intelligence for manipulation and not for the betterment of society.

Bad boys know how to play on their talents, skills, and born abilities to attract women. They know that their uniqueness makes them stand out from the rest of the guys. When you meet a bad boy, his one special super power is going to be known to you immediately if he is interested in you. His talent is his peacock feathers and he will flash it about and see who comes calling.

13 You Know They Don’t Want To Settle Down

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One of the best benefits of dating a bad boy is that you know that he probably won’t want to settle down and get married. Many women are discovering that marriage isn’t worth the trouble in this day and age. It complicates too many things and it is doesn’t have the financial securities it once did.

Instead of getting married, there are a growing number of young women who are moving from one relationship to the next. Some view this as a bad thing, but really it is none of anyone’s business how many people a woman dates.

With the bad boy, not only does she not have to worry about pressure to get married, her parents will probably be relieved when he is finally out of the picture. Bad boys are a great way to fling the time away as long as you don’t take them too seriously or get pregnant by one of them.

12 Their Protective Qualities Are Appealing

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When you are with a bad boy, you will almost instantly feel protected. That is because bad boys often pretend they are there to protect us. They put on an act as though they would never let anyone ever hurt us. No one will ever say anything bad about us or harm us. Their protective arms feel strong and safe.

The dark side to this trait in bad boys is that they are also all-consuming. They are jealous and will cling to you whenever they feel you starting to slip away. They are possessive. Once they have you in their grasp, you are their property. So, while you will reap the benefits of caveman protection, you will also be expected to give up your freedoms in return. This can often mean not being allowed to hang out with your friends and a general distrust in everything you do, including going to work or texting friends.

11 They Act So Confident

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Which is more attractive: a guy that slouches and says very little or a guy that sits up straight and speaks his mind? Most women like the quiet, nice guy, but we inevitably fall all silly for the confident guy, even though our guts are telling us that he is bad news.

There is no denying that confidence is sexy and it certainly isn’t something that only bad boys have. In fact, confident good guys are far more true to their feelings than the bad boys. Bad boys, on the other hand, are often secretly insecure and only pretend to be confident as a defensive mechanism and because they know that women find it attractive.

Read any manual on how to attract a woman and “a show of confidence” is always at the top list of traits that women prefer. For this reason, the bad boys will put on that fake air of being outwardly strong just to lure us into the bedroom.

10 They're Great In Bed

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Oh my. If you have ever test driven a bad boy, you already know just how true this is. Bad boys are flipping fabulous in the bedroom. It is one of their specialties and, from what I’ve heard from my friends, bad boys who are bad in bed are freakishly few and far between.

Bad boys will do just about anything in the bedroom to get you hooked on their loving. They also tend to have more experience with women which is why so many of them are great in bed.

The downside is that that greatness is short lived. When he gets tired of you he will move on, stop giving you pleasure, and go back to only thinking about himself and his own primal needs. Your best bet is to hook up with one of the nice guys and teach him what you like. It means less drama and a higher chance of having a successful relationship.

9 They Have A Certain Boyish Charm

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This right here is a killer for me. I am a sucker for boyish charm and many bad boys are great at playing up their youthfulness as well as their good looks.

It is the mother, sister, and nurturing person inside of us that gets drawn to the bad boys loaded up with tons of boyish charm. Some of these types are into sports, playing up their ruggedness alongside of their good looks. Some put on a great show in the office setting, being that all around great guy who still has a lot of kid inside of him.

It is also a warning sign that our bad boy hasn’t grown up or that he is playing an act as a way to manipulate us. After all, boyish charm also means that he isn’t responsible for his actions. “Oh, he is just young,” we say as we excuse him for cheating on his girlfriend or shirking responsibilities at work.

8 They Take Risks

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Bad boys take risks that other people are not willing to take. For instance, they will take risks at work, stepping up when a supervisor isn’t around or reporting someone for poor safety habits. They take risks when entering seemingly unbeatable competitions and they are more than willing to try out an extreme sport or two. They are adventurous and being with them is exciting, a thrill, and they make you do things you would not normally do.

But there is a dark side to all of this. Because so many bad boys are risk takers, they are addicted to the thrill of winning and the thrill of getting away with stuff. They can be cheaters, getting off on screwing around behind your back and getting away with it. They may do things that are against the law, and can get you into deep trouble, too. The consequences of their actions can all too easily ruin your life or make other people distrust you for life.

7 Their Darkness Is Alluring

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Oh, the history that are in those eyes of his! A bad boy can draw you in with his sad story, his flaws, and his dark past. Just like the way many of us find the handsome vampire characters alluring, so too are the bad boys. We know they are bad for us, but they are oh so complex. Or so we think.

Yes, many bad boys have a dark past or a made up dark past (bad boys are great actors and can make up a fake past), but so do many of the good guys. In fact, who can honestly say that they have lived the perfect life? Few, if any.

Bad boys take their darkness and often wear it for everyone to see. It makes them the alpha male and it draws in the women who want to be a part of that darkness or evil “fun”. The only trouble is, a relationship built on that darkness will quickly crash and burn.

6 They're All Man

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A bad boy will hold the door open for you one moment and in the next moment he will be riding some poor soul’s butt because they pulled their car out in front of him. He is not afraid to curse and swear and he will valiantly step up for you if anyone is rude to you. He is your knight in shining armor in the beginning and then he turns into your worst nightmare when the relationship is ending. He is a sociopath, a traditionalist when it comes to gender roles, and he is an irresistible manipulator.

A bad boy is all man all the time. He doesn’t play at being silly and he is never wishy washy. He is the stereotype of the chest thumping, make me a sandwich guy. He is the guy we dream of as girls, not realizing that for all his masculine qualities, he comes with a dark side that can swallow us up whole.

5 They Make You Want To Fix Them

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We women naturally have a strong nurturing side to us. Like mothers, we want to make people feel better about themselves. We want to take away all the pain and the troubles. We are the world’s natural healers, mothers, and birthers of the future. When a bad boy comes around, we automatically want to try our hand at fixing them.

Fixing a bad boy rarely happens. He may seem like he wants to change and he might even claim he wants to be a different person, but deep down he really does not want to change. Without a true desire to change, he never will, no matter what you do for him. You are wasting your time and energy on someone who is going to leave you as damaged as they are. Knowing this, we still chase after the bad boys in the hopes that maybe this one is a true prince under all the hard exterior.

4 They Spoil You, At First

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A bad boy knows how to lure a woman in. He spoils her. He doesn’t always buy the most expensive gifts, but he does the little things that most other guys won’t do, like wash your hair in the shower, open the car door for you, and even paint your toe nails for the hell of it. Yeah, I had a bad boy that did all these things and was manly as heck to boot.

The down side is that the spoiling does not last forever. It is used as a way to get you hooked on him. It is a ploy to make you fall head over heels for a guy who you think will treat you with care and love for the rest of your life. Sadly, it doesn’t wind up that way. Eventually the spoiling ends and he starts showing his true colors. By this point, you are madly in love with him and you start to believe that you have done something wrong. (You haven’t.)

3 You Want To Rebel

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Parents really know how to kick off a rebellious streak, don’t they? First, they don’t like the “normal” boyfriends you bring home because they don’t appear to have any future prospects (as though you were planning on spending your life relying on a man’s income) and then they try and match you up with guys you wouldn’t be caught dead with on a bad day, let alone live with as a life partner.

Just to get back at them, you start checking out the bad boys. Yeah, they are quite something. You are sure that a few of them could actually charm your parents with their total BS. It would be revenge against your parents without them knowing it until it is too late. A sociopath in sheep’s clothing that will charm your parents into submission and rock your world until the inevitable drama starts. At the time it sounds like fun, but in the end you will probably feel it wasn’t worth all the migraines.

2 You Never Know What Will Happen

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You normally date the average Joe type of guy. They are predictable, but generally good guys. You know that if you do A, then he will do B. You know the consequences for each action, the praises and the complaints. It is all typical relationship stuff. However, if you date a bad boy, all that typical stuff goes right out the window and you have no idea what will happen or when. In a twisted sort of way, it is exciting.

The strange thing about dating bad boys is that you just never know what will happen. Sure, you secretly understand that the relationship will crash and burn eventually, but you don’t know how or when or what the reason will be. In the day to day aspects of the relationship, his mood can change at the drop of a pin. What might be okay in a normal relationship will piss off a bad boy, such as when you hang out with your girlfriends once a week. The good guys are fine with a girls' night, but bad boys seem to think it means cheating night and can have several different negative reactions to it.

1 The Thrill Of It

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Have you always dated the nice guys? The guys that you could bring home to meet the parents? After playing it safe for so long, you get bored with the selection that is out there. You want something or someone different. That’s where the bad boy comes into the picture. He is totally different from all the nice, safe, good guys. Even his smile tells you that there is something not quite stable about him, but you want to go for it in any case.

Dating a bad boy is always an insane experience. He will make you swoon, eat at your soul until you feel hollow inside if he is not around, and then he will move in for the kill and crush you, leaving you emotionally damaged for life. Bad boys are crazy thrill rides that almost never end well, but you just have to find out for yourself.

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